Love is the driving force of creation

TOPICS: Love is a stream, let it flow through you – divine love can be released only through us – overcome conditions to love’s flow – love challenges people’s conditions – Jesus does not need our love for his use – Jesus multiplies our love – the destruction of innocence – the angry God shuts off love – fallen beings ridicule love for God – both theism and atheism created by fallen beings – practice expressing unconditional love – conditions imprison you –

Question: Today I found one problem inside of me. I feel a great need to express my love towards Jesus, other ascended masters and God. I know that it is good. But does Jesus really need my love? I read in this website that Jesus is self-sufficient spiritual being. Dearest Jesus, do you want us only to grow, and spread our love only to lower spiritual beings like us, humans and animals? I want to grow, yes, but what about if I want a mutual relationship of love with higher beings? Therefore I want to express my love to God and all elder brothers, not only feel that I receive this unconditional love from a being who doesn’t need my love. I feel somehow unnecessary. But it cannot be that our love is nothing for higher beings. So what are the best means to express our love for higher beings?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (October 14, 2010)

Love is the driving force of creation. It is an ever-flowing stream that will not accept any conditions that block its flow. It was this unconditional force that propelled the Creator to create the world of form and send extensions of itself into it, in order to co-create it from within. It is also this force that propels the world of form to return to its source—by eventually transcending all conditions and rejoining with the infinite, formless Creator.

How do you co-create? By allowing the flow of love, the River of Life, to stream through your being and be expressed in this world. It is this flow of love that will raise the world until it ultimately ascends and becomes a permanent part of the spiritual realm. You cannot manufacture this flow, you can only open yourself up to it and then direct it with your conscious attention.

We of the ascended masters have become open doors for this flow of love, and we could easily release so much love into the earth that the planet would ascend very quickly and spin off those who are not willing to transcend their conditions and plunge themselves into the River of Life. Yet because of the Law of Free, we are not allowed to release love directly; we are allowed to release it only indirectly through human beings in embodiment.

So to truly co-create and help God’s creation rise up towards its ultimate destiny, you need to open yourself, so that the fount of unconditional love can stream from us through you—so that you can be the open door for love. And how do you do that? Well, you do it by overcoming the myriad of conditions that have been programmed into your mind by the forces of this world, the prince of this world:

  • One aspect of this is to study spiritual teachings and thereby come to see and surrender the conditions that seemingly justify why YOU should judge how love should be expressed through you, based on conditions defined on earth—conditions that can only be defined by the mind of anti-christ as no being in the Christ mind would ever define conditions that block or limit the flow of love.
  • Another aspect is to practice spiritual techniques, such as our rosaries and invocations, in order to transmute the energy in your being that has a lower vibration than the vibration of unconditionality found in the ascended realm.
  • And finally, the third aspect is that practice makes perfect. In order to become an open door for the flow of love, you need to express love. The more you express love and the more unconditionally you express it, the more you will open up the flow of love—and the other unconditional energies coming from the ascended realm.

You see, we of the ascended masters never express any lower energies, such as anger, criticism, blame or judgment. We express only unconditional energies. This does not mean that we always express love the same way. We express unconditional love, which will challenge people’s conditions, depending on the person and the situation. Yet even in challenging people’s conditions, we never project any negative or limiting thoughtforms or energies upon people. We have risen above all psychic projections.

We have a great desire to express the ascended energies on earth, but as I said, we need people in embodiment who can be the open doors. And who are these people? They are people who are willing to express love, or any other ascended energy, in an unconditional way, without judging with the outer mind but instead letting the flow from Above express itself as it pleases, letting the Holy Spirit blow where it listeth.

So do you see that I, as an ascended being, do not have a personal need for you to express love towards me. I am indeed self-sufficient and do not need anything from outside my “self” in order to exist or be fulfilled. Yet I am no longer existing for personal reasons; I am existing only to raise up the All. It is my greatest joy to serve in raising the All, and in this capacity, I do indeed need your love. For the more love you send towards me – especially when it is unconditional – the more I can multiply the talents you have multiplied and release it back to you and the earth.

So go ahead and express your love towards, me, any other ascended being, God or your I AM Presence. It will only be returned unto you multiplied. And be not concerned if you think you cannot yet express love entirely without conditions. Go ahead and express love as you can, and then you will gradually refine your ability to simply be the open door for the flow of love that is the Divine lover loving all life.

One of the greatest disservices to life on this planet is indeed that so many people have had their innocence, their child-like love for God, raped, plundered and destroyed so they no longer feel it or no longer dare to express it. They feel it is childish or embarrassing to be devotional, instead having an entirely logical or intellectual approach to spirituality which will never reconnect you to the spiritual realm.

This started with the major religions, that became taken over by fallen angels, who had no love for God left in their beings and who sought to drive the love from the beings of all people on earth. They therefore created various religions that portray God as an angry and judgmental God, knowing full well that most people cannot express child-like love towards such a God, wherefore this is one of the most efficient ways to shut the flow of love out of this world.

And as people started losing faith in these fear-based religions, these fallen beings came up with atheism and materialism, which also ridicules people’s desire to express love towards God. Take note that atheism is not actually the opposite of a belief in God, it is the opposite of a theistic belief in God, theism defining God as the external, remote being in the sky. Theism is a creation of the fallen angels, and thus atheism is the perfect example of these beings setting up two dualistic opposites that both seek to engage people in the dualistic struggle.

And, of course, once you step into this struggle and the epic mindset, you will no longer be able to express true, unconditional love. In fact, you will not be able to fathom the unconditional nature of love and any other God quality. Thus, you might even be absolutely convinced that you are working for God’s cause by being critical or judgmental towards other people—having found some justification or other in defining love as conditional. Yet in reality you are simply helping the fallen beings continue and intensify the dualistic struggle.

You will note that 2,000 years ago, I said that the two most important commandments of the law was to love God with all your heart, lifestream and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. To fulfill this command, you need to be the open door and allow love to express itself through you without defining conditions in your mind for how it should be expressed.

Due to the current level of consciousness on this planet, expressing unconditional love towards your neighbor will often be seen as inappropriate by that neighbor, and you might also find it a bit awkward. Thus, I suggest you begin by expressing love towards me or God in an unconditional way, until you have become so one with the flow of love that you can simply let if flow without any concerns for how it is perceived by others. You can then let love express its many faces without ever being embarrassed by it.

For when you are in the flow of love, you are free and you set other people free. And when you do not seek to hold on to or own anything on earth – having given up your mortal life in order to flow with the River of Life – you will set other people free to react according to their level of consciousness, while knowing that any expression of unconditionality gives them an opportunity to rise higher. And you are content with having presented them with the opportunity while having no attachment to what they do with it.

Thus, you will not let the reactions of others cause you to stop the flow of love, and in this freedom you have liberated yourself from the prison of the fallen beings. The prince of this world will come and have nothing in you, for the prince of this world cannot do anything with unconditionality. He can imprison you ONLY through the conditions that you have chosen to accept.

Another aspect is that unconditionality will be highly disturbing to all beings trapped in the epic mindset, and thus when you become the open door, these beings will find it hard to be in your presence. They might attack you in order to get you to shut off the flow of unconditionality, but you will simply say, “What is that to me, I will follow my older brother Jesus as we flow with the River of Life.” And when you are completely free of any conditions that the forces of this world can hold on to, you have indeed become the open door which no man – or devil – can shut.

Yet this process must start somewhere, by you multiplying the love you have been given and daring to express it as best you can, gradually growing to ever-more free expressions of the ultimate source of freedom, namely love that knows no conditions.


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels