Is the Bible infallible?

TOPICS: Many Christians use the Bible to close their minds to Jesus’ Living Word – origins of Bible very old – many things added for political motives – some parts of OT historical records – Jesus wanted Living Word – NT was historical reference – only way to resolve disputes is living Word – God’s word delivered through trained individuals – word individualized – more than one valid way – may not be entirely pure – original scriptures much larger than what is preserved today – why ignore progressive revelation? – new revelation often outside established churches – additions and subtractions for political reasons – do not limit God or Jesus –

Question: Is the Bible the word of God?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I am addressing this question because so many of my most devout followers have allowed themselves to become so attached to the Bible that they are not open to considering any other spiritual teachings. In fact, many of them are not even open to hearing my living word. Obviously, I am not happy with a situation that prevents me from communicating with my own. I am aware that many of these Christians are not likely to read these teachings. Yet, I desire to address the question.

I am Jesus Christ and I am an ascended being. Everything that ever took place on earth has been recorded, and I have full access to those records. When I look at the history of the Bible, I can truly say that the Bible is the most complex literary work on the planet.

The origins of the Bible go so far back that both orthodox Christians and materialistic scientists would be reluctant to accept it. It springs from an ancient oral tradition that has been told and retold over countless generations. I am sure you can see the possibility that during such a long process some things might have been lost, some things might have been distorted and some things might have been added.

Parts of the Old Testament did indeed originate as the result of divine inspiration. Many things have been added onto the original delivery, and these additions were also the word of God through divine inspiration. Therefore, parts of the Old Testament were indeed divine inspiration. However, during its long history, the Old Testament has been added onto by people who did not respect the word of God and who had no compunctions about adding, subtracting and distorting the word of God to suit their purposes.

Therefore, the best one can say about the Old Testament is that it does indeed contain fragments of the word of God, but that much of it is no longer the pure word of God. At the same time, one must also recognize that some parts of the Old Testament were never meant to be the word of God. They were simply historical records telling the story of a certain group of people in an attempt to preserve those records for posterity.

As for the New Testament, one of the reasons why I did not personally organize the writing down of my teachings is that I did not want to bring forth an outer doctrine, because I knew that it would inevitably be distorted. And why would I bring forth an official outer doctrine when I was still delivering the living word? Furthermore, it was my intention to keep delivering that living word indefinitely.

Therefore, I desire you to recognize that when the original gospel writers wrote down the New Testament, they did not attempt to provide a complete account of my life or my teachings. Their aim was to preserve a historical record of some of the highlights of my life so that the growing Christian movement would not enter into disputes about what I did or said. This was a noble goal, but once again I must tell you that had people been willing, they could have received that information directly from me.

I must also tell you that the only way to resolve disputes among different groups of Christians is through the living word and the Christ consciousness. When you look at the many contemporary Christian sects, who each claim to have the correct interpretation of the scriptures that were delivered 2,000 years ago, I am sure you will agree that no written record could possibly resolve the disputes among Christians. The dualistic mind can create conflict where no conflict exists, and you can never resolve that conflict by using the dualistic mind itself. Therefore, no written record, regardless of how authoritative it might seem, could ever resolve the disputes and differences between people who are caught in the dualistic mind.

I want you to understand that the original gospel writers did indeed have a certain measure of Christhood and that much of what they wrote was inspired by me. Obviously, the Book of Revelation was brought forth through direct inspiration. Therefore, it is not incorrect to say that the New Testament, in its original form, was the word of God. However, you need to understand what is meant by the expression “the word of God.”

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