Questions about twin flames

Question 1: In the “My Lives” book, you mentioned a couple of very long relationships you had on another planet but it sounded like you came to earth all alone. The notion of a twin flame did not come up at all during your sojourn on our planet. Would you be able to elaborate? It would be nice to get more insight on this twin flame aspect, in your case in particular, especially as it did not seem to play a significant role, or any role at all for that matter while here. I’m mainly interested to understand your spiritual journey and put into context the role of women in your story “My Lives,” as all the main characters are male. Of course, if any master would like to take a shot at the follow-up questions, well that would be great.

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

As I have said, the “My Lives” book is not an autobiography of all of my previous lifetimes. It is sort of a compendium of what many people have gone through. Let me comment on this last question first. The reason why it is mainly focused on men, is that Jesus was a man in his last embodiment and Jesus is a very important part of the book. So, in order to avoid confusing it too much, even though it is mentioned in there that we incarnate as both men and women, men are sort of the main characters. Of course, you also have the fact that many fallen beings try to manipulate themselves into being in male bodies because they can have more power that way. Since this is also the story of the fallen beings, it focuses on those main lifetimes, the other thing is that if you go back, many societies in the past were dominated by men and so again, there is reasons for that.

In terms of the whole twin flame relationship. Well, I have to say that I started my knowledge of ascended masters through the Summit Lighthouse. The Summit Lighthouse had some very elaborate teachings about twin flames. It was claimed that the founder of Summit Lighthouse Mark Prophet and his wife Elizabeth Claire Prophet, that they were twin flames. There were other people in the organization who were told by either Mark or Elizabeth that they were twin flames. Some of them ended up marrying, some of them ended up getting divorced after a short time because they could not harmonize together.

So I am familiar with that whole environment of the twin flame concept. I have also seen what it does to people. Quite frankly, I had a certain intuitive resonance that made me go into the Summit Lighthouse but there were certain ideas in the Summit Lighthouse that I never resonated with intuitively. That is the only way I can say it, it just did not resonate with me. I’m not intellectually or rationally arguing that they were wrong. I am just saying they did not resonate with me, there was nothing in me that vibrated and said: “Yes, this is for me.” I’m not even saying whether it is true or not. I’m just saying this had no pull on me, it had no appeal to me. One example of that is the idea of twin flames, it just never did anything for me. I have never had a clear sense that I have a twin flame that is in physical embodiment on this planet. I have never had it, I still do not have it to this day. I never looked for it, it was never important to me. Personally it is not something I even think about. I tend to ignore the whole concept and I reason that if the masters want to say something about it, at some point they will but for me it is just not important.

In the Summit you would say that people who did not have a sense that they had a twin flame in embodiment, that was because their twin flame could be ascended. I do not even think that way because it’s never been important for me that there was another soul that I’m in a polarity with, I have never had that sense. I have always had the sense that I’m a distinct individual. I was born as an individual. I evolve as an individual. I will ascend as an individual. The masters have always said: “You ascend as an individual.” You can ascend before your twin flame, even if your twin flame is a fallen being you can ascend, that was how they said it in the Summit Lighthouse. For me, it is just not an important concept, I do not sense that there is another human being on earth or anywhere else that I need to find in order to be whole, or in order to ascend and my sense is that it applies to everybody.

Question 2: Does everyone have a twin flame? Can twin flames choose to be apart for millions of years? Are twin flame relationships not as important as we have been led to believe?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

I think that is what is sort of covered by what the masters (Omega) talked about. I don’t think everybody has a twin flame, that is my intuitive sense, certainly twin flames can choose to be apart for a long time or they can be separated by other reasons. Quite frankly, I don’t think twin flame relationships are as important as they were made out to be in the Summit. It was a different dispensation, it was part of the Piscean Age, that was probably why it was considered so important back then.

When I look back myself at the Summit, I see that there was a certain culture in that institution where many, many people who were members of the Summit had a need to feel special, that they were somehow special. There was a certain need to project on the messengers that they were also special. There were people I met in the Summit who would not have been part of the Summit if they didn’t believe that Elizabeth Clare Prophet had some very special abilities. For me, that was never important, for me what was important was she could take dictations from the masters and there was tremendous light coming through her, that was what was important. Whether she could see my aura, whether she could walk through walls or this or that was never important to me.

So I think many people liked the idea that Mark and Elizabeth were twin flames because it made them seem so unique and important. It also gave themselves this sense that they could become unique or important if they found their twin flame, then suddenly, they would have this ideal relationship with their twin flame that they had never had.

I always looked at this and I felt, even if it was true that I had this twin flame that was my polarity, we would still have made karma, we would still have unresolved psychology. So how could it be an ideal relationship unless we worked on ourselves. I saw couples that were told by Elizabeth that they were twin flames and they were allowed to marry, they were on staff and they had this Hollywood expectation that this would be the ideal relationship and they would live happily ever after. When it wasn’t, they could not deal with it. I think they couldn’t admit that they could have problems when they were twin flames, so they tried to deny the problems and sweep them under the rug and it eventually caught up with them and they couldn’t stay together.

I think it was actually a difficult concept for many people. It was quite a challenge for many people to deal with this. Maybe that was why the masters gave that concept, as a test for people, to see what they would do with it. Whether they would overcome this and say: “Well, it isn’t about finding another person who completes me. It is about me resolving my psychology so that I become whole in myself.”


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