Foundational teachings on Divine Love versus human love

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Question: Beloved Jesus, We have many teachings on different qualities of God, be it Father, Mother, Wisdom or Love. Yet I constantly hear from my friends that Love is the greatest and the only thing we need. Is it really enough to love to attain one’s Christhood and Buddhahood? Or is there a more primal quality of God – like Self-transcendence – to which Love is an addition?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

An excellent question, and you are on the right track concerning self-transcendence. However, it all depends on how you use words. You see, from a certain viewpoint one could say that love is the central quality of the spiritual path, but that is true only if one understands the difference between human love and Divine Love.

The essential quality of Divine Love IS self-transcendence, the drive to BE MORE. It was this quality that gave the Creator the drive to create—in order to become more of itself by expressing itself in form and in the form of self-conscious co-creators. So without this form of love, nothing would be created, and thus one can say that the master key to Christhood and Buddhahood is to have this Divine Love, which can only be done by becoming one with the flow of love, the River of Life itself.

In contrast, human love is possessive. It is focused on an object of love and wants to keep that object. In order to accomplish this, human love seeks to control, which can happen only by stopping self-transcendence and thus stepping outside the river of Life. Human love expects, even demands, to be received and it demands something in return. It will only express itself when certain conditions are met, which proves that it is not sufficient unto itself. Anything that is not self-sufficient is not Divine but springs from the consciousness of separation and lack.

Divine Love needs no object but is expressed to all life, as the sun shines upon all. It does not need to own any particular object and is constantly flowing, expressing itself with no conditions and regardless of any conditions. It is content to express itself and demands or expects nothing in return, not even to be received. It receives its joy from flowing and being what it is.

My point being that if you strive to be an open door for Divine love – and sincerely seek to transcend all human expressions of so-called love – then you can indeed reach Christhood and Buddhahood. However, this will also require you to realize that Divine Love has many expressions, many manifestations. And in order to have Divine Love, you must master these and be able to express them.

Let me mention the four primary qualities of Divine Love. As Mother Mary explains, everything is created from an interaction of the expanding and the contracting forces. However, for there to be a sustainable creation, there must be balance between the two, and it is the Christ mind that is the key to this balance. When there is balance, love will flow from the Father through the Holy Spirit and superimpose the immaculate concept upon the Mother Light. Thus we have the traditional Christian trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit with the addition of the Divine Mother. Each represents a quality of Divine Love:

  • The Father represents Divine Love expressing itself as power or will.
  • The Son represents Divine Love expressing itself as wisdom or balance.
  • The Holy Spirit represents Divine Love expressing itself as love, but a self-transcending love that sets life free from bondage.
  • The Mother represents Divine Love expressing itself as purity or the immaculate concept.

These four qualities correspond to our teaching about the threefold flame. As explained by Mother Mary, the energy from your I AM Presence first descends into the Secret Chamber of your heart, which is behind the heart chakra. It comes down as the pure light that is represented as the color white and corresponds to the Mother and God Purity. It then splits into three plumes of spiritual fire, called the threefold flame. One plume in blue and represents the Father and God power. One is golden yellow and represents the Son and God Wisdom. The third is pink and represents the Holy Spirit and God Love.

The importance is that the size of your threefold flame determines your creative powers—it determines how much light can stream from your I AM Presence into your four lower bodies. If one of the four aspects of this heart flame becomes unbalanced, you will tend to misuse your creative powers and this reduces the size of your threefold flame, reducing the size of the pipeline through which the light must flow. Thus, you will receive less creative light which lowers your consciousness and turns your attention away from your higher being.

The only way to reverse this trend and attain genuine spiritual growth is to balance your threefold flame so that all four aspects of it are in perfect harmony, meaning that they express Divine Love in manifestation rather than an unbalanced manifestation of human power, human wisdom, human love or a human definition of what is pure. This can be done only by attaining Christ discernment which is the key to knowing what is a balanced and an unbalanced expression of any of the four qualities. That is why I so often stress the importance of balance on this website.

When you have balanced your threefold flame, you can start working on attaining balance on each of the seven spiritual rays that make up the material universe. Each ray corresponds to one of the main chakras and the rays are as follows:

  • First ray, God power and will.
  • Second Ray, God wisdom and balance.
  • Third ray, God Love and selfless giving.
  • Fourth ray, God Purity and oneness with higher purpose and law.
  • Fifth ray, God truth and healing, restoring all to the immaculate concept.
  • Sixth ray, God Ministration and selfless creativity.
  • Seventh ray, God Freedom and independence.

