The I AM Presence and Christ self

TOPICS:  The Christ self is always with you – the I AM Presence never goes below the highest level of the etheric realm –

Question: Where and what is the level of the Holy Christ and the level of the I AM Presence?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The Holy Christ, or universal Christ consciousness, is the only begotten Son of the Father/Mother God. It is the Word incarnate, meaning that it is the basic element, or substance, used to create the entire world of form. Therefore, the universal Christ consciousness is literally present everywhere with no exceptions. Even in the depths of Hell you will find the universal Christ consciousness.

Each lifestream in the material universe also has an individualized Christ consciousness, or Christ self. This Christ self serves as a mediator between the Conscious You and the spiritual self, which is what you call the I AM Presence. The Christ self is always present with the lifestream, which means that no matter where the lifestream is, no matter how low a level of consciousness to which the lifestream has descended, the Conscious You always has the option of contacting the Christ self. The Christ self literally is the open door which no human can shut. It is also the light which lights every lifestream that comes into the world.

So you can never get away from your Christ self. It is the hound of heaven which stalks your lifestream wherever it goes, constantly seeking to inspire the Conscious You to turn around and start the path that leads back home.

The spiritual self, or the I AM Presence, is the very core of your identity and individuality. It is in the spiritual self that your God-given individuality is stored. The I AM Presence never descends below the highest level of the etheric plane. In other words, it is constantly abiding in the spiritual realm, and therefore it cannot be corrupted by any of the energies in this world. No matter what you might have done, in this or any past lifetime, you could not possibly have corrupted or polluted the purity of your I AM Presence and your God-given individuality.


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