Our life after death

Question: I have a question about what a person does after he dies. What activities does it have? Can he think and meditate the same way when he was in the physical body? Does anyone show him the mistakes he made during his life? Can he see what is happening on earth in the physical realm? Can he interact with other relatives who have died like him? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the answer to all of these questions is yes. But it does not mean that all people do all of these things. It is very, very individual what happens to a person after it leaves the physical body behind. It depends on its level of consciousness, it depends on what it has defined in its Divine plan, it depends, on first of all, its willingness to transcend itself.

We have said before in previous dispensations, that there is a concept called discarnates, where certain souls cannot actually free themselves from the physical plane, they are out of the body, but they cannot quite leave the physical plane, because they are so attached to the physical plane and the life that they had. They become what you have traditionally called ghosts, where they roam around, and they may even seek to influence people in embodiment in order to steal their energy, it can be family members, it can be others. Some souls are not able to move on.

Other souls are in such a low state of consciousness that they go directly to the astral plane to one of these levels that have a very hellish appearance. And you have other souls that are not on the spiritual path, that go into sort of a holding pattern where they do not make much progress. They are almost not aware, some are even in a coma, others are in almost a vegetative state, where they are not making much progress between embodiments.

Then you have souls who are on the spiritual path, who can go to various places, in the mental or identity realms, even go to the retreats of the masters. You have certain souls who go to what we call Devachan, which is a realm of wish-fulfillment, where if you had a very, very strong desire in your recent embodiment, then you can go to this Devachan in order to live out that desire there. It is almost like a virtual reality environment that can bring up any circumstance, so you can live out that desire until you have had enough of it. Therefore you can come into your next embodiment, being free from that particular desire.

As just one example, among thousands of possible examples, you could see a person who dreamt of living in a palace but could not achieve it in their recent embodiment. They can then go and live in a palace in Devachan, and maybe overcome this desire so that in the next embodiment, they can choose a situation that is more positive for their spiritual growth.

But again it is important to realize that the situation of each being who passes from embodiment on earth is unique and so you cannot necessarily create any universal standard that applies to all people. You can give these general hints, but it is very unique what a soul needs, what a being needs, in order to process his latest environment and go higher. Naturally, as is implied in the question, those people who are on the spiritual path will receive a life review after this lifetime, where they are guided by their spiritual teachers to evaluate, from a neutral perspective, their most recent embodiment. There are also some who are in a lower state of consciousness who can be confronted with a life review where they are confronted with a need to change because otherwise they will move into a negative spiral, or even go towards the second death if they do not reform themselves. Many, many scenarios are possible.


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