About a mental image of the teaching

Question: I found that for much of my path, when the masters would give a teaching, I would use it to create a sort of mental image that could fit in with my worldview. I compared everything I came into contact with to this standard. Recently I’ve had certain experiences, which leaves me with a feeling that truth not only cannot be confined in words but cannot even be really grasped by my four lower bodies. It is as if this essence of life literally cannot be contained in any way. It can only be experienced. Can the masters comment on this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, we have in some of the dictations given at this conference commented on these issues, that there are certain things you cannot understand with the linear mind, you can only experience them. It is very, very true that when you first come in contact with a spiritual teaching, whether it is an ascended master teaching or another, it is inevitable that you will (so to speak) see the teaching through the filter of your current level of consciousness. Therefore you will color the teaching, you will interpret the teachings in certain ways.

This is in a sense the consciousness that Jesus addressed when he said to Peter: “Get thee behind me, Satan.” Because it is where you recognize that here is a spiritual teaching that comes from a higher level. Instead of being willing to change yourself in order to come up higher, as the teaching prompts you to do, you want to pull the teaching down to your level so you can use the teaching to feel justified in staying at your present level.

This is something that we see over and over again happen to people who go through a spiritual, we might say awakening and find some kind of spiritual teaching. They are willing to go to a certain level but they are not willing to go beyond it. There can come a point where they are stopped because there is a certain self they are not willing to confront, which is what we in the Summit Lighthouse called the dweller on the threshold, that then stops your growth at that level. You are on the threshold of a higher level of awareness but because you are not willing to confront that dweller, that momentum, that illusion, that separate self as we now call it, you cannot move on.

An important realization to come to, is that it is just part of the path. In the beginning, you must look at a teaching, interpret the teaching with the level of consciousness that you have. You need to come to that point where you become aware of this and you start looking at yourself and saying: ‘Oh, but I need to look at my reactions to a teaching.” Of course, this is what we have very carefully done in the Path To Self-Mastery books, where several masters gradually have addressed this and helped you rise above this. So I recommend that you follow this course with this in mind, that you overcome this tendency to want the teaching to validate your existing beliefs, instead of being willing to let the teaching take you higher than those beliefs.


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