Jesus is not the reincarnation of Krishna

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Question: I’m surprised that Jesus refers to Himself as “Jesus Christ” and not, say, Jesus the Christ or even as Yeshua. I would like to know if Jesus is the reincarnation of Krsna (Krishna)?

I love the teachings posted on this website and have so much to learn. thank you.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

“Jesus the Christ” is a title indicating that I have attained Christhood, whereas “Jesus Christ” is the name I have chosen as an ascended master. I have already commented on the name Jeshua.

Concerning Krishna, I am not the reincarnation of Krishna. Krishna is an ascended master, and although we are all one, we also have separate identities.

I can understand that so many people see a connection between Krishna and myself and think we might be incarnations of the same lifestream. However, the reality is that we both served as spiritual teachers who taught the way to Christ consciousness. The only way to teach Christhood is to embody the Christ consciousness and teach by example. So we both embodied the universal Christ mind, whereby that Christ mind became individualized in each of us.

I understand that some people will interpret this to mean that we were both incarnations of the universal Christ. This is not necessarily wrong, but the problem is that many people interpret this to mean that we were the same lifestream and that we came into embodiment in the fullness of Christhood. This is not correct. We both came to earth as individual lifestreams who went through multiple incarnations before we attained the Christ consciousness that empowered us to ascend. It would therefore be better to say that we followed the spiritual path until we embodied the Christ consciousness instead of saying that we were incarnations of the Christ consciousness.

Let me commend you for recognizing that you have much to learn. This is a very good place to be in because it opens the heart and mind to spiritual growth. I can assure you that even ascended masters have much to learn about the deeper realities of God. Therefore, humility is always important on the spiritual path.

Unfortunately, I see many spiritual seekers who follow the path for a while and then gradually become enveloped in the subtle temptations of pride. They begin to think that because they have walked so far on the path, they have somehow arrived at an ultimate destination and have nothing more to learn from anyone. As one of my colleagues likes to say, “If the teacher be an ant, heed him.” To make maximum spiritual progress, it is essential to remain humble and open to the eternal teacher who often appears in a humble disguise to test your willingness to learn.


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