Our spiritual parents

TOPICS: The Atman as the oversoul – many people see through duality and focus on differences – all are sons and daughters of God – all self-aware beings are extensions of the Creator – the lineage from God – many types of lifestreams on earth – overcoming separation – some people descend from ascended masters –

Question: A question I have is that we came from Spiritual Parents – do we each have a Spiritual father and mother just as we have a physical set. Or did Helios and Vesta parent us all.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

In the Vedas you find the concept of the Atman. This is seen as an oversoul or as the original soul, and all other lifestreams are simply divisions of that one soul. This means that, in reality, all people came from the same source, namely the Atman.

Most people on earth have descended into a state of consciousness that is dominated by duality and separation. This causes people to think in linear terms, and many think that because their neighbor appears so different based on outer characteristics, that neighbor must have come from a different source. In extreme cases, this is what leads people to reason that their neighbor is of the devil and they are of God, and therefore it is justified that they kill their neighbor.

One of the main purposes for our websites is to help people rise above that consciousness of duality. I desire to see people attain a greater sense of union with their Christ self and I AM Presence, which leads them to see that they are individualizations of God. When you do reach this sense of awareness, the next step is to realize that all other people are also individualizations of God. This can then lift people out of the linear way of thinking that causes so much division and strife on earth, and it can eventually lead people to experience the same sense of oneness that we experience here in heaven. In other words, I am very different from some my colleagues among the ascended masters, yet because we realize that we came from the same source, we never see each other as enemies.

To expound on the concept of the Atman, the world of form was created by a self-conscious spiritual being that most people call God, but which I prefer to call the Creator. Our Creator created new life out of its own Presence, is owned Being. As the first act of creation, the Creator created two beings that represent the Alpha, the masculine, and the Omega, the feminine, polarity. These beings were created in the very first sphere. These two beings then created a number of other beings, and each of these beings created other beings. So what you now see is that you have a structure, almost like a family tree, that leads from God through Alpha and Omega and through a number of lines that branch out until you reach each lifestream on earth.

The essential concept here is that when the Creator created Alpha and Omega, it created them out of its own being, and thus they are not somehow separated from God. They are individualizations of, expressions of, God, and so are all other lifestreams that were ever created. Your lifestream is a division of a greater lifestream, and you are not separated from your source. It is only the dualistic state of mind that causes you to think you are separated. My point is that every human being on earth originally came out of a lineage that has a number of levels. This lineage is a hierarchical structure, and if you keep tracing your personal lineage, you will eventually end up with God the Creator.

The earth is currently a very diversified planet with many different types of lifestreams that came from many different spiritual lineages. So it is not correct to say that Helios and Vesta are the spiritual parents of all people on earth—although they did hold the office of spiritual hierarchs over the physical sun. To really talk about a spiritual lineage, you would have to go all the way back to the original beings created by the Creator. Yet there might be many levels between a human being on earth and the Creator, so the family tree becomes very complex and diversified. So, yes, your lifestream did have a set of spiritual parents that created you and potentially a number of other lifestreams. And the people on earth come from many different spiritual parents.

The important concept is that each human being is a descendant of a particular spiritual lineage. When you increase your awareness of this, you will begin to reconnect to your source. You begin to see yourself as a spiritual being rather than as a human being. This will assist you greatly in overcoming the dualistic state of consciousness and the linear way of thinking that causes you to see yourself as separated from other people and separated from God.

There are a number of people on this planet who descend from a spiritual lineage which has one or several ascended masters immediately above them. In other words, if such a person traces his or her spiritual lineage, the person will find that his or her lifestream is actually the spiritual offspring of an ascended being that is known on earth. One might say that your lifestream is an individualization of or a division of an ascended master. This does not mean that you have no individuality, because you do. Even when you fully reunite with your I AM Presence and qualify for your ascension, you will not lose your individuality and be absorbed into the greater being from which you came. Instead, you will win the permanency of your individuality and become an ascended master yourself. However, you will also realize that you are part of a larger whole. No ascended master is an island.


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