An ascended being has the opportunity for further growth

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Question: As spiritual growth is the highest law of the universe, are there further ‘levels’ of ascension above you too? If this were true, would this mean that you are sacrificing your further ascension until the Kingdom is manifest on earth?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You are correct that there are many levels in the spiritual realm, and therefore an ascended being has the opportunity for further growth. Once you ascend from the material realm, you do become an immortal being, so you can choose to stay at any level for as long as you desire—as long as you are still transcending your sense of self.

We who have chosen to stay with planet earth obviously cannot at the same time rise to higher levels—at least not with our total beings. So in a sense we do postpone further growth. Yet as an ascended being our consciousness is not as linear as the consciousness of human beings, so a part of us can indeed move on while another part remains with earth. Unfortunately, this is difficult to describe in a way that can be understood by linear minds.

After you ascend, you have two basic options. You can use your spiritual attainment as fuel for ascending to higher levels of the spiritual realm, or you can lay down that attainment – you can lay down your “life” – for your friends on earth. That is what I did, and the celebration of communion symbolizes that the body and blood of my attainment – my Christ consciousness – is broken in order to save those on earth.

From your perspective, this might seem like a sacrifice, but in reality I don’t see it that way. I see only the joy of helping lifestreams rise to a higher level of awareness. When you give selflessly, your gift releases its own reward, for truly God multiplies everything we give to others. This is equally true for ascended beings and for human beings. And there is still vast opportunities for growth by helping lifestreams on earth. I learn and grow every day as I observe my unascended brothers and sisters strive to come up higher. All of us – I should say most of us – are truly growing together.


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