Online Dating

Question: What do the masters think about online dating and intimacy in an online relationship. Can the pursuit for a life partner distract you from the spiritual path?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved you are on a very chaotic planet, where there can be so many different considerations that come into play that determine where you take embodiment. You may have certain people that you are tied to, either karmically or in a more positive way, that you have been tied to for lifetimes. In this lifetime, it was not possible to be born close to them in physical proximity, so what is the only way you can find such people? Well, the internet then is a great help for doing this. If you were born in different countries you are likely not to meet unless you meet online, or at least establish that contact online. This is a perfectly legitimate way to find not only a romantic partner but also other people from different countries that you have, perhaps as part of your divine plan to do something with.

Now, in terms of whether the quest for a romantic relationship can distract you from the spiritual path? Well, the simple answer is yes. Many people have demonstrated this, even many ascended master students. Many people can become obsessed with this.

We have seen in previous dispensations where people became obsessed with the idea of twin flames. They were always frantically looking for their twin flame. They were often thinking that their current partner could not be their twin flame since it was not the ideal relationship, so they were looking for someone else. Then they found somebody that they thought they resonated with, they started this entire fantasy about whether this was their twin flame and in many cases it led to a relationship. The relationship then after some time when the honeymoon was over, went into a negative spiral and it detracted people greatly from the path, so of course it can do this.

Now again, the best advice here is to realize that if you feel like this compulsory need to be in a relationship or find the ideal partner, that this comes from separate selves. Again, understandable that you have built this up in past lives on a planet like this where relationships are so difficult. Therefore, it is natural that you build a certain desire for a better relationship and therefore think you need to find a better partner.

What you really need in order to get a better relationship, is to resolve the separate selves in yourself so that you are not approaching a relationship from a sense of lack or want. You have resolved those selves that give you that sense of being incomplete, therefore you can attract to you a partner who is at the same level of consciousness and you can build a positive spiral together. In order to do this, you need to have that resolution, you need to look at yourself, your attitude, your outlook on relationships. Determine what kind of relationship you really want and what you then need to do in yourself, in order to manifest that relationship.


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