Why the spiritual realm is hard to describe

TOPICS: The spiritual realm is very different from the material – a vastly different, non-linear consciousness – people project linear images upon the spiritual realm; gives a distorted view – spiritual realm not static –

Question: Thank you very much for the enlightening answers on this website. Would you please give us a detailed presentation from the ascended master point of view on the inner planes? In particular: What levels exist beyond the etheric plane all the way to the Absolute and what is the significance of each? What beings abide in them?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

A simple question with an infinitely complex answer. You might recall that in the New Testament is a passage which states that if all the things that I said and did should be written down, the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. This also applies to a description of the spiritual realm that exists above and beyond the etheric plane.

Let me explain why it is difficult to give you a detailed answer to your question.

As explained in the discourse just mentioned, you live in what I call the world of form. This world is characterized by having some kind of form. This world is in contrast to the unmanifest aspect of God, which I call pure Being or the Allness, and in which there are no forms, no divisions and no separation.
The material universe consists of a number of levels that can be divided into four sections. The lowest is the material realm, also called the physical octave. Above it in vibration is the emotional realm, by esoteric teachings called the astral plane. Above that is the mental level and above that the etheric level.

As you move beyond the etheric level, you move into the spiritual realm. The problem in describing the spiritual realm is that this realm is above and beyond the material universe. Therefore, it is vastly different from the material universe, and it is permeated by a state of consciousness that is very far from the state of consciousness currently found on planet earth.

In their current state of consciousness, human beings tend to think in terms of divisions and separation. They are influenced by the types of forms they see around them on planet earth. Therefore, they tend to project such forms, including the concept of division and separation, onto the spiritual realm. This will invariably affect their visions of and their understanding of the higher realms.

People are so used to thinking about the material universe in linear terms. In the spiritual realm, we have a spherical consciousness, and we do not divide this realm into separate compartments. Although there are levels of the spiritual realm, it would be misleading to describe them in the linear terms that human beings can understand.

In the book, Save Yourself, is a lengthy discussion of how spiritual visions can be affected by people’s beliefs. I explain that even when people have a genuine spiritual vision, they often project their current beliefs upon the vision and explain it in terms of these beliefs. This then invariably gives a more or less distorted view of the spiritual realm.

So the basic truth about the spiritual realm is that you have to experience it to fully know it and see how different it is from planet earth. Therefore, it is almost counterproductive to give a description of this realm, and that is why many religions shroud it in symbolism. There is nothing wrong with describing the spiritual realm in terms of symbolism, as long as people do not take the symbols literally. Unfortunately, because of the lower state of consciousness, so many people do take symbols literally and this has led to numerous conflicts and false interpretations.

At this point in time, I do not desire to add another description of the spiritual realm beyond what I have already given in the books and on this website. To give a valid and accurate description would require a huge investment of my messenger’s time, and I consider it a lesser priority right now. This might change in the future, but for now I do not want to give a lengthy description of the spiritual realm, and I would rather not give a sketchy description.

[NOTE: A more detailed description has since been given in the book: Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, dictated by Lord Maitreya.]

Let me also say that even if it was physically possible to give an accurate description of the spiritual realm, that description would become inaccurate the very moment it was released in the material universe. The reason being that the spiritual realm is not static. God is the Creator and God never stops creating. This also holds true for all beings in the spiritual realm. Therefore, the spiritual realm is constantly growing, constantly transcending itself and constantly expanding. In other words, new levels are being added to the spiritual realm on a continual basis. That is why no description could be completely accurate.


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