The key to mastering each ray is to become one with the River of Life so that Divine Love can express itself through each of your chakras as needed. You have thus attained mastery on all seven rays, which is one of the major stages of Christhood.

You are quite right in your observation that many of today’s spiritual seekers do not realize the nature and qualities of Divine Love. Thus, they have been misled into thinking that love is all they need, while failing to see that it is Divine Love in all of its seven major manifestations that one needs. Instead, they are seeking to express human love, often disguised as spiritual love.

In this respect, I must point out that the 1960s are by many spiritual people seen as a crucial decade that marks a turning point in the spiritual evolution of humankind. There is some truth to this but not as much as many people think. The reality is that during the 1960s certain spiritual energies and teachings were released into the four lower bodies of the earth’s energy field and the collective consciousness of humankind. These energies and teachings were designed to help people overcome the blocks to the free flow of Divine Love and the potential was indeed great.

Unfortunately, as so often happens on earth, the highest potential was not fulfilled. The reason was that all of the false teachers on this planet sought to counteract our release, and because of the propensities of the human ego, they were relatively successful. Many sensitive people were indeed awakened by the new energies, but they were then misled by the false teachers and their egos into expressing love in the form of human love instead of transcending the old state of consciousness and expressing Divine Love.

For example, one of the blocks to the free flow of Divine Love was people’s unwillingness to express feelings toward each other. One manifestation of this was the rather restrictive attitude many people had toward any physical expression of love, from hugging to sexual love. The false teachers managed to turn many of the awakened people into a pointless rebellion against society’s norms on sex, so that they thought a greater expression of love meant free sex. Thus, the human ego – which can never get enough of any earthly pleasure – became an ally in getting many spiritual people to take a detour into the free love movement rather than the freeing love movement that transcends human sexuality.

One example of this is the famous Beatles’ song with the refrain, “All you need is love, love is all you need.” This song was actually designed – not consciously by the songwriter but by the false teacher who released it from a lower realm – to insert a psychic hook into people’s consciousness. Along with many other songs from the Beatles and other groups, this turned many sincere seekers into a detour of rebelling against society and withdrawing from it – through drugs, free sex, rock music and alternative lifestyles – rather than working from the inside to help society self-transcend.

Thus, the potential of the 1960s was not fulfilled and parts of it remains unfulfilled to this day. However, in later years this has been somewhat remedied by the emergence of a group of more mature spiritual seekers with greater Christ discernment.

Unfortunately many spiritual people today still believe all that is required for spiritual growth is to express love, but they define this in a human way. This is often a form of soft, gentle and kind love that never challenges anyone and thus cannot free them from the bonds of the ego. As I have now explained, if you want to attain genuine spiritual growth, you must master – and be the open door for the expression of – first the four basic qualities and then the seven qualities of Divine Love. Divine Love – in all of its manifestations – truly is all you need.

Human love will get you nowhere, regardless of the fact that so many people have managed to delude themselves into thinking human love will get them to heaven or a higher state of consciousness. Again, this is a deliberate effort to slow down the breakthrough that can potentially happen in this age. To avoid being misled into another detour of human love, you need to understand how your ego is seeking to mislead you. Begin by understanding the gray thinking of the ego, and then study all of my discourses on the ego. If you do not rise above the self-centered – although well-camouflaged – love of the ego, you will have no chance of entering the flow of Divine Love.

As I seek to explain throughout this website, the Christ consciousness is not a passive force that leaves people in a limited state. It is an active force that goes into the world, meets people where they are and – if necessary – challenges their illusions in order to give them a free choice of following the Living Christ or continuing to follow anti-christ. This is a choice they do not have until they have encountered the Living Christ or Christ Truth. Thus, Divine Love accepts no conditions that stop its flow and it seeks to help people overcome their conditions. However, unconditional love also has no attachments to people’s reactions, thus it challenges people and then leaves them free to make their own decision, as opposed to the human need to control.

The best way to overcome the blocks to Divine Love is to use Mother Mary’s rosaries. All of them remove blocks to love, but I especially recommend the Rosary for Clearing the Heart and the Rosary for Loving Yourself. To master love on the seven rays, you must contemplate the properties of each ray and work with the master of each ray. The best way to do this is to use the decrees to the seven rays.


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