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TOPICS: Most people have unfulfilled wishes, but not all go to Devachan -the role of  devas – in Devachan wishes can easily be fulfilled – having had enough, so one can let go of a wish – lifestreams rarely get stuck – difference between wishes and desires – Demonchan is based on desires that harm others – in Demonchan you misqualify energy – Osama bin Laden –

Question 1: What is the realm of wish-fulfillment (Devachan)? Is it a realm in which lifestreams can fulfill the wishes they never had fulfilled on earth. I would like to know whether anyone, who has an unfulfilled wish from their life on earth, has to go there? And isn’t there a danger of remaining there forever if everything you wished for on earth is fulfilled? Paula

 Question 2: Can you please give me a short clarification about what is the purpose of realm of wish-fulfillment (Devachan)? What about Osama bin Laden? Is he killing Americans there?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (July 16, 2011)

Only very few people leave the earth with no unfulfilled wishes. Yet that does not mean everyone goes to the realm of Devachan or wish-fulfillment. Determining who goes to Devachan is a complex task, undertaken by a particular lifestream and its spiritual teachers, as well as the Great Karmic Board. The overall concern is how a certain lifestream can be given the greatest possible opportunity for further growth. Yet let me give some general considerations.

In many cases, it is clear that a lifestream needs to go back into embodiment as soon as possible. This is especially true for lifestreams at lower levels of consciousness, those who are identified with the physical body, the material world and the struggle for existence. Such lifestreams can only learn from the “school of hard knocks,” and thus they need to go back into embodiment as soon as possible. And because it is currently not difficult to find embodiments for this type of lifestreams, they usually do not have to wait for long. During this waiting period, the lifestream will be in a realm that corresponds to its state of consciousness, but in general lifestreams simply gain rest.

Considerations are more complex for lifestreams who have reached a higher level of consciousness, meaning that they are open to some form of spiritual guidance. These are lifestreams who are open to at least some self-examination, meaning they can learn from observing life and thus do not have to experience as many “hard knocks” through conflicts with other people. I think it should be obvious that it is currently not as easy to find suitable embodiments for this kind of lifestreams.

Another factor is that the earth currently does not have the number of people in embodiment for which it is designed (ten billion). As a result of these two factors, there are many lifestreams who have to wait for a considerable period of time before they can find a suitable next embodiment. And since they are open to learning from life through thinking—as opposed to physical experiences, they can often benefit from spending some time in Devachan. This realm is – as the name implies – a realm guided by a type of spiritual beings called Devas. These are above the level of elemental life, but not yet at the level of ascended masters.

Devas have great ability to manifest what we might call higher sensory appearances. These appearances are not as dense as what you see manifested by elemental life as material appearances. Thus, it is easier for the devas to manifest many different appearances, which means the realm of Devachan can serve a greater number of lifestreams than can the material universe. It can also provide them with more types of experiences than can the material universe.

Because of this, Devachan can help a great number of lifestreams overcome the wishes they have not fulfilled on earth and that would be difficult to fulfill, precisely because it is more difficult to manifest conditions in the material realm. This is due to both the higher density of the material and the fact that in this realm, the free will of all people in embodiment will influence what can be manifested. In Devachan, the devas can create an appearance that is centered around the free will of just one lifestream, and that is how the lifestream’s wishes can be fulfilled. There is nothing that opposes the fulfillment of those wishes.

The main function of Devachan is to manifest appearances that seem real to a particular lifestream. For example, many lifestreams have a desire to live in a large house or an opulent palace. This is obviously difficult to accomplish on earth, but it is very easy for the devas to manifest such conditions in Devachan. The devas can easily manifest a wonderful palace that is all centered around one lifestream. They can manifest what seems to be servants occupying the palace. In some cases the devas themselves even take on characters in people’s dreams, as that can give the devas an opportunity to grow.

The obvious purpose for Devachan is to give lifestreams the exact conditions they did not have on earth, so that by experiencing the fulfillment of their wishes, they will eventually reach a saturation point and then become aware that they have a desire for something more. This, of course, is also what happens on earth, only on earth life is much more of a struggle, so people often start the path by becoming aware of a desire for something more than the struggle.

In Devachan, lifestreams eventually become aware of a desire for something more than the conditions they have. Certainly, there is a risk that a lifestream can be stuck in Devachan for a long time. Yet in the majority of cases, it takes a surprisingly short time before lifestreams have had enough of a situation in which everything is exactly as they want it and in which they never encounter any contrast to their own mental images.

Do you see what I am saying? On earth, there is a constant struggle, whereas in Devachan there is no struggle, because everything conforms to your wishes. For most lifestreams, this quickly becomes boring, and then they will go one of two ways.

