Primal selves of the fallen being

Question: We learned from ascended master teachings that avatars faced a very traumatic experience on earth with the  fallen beings. That experience caused them to withdraw or caused the withdrawal of the Conscious You and the building of a primal self. How is the experience of a fallen being when he decides to enter the path to Christhood different from this? By rebelling against God’s laws are you simply doubting that they are the best way to rule the creation? So the fallen beings also created an ego structure based on that first decision and their divine identity died. So they did fall on the earth as a result. After that, when they decided that they had had enough and want to get back to God and the I Am Presence or divine identity after a long sojourn on earth as fallen beings. Do they also have to face that traumatic experience like the avatars did with fallen beings, as a sort of revenge. And as an effect of that, do they create another structure on the ego that needs to be dismantled? Do they have two ego primal structures, or does everything go back to just that first decision that made them fall?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

The fallen beings could be said, when they first fell, when they were first confronted by the ascended masters with a need to transcend the sense of self they had built. It could be said that they also experienced a trauma, something not exactly similar to, but something like the cosmic birth trauma that an avatar can experience. So, this caused the Conscious You of the fallen being to create a primal self. The fallen being, after it has created this primal self, it falls into the next sphere that was created. It is then given the opportunity to exercise its free will in that sphere for as long as the sphere is going through the raising process, until the sphere reaches the ascension point.

Now if in that interval, which is a very long interval, the fallen being has decided to enter the path of Christhood, then of course that fallen being will receive help from the ascended masters to qualify for its ascension and it is no longer a fallen being.

If the fallen being has not made use of this opportunity, then there comes that point again where now the sphere is ready to ascend, a fallen being is then again confronted by the ascended masters with the need to either ascend with a sphere or to fall.

If the fallen being decides to fall again, well it will create a second primal self, we might call it a secondary primal self if there is such a thing. So, this is a structure that is built onto the previous primal self. As we have explained, some fallen beings fell in the fourth sphere originally, they fell again in the fifth, they fell again in the sixth. So, now they have three of these structures that they have built, building on each other. They of course, all have to be dismantled and confronted before the fallen being can join the path of Christhood.

Even before the fallen being can turn around and really start the upward path, it needs to be willing to confront its past momentums. It needs to then dismantle, just like any being does, dismantle the separate selves until it comes to that point where it has freed itself from it and it can confront the first primal self, the second primal self, the third primal self. Not in that order, it confronts the last one created first and then the next one and the next one.

So, in that sense there is no difference between the path that you walk. Of course, it is much more difficult for fallen beings to walk this path because they are more identified with it. It is so that when you have fallen into a different sphere, you lose awareness that you have fallen, you are not able to retain that awareness.

What does this mean? It means that the fallen being now experiences itself as being that way. In other words, the fallen being falls, it creates a primal self and it takes that primal self with it into its next sphere. But it doesn’t retain the awareness that it has created that primal self as the result of its own choices.

So the fallen being is now convinced that this is the way it is. It might even think this is the way it was created by God. That is why you have the concept of the devil who can be convinced that he was created by God to be God’s opposite. There is some reality to this, that the fallen beings really believe this. It may be so that the fallen being can turn around and start the upward path and see some of its selves and its momentums. It is more difficult for a fallen being to come to the point where it is ready to confront that primal self that it created when it fell in the previous sphere.

Now of course, when a fallen being is willing to walk the upward path, it will receive help from the ascended masters. We will guide that fallen being to confront this self and overcome it and then move on to the next self as well. So in other words, it will take much, much longer for a fallen being to walk the path of Christhood and get to the point where it can ascend because it has more to resolve. Of course, it can be done and it has been done by some fallen beings.


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