Mary Magdalene – twin or twin flame?

TOPICS: twin flames – close connection to Mary Magdalene – Jesus not superhuman – spiritual path not easier for Jesus than for us – 

Question: Jesus, you mentioned elsewhere that Mary Magdalene was your disciple who had the deepest understanding of your inner teachings.  Is that because she is your twin flame vs. your twin?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes and no. You must understand that when we were in embodiment, Mary and I had no conscious understanding of the concept of twin flames, and we did not know that we were twin flames. We only had an intuitive sense that there was a close connection between us.

This connection did make it easier for Mary to understand my teachings and to establish a close connection with me that continued after my resurrection. Yet when we first met, there was no guarantee that she would develop this oneness. She had to walk the same spiritual path as my other disciples, and she had to make the decision to accept and embody my teachings.

People often tend to look at me, and even some of my disciples, as somehow superhuman. Yet when you enter physical embodiment, you forget who you are as a spiritual being, and you have to work to regain that memory. Therefore, the path was not any easier for myself, Mary or the other disciples than it is for you today. In fact, due to the progress humankind has made over the past 2,000 years, it is actually easier to discover and walk the spiritual path today than it was back then. It has become easier for people to discover who they are as spiritual beings.


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Judas Thomas

TOPICS: Jesus’ system of initiation – twin is a spiritual initiation –

Question: Was Judas Thomas Jesus’ biological twin brother?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Many things have both a material/literal and a hidden/spiritual meaning. I set up a system whereby my disciples could progress through different ranks that gradually brought them closer to being the Christ in embodiment.

Not all whom the scriptures call the brothers of Jesus were my biological brothers. As you applied yourself to discipleship under me, you would first attain the rank of brother of Christ, then bride of christ and finally, as Thomas did, twin of Christ.

When you become my twin, you have attuned your consciousness to mine to such an extend that I can literally speak and act through you. Thus, after my resurrection, I could speak and act through Thomas and, occasionally, some of the other disciples.

This is part of an ancient lineage of gurus/teachers/masters and chelas/students/disciples. The idea of this guru-chela relationship is that a student embodies the teaching of the guru to such an extent that he eventually becomes the teaching and therefore becomes the next teacher.

Unfortunately, this knowledge was lost in orthodoxy and as a result many people have been confused and have come up with erroneous theories concerning my relationship to my disciples.


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Was Mary Magdalene black?

TOPICS: Mary Magdalene had the deepest understanding of Jesus’ teachings – she was not black –

Question: Where did Mary Magdalene come from? I know her name means, tower. I sense it means one who has achieved higher spiritual attainment. Did she come from Magdala in Ethiopia which would mean that she was of the black race. (There is a sect of nazarene’s that swear that Mary Magdalene is an Ethiopian Princess who came from Magdala in Ethiopia.)

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The name “Magdalene” means a tower or one who has the potential to rise above the crowd, even the crowd of the other disciples. Mary Magdalene did indeed fulfill this potential and became the disciple with the deepest understanding of my inner teachings. I have talked more about my connection with Mary Magdalene elsewhere.

No, she was not from Africa and her name does not refer to her birthplace.


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Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 lifestreams who descended to earth

TOPICS: Civilization on Venus not in same frequency spectrum – Venus is higher in evolution than earth – no lifestream more important than another – all go through the same initiations –

Question: Dear Jesus, in one of your answers you talked about coming to earth with the 144,000 from Venus with Sanat Kumara for earth’s rescue mission. I have a questions about this. To me, this means that you were already a mature lifestream. Had you ascended already and then the mission required that you do it again?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Sanat Kumara and his twin flame, Lady Master Venus, were both ascended masters, as were the seven Holy Kumaras who also supported Sanat Kumara’s mission. Yet the 144,000 lifestreams that actually descended to earth, and took physical embodiment on this planet, were not ascended masters.

Obviously, the fact that lifestreams came from Venus to earth does not mean that there is a civilization on Venus that exists within the same frequency spectrum as human civilization on earth. We did not come here in spacecraft. The planet Venus has ascended to a higher level of vibration, which is why there is no life visible to the physical senses and scientific instruments of human beings. Life on Venus exists in a higher frequency spectrum, but this does not mean that all of the beings on Venus have become ascended masters. The lifestreams on Venus are still evolving toward their ascensions, but they are farther along than most lifestreams on earth.

So the lifestreams that descended to earth along with Sanat Kumara were not ascended masters, myself included. Yet these lifestreams were indeed more mature than any lifestream embodied on earth at that time (which didn’t say much in those dark days). We did not have any karmic need to incarnate on earth, and it was indeed a voluntary mission.

On one hand, one can say that I was a mature lifestream when I came to earth. However, I truly have no desire to add to the idolatry that has been built around me by orthodox Christianity. Therefore, I want to make it very clear that even a mature lifestream is not fundamentally different from or more important than any other lifestream. This is what most people fail to realize.

They look upon any spiritual master, be it myself, the Buddha, Krishna or anyone else who rises above the average human being, and then they reason that that master must have had something they don’t have, and that is why he could do what he did. This is simply the human ego’s attempt to prevent these people from following our example.

When you reason that because I was such an advanced lifestream, I could do something that you couldn’t do, then you have truly “missed the boat” about my mission. When you reason that taking embodiment on earth was much easier for me because I was a mature lifestream before I came here, you have misunderstood the purpose of my coming.

The initiations I had to go through on this planet were no easier for me than the initiations faced by any other human being. I did have many embodiments, and I did descend into the consciousness of duality. There was no guarantee that I could rise out of that consciousness and win my ascension. Yet I did rise, and because of that it has now become easier for others to rise. So there truly is no valid excuse for not following my example. What one has done, all others have the potential to do. It is not a matter of ability; it is a matter of determination.


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An ascended being has the opportunity for further growth

TOPICS: ascended masters do not have linear self-awareness – moving on or remaining with earth – not a sacrifice –

Question: As spiritual growth is the highest law of the universe, are there further ‘levels’ of ascension above you too? If this were true, would this mean that you are sacrificing your further ascension until the Kingdom is manifest on earth?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You are correct that there are many levels in the spiritual realm, and therefore an ascended being has the opportunity for further growth. Once you ascend from the material realm, you do become an immortal being, so you can choose to stay at any level for as long as you desire—as long as you are still transcending your sense of self.

We who have chosen to stay with planet earth obviously cannot at the same time rise to higher levels—at least not with our total beings. So in a sense we do postpone further growth. Yet as an ascended being our consciousness is not as linear as the consciousness of human beings, so a part of us can indeed move on while another part remains with earth. Unfortunately, this is difficult to describe in a way that can be understood by linear minds.

After you ascend, you have two basic options. You can use your spiritual attainment as fuel for ascending to higher levels of the spiritual realm, or you can lay down that attainment – you can lay down your “life” – for your friends on earth. That is what I did, and the celebration of communion symbolizes that the body and blood of my attainment – my Christ consciousness – is broken in order to save those on earth.

From your perspective, this might seem like a sacrifice, but in reality I don’t see it that way. I see only the joy of helping lifestreams rise to a higher level of awareness. When you give selflessly, your gift releases its own reward, for truly God multiplies everything we give to others. This is equally true for ascended beings and for human beings. And there is still vast opportunities for growth by helping lifestreams on earth. I learn and grow every day as I observe my unascended brothers and sisters strive to come up higher. All of us – I should say most of us – are truly growing together.


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Your spiritual lineage

TOPICS: You might be of the same lineage as an ascended master – you can be the open door – Garden of Eden – God in the garden was Lord Maitreya – Jesus is of Maitreya’s lineage – masters can send part of themselves into embodiment – many people can awaken to their spiritual lineage – the few hold the balance for the many –  the 10,000 christed beings – concept of ascended masters can become a trap – overcome idolatry – oneness with your master – the false path – using a true teaching to solidify separation – ego and oneness –

Question: I would like to see Jesus expound on the statement Mother Mary made in her message  in the last paragraph, second line, when she stated: “If you follow Archangel Michael’s call to be one with your ascended brothers and sisters, to be one with those ascended masters who are not just your brothers and sisters, but who truly are part of your own greater lifestream from which you came.” I was wondering if she was referring to twin flames or something else.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The reason Mother Mary inserted this little hint in her dictation was to help awaken the inner memory of those on earth who are descendants of the spiritual lineage of ascended masters. When you become aware of your spiritual lineage and establish a conscious connection to it through your Christ self, you can begin to draw upon the wisdom, power and attainment of that lineage. You can become the open door whereby the ascended masters in your lineage can express themselves here on earth.

The God in the Garden of Eden was not God in the highest sense. It was a representative of God who served as a spiritual teacher for a number of lifestreams on earth. The name of this spiritual teacher is Lord Maitreya, and he is indeed one of the highest spiritual teachers working with the earth. I am of the lineage of Lord Maitreya, and as I attained my Christhood, I became the open door for Lord Maitreya to give forth spiritual teachings, release spiritual light and even perform certain miracles here on earth. When I said, “I and my Father are one,” I was referring to Lord Maitreya as well as to my I AM Presence.

The important point here is that there are a number of people on earth who are very closely related to one or more ascended masters. One might say that they are only one spiritual generation away from a master or that they are individualizations of the master. After you ascend, you can choose to send a part of yourself back into embodiment to help the spiritual evolution of planet earth, and several ascended masters have done so.

When you become aware of your lineage and fully embrace this new spiritual identity, the ascended master(s) from which you descend can work through you, as Lord Maitreya worked through me. It is absolutely critical at this stage of the spiritual evolution of earth that the people who have this potential awaken to the reality of who they are. By allowing your spiritual lineage to work through you, you can render an immense service to this planet. This is especially critical right now because we do not see a mass awakening on this planet. Therefore, as has happened many times in the past, we need the few to hold the balance for the many.

Yet in order to hold the necessary balance for the transformation of the earth into the Aquarian-age consciousness, you need to reconnect to your spiritual lineage and be here below all that you are above. In other words, you need to realize that although you are an individualization of your spiritual lineage, you are not separated from that lineage. When you overcome your sense of separation, you can be your lineage in action on earth. Thereby, your spiritual lineage suddenly has the authority to act on earth because you are in embodiment and have free will. This then is the master key to raising the consciousness of humankind.

As I have said before, there are currently 10,000 people on earth who have the potential to manifest full Christhood. When you do manifest Christhood, you become one with your spiritual lineage. If these 10,000 people would reconnect to their spiritual lineage, I can assure you that this planet would be turned around and purified so quickly that it is beyond the current imagination of most spiritual seekers.

As I have said before, every concept we give you is meant to set your lifestreams free from a limited state of consciousness. Yet the dualistic mind can use any concept to solidify its beliefs. For well over a century, we have given spiritual seekers the concept of ascended masters, and it has been useful to many. Yet even this concept can become a trap if you solidify the belief that the ascended masters are somewhere up in heaven and have no connection to you. This has indeed happened to many people who have followed the teachings of the ascended masters. They have turned us into idols instead of examples, as orthodox Christians have done to me.

It is now time to step up to a higher understanding of this concept by realizing that we are not separated from you. Many of you are part of the spiritual lineage from which we also came, and therefore you need to stop seeing us a being far above you. You need to recognize the truth that the real purpose of the Master/disciple or Guru/chela relationship is that the disciple attains oneness with the Master.

I said, “I and my Father are one,” thus affirming my oneness with my Master. And I wanted my disciples to affirm their oneness with me, a test which Peter failed and which most Christians fail to this day. So if you consider yourself a student of the ascended masters, the goal of your personal path should be to attain spiritual oneness with your master, namely the ascended master out of whose lineage you have come.

If you follow a true spiritual Master for a time, yet refuse to fully enter into oneness with that Master, you will inevitably make yourself a student of the false masters who see themselves as separated from God. You will begin to follow the way that seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. And as I said, you cannot serve two masters, meaning that you cannot follow a spiritual Master and maintain a sense of separation from your Master.

When you are a new student, you are not able to let go of your sense of separation and attain oneness with your Master. Yet as you continue on the path, you will come to a point where you can make no further progress until you overcome separation and embrace your oneness with your Master. If you dwell on the threshold to oneness, you will begin to use the teaching of your master to, in subtle ways, justify and solidify your separation from your master. This is a misuse of a true spiritual teaching.

The way of separation has never been the true path of the ascended masters. The true path has always been oneness, and that is why I said that “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:26). Unless you are willing to leave all sense of separation – all worldly attachments and sense of identity – behind and affirm your total oneness with me, you cannot truly be my disciple or the disciple of any other ascended master. Instead, you will become the disciple of the false masters, the impostors, who will tell you that you can enter heaven without letting go of the ego—the sense of identity based on separation from God. Heaven is oneness, and you cannot take your sense of separation with you into that oneness.


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Our spiritual parents

TOPICS: The Atman as the oversoul – many people see through duality and focus on differences – all are sons and daughters of God – all self-aware beings are extensions of the Creator – the lineage from God – many types of lifestreams on earth – overcoming separation – some people descend from ascended masters –

Question: A question I have is that we came from Spiritual Parents – do we each have a Spiritual father and mother just as we have a physical set. Or did Helios and Vesta parent us all.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

In the Vedas you find the concept of the Atman. This is seen as an oversoul or as the original soul, and all other lifestreams are simply divisions of that one soul. This means that, in reality, all people came from the same source, namely the Atman.

Most people on earth have descended into a state of consciousness that is dominated by duality and separation. This causes people to think in linear terms, and many think that because their neighbor appears so different based on outer characteristics, that neighbor must have come from a different source. In extreme cases, this is what leads people to reason that their neighbor is of the devil and they are of God, and therefore it is justified that they kill their neighbor.

One of the main purposes for our websites is to help people rise above that consciousness of duality. I desire to see people attain a greater sense of union with their Christ self and I AM Presence, which leads them to see that they are individualizations of God. When you do reach this sense of awareness, the next step is to realize that all other people are also individualizations of God. This can then lift people out of the linear way of thinking that causes so much division and strife on earth, and it can eventually lead people to experience the same sense of oneness that we experience here in heaven. In other words, I am very different from some my colleagues among the ascended masters, yet because we realize that we came from the same source, we never see each other as enemies.

