Question about fluoride

Question: In the book, “The Path to Immortality” by Mark Profit and Elizabeth Clare Profit, there is an explanation of an entity called Flourida. The book states that this chemical is harmful to the spiritual centers of men. Could you please elaborate on this and the scientific findings of fluoride being good for the teeth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, you’re in the physical octave on an unnatural planet. As a result of this, you know very well that there are many medicines that can have a certain effect on a certain disease or at least the symptoms of that disease, but they can have side effects. In other words, there are many physical substances that have a certain effect on one aspect of the body, but it can have other negative side effects.

Fluoride is just one among many substances where if it is taken into the body in a certain quantity, then it can have various negative effects. But it still, as the scientific findings show, will improve and strengthen the enamel on your teeth. Again, you need to evaluate here, intuitively sense, whether it is right for you to use toothpaste with fluoride or not. If you feel your teeth are vulnerable, then it can be right for you to use it when you are careful to spit it out and take as little as possible into your body.

You need to recognize here that in previous dispensations, especially at Summit Lighthouse, there was a certain tendency to promote certain ideas in more black and white terms. This was again in line with that Piscean mindset, but it was also the result of the collective consciousness of the people in the organization who had a more fear-based mindset. And therefore, there’s a tendency to think that fluoride is so toxic, that it can prevent your ascension or prevent your spiritual growth. Now, it is not so that it can’t have an effect on you, but you need to take in a certain quantity. And quite frankly, that is difficult to do by brushing your teeth once or maybe even twice a day.

You do not need to necessarily panic about things like this. There will also come a certain level of consciousness where many of these substances will no longer have an effect on you, just as I said that crystals will not have an effect on you and you rise above a certain level of consciousness. There is, of course, many physical substances where there are certain entities involved that are attempting to get people to partake in these substances without realizing that it can have other effects. This is true for many substances that are being promoted. For example, most medicines that are promoted by pharmaceutical companies will have certain entities that have been created as people are using them. And they are created, partly of course, to make people take this substance and to ignore or deny or explain away the side effects.


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