Jeshua is the Aramaic spelling of Jesus

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Question: Is the name Jeshua incorrect?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Jeshua is simply the Aramaic spelling of Jesus. Therefore, it is not incorrect to use this name (or other variations) to refer to me.

I am aware that many people have various reservations about Christianity, and therefore about me as a spiritual being. These reservations are very understandable, yet in the long run they do not promote spiritual growth.

It would be far better for such people to let go of them and come to see the universality of my being and teaching. By studying my website, you will realize that there is a vast difference between the spiritual being Jesus Christ and the idol that human beings have created over 2,000 years. You will also realize that there is a vast difference between the real teachings that I gave 2,000 years ago and the orthodox doctrines that have been created, in many cases for purely political reasons.

I am a spiritual being, a spiritual teacher. I love every human being on earth, and I do not judge anyone for their beliefs. I constantly seek to work with people in their current state of consciousness. Therefore, I occasionally appear to or speak to people and use the name Jeshua as a way to overcome these people’s reservations.

Let me make it clear that even though I seek to reach every human being, I do not use a name that is completely different from or unrelated to the name Jesus. The claim made by some channelers that they are channeling a being with a different name who is nevertheless Jesus Christ is simply not correct.


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