Witnessing Angels and Masters directly

TOPICS: Understanding free will – humans created the veil – lift veil on individual basis –

Question: When will the veil be lifted so that humanity can witness the Angels and Masters directly?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The veil will never be lifted in a general sense but only on an individual basis. If the veil was lifted so that all people could see angels and spiritual masters, that would violate the free will of human beings. God has given people free will, and therefore they have the opportunity to descend into a lower state of consciousness that makes it impossible for them to see angels and spiritual masters.

The only way to lift the veil for people in such a state of consciousness would be to force them out of that state of consciousness and that would indeed be a violation of the Law of Free Will. This would never be done by the ascended masters.

It is important to understand that God didn’t create the veil. What prevents people from seeing the spiritual realm is a veil of misqualified energy, and the energy was generated by people who misused their free will. Obviously, God could consume it, but as I said this will not happen.

People can “lift the veil” on an individual basis by raising their consciousness. Therefore, the veil will be lifted only on an individual basis. However, I certainly hope that, in the not too distant future, many more people will be able to reach the state of consciousness in which they can have some form of direct perception of the spiritual side of life, including seeing or hearing angels and spiritual masters.


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