How do women balance men?

Question: Can you or the ascended masters explain how the dynamics work that in purifying, balancing the feminine, also the masculine will balance? How is it that the perverted masculine will then be purified or balanced through the feminine?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, as we have explained in our dictations, and as we will explain more, the male and female, even as you see it on earth, should actually ideally be in a polarity. The expanding and the contracting forces, as Omega explained, are not opposites. They are not in a dualistic relationship. They therefore complement each other. Therefore if you look at the specific situation of a couple, a man and a woman, if the woman starts balancing her female energies, working on her psychology, it will also have some subconscious effect on her husband or male partner, so that he will also find it easier to balance himself. Now if he is not aware and not willing to do anything about it, it may have a limited effect, but if he is more willing to work on himself, then it can have a dramatic effect.

In terms of society as a whole, when more and more women begin to become more balanced or, we should say, even heal their traumas, then it will affect the collective consciousness. It can have a very dramatic effect. If a critical mass of women would heal the traumas they have from past lives and from this life, then it would have a dramatic effect on pulling up the collective consciousness. And that will often mean that men will then be able to begin to look at their own traumas.

Many times it is so that there is a dynamic between men and women where they have built a certain pattern, a certain momentum of having an antagonistic relationship. They might be arguing. They might be nagging at each other. They might be making stupid jokes or ironic or sarcastic remarks. Or they might just not talk. In such relationships it is often so that the man uses the woman’s reaction to him as an excuse for not looking at himself because he reasons: “Oh, it’s just the wife that’s going crazy again.”

When the woman starts healing herself, she will change her reactions to the man, and unless the man is at a very low level of consciousness, this will also affect him. He will not be able to at first understand why she is not reacting the way he is used to. He will first be confused, but many men will eventually come to the point where they start looking at their own reactions and saying: “Why am I hostile to her when she is not hostile back?” Many men will not be able to be hostile towards a woman if she does not respond the way they expect in that situation.

So that means the woman balancing herself can make it easier for the man to look at himself, and once he is willing to look at himself, it also becomes easier for him to balance himself and heal his wounds. So there is a potential that, by the woman taking the steps to heal her own psychology, she can help her man heal his. If that does not happen, then there will in some places be simply a situation where the woman moves on and attracts a more aware man who is willing to work with his psychology, and therefore the two can together form a higher spiral than was possible in the previous relationship.


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