To expound on the concept of the Atman, the world of form was created by a self-conscious spiritual being that most people call God, but which I prefer to call the Creator. Our Creator created new life out of its own Presence, is owned Being. As the first act of creation, the Creator created two beings that represent the Alpha, the masculine, and the Omega, the feminine, polarity. These beings were created in the very first sphere. These two beings then created a number of other beings, and each of these beings created other beings. So what you now see is that you have a structure, almost like a family tree, that leads from God through Alpha and Omega and through a number of lines that branch out until you reach each lifestream on earth.

The essential concept here is that when the Creator created Alpha and Omega, it created them out of its own being, and thus they are not somehow separated from God. They are individualizations of, expressions of, God, and so are all other lifestreams that were ever created. Your lifestream is a division of a greater lifestream, and you are not separated from your source. It is only the dualistic state of mind that causes you to think you are separated. My point is that every human being on earth originally came out of a lineage that has a number of levels. This lineage is a hierarchical structure, and if you keep tracing your personal lineage, you will eventually end up with God the Creator.

The earth is currently a very diversified planet with many different types of lifestreams that came from many different spiritual lineages. So it is not correct to say that Helios and Vesta are the spiritual parents of all people on earth—although they did hold the office of spiritual hierarchs over the physical sun. To really talk about a spiritual lineage, you would have to go all the way back to the original beings created by the Creator. Yet there might be many levels between a human being on earth and the Creator, so the family tree becomes very complex and diversified. So, yes, your lifestream did have a set of spiritual parents that created you and potentially a number of other lifestreams. And the people on earth come from many different spiritual parents.

The important concept is that each human being is a descendant of a particular spiritual lineage. When you increase your awareness of this, you will begin to reconnect to your source. You begin to see yourself as a spiritual being rather than as a human being. This will assist you greatly in overcoming the dualistic state of consciousness and the linear way of thinking that causes you to see yourself as separated from other people and separated from God.

There are a number of people on this planet who descend from a spiritual lineage which has one or several ascended masters immediately above them. In other words, if such a person traces his or her spiritual lineage, the person will find that his or her lifestream is actually the spiritual offspring of an ascended being that is known on earth. One might say that your lifestream is an individualization of or a division of an ascended master. This does not mean that you have no individuality, because you do. Even when you fully reunite with your I AM Presence and qualify for your ascension, you will not lose your individuality and be absorbed into the greater being from which you came. Instead, you will win the permanency of your individuality and become an ascended master yourself. However, you will also realize that you are part of a larger whole. No ascended master is an island.


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Paramahansa Yogananda is today an ascended master

TOPICS: Yogananda is an ascended master – Yogananda had a deep understanding of the Christ consciousness – Autobiography of a Yogi an important book –

Question: Jesus, Would you speak a little bit about  Paramahansa Yogananda?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Concerning Paramahansa Yogananda, I am very happy about the opportunity to talk about this wonderful brother of mine. Paramahansa Yogananda is today an ascended master and a member of the ascended masters. He did not make his ascension right after he laid down his physical body, but took some time to complete certain tasks and initiations. Today, he is an ascended master, and people can indeed invoke the mantle of the ascended master Paramahansa Yogananda.

I can assure you that among all the people walking the surface of the earth, few have had a deeper understanding of the Christ consciousness than Paramahansa Yogananda. In many of his writings and lectures he gave an understanding of my true mission that I wish all Christian church leaders could have. If indeed those who claim to be my followers and have set themselves up as leaders of Christian churches had the same understanding of my true teachings as Paramahansa Yogananda, Christianity would quickly be transformed into a modern religion that could fulfill people’s spiritual needs for the next 2000 years.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any willingness among Christian church leaders to study the teachings of an Indian mystic, regardless of what he might have said about the Christ consciousness. In their sense that Christianity is the only true religion, they reject the possibility that anyone outside of their own church could have anything of value to say about me and my teachings. Obviously, that is also why they would reject my website.

The first spiritual book Kim found was indeed Autobiography of a Yogi, written by Paramahansa Yogananda. This was no coincidence. I knew Kim had been deeply wounded by the orthodox, idolized image of me. I therefore directed him to find this book, and as you will see from his story, reading the book did indeed start the healing process that led him to become my messenger for this website. I would therefore recommend that all spiritual seekers read that book and study other of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings as they are directed from within.


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Lady Master Portia, the Goddess of Justice

TOPICS: Saint German and Portia are twin flames – Goddess of Justice

Question: I just have a quick question in regards to your answer on Saint Germain being the spiritual hierarch of the Age of Aquarius: is there a spiritual hierarch-ess? Thank you, and thank you Kim, for your time, Love, and Light.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes, Saint Germain’s twin flame is the ascended lady master Portia who also holds the office as the Goddess of Justice for the earth.


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Krishna brought the knowledge of the Christ to the East

TOPICS: Krishna an ascended master – Christ a spiritual title – Christ of the East and the West

Question: Jesus, Would you speak a little bit about Krishna.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Krishna is a member of the ascended masters, and he is indeed my beloved Brother of Light. Krishna descended to earth for the specific purpose of setting forth the example of a Christed being in the eastern Hemisphere. Krishna brought the knowledge of the Christ to the East. He also held the spiritual office of the Christ, and he still holds it for the eastern Hemisphere.

You see, “Christ” is really a spiritual title and the bearer of that title holds a spiritual office of the Christ. There is an Office of the Christ for the eastern Hemisphere, an Office of the Christ for the western Hemisphere and an Office of the Christ for the planet as a whole. Krishna holds the office of the Christ for the eastern Hemisphere, and I hold it for the western Hemisphere and for the planet.

We cooperate in seeking to raise the consciousness of humankind, and there is a figure-eight flow between the Christ of the East and the Christ of the West. When you give Mother Mary’s East-West invocation, you activate that flow in your own being and in the world. Thereby, your lifestream becomes part of that river of life. That is why this rosary is a major dispensation and a very powerful ritual.


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Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Nada

TOPICS: twin flame – Mary Magdalene – Lady Nada – Jesus works with Nada – 

Question: Jesus, some teachings say your twin flame was Mary Magdalene and you walked together at the same time on earth. There are teachings that say Lady Nada was your twin flame who ascended before your arrival on earth. If this were true it confuses me, could Lady Nada, who ascended, reincarnate yet again as Mary Magdalene? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The ascended master Nada is not my twin flame, so she did not reincarnate as Mary Magdalene. Nor had she ascended before I arrived on earth, as I have had many embodiments on this planet, going back to Atlantis and before.

Nada is very closely related to me in the spiritual realm. It is helpful to understand that while lifestreams are in embodiment, they tend to think in linear terms. They tend to see separation, and they want to divide everything up into classifications that they can put in neat little boxes. In the spiritual realm, our consciousness is spherical, and we do not think in linear terms.

Therefore, there is a much greater unity and oneness in the spiritual realm than people in embodiment can understand and fathom. So there is a very close relationship between myself and Nada, however, Nada is not my twin flame. Mary Magdalene was my twin flame, and she did in fact keep re-embodying until she ascended in the 20th century.


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Ascended master John the Beloved

TOPICS: John the Beloved is ascended – people become attached to spiritual teachings – attune your heart to John –

Question: Is the Apostle John still walking the earth, and if so are there any reliable modern sources of his teachings?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The apostle John is not walking the earth in a physical body. He is today an ascended being, an ascended master, and his name is John the Beloved.

As all ascended masters, my beloved John works with a number of individuals in various capacities. During the last century, we of the ascended masters have sponsored several organizations and individuals to bring forth various spiritual teachings.

The purpose of this website is to encourage people to walk the path of personal Christhood. As you begin to put on your Christhood, you attain the ability to discern between what is reliable, meaning what is of the light and comes from the ascended masters, and what is not reliable, meaning what comes from lower sources.

One of the biggest problems that we of the ascended masters face is that so many people tend to become attached to outer teachings. It is so tempting for people to believe that as long as you follow a particular organization, believe all of its doctrines and practice its rituals, you will automatically be saved. It requires a bit more effort to put on personal Christhood and gradually, through trial and error, sharpen your ability to discern for yourself.

Because of this, the last thing I want to see happen is that this website becomes a sort of clearinghouse that people use to ask me what is reliable instead of using their own discernment. Therefore, I hope you will understand that I will not answer your question about reliable sources of teachings from John the Beloved.

The fact that you are asking this question shows that your lifestream has a spiritual tie to John the Beloved. Your lifestream has a desire to reestablish a conscious contact with this spiritual Master. There is a very important truth in the saying, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Make an effort to attune your consciousness to the consciousness of John the Beloved. It can help you to study information about his life and spiritual teachings given by him through outer messengers. Yet these outer sources will not guarantee your direct contact with him. That contact must come from within.

I have given an exercise to help people establish such inner contact. I suggest that you use that exercise, and the exercises for spiritual protection, and visualize that the spiritual being that you meet in the beautiful garden is John the Beloved.

I can assure you that if you will sincerely open your heart, John will answer your call. I can also assure you that the pure love that John has for your lifestream can be an invaluable help for your spiritual growth. My beloved John is simply waiting for you to knock on the door inside your heart. If you knock, he will answer your call.


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Sanat Kumara and Maldek

TOPICS: Sanat Kumara has returned to Venus – Maldek a planet destroyed by war – masters wonder why human beings repeat the same patterns – Jesus is a result-oriented master –

Question: I’ve read that Sanat Kumara has become less involved with the planet. They say he left in the 1950’s. I was wondering if Sanat Kumara is in disbelief that the planet he came to save could end turning into another Maldek.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is correct that Sanat Kumara has returned to Venus. However, this is a sign that the consciousness of humankind has been raised to a level so that his Presence is no longer needed on this planet.

Sanat Kumara is quite aware of what could potentially happen to any planet. It is precisely because of this awareness that he decided to descend to planet earth on a rescue mission. If he had not done so, this planet would already have been destroyed through the warring of human beings.

The planet Maldek was literally destroyed through the warring of its inhabitants. Although there is still a risk for war, even a major war, on earth, it is not likely that the entire planet will be destroyed through such a war.

As any other spiritual teacher, Sanat Kumara is somewhat in disbelief of how many times human beings have to go through the same experiences before they finally decide that they don’t need to repeat those dysfunctional and self-destructive patterns. Although I have been in physical embodiment and have experienced how difficult it is to live on this planet, I have to say that I often find myself looking at human beings repeat the same old mistakes and crying out – half jokingly – “How long, Oh Lord?”

Obviously, I know this question has no answer because everything is subject to the free will of human beings. Yet as a spiritual teacher I certainly do wish that people would wake up sooner rather than later. I am a result-oriented Master, and you will notice that I sometimes chastised my disciples for not responding to my teachings as quickly as I desired.

While some might see this as a flaw in my character, it was nevertheless one of the reasons I was chosen to descend to this planet as a spiritual teacher. Due to the low state of consciousness to which most human beings had descended, there was need of a spiritual teacher who was direct and had a no-nonsense approach to awakening people from the spiritual coma in which most of them are trapped.

In reality, it is often necessary to shock people out of this state of mind, and this must be done by a teacher who has the clear goal that he will never leave a person in the same state of consciousness in which he met that person.

Explanatory note: Sanat Kumara is a spiritual being who was the head of a civilization that exists in the etheric realm over the physical planet Venus. In the distant past, the consciousness of people on earth had descended to a very low level, and Sanat Kumara volunteered to descend to earth and help people raise their consciousness. He was accompanied by 144,000 lifestreams from Venus who took embodiment on earth. Many of them are still here and feel a strong desire to serve as spiritual teachers or in other ways help raise the consciousness of the people on earth.


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Jesus alone in heaven

TOPICS:  Jesus is not the only spiritual being in heaven – Jesus is part of a team of ascended beings – no favorite son – overcome idolatry – spiritual beings who have been in embodiment on earth – Jesus could potentially have failed his mission – Jesus is an example for all to follow – no rivalry between Jesus and the Buddha – no rivalry in heaven – a universal brotherhood on earth –

Question: Is Jesus all alone in heaven?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

This question might seem naive, but I would like you to consider it. The reason being that so many Christians seem to assume that I am all alone up here with God. Because of the cult of idolatry built around my outer person, many people believe in ideas that would seem to indicate that I am on some kind of ego trip. If they think I am the only son of God, it follows that they think I am the most important being in heaven and that I want all people to see me as such. This is a completely flawed idea.

The Bible itself contains the statement: “God is no respecter of persons.” The meaning of this statement is that God does not respect the high and the mighty on earth, yet it also applies to the beings in heaven.

In heaven there are no favorites.
No spiritual being is more important than any other spiritual being.
God has no favorite son.
To God, all of his sons and daughters are favorites.

How could there be favoritism and rivalry in heaven when we all recognize that everyone is an individualization of God? How could one individualization of God possibly be more important than any other individualization of God? This simply does not make sense.

Once again, the problem is that human beings reason backwards and project human qualities, namely the favoritism and the value judgments springing from the carnal mind, onto God.

I want to be absolutely certain that you realize that I am not alone in heaven. I also want you to understand that I am not the only spiritual being who is working with planet earth. I am not the only spiritual teacher ever to come to humankind.

I see myself as being part of a team, and I am not the leader of that team. We are a group of spiritual beings who are constantly working to inspire human beings (what we call unascended spiritual beings) to raise their state of consciousness. This is a spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood. There is no competition or rivalry among us. We are truly one in our desire to serve God and to help bring all of his sons and daughters back home.

