Is there male and female primal self?

Question:  Is there a meaningful distinction between male and female separate selves, or even male and female primal selves? Say I were in a female body when I received my birth trauma. Would my primal self have certain female characteristics then? And how would that affect me if I am now in a male body? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

If you were in a female body when you received your birth trauma, you are likely to have certain separate selves that are defined by the way that you reacted as a woman in that particular embodiment, and the same, of course, if you were in a male body. However, your primal self is not really male or female because it is reacting to something that is beyond male or female. There may be certain elements where, for example, a woman who was in her first embodiment was put down by the fallen beings for being a woman. And therefore she can have certain selves that are based on her reaction as a woman. But still, the primal self itself really is androgynous or beyond sexuality because it is responding to your rejection, as a being, as a spiritual being.

You need to recognize here that many avatars have received their birth trauma in their first or one of their very first embodiments on earth, and that means you have not had very many lifetimes in a male or female body. So you are not as strongly identified with a male or a female body at this point. Now in terms of the original inhabitants of the earth, they will have had more lifetimes, of course, before they encountered the fallen beings. But still, because you will have had lifetimes of both being in a male and a female body, you are not necessarily completely identified as either male or female.

So, again, the primal self is really beyond the male or the female, but you can still have certain separate selves that are based on the reaction of being a man or a woman. But you will also have selves that are reinforced after that embodiment where you received the cosmic birth trauma because you will have had many lifetimes as both men and women.

So basically how does it affect you in this lifetime? Well, all the separate selves need to be looked at. And the fact that you are in a male body does not mean you cannot look at separate selves that were created when you were in a female body. If you use the exercise I have given you, of taking you through the gardens to the theater, you can very well use that to resolve any separate self, whether it was created in a male or a female body.

There is, of course,  a certain tendency that if you are in a male body, for example, it will be more difficult for you to be willing to look at those separate selves that were created in a female body. But this should not really apply to ascended master students who are open to these teachings because you are not as closely identified as a man as many people in the world are, or you would not be open to the teachings.


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