Ascended master John the Beloved

TOPICS: John the Beloved is ascended – people become attached to spiritual teachings – attune your heart to John –

Question: Is the Apostle John still walking the earth, and if so are there any reliable modern sources of his teachings?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The apostle John is not walking the earth in a physical body. He is today an ascended being, an ascended master, and his name is John the Beloved.

As all ascended masters, my beloved John works with a number of individuals in various capacities. During the last century, we of the ascended masters have sponsored several organizations and individuals to bring forth various spiritual teachings.

The purpose of this website is to encourage people to walk the path of personal Christhood. As you begin to put on your Christhood, you attain the ability to discern between what is reliable, meaning what is of the light and comes from the ascended masters, and what is not reliable, meaning what comes from lower sources.

One of the biggest problems that we of the ascended masters face is that so many people tend to become attached to outer teachings. It is so tempting for people to believe that as long as you follow a particular organization, believe all of its doctrines and practice its rituals, you will automatically be saved. It requires a bit more effort to put on personal Christhood and gradually, through trial and error, sharpen your ability to discern for yourself.

Because of this, the last thing I want to see happen is that this website becomes a sort of clearinghouse that people use to ask me what is reliable instead of using their own discernment. Therefore, I hope you will understand that I will not answer your question about reliable sources of teachings from John the Beloved.

The fact that you are asking this question shows that your lifestream has a spiritual tie to John the Beloved. Your lifestream has a desire to reestablish a conscious contact with this spiritual Master. There is a very important truth in the saying, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Make an effort to attune your consciousness to the consciousness of John the Beloved. It can help you to study information about his life and spiritual teachings given by him through outer messengers. Yet these outer sources will not guarantee your direct contact with him. That contact must come from within.

I have given an exercise to help people establish such inner contact. I suggest that you use that exercise, and the exercises for spiritual protection, and visualize that the spiritual being that you meet in the beautiful garden is John the Beloved.

I can assure you that if you will sincerely open your heart, John will answer your call. I can also assure you that the pure love that John has for your lifestream can be an invaluable help for your spiritual growth. My beloved John is simply waiting for you to knock on the door inside your heart. If you knock, he will answer your call.


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