NOTE: The rest of this answer is avbailable in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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Fallen angels and sex

TOPICS: Angels in the spiritual realm cannot fall – unascended spheres – the war in heaven – beings fell for different reasons – some angels fell out of a desire for sex – stealing light through sex – perverted sex versus oneness – three types of fallen angels – all angels in embodiment have fallen – how angels can ascend back – do not let your ascension depend on the choices of others – avatars did not fall – fallen angels must learn from ascended masters –

Question: Dear Jesus, I have a question regarding fallen angels.  I understand that the Bible and the Book of Enoch say that some angels fell through lust because they desired to incarnate in order to have sex with the beautiful daughters of men.  Since angels know and love each other, could some angels close to those who fell through lust have chosen to come to earth to try and bring their friends back home and then gotten caught in duality and forgotten why they were here?  I realize that this rescue mission would probably have violated God’s will, since angels were not created to incarnate.  If some angels did fall through a misguided rescue attempt and were caught in duality and the incarnation cycle, how would they grow to come back home?  If angels were not created to incarnate, would they have an I AM presence?  Would they also have spirit guides assigned to help them on their path back to God like souls created to incarnate do? Most of what I have read about fallen angels seems to depict them as being hostile to God or full of pride.  I am just wondering whether some could have fallen out of misplaced love (putting their fallen comrades ahead of God’s plan), which I guess would be loving something more than God. I really hope you will answer this question.   

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (November 30, 2010)

The Book of Enoch and the Book or Revelation are correct in that angels fell, but it is not correct that these were angels in the spiritual realm. Because neither the Bible nor the Book of Enoch discern between ascended and unascended spheres, it has become a common misunderstanding that angels exist only in the spiritual or ascended realm. People have therefore assumed that the fallen angels must have been in the spiritual realm, and as a result many people have wondered how angels in heaven could possibly fall. This is, of course, only made more confusing by the Book of Revelation and its statement that there was a war in heaven and that some angels were cast out.

The reality is, as we have explained elsewhere, that the world of form consists of a number of spheres. In the first three spheres, no beings fell. It was in the fourth sphere that beings fell for the first time, and this happened before that sphere ascended and became part of the spiritual realm. Beings have also fallen in the succeeding spheres, up until the seventh, in which you live.

My point is that there are many beings – both angels and co-creators – who have fallen and they fell for different reasons. Some did fall because of pride, some fell because of rebellion and some fell for other reasons. Certainly, beings have fallen as a result of perverting each of the seven rays.

It is correct that there were certain angels who fell because they desired to take on physical bodies and have sex. However, the statement that they fell because they lusted after the daughters of men is not entirely correct. Angels do have polarities, but they do not have what you see as male and female sex—for the simple reason that angels are not designed to produce offspring through a sexual union. So it is more correct to say that certain angels desired to descend to the level, where they could take on male and female bodies and thus have sex. The Book of Enoch makes it sound like it was male angels that fell, but that is simply a product of the male bias found in the society of the time. That is also why God is portrayed as a masculine being.

Angels were, of course, not created to take on physical bodies, so it was a violation of their original design and the greater plan for the raising of their sphere. However, it is not – in an overall sense – a violation of the Law of Free Will. If a being is capable of making a certain choice, the Law of Free Will gives it the right to make that choice—as long as the being does not violate the free will of others. In other words, the angels had a right to descend and take on bodies in order to have sex—with each other.

Yet the angels who fell for this reason were not content to have sex with each other but also wanted to have it with other evolutions, such as co-creators in embodiment. The fallen angels could not have sex only with each other, for the simple reason that as they fell, they were cut off from receiving more than a minimum of light from above. Thus, in order to continue to survive, they had to steal light from other beings, and they obviously did this through sex—the cause of their fall.

If you look at sex on this planet, you will see that virtually any kind of sexual perversion originated with the angels who fell because they wanted sex. They came up with these perversions in order to get other beings to give them their light. This goes for everything from pornography to rape. Any form of sexual activity that forces light out of the lower chakras was originally conceived by the fallen angels. This is in contrast to sex that raises the light through the heart to the upper chakras, and thus generates an experience of oneness between the man and woman having sex.

So when you look at people who are very skilled at seducing others or who are willing to force others – such as through buying sex, coercion, rape or rape drugs – and who have a considerable momentum on doing so, they are likely to be from the angels who fell out of a desire for sex. This is also true for anyone seeking sex with children.

Now back to your question. It is correct that for each group of beings who fell, there were others who followed them. In other words, what I will say here does not apply only to the angels who fell because of a desire for sex but to any angels that fell. We can talk about three groups:

  • The angels who initiated the fall. These were the beings who made the decision that caused the fall, and at the time they had at least some awareness of what they were doing. After the fall, they had great pride and also a denial that they had done anything that needed to be changed. They were also extremely focused on themselves.
  • Angels who were serving under the angels who fell. They were used to following their leaders, and they did so without making or understanding the decision that caused the fall. After the fall, they had little understanding of what had happened, but they usually had some sense that something had gone wrong. They also had a tendency to follow leaders blindly, and they were more focused on serving others than fulfilling their own needs.
  • Angels who after the fall decided to descend on a rescue mission in order to help the above two categories get back to the Path of Oneness. After the fall, they had a strong sense that something had gone wrong – possibly even that something had gone wrong with God’s plan – and they had an urgent need to save others. They were so focused on changing others that they rarely stopped to look at their own psychology.

Do you see what I am saying? The very decision that an angel wanted to descend in order to save others did indeed cause that angel to fall. It was not that the angel took embodiment and later became entangled with duality and then fell. It was fallen from the moment it descended below the level at which it was designed to serve. An angel was not created to take embodiment and thus cannot do so without falling.

This obviously does not mean that each angel in embodiment is evil, as popular belief might imply. Many co-creators have fallen as well, and most beings who fell did not do so out of bad or evil motives. There is no reason to place blame or feel guilt; all who have been blinded by duality simply need to awaken from that illusion.

So here is what each group has to do in order to get on the true path:

  • The initiators of the fall will have to admit what they did and decide to completely change their ways. They must take the focus off themselves and serve others selflessly. This can theoretically happen at any time, especially when a being realizes that it has had enough of the experience it desired before the fall or when it is faced with extreme consequences of its actions. However, in practicality it often happens only when a sphere is ready to ascend and the fallen beings realize they must either change or fall into a denser sphere.
  • The followers must stop blindly following leaders and take responsibility for their choices. They must take their focus off serving others, and they must instead focus on themselves. Not in the sense that they become selfish, but in the sense that they take responsibility for thinking on their own and changing their psychology. Incidentally, many of these beings have stopped following their original leaders and have instead started following the ones who fell out of a desire to save others. Thus, they are now serving in ways they think will help others, but if they still refuse to look at themselves, it will not bring them home.
  • The angels who wanted to save the others have an almost more difficult task than the original fallen angels. They must admit that they have fallen, regardless of their belief that they did it for a good purpose. And they must admit that they did this NOT because God wanted them to but because they – pridefully – thought they could reform others or that God’s Law needed their help. Thus, they must completely surrender all need or desire to save or reform others or to save or reform the world. They must overcome all sense that something has “gone wrong” or that there is a flaw in God’s design. They must let go of all sense that they know better than God, and they must acknowledge that they are not responsible for the choices made by other beings, and as such they can have no desire to change those choices. They must stop focusing on changing others and instead seek to change themselves.

Do you see what I am saying? The angels who fell out of a desire to experience something in a lower realm did so out of pure selfishness. And it is sometimes easier for them to come back home, because their return depends only on their own decisions. For example, if such a being realizes that it has had enough sex, then it can relatively easily make the decision that it wants to return to a higher sphere. Yet the angels who fell out of wanting to serve others, feel that they cannot return home until the others are saved. Meaning that their choice to return home depends on the choices of others—and this obviously puts them in a bind.

For the sake of completeness, there is a concept called “avatars” which are beings who descended voluntarily in order to outpicture a higher state of consciousness and thus make it easier for beings in the material world to ascend. Yet these beings did not descend out of a desire to save others or correct a flaw in God’s design. They did so out of a desire to express their God-given individuality and thus give others an example, a frame of reference. The angels who fell want to change the choices of others and are often willing to use force in order to accomplish this. The avatars have no desire to change others, but only want to give them a choice that they did not have before, leaving people completely free to choose. As an example, an avatar will never blame others, whereas fallen angels routinely do so—and feel fully justified in doing it.

In closing, angels can fall only in an unascended sphere. Any being in an unascended sphere has an anchor point in the spiritual realm in which the blueprint for that being is stored. This is what we normally call the I AM Presence. An angel that falls also will have spiritual guides that will seek to help it get back to higher realms. However, fallen angels are not guided by other angels, as that would increase the risk of those angels falling. Thus, fallen angels are guided only by ascended masters, which explains why the Serpent – as a symbol for the fallen angels – was allowed in the Garden of Eden, namely Maitreya’s Mystery School.

It also explains why organizations sponsored by the ascended masters allow fallen angels to enter. Incidentally, you will in such organizations see somewhat of a concentration of the angels who fell out of a desire to save others. This desire causes them to be attracted to our teachings, but it also causes them to often misunderstand the true purpose of the teachings. They will often interpret our teachings in such a way that it validates their obsession with saving others. Thus, you will often see them using our teachings to reform, control or judge others, instead of using them to remove the beam in their own eyes.

As I have said many times, the Law of Free Will says that you are the only one responsible for your choices, whereas you are never responsible for the choices of others. When you understand this, you will be able to let go of all desire to save or change others and instead focus on the only thing that can secure your own ascension: changing yourself. Again, study my discourse on the true path.


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Angels were not created to take physical embodiment

TOPICS: Angels must ascend as co-creators – not the same division in heaven – you can choose which office to hold –

Question: If you are an embodied angel, when you ascend do you have the choice to join the angelic realms or do you become an ascended master?

Answer from ascended master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels:

As Maitreya explains in his book, angels were not created to take physical embodiment. So when they do, they take on the duality consciousness, and therefore they must follow the path back to God that is the same path designed for the co-creators who were designed to take on embodiment and thus rise back.

Yet, my beloved, in a sense the question is almost obsolete. For when you truly ascend you cannot actually say that you are an angel or an ascended master. For in a sense, we do not see ourselves that way except when we communicate with those on earth.

What I am trying to explain is that in heaven there is not the same division between the angelic realm and ascended masters as you see on earth. In the sense that we see ourselves as part of the body of God. But it is true – from your earthly perspective – that if you descend from the angelic realm into embodiment, then you will ascend again as an ascended being, as an ascended master.

Yet nevertheless there is still so much flexibility in heaven that after ascending you can then take up the office of an angel. For again, what is the difference, really? Human beings like to have this linear division, but in heaven we do not have that same linear consciousness, and thus it is indeed possible for an ascended master to take up the office of an angel, even for an angel to take up another spiritual office, such as that of an Elohim.

So again, on earth you see things through the linear filter of the linear mind. But you rise above earth by rising above that mind. And then you truly recognize the reality that the Conscious You is who it thinks it is.

And because it is an extension of God’s being – and because it has a desire to be an extension and help in God’s purpose for creation – well, then the Conscious You has enough flexibility to take on any spiritual office and fulfill any spiritual function that it desires to experience.


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Witnessing Angels and Masters directly

TOPICS: Understanding free will – humans created the veil – lift veil on individual basis –

Question: When will the veil be lifted so that humanity can witness the Angels and Masters directly?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The veil will never be lifted in a general sense but only on an individual basis. If the veil was lifted so that all people could see angels and spiritual masters, that would violate the free will of human beings. God has given people free will, and therefore they have the opportunity to descend into a lower state of consciousness that makes it impossible for them to see angels and spiritual masters.

The only way to lift the veil for people in such a state of consciousness would be to force them out of that state of consciousness and that would indeed be a violation of the Law of Free Will. This would never be done by the ascended masters.

It is important to understand that God didn’t create the veil. What prevents people from seeing the spiritual realm is a veil of misqualified energy, and the energy was generated by people who misused their free will. Obviously, God could consume it, but as I said this will not happen.

People can “lift the veil” on an individual basis by raising their consciousness. Therefore, the veil will be lifted only on an individual basis. However, I certainly hope that, in the not too distant future, many more people will be able to reach the state of consciousness in which they can have some form of direct perception of the spiritual side of life, including seeing or hearing angels and spiritual masters.


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About Devachan and Demonchan

TOPICS: Most people have unfulfilled wishes, but not all go to Devachan -the role of  devas – in Devachan wishes can easily be fulfilled – having had enough, so one can let go of a wish – lifestreams rarely get stuck – difference between wishes and desires – Demonchan is based on desires that harm others – in Demonchan you misqualify energy – Osama bin Laden –

Question 1: What is the realm of wish-fulfillment (Devachan)? Is it a realm in which lifestreams can fulfill the wishes they never had fulfilled on earth. I would like to know whether anyone, who has an unfulfilled wish from their life on earth, has to go there? And isn’t there a danger of remaining there forever if everything you wished for on earth is fulfilled? Paula

 Question 2: Can you please give me a short clarification about what is the purpose of realm of wish-fulfillment (Devachan)? What about Osama bin Laden? Is he killing Americans there?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (July 16, 2011)

Only very few people leave the earth with no unfulfilled wishes. Yet that does not mean everyone goes to the realm of Devachan or wish-fulfillment. Determining who goes to Devachan is a complex task, undertaken by a particular lifestream and its spiritual teachers, as well as the Great Karmic Board. The overall concern is how a certain lifestream can be given the greatest possible opportunity for further growth. Yet let me give some general considerations.

In many cases, it is clear that a lifestream needs to go back into embodiment as soon as possible. This is especially true for lifestreams at lower levels of consciousness, those who are identified with the physical body, the material world and the struggle for existence. Such lifestreams can only learn from the “school of hard knocks,” and thus they need to go back into embodiment as soon as possible. And because it is currently not difficult to find embodiments for this type of lifestreams, they usually do not have to wait for long. During this waiting period, the lifestream will be in a realm that corresponds to its state of consciousness, but in general lifestreams simply gain rest.

Considerations are more complex for lifestreams who have reached a higher level of consciousness, meaning that they are open to some form of spiritual guidance. These are lifestreams who are open to at least some self-examination, meaning they can learn from observing life and thus do not have to experience as many “hard knocks” through conflicts with other people. I think it should be obvious that it is currently not as easy to find suitable embodiments for this kind of lifestreams.

