What level of consciousness are we at?

Question: How do we ascertain what level of consciousness we are at?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved the only way to really ascertain this is intuitively. It would not be constructive at all, if someone outside yourself told you this—if we, for example, told you what level of consciousness you were at. You need to sense this intuitively. Of course, by the fact that you are open to these teachings, you can say that you are most likely above the 48th level.

That is really what is important for you, because then you can engage in the Path To Self-Mastery course, raise yourself up through the seven rays and get to that 96th level, then engage in the other books and teachings to get beyond the 96th level.

It can be difficult to know where you are at by looking at your outer behavior. If you are open to these teachings as I said, or you can even look at people and say: If they are not aggressive, if they are not deliberately trying to control other people or being willing to use violence, even psychological violence, then they are probably above the 48th level.

Between the 48th and 96th it can be difficult for you to know where you are at but is it really that important? When you get to the 96th level you will have some intuitive sense that you have reached that level, because this is the level where you need to make that decision: Will you continue your path in order to return raise up your separate sense of self, or will you now step onto the higher path to Christhood, where you are not seeking to glorify yourself or raise yourself up but you are seeking to serve the whole, and you are seeking to overcome all separate selves?

There are people who can get very concerned about what level of consciousness they are at, even obsessed about it. I can assure you that people who are obsessed about evaluating their own level of consciousness or who are going around evaluating the level of other people, they are not at a particularly high level of consciousness.

Some can actually be at the 96th level but they have not made that decision to step onto the real path. They have not given up the separate self and that means they will start going downhill instead. Now what can happen is that people after they start going down from the 96th level, they do not realize it. They still maintain this illusion that they have a high spiritual attainment. This is of course, why they cannot give up the desire to glorify the self and build on that attainment as a separate self, there are people who have gone into various blind alleys.

There are even some that have set themselves up as spiritual teachers that have reached some level of consciousness, even claiming to have reached enlightenment, when in reality they have not even stepped onto the real path to Christhood, they are actually on the left-handed path.

As we have said, you can attain a certain appearance of mastery by being on the left-handed path. If you first rise to the 96th level and then go down from there, you can have various abilities that can impress people at a lower level of consciousness. This is how some people have set themselves up as teachers or gurus. What they often do is attract to themselves a flock of followers who are insecure, who are attracted because this person seems to be very sure of himself or herself, they then drag these people down with them. This messenger has encountered several people in his lifetime who have done exactly that.

What you need to be aware of as a spiritual student is not to be obsessed about this, not to be so concerned about it. There comes that point where you really step onto the path to Christhood and you are not concerned. You are not concerned about whether you are on the 97th level or the 120th level, you are just looking for the next illusion, the next separate self that comes up that you need to deal with and this fades away.

What level you are at, it is not important. Because when you are on the path to Christhood, you have no need to elevate yourself above others, to set yourself apart from others or to feel superior to others. So, one warning sign to watch for is always this sense of this need to feel superior, to feel that you are special, if you feel it in yourself, again there is no need to feel shame about this, you are on planet Earth. Realize that it comes from a separate self, do the work to discover that self, confront it and let it die and then you can step on to the true path.


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