Jesus alone in heaven

TOPICS:  Jesus is not the only spiritual being in heaven – Jesus is part of a team of ascended beings – no favorite son – overcome idolatry – spiritual beings who have been in embodiment on earth – Jesus could potentially have failed his mission – Jesus is an example for all to follow – no rivalry between Jesus and the Buddha – no rivalry in heaven – a universal brotherhood on earth –

Question: Is Jesus all alone in heaven?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

This question might seem naive, but I would like you to consider it. The reason being that so many Christians seem to assume that I am all alone up here with God. Because of the cult of idolatry built around my outer person, many people believe in ideas that would seem to indicate that I am on some kind of ego trip. If they think I am the only son of God, it follows that they think I am the most important being in heaven and that I want all people to see me as such. This is a completely flawed idea.

The Bible itself contains the statement: “God is no respecter of persons.” The meaning of this statement is that God does not respect the high and the mighty on earth, yet it also applies to the beings in heaven.

In heaven there are no favorites.
No spiritual being is more important than any other spiritual being.
God has no favorite son.
To God, all of his sons and daughters are favorites.

How could there be favoritism and rivalry in heaven when we all recognize that everyone is an individualization of God? How could one individualization of God possibly be more important than any other individualization of God? This simply does not make sense.

Once again, the problem is that human beings reason backwards and project human qualities, namely the favoritism and the value judgments springing from the carnal mind, onto God.

I want to be absolutely certain that you realize that I am not alone in heaven. I also want you to understand that I am not the only spiritual being who is working with planet earth. I am not the only spiritual teacher ever to come to humankind.

I see myself as being part of a team, and I am not the leader of that team. We are a group of spiritual beings who are constantly working to inspire human beings (what we call unascended spiritual beings) to raise their state of consciousness. This is a spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood. There is no competition or rivalry among us. We are truly one in our desire to serve God and to help bring all of his sons and daughters back home.

NOTE: The rest of this answer is avbailable in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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