Another factor is that the earth currently does not have the number of people in embodiment for which it is designed (ten billion). As a result of these two factors, there are many lifestreams who have to wait for a considerable period of time before they can find a suitable next embodiment. And since they are open to learning from life through thinking—as opposed to physical experiences, they can often benefit from spending some time in Devachan. This realm is – as the name implies – a realm guided by a type of spiritual beings called Devas. These are above the level of elemental life, but not yet at the level of ascended masters.

Devas have great ability to manifest what we might call higher sensory appearances. These appearances are not as dense as what you see manifested by elemental life as material appearances. Thus, it is easier for the devas to manifest many different appearances, which means the realm of Devachan can serve a greater number of lifestreams than can the material universe. It can also provide them with more types of experiences than can the material universe.

Because of this, Devachan can help a great number of lifestreams overcome the wishes they have not fulfilled on earth and that would be difficult to fulfill, precisely because it is more difficult to manifest conditions in the material realm. This is due to both the higher density of the material and the fact that in this realm, the free will of all people in embodiment will influence what can be manifested. In Devachan, the devas can create an appearance that is centered around the free will of just one lifestream, and that is how the lifestream’s wishes can be fulfilled. There is nothing that opposes the fulfillment of those wishes.

The main function of Devachan is to manifest appearances that seem real to a particular lifestream. For example, many lifestreams have a desire to live in a large house or an opulent palace. This is obviously difficult to accomplish on earth, but it is very easy for the devas to manifest such conditions in Devachan. The devas can easily manifest a wonderful palace that is all centered around one lifestream. They can manifest what seems to be servants occupying the palace. In some cases the devas themselves even take on characters in people’s dreams, as that can give the devas an opportunity to grow.

The obvious purpose for Devachan is to give lifestreams the exact conditions they did not have on earth, so that by experiencing the fulfillment of their wishes, they will eventually reach a saturation point and then become aware that they have a desire for something more. This, of course, is also what happens on earth, only on earth life is much more of a struggle, so people often start the path by becoming aware of a desire for something more than the struggle.

In Devachan, lifestreams eventually become aware of a desire for something more than the conditions they have. Certainly, there is a risk that a lifestream can be stuck in Devachan for a long time. Yet in the majority of cases, it takes a surprisingly short time before lifestreams have had enough of a situation in which everything is exactly as they want it and in which they never encounter any contrast to their own mental images.

Do you see what I am saying? On earth, there is a constant struggle, whereas in Devachan there is no struggle, because everything conforms to your wishes. For most lifestreams, this quickly becomes boring, and then they will go one of two ways.

One is that they actually long back for the struggle, they long to have someone oppose their wishes, so they have something to struggle against. Which means they can now set aside the particular wish that brought them to Devachan and go back into embodiment on earth.

The second option is that lifestreams long for interaction with beings who are at a higher level of consciousness than themselves. Again, in Devachan everything conforms to your wishes, which means you never encounter anything or anyone that is of a higher or lower level of consciousness than your own.

For a time, this can actually be achieved by interacting with the devas. Yet some lifestreams eventually become aware of a desire to interact with those a different level of consciousness, which means they will go in one of two directions:

  • Those who want to interact with beings in a lower level of consciousness – without struggling against them – will go back into embodiment in particular situations, often as spiritual students or teachers.
  • Those who want to interact with beings of a higher level of consciousness, will be ready to leave the earth behind. They will then either take embodiment on other – higher – planets or begin the ascension process.

When considering which lifestreams go to Devachan, the dividing line is whether a lifestream is dominated by a wish or a desire. A wish is generally seen as something more positive, something that helps yourself or others without hurting anyone.

As an example, take the fact that many lifestreams on earth have a wish for more sex. Sex has the potential to be both a wish and a desire. If consenting adults seek to fulfill each others wish for more sex, there is nothing inherently wrong with this. Yet if people develop a desire that makes them willing to rape or force others, then we obviously have a karma-making situation. Some people are on the borderline between wish and desire, but still at the point where they can potentially benefit from Devachan. It is surprising how quickly lifestreams get bored with having sex with partners who are exactly as the dreamt about on earth.

The wish to have certain material things is in itself innocent in that it does not necessarily harm other people. Yet if seeking to fulfill it means coercing others, it too can be karma making. Yet in Devachan it is very easy to have this wish fulfilled without hurting anyone, and again it is surprising how quickly it becomes boring to have everything you want.

The wish to be revered as a spiritual teacher is not in itself harmful to others, and it is also easy to fulfill in Devachan. And again, it can quickly become boring to have followers who never give you any contrast, either as opposition or by challenging you from a higher state of consciousness.

So do you begin to see the distinction? Devachan is for the fulfillment of wishes, and wishes are something that can be fulfilled without harming others. In contrast, killing Americans can never be a wish, because there is no way to fulfill it without harming others. Thus, Devachan simply cannot accommodate this, which means a lifestream will either go back into embodiment or go to a lower realm, which we generally call the astral realm.

In fact, as Devachan is a realm guided by devas, there is a corresponding realm in the astral guided by demons; we might call it Demonchan. The fundamental difference is that lifestreams are magnetized to Demonchan through their negative “wishes,” meaning those that can only be fulfilled by harming others. Thus, in Demonchan, you can indeed experience anything you desired to do on earth, including killing Americans, blowing up buildings or bringing down the “Great Satan.”

The difference is that in Devachan your wishes are fulfilled without you misqualifying any energy. In fact, as your wishes are fulfilled, you will purify some of the emotional energy you poured into the wish while on earth. In Demonchan, you also experience the fulfillment of a desire, but because this involves harming others, you will continue to misqualify energy.

It can indeed happen that a lifestream eventually has enough of killing or fighting and thus becomes aware of a desire to experience something more. Yet even so, it can be difficult for a lifestream to extricate itself from Demonchan, because the demons will not voluntarily let the lifestream go. The demons need the lifestream to continue misqualifying energy for their own survival. In contrast, the devas do not need energy from the lifestreams in Devachan, because they can get it from a higher source.

If you read my comment about Osama bin Laden, you will see that I did not say he was in Devachan killing Americans. I said he is not actually a low lifestream, and thus he has the potential to go to Devachan, and in fact should ideally be there.

Thus, it would be possible to help bin Laden escape from Demonchan by people making calls for him to be cut free. I am not saying that people in general should do this, as there are many far more important things to call for. Yet if certain people feel an inner prompting to make calls for bin Laden, they should do so, as this could help them balance karma with him.

So in closing, you can take a look at people and make a reasonable prediction about whether they are likely to go to Devachan or Demonchan after this embodiment. People who have a strong wish for something that can be fulfilled without harming others, are likely to go to Devachan. People who have a strong desire to harm others, or to force others to change are likely to go to Demonchan. The strength of their ill will towards others will determine how difficult it will be for them to extricate themselves from Demonchan and move on.

Truly, if you find yourself having ill will towards anyone on earth, you should seriously consider that if you let the sun of this embodiment go down upon your wrath, you are very likely to find yourself in a place that is not pleasant and from which it will be impossible to extricate yourself without giving up the ill will. So why not give it up now and enjoy the rest of the time you have in your current embodiment? Ill will towards others is truly one of the more unpleasant mental prisons known to humans.


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What’s so great about being in heaven?

TOPICS: No average day in heaven – people cannot understand never-ending growth – the ego wants security –

Question: When you try to sell people on becoming spiritual and go on the spiritual path and to the spiritual realm, I understand that we have to give up our carnal mind and our egos completely and the reward is to eventually ascend into heaven, but what I don’t understand is what heaven is like. I mean, a lot of people have a lot of fun in a body, so what is an average day for an ascended master and what’s so great about being in heaven, I guess?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What is so great about being in heaven? Well you will not truly appreciate it until you are here. For I can assure you that there is no way to convey to those on earth what it is like to be in heaven.

But I can assure you that in heaven there is no average day, for every day is new—a new day of glory and joy, of greater understanding of the mystery of life, that is God, that is our own Being individualized. In heaven there is constant growth, ever-expanding joy.

And this is what is most difficult for the people on earth to understand.
This is why you see so many who become stuck at a certain level, even the Christians who cannot understand that I, Jesus, have changed and that I do not live up to the statement in the Bible, “Jesus Christ—the same yesterday, today and forever.”

This is simply the ego that wants to take heaven and put it in a closed box, for once that box is closed then the ego feels that it has things under control. Until, of course, the second law of thermodynamics disturbs the ego’s sense of being in control.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

How many universes?

TOPICS: You can become a creator – a very large number – not parallel universes –

Question: Is there one universe or many universes?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

How many universes would you like there to be? As explained by Maitreya in his book, all of you are meant to grow towards full God consciousness. And when you reach that God consciousness, you have the opportunity – if you so choose – to become the creator of your own universe, your own world of form. Many, many, many lifestreams have walked that path and have attained that state and thus there are many universes. In fact so many that it is meaningless to put a number upon it, my beloved. For the linear minds of human beings would find it difficult to comprehend the actual number.

This however must be distinguished from the concept you find in science of parallel universes, where some scientists believe that when you make a choice, you split the universe in two (if you had two options), one universe where you choose the one option and one universe where you choose the other. This is not a reality, my beloved, because it would go against free will, in the sense that there would be a part of your being who would experience either option and thus you would not really have made a choice and experienced reaping the consequences of that choice.

But yes, there are indeed innumerable universes with more coming into being all of the time.

One thing I must say, however, is that this is a somewhat academic question since you are living in this universe. And your first focus should be to walk the path that is offered in this universe, for you cannot simply shift from this universe to another, if you do not like the present one. There is no universe shopping, my beloved.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

A brief overview over the history of life on this planet

TOPICS: many people come from other planets or star systems – your real origin is the spiritual realm – life on earth goes very far back – waves of lifestreams took embodiment – the fourth root race and the fall of man – after the fall, many different lifestreams embodied on earth – both low and high lifestreams – do not dwell on the past – Enli and Enki – no need to retrace the past –

Question: Dear Jesus, The following lines I took from The Christ Is Born in You:

“What we now see is that the entire world of form is the result of an interaction between two beings or two expressions of the consciousness of God……”
“Therefore, the world of form was created by two spiritual beings. These beings are described in the Bible as Alpha and Omega”
“Alpha and Omega personally created a number of spiritual beings…..”
“…..the material universe was not created by the highest individualization of God. It was created by certain representatives of God. The Bible states that the earth was created by Elohim….”
“In other words, a number of spiritual beings (seven to be exact), created planet earth…..”
“A number of spiritual beings, what you would call human beings, decided to descend to planet earth and take on human bodies…..”

I believe that it is of vital importance to know where we come from, in order to be able to return there, to achieve Universal Christ Consciousness. Some say that part of humanity was created by Enki and Enlil, two beings from Nibiru, and that many other races were seeded upon this planet by beings from Venus, Mars, the Pleiades, Sirius and so on. How does this information fit in with the Elohim? It is also said that planet earth is just one of tens of thousands of other planets but the only one where beings have been given “free will.” I feel that it is very important to get some clarity into all this, in order to obtain better insight in our personal, planetary and Universal mission and would be grateful if you could share some of your Ancient Wisdom on this subject, with all of the special beings reading these messages.
From Spain, With Love, Marite

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is correct that it is important for you to know where you came from in order to be able to return there. However, you do not need to return to the spiritual realm in order to attain Christ consciousness. In fact, attaining Christ consciousness is the key to entering the spiritual realm.

Yet what you really need to know is what I explained in my discourse, namely that you did come from the spiritual realm, and that is where you need to go. It is correct that there are many lifestreams on earth who did incarnate on other planets and in other star systems before this lifetime. Nevertheless, that does not mean that these lifestreams ultimately came from there and that they need to return to those places in order to attain Christ consciousness or their ascension. Your ultimate origin was the spiritual realm, and that is where you need to go to win your immortality as a spiritual being.

Let me give you a brief overview over the history of life on this planet. As I explain elsewhere, the Old Testament cannot be considered the infallible word of God, and that is nowhere more clear that when it talks about the origin of humankind and the age of the earth. Scientists are much closer to the truth, when they put the age of this planet at over 4 billion years. However, scientists are very far from the truth when they consider the age of intelligent life, what most people would call human life, on this planet. Contrary to current scientific wisdom, intelligent life has existed on this planet for 2.5 billion years.

The fact is that there have been a number of waves of lifestreams that descended to this planet and took on bodies that vibrated within the frequency spectrum of the planet. When the first of these waves descended, the entire planet vibrated at higher frequencies than today. Therefore, only pure lifestreams were allowed to come to this planet, and the bodies that were worn by these lifestreams were much less dense than the human bodies you wear today. These lifestreams lived on this planet until they made their ascension, and when they did so, their bodies were simply raised in vibration. That is why you do not have any fossil records of these early forms of intelligent life.

We of the ascended masters teach that there have been seven of these root races. The first three of these root races all ascended to the spiritual realm. The Fall of Man did not occur until the incarnation of the fourth root race. However, there were actually races before the seven root races. The seven races simply represent the latest evolutions of lifestreams assigned to this planet.

After the fall of the fourth root race, the vibration of humankind gradually descended , and the entire planet was lowered in vibration. Since then, many lifestreams have come to earth from other parts of the material universe. This does not mean that these lifestreams traveled here by spacecraft. It means that they incarnated here and took on human bodies.

Many of these lifestreams came here because they could no longer remain on their original planets. Some of these planets literally self-destructed, and many lifestreams were forced to incarnate elsewhere. Because the earth had descended in vibration, some of these lifestreams could incarnate on this planet. In other cases, a planet was raised in vibration, meaning that some of the lower lifestreams could no longer remain on that planet. Planet earth therefore became a waystation for these dark lifestreams. However, there are also many high lifestreams that have voluntarily chosen to embody on this planet in order to raise the consciousness of humankind, and raise the vibration of the planet back to its original purity.

My point here is that the history of intelligent life on this planet is indeed very old and incredibly complex. If I were to give an accurate account of this history, Kim could literally spend the rest of his life taking down this account. However, what would be the purpose of this account, considering that I have so many teachings to give that will empower you to transcend the past rather than dwell upon it?

It might be very interesting for you to know something about how people lived in the Middle Ages, but what practical value does it have for your daily life in this age? And while it might be interesting to learn something about the Middle Ages, do you really need to know every single detail from that time? Likewise, how much do you really need to know about the history of life on earth in order to realize that you need to rise above the consciousness of duality and put on the mind of Christ?

As a spiritual teacher, you have to walk a fine line. You want people to be awakened and to expand their understanding of life, but you do not want to overwhelm them with facts that have no practical value for their spiritual growth. And because people are very different, there is no one way to deal with this topic.

For example, most people would gain no spiritual value from knowing the story of Enli and Enki or other aspects of this planet’s past. Yet for others this story might have some value. If you feel that is the case for you, study the story, but do not forget to listen to your Christ self. As with the Bible, you cannot take any of these ancient accounts at face value and you cannot interpret them literally. You need to look beyond the mythological language and imagery and understand the true spiritual significance of the story. And that significance can be interpreted as many different levels.

Do you see my central point? Your lifestream was born in the spiritual realm. That birth happened a long time ago, and since then your lifestream has had a very complex history during which it incarnated on many different planets. Yet in order to win your ascension, you do not need to trace back all of your incarnations in these different places. You are not trying to return to every place where you incarnated in the past. You are trying to return to the spiritual realm.

So the real importance is not where you came from in the material universe, but where you came from in the spiritual realm. The real importance is not where you have been and what you had done but where you are willing to go and what you are willing to become. Are you willing to come home to the spiritual realm and become an immortal spiritual being whom I can receive with the ultimate love of an older brother who is waiting for you to join me in our Father’s kingdom?


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The truth about heaven and hell

TOPICS: Different levels of vibration – material realm, spiritual realm, hell – many types of energies interpenetrate the same space – why places with higher or lower vibration – everything created from Christ consciousness – only begotten son – hell was not created by God – hell created by beings who rebelled against God – many levels of hell – why hell is said to be hot and have fire – hell is based on a lie – hell is upheld by humans feeding it energy – hell has no reality – religions misuse the concept of hell –

Question: What is the truth about heaven and hell?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Throughout our websites, you will find the teachings that everything is made from energy and that energy is vibration. There are different levels of vibration, and one might say that there are three main levels. The level that all human beings can detect with the physical senses is what we call the material world. This realm is made from energies that vibrate within a certain frequency spectrum, as explained elsewhere.

Beyond the material realm is the spiritual realm, which is made of energies that vibrate at higher frequencies than the energies found in the material realm. There are a number of levels in the spiritual realm, going all the way up to the ultimate vibration, which is the level of the Creator.

You must understand that the old linear model, which was based on the human senses, is no longer adequate in a world that realizes everything is made from energy. Heaven is not literally located in the direction of the sky. Heaven is made from vibrations that exist in the same space as the vibrations of the material realm.

The room in which you are sitting is being penetrated by radio waves of different frequencies. Because the waves have different frequency levels, they can coexist in the same space without canceling each other out. So the energies of the spiritual realm and the material realm do indeed coexist in the same space. That is why there are places on earth that many people feel have a higher vibration than others. This is because there are localized areas where the vibration has been raised to such a level that the gap between the material and the spiritual worlds has become almost non-existent. One might say that the two realms overlap or that heaven has been brought to earth. One might also say that people are already in heaven—they simply don’t see it because their consciousness is tuned in to the lower vibrations of he material realm.

Hell then is simply a realm made from energies that are lower than the energies in the material realm. As is the case with the spiritual realm, you can find places on this earth with a noticeably lower vibration than average. These are places where the material realm and the lower realm overlap. It is therefore literally true that certain places are hell on earth.

In reality, what scientists today call energy is really consciousness. The Gospel of John says that in the beginning was the Word and that everything was created out of the Word or Logos. The Word is the universal Christ consciousness, the universal Christ mind. This state of consciousness was the first element of creation, therefore one can call it the firstborn Son of God or the only begotten Son of the Father. Obviously, these words are only symbols that I used because, 2,000 years ago, people had no understanding of energy. Therefore, I could not have explained to them what I have just explained to you.

The universal Christ consciousness is the basic substance from which everything else was created. Therefore, the Christ consciousness is embodied in everything, and that is why every human being has the potential to follow in my footsteps and become a Christed being.

My point is that heaven is a state of consciousness, earth is a state of consciousness and Hell is a state of consciousness. The difference here is that the spiritual realm was created by God, and everything in the spiritual realm is in perfect alignment with the laws and the original vision of God.

earth was also created by God. However, because the inhabitants of earth were given free will, they have descended into a lower state of consciousness and forgotten their spiritual origin. Therefore, not everything on earth is in alignment with the laws and the vision of God. Humans have co-created a lower temporary state than the original state created by the Elohim.

The major difference between earth and Hell is that Hell was never created by God. I realize this is contrary to what is believed by most religious people but the explanation is that these people are still holding on to an image of Hell that was created in a more primitive time. As explained above, before people had an understanding of energy, there was simply no way to correctly explain Hell.

Hell is a state of consciousness that was created by a group of non-material beings who rebelled against God’s vision, God’s purpose and God’s laws. LINK In their pride and rebellion, they attempted to create a place in which God seemingly is not present. You see, God gave a number of beings free will. Whatever these beings do, they do with God’s energy, meaning that they change the vibration of that energy. God’s original vision was that the inhabitants of the material world would never qualify energy below a certain vibration. If that vision had been followed, the entire planet would have been in an upward spiral in which nothing would have broken down or decayed.

After these non-material beings started qualifying energy below the critical level, they started a negative spiral or vortex. At some point, human beings were tricked into entering a lower state of consciousness, which caused them to misqualify energy. Therefore, the energy vortex of Hell is being reinforced every time people engage in imperfect energies.

Hell has many levels of vibration, and new levels are being added by beings who are constantly rebelling against God and trying to generate lower vibrations. This can continue for a long time, and the vibrations can get quite low. However, there is a limit to how low the energies can become before they literally self-destruct.

One might say that the “fire” so often associated with Hell is a symbol of the existence of very low or dense energies. If you compress physical matter, it heats up and you will eventually have a nuclear reaction. Likewise, when you continue to lower the vibration of God’s energy, you will eventually create an explosive reaction that will “burn” the misqualified energy and thereby free it from the thoughtforms that kept it bound to that level of vibration. When that happens, the energy can be raised to a higher vibration and “recycled.”

In reality, the beings who created Hell are living a lie, they are living an illusion. As I just said, the universal Christ consciousness is in everything. You cannot create anything without using the universal Christ consciousness. The dark forces have managed to create a level that is entirely made of energy frequencies that are so low that God would never have created those frequencies. So from a certain viewpoint one might say that they have succeeded in creating a world where God’s Light and truth is not present. Yet this absence of God’s Light is but a temporary illusion that will continue to exist only as long as human beings continue to misqualify the Light of God and feed it to the dark forces who cannot receive it on their own.

As a summary, one might say that heaven was created by God and follows the original plan of God. The earth was created by God but is no longer in alignment with the divine plan. However, the earth has the potential to be brought into alignment with God’s law and therefore raised into its original purity. This will then bring heaven, meaning the consciousness of heaven, to earth.

Hell was never created by God and does not have the potential to be brought into alignment with God’s law and truth. The energies can be purified back to their original vibration. However, when that happens, Hell will simply disappear and be no more.

Whereas heaven and earth are real, Hell is simply a figment of a warped imagination. So how did the concept of hell come to be such a prominent force in religion? Well, as I said, Hell does exist and it has a temporary reality. If a person chooses to attune his or her consciousness to the consciousness of Hell, that lifestream will literally be magnetized to Hell after it leaves the physical body. So going to Hell is a real possibility for a lifestream.

However, it would be extremely beneficial for people to realize and accept that lifestreams are not sent to Hell as a punishment from God. Lifestreams literally send themselves to Hell by lowering their state of consciousness. It is your state of consciousness that determines whether your lifestream is magnetized to the vibrations of the spiritual realm or the vibrations of Hell.

There is a certain, although temporary, reality to the stories of Hell found in almost every religion. Yet I will be the first to admit that most religions have misunderstood and misused the concept of hell in order to generate fear among their followers and therefore scare them into following the outer rules and doctrines without questioning church authority.

Obviously, this is a misuse of the responsibility such authorities have, and in some cases certain religious leaders have actually misused their power to such a degree, that they ended up in the Hell that they so skillfully used as a tool for scaring their followers into submitting to their games of power and control.


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Where is the Buddhic level?

TOPICS:  The Buddhic level is the level of the I AM Presence – Nirvana is the Allness – Alpha and Omega on two levels – Helios and Vesta and God and Goddess Meru –

Question: How do the levels of the I AM Presence and Christ self relate to what some esoteric teachings call the ‘Buddhic level’? What is really the nirvanic level (and nirvana)? Is it what has been called the unmanifest Absolute? Is it the level where Helios and Vesta abide in the heart of the Sun? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are different interpretations of the Buddhic level in esoteric teachings. So let me give you my interpretation. The Buddhic level is the level of the I AM Presence. It is therefore above and beyond the etheric level, which is the highest level of the material universe. The Christ self is always where you are.

Nirvana is the Buddhist word for the unmanifest absolute, or as I have called it, the state of pure Being or the Allness. It is God in its unmanifest form.

As we explain elsewhere, the world of form was created as a series of spheres. So there is a hierarchy of ascended beings who are linked to the unascended sphere in which you live. At the highest level of this hierarchy are two beings, called Alpha and Omega. This level is in some esoteric teachings called the Great Central Sun, but this is the central sun of your unascended sphere. There is also a central sun for each galaxy.

There is also a central “sun” at the highest level of the spiritual realm, in what was the first sphere to ascend. And here you also find two beings, called Alpha and Omega. They represent the highest level of the Godhead that is the source of the world of form created by our Creator.

The sun of every solar system in the material universe also has two spiritual hierarchs who serve the lifestreams that embody in that solar system. These hierarchs abide in the highest level of the etheric octave of that solar system. Helios and Vesta have been the spiritual hierarchs for the sun of the solar system in which you live. Yet on July 4, 2012 that position was taken over by God and Goddess Meru, who used to be the hierarchs of the retreat of the Temple of the Sun over Lake Titicaca.


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The I AM Presence and Christ self

TOPICS:  The Christ self is always with you – the I AM Presence never goes below the highest level of the etheric realm –

Question: Where and what is the level of the Holy Christ and the level of the I AM Presence?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The Holy Christ, or universal Christ consciousness, is the only begotten Son of the Father/Mother God. It is the Word incarnate, meaning that it is the basic element, or substance, used to create the entire world of form. Therefore, the universal Christ consciousness is literally present everywhere with no exceptions. Even in the depths of Hell you will find the universal Christ consciousness.

Each lifestream in the material universe also has an individualized Christ consciousness, or Christ self. This Christ self serves as a mediator between the Conscious You and the spiritual self, which is what you call the I AM Presence. The Christ self is always present with the lifestream, which means that no matter where the lifestream is, no matter how low a level of consciousness to which the lifestream has descended, the Conscious You always has the option of contacting the Christ self. The Christ self literally is the open door which no human can shut. It is also the light which lights every lifestream that comes into the world.

So you can never get away from your Christ self. It is the hound of heaven which stalks your lifestream wherever it goes, constantly seeking to inspire the Conscious You to turn around and start the path that leads back home.

The spiritual self, or the I AM Presence, is the very core of your identity and individuality. It is in the spiritual self that your God-given individuality is stored. The I AM Presence never descends below the highest level of the etheric plane. In other words, it is constantly abiding in the spiritual realm, and therefore it cannot be corrupted by any of the energies in this world. No matter what you might have done, in this or any past lifetime, you could not possibly have corrupted or polluted the purity of your I AM Presence and your God-given individuality.


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Why the spiritual realm is hard to describe

TOPICS: The spiritual realm is very different from the material – a vastly different, non-linear consciousness – people project linear images upon the spiritual realm; gives a distorted view – spiritual realm not static –

Question: Thank you very much for the enlightening answers on this website. Would you please give us a detailed presentation from the ascended master point of view on the inner planes? In particular: What levels exist beyond the etheric plane all the way to the Absolute and what is the significance of each? What beings abide in them?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

A simple question with an infinitely complex answer. You might recall that in the New Testament is a passage which states that if all the things that I said and did should be written down, the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. This also applies to a description of the spiritual realm that exists above and beyond the etheric plane.

Let me explain why it is difficult to give you a detailed answer to your question.

As explained in the discourse just mentioned, you live in what I call the world of form. This world is characterized by having some kind of form. This world is in contrast to the unmanifest aspect of God, which I call pure Being or the Allness, and in which there are no forms, no divisions and no separation.
The material universe consists of a number of levels that can be divided into four sections. The lowest is the material realm, also called the physical octave. Above it in vibration is the emotional realm, by esoteric teachings called the astral plane. Above that is the mental level and above that the etheric level.

As you move beyond the etheric level, you move into the spiritual realm. The problem in describing the spiritual realm is that this realm is above and beyond the material universe. Therefore, it is vastly different from the material universe, and it is permeated by a state of consciousness that is very far from the state of consciousness currently found on planet earth.

In their current state of consciousness, human beings tend to think in terms of divisions and separation. They are influenced by the types of forms they see around them on planet earth. Therefore, they tend to project such forms, including the concept of division and separation, onto the spiritual realm. This will invariably affect their visions of and their understanding of the higher realms.

People are so used to thinking about the material universe in linear terms. In the spiritual realm, we have a spherical consciousness, and we do not divide this realm into separate compartments. Although there are levels of the spiritual realm, it would be misleading to describe them in the linear terms that human beings can understand.

In the book, Save Yourself, is a lengthy discussion of how spiritual visions can be affected by people’s beliefs. I explain that even when people have a genuine spiritual vision, they often project their current beliefs upon the vision and explain it in terms of these beliefs. This then invariably gives a more or less distorted view of the spiritual realm.

So the basic truth about the spiritual realm is that you have to experience it to fully know it and see how different it is from planet earth. Therefore, it is almost counterproductive to give a description of this realm, and that is why many religions shroud it in symbolism. There is nothing wrong with describing the spiritual realm in terms of symbolism, as long as people do not take the symbols literally. Unfortunately, because of the lower state of consciousness, so many people do take symbols literally and this has led to numerous conflicts and false interpretations.

At this point in time, I do not desire to add another description of the spiritual realm beyond what I have already given in the books and on this website. To give a valid and accurate description would require a huge investment of my messenger’s time, and I consider it a lesser priority right now. This might change in the future, but for now I do not want to give a lengthy description of the spiritual realm, and I would rather not give a sketchy description.

[NOTE: A more detailed description has since been given in the book: Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, dictated by Lord Maitreya.]

Let me also say that even if it was physically possible to give an accurate description of the spiritual realm, that description would become inaccurate the very moment it was released in the material universe. The reason being that the spiritual realm is not static. God is the Creator and God never stops creating. This also holds true for all beings in the spiritual realm. Therefore, the spiritual realm is constantly growing, constantly transcending itself and constantly expanding. In other words, new levels are being added to the spiritual realm on a continual basis. That is why no description could be completely accurate.


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Love is the driving force of creation

TOPICS: Love is a stream, let it flow through you – divine love can be released only through us – overcome conditions to love’s flow – love challenges people’s conditions – Jesus does not need our love for his use – Jesus multiplies our love – the destruction of innocence – the angry God shuts off love – fallen beings ridicule love for God – both theism and atheism created by fallen beings – practice expressing unconditional love – conditions imprison you –

Question: Today I found one problem inside of me. I feel a great need to express my love towards Jesus, other ascended masters and God. I know that it is good. But does Jesus really need my love? I read in this website that Jesus is self-sufficient spiritual being. Dearest Jesus, do you want us only to grow, and spread our love only to lower spiritual beings like us, humans and animals? I want to grow, yes, but what about if I want a mutual relationship of love with higher beings? Therefore I want to express my love to God and all elder brothers, not only feel that I receive this unconditional love from a being who doesn’t need my love. I feel somehow unnecessary. But it cannot be that our love is nothing for higher beings. So what are the best means to express our love for higher beings?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (October 14, 2010)

Love is the driving force of creation. It is an ever-flowing stream that will not accept any conditions that block its flow. It was this unconditional force that propelled the Creator to create the world of form and send extensions of itself into it, in order to co-create it from within. It is also this force that propels the world of form to return to its source—by eventually transcending all conditions and rejoining with the infinite, formless Creator.

How do you co-create? By allowing the flow of love, the River of Life, to stream through your being and be expressed in this world. It is this flow of love that will raise the world until it ultimately ascends and becomes a permanent part of the spiritual realm. You cannot manufacture this flow, you can only open yourself up to it and then direct it with your conscious attention.

We of the ascended masters have become open doors for this flow of love, and we could easily release so much love into the earth that the planet would ascend very quickly and spin off those who are not willing to transcend their conditions and plunge themselves into the River of Life. Yet because of the Law of Free, we are not allowed to release love directly; we are allowed to release it only indirectly through human beings in embodiment.

So to truly co-create and help God’s creation rise up towards its ultimate destiny, you need to open yourself, so that the fount of unconditional love can stream from us through you—so that you can be the open door for love. And how do you do that? Well, you do it by overcoming the myriad of conditions that have been programmed into your mind by the forces of this world, the prince of this world:

  • One aspect of this is to study spiritual teachings and thereby come to see and surrender the conditions that seemingly justify why YOU should judge how love should be expressed through you, based on conditions defined on earth—conditions that can only be defined by the mind of anti-christ as no being in the Christ mind would ever define conditions that block or limit the flow of love.
  • Another aspect is to practice spiritual techniques, such as our rosaries and invocations, in order to transmute the energy in your being that has a lower vibration than the vibration of unconditionality found in the ascended realm.
  • And finally, the third aspect is that practice makes perfect. In order to become an open door for the flow of love, you need to express love. The more you express love and the more unconditionally you express it, the more you will open up the flow of love—and the other unconditional energies coming from the ascended realm.

You see, we of the ascended masters never express any lower energies, such as anger, criticism, blame or judgment. We express only unconditional energies. This does not mean that we always express love the same way. We express unconditional love, which will challenge people’s conditions, depending on the person and the situation. Yet even in challenging people’s conditions, we never project any negative or limiting thoughtforms or energies upon people. We have risen above all psychic projections.

We have a great desire to express the ascended energies on earth, but as I said, we need people in embodiment who can be the open doors. And who are these people? They are people who are willing to express love, or any other ascended energy, in an unconditional way, without judging with the outer mind but instead letting the flow from Above express itself as it pleases, letting the Holy Spirit blow where it listeth.

So do you see that I, as an ascended being, do not have a personal need for you to express love towards me. I am indeed self-sufficient and do not need anything from outside my “self” in order to exist or be fulfilled. Yet I am no longer existing for personal reasons; I am existing only to raise up the All. It is my greatest joy to serve in raising the All, and in this capacity, I do indeed need your love. For the more love you send towards me – especially when it is unconditional – the more I can multiply the talents you have multiplied and release it back to you and the earth.

So go ahead and express your love towards, me, any other ascended being, God or your I AM Presence. It will only be returned unto you multiplied. And be not concerned if you think you cannot yet express love entirely without conditions. Go ahead and express love as you can, and then you will gradually refine your ability to simply be the open door for the flow of love that is the Divine lover loving all life.

One of the greatest disservices to life on this planet is indeed that so many people have had their innocence, their child-like love for God, raped, plundered and destroyed so they no longer feel it or no longer dare to express it. They feel it is childish or embarrassing to be devotional, instead having an entirely logical or intellectual approach to spirituality which will never reconnect you to the spiritual realm.

This started with the major religions, that became taken over by fallen angels, who had no love for God left in their beings and who sought to drive the love from the beings of all people on earth. They therefore created various religions that portray God as an angry and judgmental God, knowing full well that most people cannot express child-like love towards such a God, wherefore this is one of the most efficient ways to shut the flow of love out of this world.

And as people started losing faith in these fear-based religions, these fallen beings came up with atheism and materialism, which also ridicules people’s desire to express love towards God. Take note that atheism is not actually the opposite of a belief in God, it is the opposite of a theistic belief in God, theism defining God as the external, remote being in the sky. Theism is a creation of the fallen angels, and thus atheism is the perfect example of these beings setting up two dualistic opposites that both seek to engage people in the dualistic struggle.

And, of course, once you step into this struggle and the epic mindset, you will no longer be able to express true, unconditional love. In fact, you will not be able to fathom the unconditional nature of love and any other God quality. Thus, you might even be absolutely convinced that you are working for God’s cause by being critical or judgmental towards other people—having found some justification or other in defining love as conditional. Yet in reality you are simply helping the fallen beings continue and intensify the dualistic struggle.

You will note that 2,000 years ago, I said that the two most important commandments of the law was to love God with all your heart, lifestream and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. To fulfill this command, you need to be the open door and allow love to express itself through you without defining conditions in your mind for how it should be expressed.

Due to the current level of consciousness on this planet, expressing unconditional love towards your neighbor will often be seen as inappropriate by that neighbor, and you might also find it a bit awkward. Thus, I suggest you begin by expressing love towards me or God in an unconditional way, until you have become so one with the flow of love that you can simply let if flow without any concerns for how it is perceived by others. You can then let love express its many faces without ever being embarrassed by it.

For when you are in the flow of love, you are free and you set other people free. And when you do not seek to hold on to or own anything on earth – having given up your mortal life in order to flow with the River of Life – you will set other people free to react according to their level of consciousness, while knowing that any expression of unconditionality gives them an opportunity to rise higher. And you are content with having presented them with the opportunity while having no attachment to what they do with it.

Thus, you will not let the reactions of others cause you to stop the flow of love, and in this freedom you have liberated yourself from the prison of the fallen beings. The prince of this world will come and have nothing in you, for the prince of this world cannot do anything with unconditionality. He can imprison you ONLY through the conditions that you have chosen to accept.

Another aspect is that unconditionality will be highly disturbing to all beings trapped in the epic mindset, and thus when you become the open door, these beings will find it hard to be in your presence. They might attack you in order to get you to shut off the flow of unconditionality, but you will simply say, “What is that to me, I will follow my older brother Jesus as we flow with the River of Life.” And when you are completely free of any conditions that the forces of this world can hold on to, you have indeed become the open door which no man – or devil – can shut.

Yet this process must start somewhere, by you multiplying the love you have been given and daring to express it as best you can, gradually growing to ever-more free expressions of the ultimate source of freedom, namely love that knows no conditions.


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels

Foundational teachings on Divine Love versus human love

TOPICS: Divine love versus human love – divine love is self-sufficient – the four qualities of divine love – threefold flame – balancing the threefold flame – balance on all seven rays – love and the 60s – love is not free sex – divine love is all you need – avoid the detour of human love – divine love is not soft or passive – divine love challenges people and then sets them free –

Question: Beloved Jesus, We have many teachings on different qualities of God, be it Father, Mother, Wisdom or Love. Yet I constantly hear from my friends that Love is the greatest and the only thing we need. Is it really enough to love to attain one’s Christhood and Buddhahood? Or is there a more primal quality of God – like Self-transcendence – to which Love is an addition?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

An excellent question, and you are on the right track concerning self-transcendence. However, it all depends on how you use words. You see, from a certain viewpoint one could say that love is the central quality of the spiritual path, but that is true only if one understands the difference between human love and Divine Love.

The essential quality of Divine Love IS self-transcendence, the drive to BE MORE. It was this quality that gave the Creator the drive to create—in order to become more of itself by expressing itself in form and in the form of self-conscious co-creators. So without this form of love, nothing would be created, and thus one can say that the master key to Christhood and Buddhahood is to have this Divine Love, which can only be done by becoming one with the flow of love, the River of Life itself.

In contrast, human love is possessive. It is focused on an object of love and wants to keep that object. In order to accomplish this, human love seeks to control, which can happen only by stopping self-transcendence and thus stepping outside the river of Life. Human love expects, even demands, to be received and it demands something in return. It will only express itself when certain conditions are met, which proves that it is not sufficient unto itself. Anything that is not self-sufficient is not Divine but springs from the consciousness of separation and lack.

Divine Love needs no object but is expressed to all life, as the sun shines upon all. It does not need to own any particular object and is constantly flowing, expressing itself with no conditions and regardless of any conditions. It is content to express itself and demands or expects nothing in return, not even to be received. It receives its joy from flowing and being what it is.

My point being that if you strive to be an open door for Divine love – and sincerely seek to transcend all human expressions of so-called love – then you can indeed reach Christhood and Buddhahood. However, this will also require you to realize that Divine Love has many expressions, many manifestations. And in order to have Divine Love, you must master these and be able to express them.

Let me mention the four primary qualities of Divine Love. As Mother Mary explains, everything is created from an interaction of the expanding and the contracting forces. However, for there to be a sustainable creation, there must be balance between the two, and it is the Christ mind that is the key to this balance. When there is balance, love will flow from the Father through the Holy Spirit and superimpose the immaculate concept upon the Mother Light. Thus we have the traditional Christian trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit with the addition of the Divine Mother. Each represents a quality of Divine Love:

  • The Father represents Divine Love expressing itself as power or will.
  • The Son represents Divine Love expressing itself as wisdom or balance.
  • The Holy Spirit represents Divine Love expressing itself as love, but a self-transcending love that sets life free from bondage.
  • The Mother represents Divine Love expressing itself as purity or the immaculate concept.

These four qualities correspond to our teaching about the threefold flame. As explained by Mother Mary, the energy from your I AM Presence first descends into the Secret Chamber of your heart, which is behind the heart chakra. It comes down as the pure light that is represented as the color white and corresponds to the Mother and God Purity. It then splits into three plumes of spiritual fire, called the threefold flame. One plume in blue and represents the Father and God power. One is golden yellow and represents the Son and God Wisdom. The third is pink and represents the Holy Spirit and God Love.

The importance is that the size of your threefold flame determines your creative powers—it determines how much light can stream from your I AM Presence into your four lower bodies. If one of the four aspects of this heart flame becomes unbalanced, you will tend to misuse your creative powers and this reduces the size of your threefold flame, reducing the size of the pipeline through which the light must flow. Thus, you will receive less creative light which lowers your consciousness and turns your attention away from your higher being.

The only way to reverse this trend and attain genuine spiritual growth is to balance your threefold flame so that all four aspects of it are in perfect harmony, meaning that they express Divine Love in manifestation rather than an unbalanced manifestation of human power, human wisdom, human love or a human definition of what is pure. This can be done only by attaining Christ discernment which is the key to knowing what is a balanced and an unbalanced expression of any of the four qualities. That is why I so often stress the importance of balance on this website.

When you have balanced your threefold flame, you can start working on attaining balance on each of the seven spiritual rays that make up the material universe. Each ray corresponds to one of the main chakras and the rays are as follows:

  • First ray, God power and will.
  • Second Ray, God wisdom and balance.
  • Third ray, God Love and selfless giving.
  • Fourth ray, God Purity and oneness with higher purpose and law.
  • Fifth ray, God truth and healing, restoring all to the immaculate concept.
  • Sixth ray, God Ministration and selfless creativity.
  • Seventh ray, God Freedom and independence.

The key to mastering each ray is to become one with the River of Life so that Divine Love can express itself through each of your chakras as needed. You have thus attained mastery on all seven rays, which is one of the major stages of Christhood.

You are quite right in your observation that many of today’s spiritual seekers do not realize the nature and qualities of Divine Love. Thus, they have been misled into thinking that love is all they need, while failing to see that it is Divine Love in all of its seven major manifestations that one needs. Instead, they are seeking to express human love, often disguised as spiritual love.

In this respect, I must point out that the 1960s are by many spiritual people seen as a crucial decade that marks a turning point in the spiritual evolution of humankind. There is some truth to this but not as much as many people think. The reality is that during the 1960s certain spiritual energies and teachings were released into the four lower bodies of the earth’s energy field and the collective consciousness of humankind. These energies and teachings were designed to help people overcome the blocks to the free flow of Divine Love and the potential was indeed great.

Unfortunately, as so often happens on earth, the highest potential was not fulfilled. The reason was that all of the false teachers on this planet sought to counteract our release, and because of the propensities of the human ego, they were relatively successful. Many sensitive people were indeed awakened by the new energies, but they were then misled by the false teachers and their egos into expressing love in the form of human love instead of transcending the old state of consciousness and expressing Divine Love.

For example, one of the blocks to the free flow of Divine Love was people’s unwillingness to express feelings toward each other. One manifestation of this was the rather restrictive attitude many people had toward any physical expression of love, from hugging to sexual love. The false teachers managed to turn many of the awakened people into a pointless rebellion against society’s norms on sex, so that they thought a greater expression of love meant free sex. Thus, the human ego – which can never get enough of any earthly pleasure – became an ally in getting many spiritual people to take a detour into the free love movement rather than the freeing love movement that transcends human sexuality.

One example of this is the famous Beatles’ song with the refrain, “All you need is love, love is all you need.” This song was actually designed – not consciously by the songwriter but by the false teacher who released it from a lower realm – to insert a psychic hook into people’s consciousness. Along with many other songs from the Beatles and other groups, this turned many sincere seekers into a detour of rebelling against society and withdrawing from it – through drugs, free sex, rock music and alternative lifestyles – rather than working from the inside to help society self-transcend.

Thus, the potential of the 1960s was not fulfilled and parts of it remains unfulfilled to this day. However, in later years this has been somewhat remedied by the emergence of a group of more mature spiritual seekers with greater Christ discernment.

Unfortunately many spiritual people today still believe all that is required for spiritual growth is to express love, but they define this in a human way. This is often a form of soft, gentle and kind love that never challenges anyone and thus cannot free them from the bonds of the ego. As I have now explained, if you want to attain genuine spiritual growth, you must master – and be the open door for the expression of – first the four basic qualities and then the seven qualities of Divine Love. Divine Love – in all of its manifestations – truly is all you need.

Human love will get you nowhere, regardless of the fact that so many people have managed to delude themselves into thinking human love will get them to heaven or a higher state of consciousness. Again, this is a deliberate effort to slow down the breakthrough that can potentially happen in this age. To avoid being misled into another detour of human love, you need to understand how your ego is seeking to mislead you. Begin by understanding the gray thinking of the ego, and then study all of my discourses on the ego. If you do not rise above the self-centered – although well-camouflaged – love of the ego, you will have no chance of entering the flow of Divine Love.

As I seek to explain throughout this website, the Christ consciousness is not a passive force that leaves people in a limited state. It is an active force that goes into the world, meets people where they are and – if necessary – challenges their illusions in order to give them a free choice of following the Living Christ or continuing to follow anti-christ. This is a choice they do not have until they have encountered the Living Christ or Christ Truth. Thus, Divine Love accepts no conditions that stop its flow and it seeks to help people overcome their conditions. However, unconditional love also has no attachments to people’s reactions, thus it challenges people and then leaves them free to make their own decision, as opposed to the human need to control.

The best way to overcome the blocks to Divine Love is to use Mother Mary’s rosaries. All of them remove blocks to love, but I especially recommend the Rosary for Clearing the Heart and the Rosary for Loving Yourself. To master love on the seven rays, you must contemplate the properties of each ray and work with the master of each ray. The best way to do this is to use the decrees to the seven rays.


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The key to loving yourself

TOPICS: You are more than the soul – the Conscious You is the seat of free will – when you identify yourself as an extension of God, you will experience God’s love for you – identifying yourself with the I AM Presence – know your self before you can love your self – you were created worthy of God’s love –

Question: When the soul first separates herself from the I AM Presence, she builds her ego, the ego around herself. How does she learn to love herself so she can get back to oneness with her I AM Presence. Why is it so difficult for all of us human beings to learn to love ourselves before we learn to love anybody else?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It will be helpful to make a distinction between the soul and you. The soul is a vehicle that facilitates your journey into the material universe. The soul allows you to interact with the physical body and its dense energies. Yet in many previous teachings and in many teachings on spirituality and psychology, the term “soul” is used as a very general term, and it is sometimes assumed that people understand the nature of the soul. But the soul has different aspects, and you are more than your soul, even though many people – even many spiritual people – assume that the soul is the totality of their beings.

You are familiar with the concept of the I AM Presence as the higher self, and some people think that the I AM Presence is part of their soul, but this is not so. The soul is made from the lower energies of the material realm, while the I AM Presence is made of the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm and never descends below the level of the spiritual octave. So when you understand the concept of the I AM Presence, you can understand that the I AM Presence is above and beyond the soul. Yet the I AM Presence does not descend into the lower vibrations. It was not the I AM Presence that fell into the duality consciousness, and, truly, before the fall into the duality consciousness, what most people call the soul had not yet come into existence—because the soul came into existence to facilitate your journey into the lower vibrations of the material universe and also of the duality consciousness.

So what was it that decided to partake of the fruit of the knowledge of relative good and evil? It was not the I AM Presence, because how could the I AM Presence fall? Neither was it the Christ self, for the Christ is always one with the Father. So there must be another part of you that is not the lower vehicle of the soul yet not the I AM Presence. And truly, that part of you is what gives you the sense of self. Mother Mary explains this in great detail in her books about the abundant life, and she calls the part of you that makes conscious choices for the “Conscious You.” It is the seat of your free will, and it was that part of you that made the decision to experiment with the duality consciousness.

So back to your question. We might say that the soul will never really learn to love itself because the soul is a vehicle for your journey in the lower realm, and in the lower realm nothing can fully accept God’s unconditional love. So the soul cannot truly fathom the concept of unconditional love, but the Conscious You can experience unconditional love.

What you need to ponder is the Conscious You and what it is. And if you ponder this, you will gradually come to an understanding of this, and you will come to see that there is more to you than the soul. And the unique characteristic of the Conscious You is that it has the ability to identify itself with anything it chooses. It is the seat of your free will, so it can choose to identify itself as what it truly is, a son or daughter of God, a co-creator with God. Or it can choose to identify itself as a human being who is mortal, perhaps even a sinner who is unworthy to approach God.

In fact, the Conscious You can identify itself as a rock or as a tree. Or it can think that it is Jesus Christ or Napoleon or some other being. And you indeed see people in mental hospitals who are so identified with a person they are not, and this shows you the ability of the Conscious You to identify itself with anything because it has free will and unlimited imagination.

So you cannot teach your soul to love itself, or to love yourself. You need to get in contact with the Conscious You. Yet how can you get in contact with the Conscious You—because you are the Conscious You and this is what you need to see. You see, when we give you a concept, such as the I AM Presence, it is easy for you to see that I AM Presence as above and beyond you, as being separated from you. And in a sense this is true, because when you are in the duality consciousness, you are at a lower vibrational level than your I AM Presence. Yet the Conscious You can identify itself fully with the I AM Presence. And that is when you say. “I and my Father are one!”

So my point is that before you can learn to love yourself, you must come to know your self. You must come to know the Conscious You. And then you must realize that the Conscious You is the seat of your free will and that you must choose to how you will identify yourself.

If you identify yourself with the soul, which is the lower vehicle, you will not be able to love yourself, because the soul, as I said, cannot grasp God’s unconditional love. And it is only that love, the perfect love that casts out all fear, which will give you the sense that you are worthy of God’s love. And therefore, only then can you accept God’s love.

So as you ponder this, and begin to realize who you really are as a conscious being who is making choices, you can gradually come to see that in order to love yourself you must chose to accept who you are, namely an individualization of God. And only by choosing to acknowledge who you are, can you accept that because you are created out of God’s Being, you are worthy of God’s love. And only then can you accept that God’s love truly is unconditional. And only then can you separate yourself from all identification with the lower vehicles, be it the soul, the ego, the dualistic mind or the physical body, or even the things of this world.

I encourage you to study the full teaching by Mother Mary, which goes into so much depth and detail that it is beyond anything previously released on this topic—and therefore, too complicated to go into here.

NOTE: Also give the Invocation for Loving Yourself.


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Many people have been programmed to close their hearts to God’s unconditional love

TOPICS: Unconditional love is transforming – how to open your heart to love – God’s love is like a sun – you cannot become unworthy to receive unconditional love – no standard that you need to live up to – God is love – law of karma – becoming an open door for love – unconditional love is not the same as soft love – God needs nothing in return for love – you need nothing from outside yourself – giving for the joy of giving – the abundant life is constant self-transcendence –

Question: Beloved Jesus: Can you teach us more about unconditional love? I love you Jesus and I love you all! Thank you for teaching me, us!

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Imagine that you meet a person who has never tasted an apple. How would you describe the taste of an apple by using words? It is nigh impossible, so what you really need to do is to give the person an apple and let him or her experience the taste. I would love nothing more than to see every human being experience the unconditional love of God because I know that once you experience that love, your life will be transformed.

Unfortunately, many people have been programmed to close their minds and hearts to God’s unconditional love, and therefore it can be difficult for them to open themselves up to this experience. Yet for those who are willing to experiment, I suggest you use the technique for attunement. Go into the garden, and then ask me to give you an experience of God’s unconditional love. If you can open your heart to that love, you will have the experience.

To help you open your heart, let me give you a few thoughts to ponder. Let me also encourage you to read the discourses by the Presence of the Unconditional Love and by Mother Mary. Finally, do not forget to use the Rosary of Unconditional Love, the Invocation for Clearing the Heart and the Invocation for Loving Yourself.

Thought 1
To gain a deeper understanding of unconditional love, consider the physical sun. According to the current scientific understanding (which is somewhat incomplete), the sun is completely self-contained. It produces light by burning its own fuel, and therefore it needs nothing from outside itself. Without the life-giving rays of the sun, no life could exist on planet earth. Yet despite the fact that the sun gives to the beings of earth, the sun is asking nothing in return. The sun receives nothing from the earth in order to produce its light.

It does not matter to the sun whether the people on earth worship it or seek to hide from it, whether they praise it or curse it. No matter what people do or say, the sun simply keeps shining. It gives its light, and it continues to give its light without asking anything in return. There is nothing that human beings could do to cause the sun to turn off its light.

God’s love is like a spiritual sun. God is completely self-contained and has no need to be worshiped by human beings. The concept of a god who needs to be worshiped is an example of how human beings project their own needs and desires unto God. This then becomes a graven image that replaces the true God. God is self-contained and is constantly radiating its unconditional love to all parts of creation. God’s love truly rains upon the just and the unjust, as the sun’s rays shine upon the just and the unjust.

God gives its unconditional love unconditionally. There are no conditions on earth that could possibly cause God to turn off or limit this unconditional love. If there was, God’s love would not be unconditional. No matter what people do, God keeps radiating love.

Thought 2
The very fact that you have self-awareness makes you worthy to receive God’s unconditional love. Contrary to human belief, even the belief propagated by certain Christian churches that people are by nature sinners, there is absolutely nothing you could do to make yourself unworthy to receive God’s love. God’s love is unconditional, so how could there be any conditions that would make you unworthy to receive unconditional love?

The question is not whether you are worthy or whether God is offering that love to you. The real question is whether you are able and willing to receive that love. You cannot turn off Gods love because it constantly radiates like the rays of the sun. Yet as you can hide from the sun, you can hide from God’s love. You can build a sense of identity which makes you believe that you are unworthy to receive God’s love or that you are incapable of receiving it.

However, such a sense of identity is a temporary manifestation that will exist only as long as you choose to maintain it. You can at any time make the decision to abandon this sense of identity and gradually reclaim your true identity as a son or daughter of God who is fully worthy to receive God’s love. You are worthy because you are part of God’s creation. How could a perfect God ever create anything imperfect, so how could any part of God’s creation be unworthy of God’s love?

Thought 3
Because most people are trapped in the dualistic state of mind, they cannot understand God’s unconditional love. Because they cannot fathom the idea that God’s love is truly unconditional, they cannot let go of the mindset that you have to do something to deserve it. You somehow have to live up to an outer standard before you are worthy to receive something as sublime as God’s love. Yet all of the outer standards that human beings have defined were defined based on the duality of the dualistic mind. Therefore, they have no reality in God.

God has no standard for determining whether you are worthy of his love. His love is unconditional. It constantly radiates to all aspects of God’s creation, including you. Those who deny this fact, by referring to this or that church doctrine, simply have not experienced God’s love.

Why does God give love regardless of what you have done or have not done? God’s love is the basic drive behind all creation, the desire for self-transcendence, the desire to become more, that caused God to start the process of creation. If God were to restrict or turn off that love, God would immediately destroy parts of his creation—parts of himself. God has no desire to do so because God is truly a God of love. God is love. God is a sun of unconditional love, and suns radiate light. God radiates unconditional love because that is who God is. It’s what a God does.

Furthermore, God has no need to restrict the flow of its love. Although love is the driving force behind creation, the universe in which you live is created based on certain laws. It is possible that a human being with free will can decide to violate the laws that God used to define the form of this particular universe. Yet violating God’s laws for this universe has no effect whatsoever on the central sun of God’s love, as no human action can affect the flow of light from the physical sun. God is not mocked, and God is no respecter of persons.

However, one of God’s laws for this universe determines that you will receive back from the universe what you send into the universe. This is the law of cause and effect, the law of karma. Because of this law, God has no need to restrict his love or to punish human beings. God has created an impersonal law whereby you punish yourself by reaping what you have sown.

In other words, your actions in the material universe have no impact on God’s love, and that is why no actions can turn off the flow of God’s love. Certain actions might make you feel you are unworthy to receive that love, and thus you turn off your experience of love. This then becomes a Catch-22, because the only true way to transform your actions and transcend the lower state of consciousness is to experience the perfect love that casts out all fear and other human limitations.

So instead of thinking that you have to follow certain outer rules before you are worthy to experience God’s love, it would be far better if you go directly to the source. Thinking that you have to reform your actions (by conforming to church doctrines) and change your state of consciousness before you are worthy to receive God’s love is really putting the cart before the horse. It would be far better to do everything possible to attain an experience of God’s love and then allow that love to transform your actions and your state of consciousness as it surely will.