One is that they actually long back for the struggle, they long to have someone oppose their wishes, so they have something to struggle against. Which means they can now set aside the particular wish that brought them to Devachan and go back into embodiment on earth.

The second option is that lifestreams long for interaction with beings who are at a higher level of consciousness than themselves. Again, in Devachan everything conforms to your wishes, which means you never encounter anything or anyone that is of a higher or lower level of consciousness than your own.

For a time, this can actually be achieved by interacting with the devas. Yet some lifestreams eventually become aware of a desire to interact with those a different level of consciousness, which means they will go in one of two directions:

  • Those who want to interact with beings in a lower level of consciousness – without struggling against them – will go back into embodiment in particular situations, often as spiritual students or teachers.
  • Those who want to interact with beings of a higher level of consciousness, will be ready to leave the earth behind. They will then either take embodiment on other – higher – planets or begin the ascension process.

When considering which lifestreams go to Devachan, the dividing line is whether a lifestream is dominated by a wish or a desire. A wish is generally seen as something more positive, something that helps yourself or others without hurting anyone.

As an example, take the fact that many lifestreams on earth have a wish for more sex. Sex has the potential to be both a wish and a desire. If consenting adults seek to fulfill each others wish for more sex, there is nothing inherently wrong with this. Yet if people develop a desire that makes them willing to rape or force others, then we obviously have a karma-making situation. Some people are on the borderline between wish and desire, but still at the point where they can potentially benefit from Devachan. It is surprising how quickly lifestreams get bored with having sex with partners who are exactly as the dreamt about on earth.

The wish to have certain material things is in itself innocent in that it does not necessarily harm other people. Yet if seeking to fulfill it means coercing others, it too can be karma making. Yet in Devachan it is very easy to have this wish fulfilled without hurting anyone, and again it is surprising how quickly it becomes boring to have everything you want.

The wish to be revered as a spiritual teacher is not in itself harmful to others, and it is also easy to fulfill in Devachan. And again, it can quickly become boring to have followers who never give you any contrast, either as opposition or by challenging you from a higher state of consciousness.

So do you begin to see the distinction? Devachan is for the fulfillment of wishes, and wishes are something that can be fulfilled without harming others. In contrast, killing Americans can never be a wish, because there is no way to fulfill it without harming others. Thus, Devachan simply cannot accommodate this, which means a lifestream will either go back into embodiment or go to a lower realm, which we generally call the astral realm.

In fact, as Devachan is a realm guided by devas, there is a corresponding realm in the astral guided by demons; we might call it Demonchan. The fundamental difference is that lifestreams are magnetized to Demonchan through their negative “wishes,” meaning those that can only be fulfilled by harming others. Thus, in Demonchan, you can indeed experience anything you desired to do on earth, including killing Americans, blowing up buildings or bringing down the “Great Satan.”

The difference is that in Devachan your wishes are fulfilled without you misqualifying any energy. In fact, as your wishes are fulfilled, you will purify some of the emotional energy you poured into the wish while on earth. In Demonchan, you also experience the fulfillment of a desire, but because this involves harming others, you will continue to misqualify energy.

It can indeed happen that a lifestream eventually has enough of killing or fighting and thus becomes aware of a desire to experience something more. Yet even so, it can be difficult for a lifestream to extricate itself from Demonchan, because the demons will not voluntarily let the lifestream go. The demons need the lifestream to continue misqualifying energy for their own survival. In contrast, the devas do not need energy from the lifestreams in Devachan, because they can get it from a higher source.

If you read my comment about Osama bin Laden, you will see that I did not say he was in Devachan killing Americans. I said he is not actually a low lifestream, and thus he has the potential to go to Devachan, and in fact should ideally be there.

Thus, it would be possible to help bin Laden escape from Demonchan by people making calls for him to be cut free. I am not saying that people in general should do this, as there are many far more important things to call for. Yet if certain people feel an inner prompting to make calls for bin Laden, they should do so, as this could help them balance karma with him.

So in closing, you can take a look at people and make a reasonable prediction about whether they are likely to go to Devachan or Demonchan after this embodiment. People who have a strong wish for something that can be fulfilled without harming others, are likely to go to Devachan. People who have a strong desire to harm others, or to force others to change are likely to go to Demonchan. The strength of their ill will towards others will determine how difficult it will be for them to extricate themselves from Demonchan and move on.

Truly, if you find yourself having ill will towards anyone on earth, you should seriously consider that if you let the sun of this embodiment go down upon your wrath, you are very likely to find yourself in a place that is not pleasant and from which it will be impossible to extricate yourself without giving up the ill will. So why not give it up now and enjoy the rest of the time you have in your current embodiment? Ill will towards others is truly one of the more unpleasant mental prisons known to humans.


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels