The Pleiadians, the Arcturians and Star People

Question: Can you as a human being on earth be the open door, the instrument for the ascended masters and at the same time also be the open door for Star People, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the short answer is no, you cannot. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. We of the ascended masters reside in the ascended level, the spiritual realm. We can go to some of the upper levels of the identity octave or the etheric octave but we do not go below this. The Star People, Arcturians, Pleiadians, whatever you have, they are still in the physical realm or they are in the emotional, mental, or identity level.

There are various beings that are being channeled by various channelers around the world who are in the identity, mental and emotional levels, then there are those in the physical but there are also some who claim to be Star People or Pleiadians who are not at the physical level, but actually in most cases in the mental realm. So, if you are open to channeling these people, the ascended masters will not work with you. We are not allowed to by law. So, in order to be an open door for the ascended masters you have to be willing to raise your level of consciousness to our level where we can meet you.

Now, there is of course a qualification that needs to be made here. Because what do you mean when you say: “Can someone be an open door”? what I am talking about here is, can you be a messenger for the ascended masters and at the same time be a messenger or channeler for these other beings? the answer is clearly, no, you cannot. In terms of being an open door, it can also be interpreted to mean that you can receive ideas. Of course, we have said many times that there are certain ideas that we are releasing into the collective consciousness and anyone who is able to tune in to these ideas by raising themselves a little bit beyond their present level of consciousness, can receive such an idea. Then you are, in a sense, an “open door.”

Now there are people who are spiritually aware, who are new age people who have a sort of hit and miss approach. Sometimes they can actually receive an idea that is released by the ascended masters. Other times they are tuned in to or receiving ideas from these other beings, whatever you call them. There is a sort of mixed bag in their consciousness and what is the cause of this, it is that they do not have discernment, they do not have Christ discernment. So they are not able to read the vibration of these beings.

This messenger before he became a messenger was trained by us, he would read certain things on the internet, certain channelings, or even certain books. He had to read the vibration of this, he got to a point where he could pick up a book, or he could open up some channeled message and he could read just a few lines or paragraphs, and he could sense that this did not have the vibration of the ascended masters that he knew from the many dictations he experienced live through the Summit Lighthouse. He was in the Summit Lighthouse for so many years, the primary reason he was there, was to sit there and experience the vibration of the ascended masters as it came through our messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. This gave him that attunement with our vibration, which he could then use to compare to the vibration of what was coming from other sources, and therefore learn to very quickly, simply read that the vibration was lower and was not coming from the ascended masters.

Naturally, it would be beneficial to all spiritual people if they built that discernment and how do you do that? Well, first of all, you cannot build discernment if you think that any source that is beyond the earth is as good as any other source. Many new age people have this idea that: “Oh, any being that’s beyond earth, whether it’s somebody on a different galaxy or somebody in the mental or emotional realm, they are all valuable, they are all okay, it’s all good.” They may not necessarily be malicious but they are not of the ascended realm. You cannot really build discernment until you realize that there is something called ascended masters, we have a fundamentally higher vibration because we are beyond all of the dualistic consciousness, we have no intent to manipulate you or to get energy from you. We only have the intent to offer you the means to your own liberation.

When you realize that, you can begin to build discernment. As long as you think everything is good, how can you discern? Then you need to be able to read the vibration and that means you need to work on your own intent for approaching a spiritual teaching. Now, as I just said in another answer, if you want a spiritual teaching to validate what you already believe so you can stay where you are comfortable, then you cannot build discernment, because you will be attracted to a teaching that tells you what you want to hear. Which is what you see with many people in the New Age field. Many people are open to channelers who tell them what they want to hear and they sit there feeling good,or they are feeling special, they feel superior to other people but they are not growing. They are not transcending themselves, they are not building Christhood.

The other thing you need to do in order to build Christhood, is of course to resolve your psychology. Again by resolving these separate selves as we have given you the tools to do. As you do this, you will gradually build discernment. You will be able to read the vibration, sense the intent behind it and know whether it is coming from the ascended realm or a lower realm.


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