Thought 4
When I said, “I am the open door, which no man can shut,” I was referring to the fact that the Christ consciousness is the open door through which God’s unconditional love can be experienced by human beings. When you embody the mind of Christ, you become an open door, whereby the unconditional love of God can be given a tangible form that can be experienced by people who are unable to accept their worthiness and therefore cannot experience God’s love without help. What does it take to become the open door for God’s unconditional love?

You must become like the sun, namely completely self-sufficient and self-contained. In other words, you must stop thinking that the source of God’s love is outside yourself. You must internalize the full truth behind my statement that “The kingdom of God is within you.” You must find the source of love deep within your lifestream and allow the love of your I AM Presence to stream through you until your lifestream becomes one with that stream of life.

Yet to unite with the source of love, you must first overcome the many conditions that cause human beings to turn off the flow of love. This means that you must overcome the forces of this world and the forces in your own psychology that cause you to block the flow of unconditional love through you. These are the forces that cause you to set up conditions in your mind, and then you turn off the flow of love when those conditions are not met.

To overcome conditionality, you must internalize the fact that God loves you unconditionally and that God loves all other human beings unconditionally, regardless of their current state of consciousness or outer appearances and actions. I suggest you start by internalizing that God loves you unconditionally. Physician, heal thyself!

Thought 5
You must realize that unconditional love is not soft and mushy. As explained by the Presence of Unconditional Love, love is the driving force behind creation because love is the drive for self-transcendence, the drive to become more than you are right now.

Therefore, one aspect of unconditional love is that it wants you and all human beings to have life. Having life means that you are growing, that you are transcending yourself. When you stand still and refuse to become more than you are, then you are dead in a spiritual sense. God’s unconditional love will not allow you to remain in this state of spiritual death, spiritual paralysis. It will not allow human beings to remain where they are comfortable but where they are not self-transcending. God’s unconditional love will not accept any conditions for stopping self-transcendence, for stopping the flow of life.

Therefore, to be an open door for God’s unconditional love, you must be willing to challenge people’s comfortability and their unwillingness to change. This is what you saw me do on many occasions 2,000 years ago. In fact, my entire ministry was an act of challenging the illusions and the mindset in which most people had become comfortable. That is still an essential part of my ministry and the driving force behind this website.

Thought 6
Unconditional love is like a sun that constantly gives without expecting anything in return. This is the hardest aspect for human beings to internalize. Human beings are so used to giving conditionally or to have other people give conditionally. So many people have grown up believing that in order to receive, they must live up to certain conditions. They also believe that for them to give to others, other people must live up to certain conditions. As long as you hold on to such conditions, how can you be the open door for unconditional love?

To be the open door for God’s love, you must be willing to give without expecting anything in return and without ever allowing other people’s reactions to cause you to turn off the flow of love through you. To do this, you must become a self-sufficient and self-contained spiritual being. You must realize that you have everything you need inside yourself.

The major block to the flow of unconditional love through you is the feeling that you need something from outside yourself in order to be whole, in order to be complete. This is one of the most insidious serpentine lies, and it has been programmed into the conscious and subconscious minds of human beings for thousands of years. Yet it is a lie, and once you experience God’s unconditional love for you, you realize that you truly need nothing from outside yourself in order to be whole and complete. When you experience God’s love, you feel complete because perfect love casts out all unwholeness, all unholiness.

The truth is that unconditional love can come from only one place, namely inside yourself. It can come only from your I AM Presence, which is the open door to God’s love for your lifestream. A spiritual teacher with a sufficient level of Christ consciousness can become an instrument to facilitate your experience of unconditional love. Yet that love does not come from the teacher. The spiritual teacher is simply a facilitator who tricks you into opening the flow of love from your I AM Presence. In other words, even when it seems like you are receiving unconditional love from another human being or from a spiritual being, that love truly comes from your I AM Presence—the king in the kingdom of God within you.

So the key to giving without expecting anything in return is to accept that the key to your wholeness is found inside yourself, inside your spiritual self. Therefore, you do not lose anything by giving away your love. You simply open up the inexhaustible flow from the source of love. You give with no hope of a reward or a certain outcome. You give for the sheer joy of giving, which is its own reward.

Thought 7
To be the open door for God’s unconditional love, you need to continually transcend yourself. The dualistic mind has a dream of finding a permanent and everlasting paradise in which it nevermore has to change. This is a false dream about a false paradise. Paradise is a state of consciousness, namely the Christ consciousness. In this state of consciousness, you are constantly transcending yourself. This is the true meaning of the abundant life.

You are constantly experiencing more of who you are, more of God. One might say that God’s unconditional love is a stream, and the essence of a stream is that it is always flowing. The dualistic mind causes people to refuse to flow with the stream of life. They attempt to hold on to the river banks and some even attempt to dam the stream.

When you fully embrace the Christ consciousness, you let go of all desire to hold on to a particular place on the river bank. You let go of the desire to stop the flow of life. Instead, you emerge yourself in the river of life and curiously and lovingly flow with it. To experience God’s love, you must allow yourself to flow with the river of love. You must have the faith that the river of love can only take you closer to the source of love.

You must immerse yourself in the river until your lifestream becomes one with the stream of life and you love the experience of the flow more than the experience of standing still. When you reach that point of oneness with the flow, your love can become the bread of life that is broken for others and inspires them to leave their nets and immerse themselves in the flow. I look forward to the day when we can all flow together in the never-ending stream of God’s unconditional love.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

Why so difficult for people to accept their Christ potential?

TOPICS: Outer pressure from false teachers – inner pressure form the ego – people are reluctant to change – follow a gradual path – running away from what you fear – fear of Christ – you cannot use the dualistic mind to overcome the dualistic mind – only unconditional love of God consumes fear – the kaleidoscope of the mind – love naturally flows, so clear your mind of obstacles – divine love is not blind – Jesus is not a feel-good master – do not judge anything and do not tolerate everything – spiritual blindness –

Question: Why is it so difficult for the spiritual people of this world to accept that they are the Christ? It seems to me that the underlying cause is fear, and that fear is the Piscean legacy of the fallen angels. How do we love enough to overcome this fear which stands in the way of our Victory. How do we know that we have this obstacle, when it can manifest in so many subtle ways. Is there a yardstick that we can use to let us know that we are the victim of this Piscean planetary dweller of fear? Unless we are able to see this energy in ourselves and be able to overcome it by perfect love, we have no chance of becoming the Christ. Please give us the key to our freedom.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me answer your questions one at a time.

Question: Why is it so difficult for the spiritual people of this world to accept that they are the Christ?

This is difficult for two reasons:

  •  Outer pressure generated by the false prophets of this world. These are the prophets who have built the cult of idolatry around the outer person of Jesus Christ, saying that I was the only son of God and therefore the only one who could manifest Christhood. These false prophets have built an immense force, an immense beast, that has been running rampant in this world for 2,000 years, and actually for a lot longer. This force attacks people at the mental and emotional level and makes it very difficult for them to a accept the idea that they too are sons and daughters of God. Therefore, they have the potential to manifest Christhood and do the works that I did.
  •  The inner cause, namely a mechanism in human psychology. That cause is the person’s pseudo self or human ego. This false self acts as an inner force, an inner beast, which also attacks the lifestream and seeks to make the lifestream think and feel that it does not have the supreme self-worth that comes from realizing and accepting that you are son or daughter of God.
  • Another aspect of this inner cause is that when you recognize that you have the potential to manifest Christhood, you also recognize that your entire life and your entire outlook on life needs to change. For many people this would mean a complete turnaround in the way they look at themselves and the way they look at life. It would also mean that people have to make dramatic changes in how they live their lives. Because the pseudo self is always reluctant to make changes, it clings to what is familiar. Even if what is familiar leads to suffering, people are reluctant to make this complete turnaround in their beliefs and in their lifestyles.

That is why the false prophets are so successful in selling people the dream of an outer, automatic road to salvation. This outer path is the way that seems right unto a man, as explained in a discourse that I consider essential.

In reality, the pressures from the outer enemy and the inner enemy are so great that it would be unrealistic to expect that anyone could instantaneously overcome them. That is why my website stresses the importance of following a gradual path. All you can do is to start at your present level of consciousness and then use the tools we give to gradually raise your level of consciousness, until you can finally begin to accept your Christhood and exercise that Christhood.

So there simply is no shortcut, there is no instantaneous solution, there is no magic wand that can instantly turn people into Christed beings.

Question: It seems to me that the underlying cause is fear, and that fear is the Piscean legacy of the fallen angels.

This is a correct assessment. As some modern psychologists are beginning to realize, there are only two basic emotions, namely love and fear. You want to get close to what you love, you want to attain union with what you love. And you want to get away from what you fear, you want to attain separation from what you fear. There are lifestreams that have rebelled against God’s law and God’s will for this universe. This rebellion started with Lucifer and spread to many other angels who followed him when he fell in a previous sphere. The goal and intent of Lucifer was to remove himself as far from God as possible and to create a world in which God is not found.

Lucifer for and his followers want to get as far away from God as possible, and this proves that they are motivated by fear. This desire to get away from God is also influenced by many of the feelings that originate in fear, such as pride and anger. Nevertheless, fear, or the sense of separation, the desire to get away from, is the primal emotion from which all negative human emotions originate.

The last 2,000 years represented an age in which people were meant to see and accept themselves as sons and daughters of God. Therefore, during these past 2,000 years, the fear of being or the fear of encountering the Christ has been the predominant fear on this planet. So you might well say that the fear of being the Christ is the legacy of the fallen angels for the Piscean age.

Question: How do we love enough to overcome this fear which stands in the way of our Victory?

The all-important lesson that I am trying to get across throughout this website is that once you have descended into and become trapped by the dualistic mind, you cannot use that state of consciousness to free yourself. In other words, you cannot solve a problem from the same state of consciousness that created the problem. You need an outer Savior who can show you the path, the inner path, whereby you can gradually regain your contact with the inner savior of your Christ self.

The key to overcoming fear is love, however it is not human love. Human love cannot overcome fear. What can overcome fear is the perfect love which casts out all fear. That perfect love is the unconditional love of God, and you can receive and experience that love only through your Christ self or through an outer teacher who has attained union with his or her Christ self.

This explains why there is no instantaneous salvation and no instantaneous process for obtaining Christhood. What prevents you from experiencing the perfect love of God are the false beliefs, the psychological wounds, and the negative energy that have accumulated in your subconscious mind, or your personal energy field. So to start the spiritual path that leads to Christhood, you must begin by doing the hard work of removing and resolving these obstacles.

As a visual illustration, imagine that your consciousness is a kaleidoscope. Throughout your many embodiments in the dense state of consciousness that has dominated this planet for thousands of years, you have accepted many false beliefs, received many psychological wounds and generated some misqualified energy. This would be compatible to putting colored pieces of glass into the kaleidoscope of self. When too many colored pieces of glass have accumulated in the kaleidoscope, the pure light of God cannot shine through to your conscious mind. Therefore, you cannot experience the unconditional love of God which truly rains upon the just and unjust. This love is always available to you, but you either do not see it or you cannot accept that you are worthy to receive it.

The only way to break the stalemate is to systematically start removing the colored pieces of glass in the kaleidoscope of self. As you clear away the debris, you will gradually begin to experience the unconditional love of God, and as this love shines into your consciousness, the darkness of fear will naturally disappear. So the way to love enough and to overcome fear is to clear your consciousness, so that the unconditional love of God can flow through you.

You cannot produce love with the lower mind. You can allow your mind to be a pipeline through which the love of God can flow into this world.

Question: How do we know that we have this obstacle, when it can manifest in so many subtle ways. Is there a yardstick that we can use to let us know that we are the victim of this Piscean planetary beast of fear?

The most important commandment I gave was to love God with all your heart mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. The key to loving is to realize that I was not talking about human love. I was talking about divine love. Divine love is unconditional, and when you understand the meaning of the word “unconditional” you realize that divine love is not blind. Human love is centered around the lower self or the ego, and that is why it is blind. Divine love is unconditional and therefore it sees everything.

So when you have divine love, you are able to discern what is of God and what is not of God. Therefore, your love is not simply a soft, mushy, touchy-feely love. It is a discerning love, and that is why so many Christians have misunderstood my mission. So many Christians see me as a feel-good Master, when the scriptures themselves show me as a Master who directly challenged those who were out of alignment with the truth of God. When I challenged the lawyers, the Pharisees and the scribes, I was expressing divine love because I was telling these people that they could not continue in their ways but had to come up higher in consciousness. Yet at the same time I did not condemn or judge these people in a human way. I had no negative feelings towards these people, I was simply uncompromising in challenging that which was not of God.

So the best yardstick I can give you is to consider whether you love people with an unconditional love that is not blind. You should love people unconditionally, meaning that you do not judge them or look down upon them because they make mistakes or express imperfections. At the same time, you do not fall into the trap of thinking that loving someone means that you have to tolerate everything they do. You realize that true love means that you simply cannot let someone get away with hurting themselves or other people by violating the laws of God.

Question: Unless we are able to see this energy in ourselves and be able to overcome it by perfect love, we have no chance of becoming the Christ.

You are correct that is it is extremely important for people to be able to see any vestiges of fear and to see the human consciousness in themselves. This is described in my parable about seeing the splinter in your brother’s eye but failing to see the mote in your own. Yet there is no guaranteed way to make people see their own imperfections or decide to do something about them. In fact, the essence of the dualistic mind is that it makes you unable to see God’s truth; it makes you spiritually blind.

Obviously, if a person is open to spiritual growth, that person can do much by simply deciding that he or she is willing to take a look in the mirror and make an effort to overcome that which is not in accordance with Christ love. Yet there is no way to force the lifestream to come to that point. Some lifestreams literally have to go through the school of hard knocks, and they will not wake up until they experience as severe crisis.

Question: Please give us the key to our freedom.

The key to your freedom is truly the perfect love which casts out fear. And the key to experiencing that love is to understand the difference between human and divine love. I have explained that difference in great detail elsewhere.



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