Fallen angels and sex

TOPICS: Angels in the spiritual realm cannot fall – unascended spheres – the war in heaven – beings fell for different reasons – some angels fell out of a desire for sex – stealing light through sex – perverted sex versus oneness – three types of fallen angels – all angels in embodiment have fallen – how angels can ascend back – do not let your ascension depend on the choices of others – avatars did not fall – fallen angels must learn from ascended masters –

Question: Dear Jesus, I have a question regarding fallen angels.  I understand that the Bible and the Book of Enoch say that some angels fell through lust because they desired to incarnate in order to have sex with the beautiful daughters of men.  Since angels know and love each other, could some angels close to those who fell through lust have chosen to come to earth to try and bring their friends back home and then gotten caught in duality and forgotten why they were here?  I realize that this rescue mission would probably have violated God’s will, since angels were not created to incarnate.  If some angels did fall through a misguided rescue attempt and were caught in duality and the incarnation cycle, how would they grow to come back home?  If angels were not created to incarnate, would they have an I AM presence?  Would they also have spirit guides assigned to help them on their path back to God like souls created to incarnate do? Most of what I have read about fallen angels seems to depict them as being hostile to God or full of pride.  I am just wondering whether some could have fallen out of misplaced love (putting their fallen comrades ahead of God’s plan), which I guess would be loving something more than God. I really hope you will answer this question.   

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (November 30, 2010)

The Book of Enoch and the Book or Revelation are correct in that angels fell, but it is not correct that these were angels in the spiritual realm. Because neither the Bible nor the Book of Enoch discern between ascended and unascended spheres, it has become a common misunderstanding that angels exist only in the spiritual or ascended realm. People have therefore assumed that the fallen angels must have been in the spiritual realm, and as a result many people have wondered how angels in heaven could possibly fall. This is, of course, only made more confusing by the Book of Revelation and its statement that there was a war in heaven and that some angels were cast out.

The reality is, as we have explained elsewhere, that the world of form consists of a number of spheres. In the first three spheres, no beings fell. It was in the fourth sphere that beings fell for the first time, and this happened before that sphere ascended and became part of the spiritual realm. Beings have also fallen in the succeeding spheres, up until the seventh, in which you live.

My point is that there are many beings – both angels and co-creators – who have fallen and they fell for different reasons. Some did fall because of pride, some fell because of rebellion and some fell for other reasons. Certainly, beings have fallen as a result of perverting each of the seven rays.

It is correct that there were certain angels who fell because they desired to take on physical bodies and have sex. However, the statement that they fell because they lusted after the daughters of men is not entirely correct. Angels do have polarities, but they do not have what you see as male and female sex—for the simple reason that angels are not designed to produce offspring through a sexual union. So it is more correct to say that certain angels desired to descend to the level, where they could take on male and female bodies and thus have sex. The Book of Enoch makes it sound like it was male angels that fell, but that is simply a product of the male bias found in the society of the time. That is also why God is portrayed as a masculine being.

Angels were, of course, not created to take on physical bodies, so it was a violation of their original design and the greater plan for the raising of their sphere. However, it is not – in an overall sense – a violation of the Law of Free Will. If a being is capable of making a certain choice, the Law of Free Will gives it the right to make that choice—as long as the being does not violate the free will of others. In other words, the angels had a right to descend and take on bodies in order to have sex—with each other.

Yet the angels who fell for this reason were not content to have sex with each other but also wanted to have it with other evolutions, such as co-creators in embodiment. The fallen angels could not have sex only with each other, for the simple reason that as they fell, they were cut off from receiving more than a minimum of light from above. Thus, in order to continue to survive, they had to steal light from other beings, and they obviously did this through sex—the cause of their fall.

If you look at sex on this planet, you will see that virtually any kind of sexual perversion originated with the angels who fell because they wanted sex. They came up with these perversions in order to get other beings to give them their light. This goes for everything from pornography to rape. Any form of sexual activity that forces light out of the lower chakras was originally conceived by the fallen angels. This is in contrast to sex that raises the light through the heart to the upper chakras, and thus generates an experience of oneness between the man and woman having sex.

So when you look at people who are very skilled at seducing others or who are willing to force others – such as through buying sex, coercion, rape or rape drugs – and who have a considerable momentum on doing so, they are likely to be from the angels who fell out of a desire for sex. This is also true for anyone seeking sex with children.

Now back to your question. It is correct that for each group of beings who fell, there were others who followed them. In other words, what I will say here does not apply only to the angels who fell because of a desire for sex but to any angels that fell. We can talk about three groups:

  • The angels who initiated the fall. These were the beings who made the decision that caused the fall, and at the time they had at least some awareness of what they were doing. After the fall, they had great pride and also a denial that they had done anything that needed to be changed. They were also extremely focused on themselves.
  • Angels who were serving under the angels who fell. They were used to following their leaders, and they did so without making or understanding the decision that caused the fall. After the fall, they had little understanding of what had happened, but they usually had some sense that something had gone wrong. They also had a tendency to follow leaders blindly, and they were more focused on serving others than fulfilling their own needs.
  • Angels who after the fall decided to descend on a rescue mission in order to help the above two categories get back to the Path of Oneness. After the fall, they had a strong sense that something had gone wrong – possibly even that something had gone wrong with God’s plan – and they had an urgent need to save others. They were so focused on changing others that they rarely stopped to look at their own psychology.

Do you see what I am saying? The very decision that an angel wanted to descend in order to save others did indeed cause that angel to fall. It was not that the angel took embodiment and later became entangled with duality and then fell. It was fallen from the moment it descended below the level at which it was designed to serve. An angel was not created to take embodiment and thus cannot do so without falling.

This obviously does not mean that each angel in embodiment is evil, as popular belief might imply. Many co-creators have fallen as well, and most beings who fell did not do so out of bad or evil motives. There is no reason to place blame or feel guilt; all who have been blinded by duality simply need to awaken from that illusion.

So here is what each group has to do in order to get on the true path:

  • The initiators of the fall will have to admit what they did and decide to completely change their ways. They must take the focus off themselves and serve others selflessly. This can theoretically happen at any time, especially when a being realizes that it has had enough of the experience it desired before the fall or when it is faced with extreme consequences of its actions. However, in practicality it often happens only when a sphere is ready to ascend and the fallen beings realize they must either change or fall into a denser sphere.
  • The followers must stop blindly following leaders and take responsibility for their choices. They must take their focus off serving others, and they must instead focus on themselves. Not in the sense that they become selfish, but in the sense that they take responsibility for thinking on their own and changing their psychology. Incidentally, many of these beings have stopped following their original leaders and have instead started following the ones who fell out of a desire to save others. Thus, they are now serving in ways they think will help others, but if they still refuse to look at themselves, it will not bring them home.
  • The angels who wanted to save the others have an almost more difficult task than the original fallen angels. They must admit that they have fallen, regardless of their belief that they did it for a good purpose. And they must admit that they did this NOT because God wanted them to but because they – pridefully – thought they could reform others or that God’s Law needed their help. Thus, they must completely surrender all need or desire to save or reform others or to save or reform the world. They must overcome all sense that something has “gone wrong” or that there is a flaw in God’s design. They must let go of all sense that they know better than God, and they must acknowledge that they are not responsible for the choices made by other beings, and as such they can have no desire to change those choices. They must stop focusing on changing others and instead seek to change themselves.

Do you see what I am saying? The angels who fell out of a desire to experience something in a lower realm did so out of pure selfishness. And it is sometimes easier for them to come back home, because their return depends only on their own decisions. For example, if such a being realizes that it has had enough sex, then it can relatively easily make the decision that it wants to return to a higher sphere. Yet the angels who fell out of wanting to serve others, feel that they cannot return home until the others are saved. Meaning that their choice to return home depends on the choices of others—and this obviously puts them in a bind.

For the sake of completeness, there is a concept called “avatars” which are beings who descended voluntarily in order to outpicture a higher state of consciousness and thus make it easier for beings in the material world to ascend. Yet these beings did not descend out of a desire to save others or correct a flaw in God’s design. They did so out of a desire to express their God-given individuality and thus give others an example, a frame of reference. The angels who fell want to change the choices of others and are often willing to use force in order to accomplish this. The avatars have no desire to change others, but only want to give them a choice that they did not have before, leaving people completely free to choose. As an example, an avatar will never blame others, whereas fallen angels routinely do so—and feel fully justified in doing it.

In closing, angels can fall only in an unascended sphere. Any being in an unascended sphere has an anchor point in the spiritual realm in which the blueprint for that being is stored. This is what we normally call the I AM Presence. An angel that falls also will have spiritual guides that will seek to help it get back to higher realms. However, fallen angels are not guided by other angels, as that would increase the risk of those angels falling. Thus, fallen angels are guided only by ascended masters, which explains why the Serpent – as a symbol for the fallen angels – was allowed in the Garden of Eden, namely Maitreya’s Mystery School.

It also explains why organizations sponsored by the ascended masters allow fallen angels to enter. Incidentally, you will in such organizations see somewhat of a concentration of the angels who fell out of a desire to save others. This desire causes them to be attracted to our teachings, but it also causes them to often misunderstand the true purpose of the teachings. They will often interpret our teachings in such a way that it validates their obsession with saving others. Thus, you will often see them using our teachings to reform, control or judge others, instead of using them to remove the beam in their own eyes.

As I have said many times, the Law of Free Will says that you are the only one responsible for your choices, whereas you are never responsible for the choices of others. When you understand this, you will be able to let go of all desire to save or change others and instead focus on the only thing that can secure your own ascension: changing yourself. Again, study my discourse on the true path.


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