The human age limit

Question: I have a question about the human age limit. Is the age limit clearly set in one’s Divine plan? Can a person not reach that limit, if he makes wrong choices (chooses suicide, does not care about the physical body, etc.) But can a person exceed that age limit? If so, under what conditions?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

When you formulate your Divine plan, you do set a certain age limit. This is based on a somewhat complicated calculation, based on the body you will go into, the family background, the genetic inheritance you have,  the situation in which you will grow up but also your spiritual goals.

It is not necessarily so that all people set as long of a lifespan as possible. You have, when you make your Divine plan, a certain purpose for that embodiment. And there are people who can make the determination in their divine plans that they will only live for a few years in childhood or they will die fairly young, go out of the body quite young, because they will have fulfilled their purpose.

But most people, of course, set the lifespan as high as they can, given the conditions in which they will embody. We can say that there is at least a certain set age limit; it is not necessarily accurate to the day, but a certain age limit.

Of course, if you misuse the body (alcohol, drugs, unhealthy living) or if you get a certain disease, you can die sooner. You are in the physical octave on planet Earth, there is a lot of chaos here. You could be exposed to violence that would kill you, you could be exposed to accidents, and you can be exposed to diseases that are not part of your divine plan, and therefore you could go out of embodiment sooner. This is simply what happens on a planet like Earth at its present level.

Now, there is also the possibility, of course, that you can exceed that age limit. But you will do that only through walking the path to Christhood and reaching a higher level of that path than you actually defined as to go for that embodiment. If you are diligent in pursuing the path and giving a service to life then you can exceed the lifespan because you are giving a valuable service and this allows you to stay in embodiment longer.

This does not mean that you need to look at all people who die young as not being spiritual or as old people who live to old age as being spiritual. There are other considerations that come into play. But if you want to live longer than the timespan, then the only real way is to pursue the path to Christhood and rise as high as you can.


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