The teachings given through Kim Michaels and levels of consciousness

Question: What level of consciousness do the teachings on the website and books that you have published help us get to? For instance, do they help us get to the 96th level of consciousness and then do we need to seek guidance from our higher self to get to the 144th level? 

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You have the series called “The Path to Self-Mastery”. There are books that start with a couple of books by Maha Chohan about internal spirits, but then there is a book for each of the seven rays that takes you through a gradual step-by-step process from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness. It is not a mechanical path, but most people who really apply themselves will get to the 96th level by following those books.

Then when you get to the 96th level, there are other books, for example, the “Master Keys to Personal Christhood”, the “Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom”, Mother Mary’s three books on abundance. And then there are the books on “My Lives” book, “The Healing Your Spiritual Traumas”, and the other books in that series. They can help you go further. They can help you go quite high above the 96th level.

Now of course, as you get to the 96th level, you start having more intuition, and therefore, you start getting more guidance from your higher self and the ascended masters, but the books can still be a great help. Especially, I would recommend the books on “The Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” because that is really very, very important. But if you are new to the teachings, if you’re just starting out, depending on your background, you might consider starting with this Path to Self-Mastery course, going through the seven rays and then go on with the other books.


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