Mary Magdalene – twin or twin flame?

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Question: Jesus, you mentioned elsewhere that Mary Magdalene was your disciple who had the deepest understanding of your inner teachings.  Is that because she is your twin flame vs. your twin?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes and no. You must understand that when we were in embodiment, Mary and I had no conscious understanding of the concept of twin flames, and we did not know that we were twin flames. We only had an intuitive sense that there was a close connection between us.

This connection did make it easier for Mary to understand my teachings and to establish a close connection with me that continued after my resurrection. Yet when we first met, there was no guarantee that she would develop this oneness. She had to walk the same spiritual path as my other disciples, and she had to make the decision to accept and embody my teachings.

People often tend to look at me, and even some of my disciples, as somehow superhuman. Yet when you enter physical embodiment, you forget who you are as a spiritual being, and you have to work to regain that memory. Therefore, the path was not any easier for myself, Mary or the other disciples than it is for you today. In fact, due to the progress humankind has made over the past 2,000 years, it is actually easier to discover and walk the spiritual path today than it was back then. It has become easier for people to discover who they are as spiritual beings.


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