How to balance career and motherhood

Question: Women tend to stay away from decision-making positions because such positions take up most of their time, and they end up not having time to get pregnant, get married or even take care of their kids. How can more women be more involved in decision-making without having to forsake motherhood and getting married?  

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, what you see happening in many societies today is that some women postpone having children until they are getting a little older, and then they have their studies or their careers before they have children. This is one way that some women have found to deal with it. Other women may do the opposite and have the children fairly early so that by the time their children are grown, then they will have time to focus on their careers. Of course, many women also find a way to balance the two, and I know that this is very difficult to do, especially in some professions, where the demand is that you spend a lot of time at work.

What will actually happen as we move further into the Golden Age is that, first of all, the time you work will be shorter. There will be many people who can work at home, and therefore it becomes somewhat easier to combine having a family with working. What will also happen, of course, is that as men and women both become more balanced, the father will take more part in raising the children and doing all the practical things, as you indeed see has already happened in some nations.

These are some of the things that can be done. But the other thing that can be done is that in your mind you do not necessarily need to see that there is a conflict between the two. Your career is what? Your career is not necessarily having a job, but it could be more subtle elements that are part of your divine plan: making a contribution to some area of society, bringing forth certain ideas, being involved with discussion groups, working on the Internet, or whatever.

In other words, there are women, for example, who are running a blog, writing about motherhood. There can be many other women’s issues where you can participate in this way while you are still living an active life, doing what women are uniquely suited to do: namely, have children and raise them.

As we move more into the Golden Age, women will become more and more open, more and more flexible to seeing different ways. But what will also happen, of course, is that society will shift so that there will be a different view of having a career. So far you have a very particular view of what it means to have a career, which is based on a male-dominated society where the woman stays at home and takes care of the house and children, and a man can then focus on his career.

And therefore it is demanded of those who have a career that they spend a lot of time at work and can devote their attention more or less fully to this. But this will begin to break up in the Golden Age, and there will be a different view for both men and women that you do not need to spend 60 or 80 hours a week in order to have a career. And that businesses will not require that kind of commitment because they will actually realize that there is value in having people spend less time at work, and also have time for other activities, because it gives them a different perspective, makes them more creative and even more efficient.

The entire idea that if you are spending 12 hours at work, you are more effective than a person spending six hours at work is something that will begin to become questioned, as has already happened to some degree. And there will be a realization that people can be very effective in a shorter period of time. And therefore you can also easily have a situation where you can be at home and you can work very concentrated for two or three hours, then take a break to take care of the children or meals, and then you can come back and work again concentrated for a couple of hours and still put in an effective day’s work.


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