Osama Bin Laden was an unwitting tool for the power elite

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Question: I have a few questions for whichever Master would like to answer, regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden.

How are we supposed to feel about the death of Osama Bin Laden?  At first I was happy when I heard the news, but then I realized that that’s engaging in duality consciousness, “Us and Them” mentality, “Eye for an Eye”, vengeance, retaliation, etc.  The entire nation is being pulled further into duality consciousness by this, am I right?  Everyone, such as the president, is saying that justice has been served, but, of course, those of us that read this website know better.  It probably only made things worse in the long-run, correct?

I’m afraid that in the coming weeks, when I’m at work or out & about, that nearly everyone will be talking about it.  They will be expressing their delight and glee, and expecting me and everyone else to agree with them.  How do I politely disagree without being accused of being  a “kill joy”, “negative”, or a traitor, and without going into an explanation about karma and duality consciousness that would be beyond their ability to comprehend?

Also, I’m concerned about the lifestream of Osama being on the astral plane right now doing great harm.  I learned in teachings of the masters about the lifestream or “Ka” going out during sleep or after death and doing even greater harm than can be done in embodiment.  Is this true?  Should we be making calls to Archangel Michael to take his lifestream to wherever it belongs in the spiritual realm?

Please advise us on how to respond to others, how we should be feeling in our hearts, what calls to be making, and what we can do to better the situation.

 Question: This morning my friend sent an interesting message on facebook and it resonated very much with me. As I live in muslim country killing Ben Laden wasn’t taken very positively by the population and it is so shocking to hear many politicians saying they support this. Can you please comment on this.

And here is the excellent quote:

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (May 7, 2011)

As I have already said before, Osama bin Laden will not be seen by future societies as a historically significant person. The reason is that he was simply one among many people who allowed themselves to be pulled into the dualistic struggle. And once nations begin to rise above duality, history will be reevaluated based on an understanding of the duality consciousness, meaning many of the heroes and villains seen today will be seen as simply pawns in the dualistic game. And the game itself will be seen as completely meaningless.

The kind of people who will be seen as “heroes” in the future are precisely people like Martin Luther King who worked for a cause but practiced and advocated non-violence. Once you shatter the illusion of duality, you truly see that the word is mightier than the sword. You also see that no one who ever fought for or against anything truly helped the world move forward—seen from a non-dualistic perspective.

Of course, the American government has now made it easier for people to make bin Laden more significant by turning him into a martyr and making of him whatever they like. As long as there is a real person to compare to, it is a bit more difficult to build a myth, but once a person is dead, people will use their imagination to turn any symbol into exactly what they want—regardless of what the real person was like. Believe me, I know a thing or two about this.

The most intelligent thing that the American administration could have done was to kill bin Laden and then say nothing about it, leaving the world in uncertainty. I am not thereby saying that I condone the killing of bin Laden. I am simply accepting the fact that given the current state of consciousness in the United States, it was a given that they would kill bin Laden if they had the opportunity, and it was a given that the opportunity would come. The fact that it took so long is not a good testament to the efficiency of American intelligence services.

Of course, I also realize it is not realistic that the administration would have said nothing. Partly you have the American tendency to want to show off to the world what the nation can do. Partly you have the irresistible PR value that no president running for reelection could have withstood. And partly you have the understandable desire to bring some kind of closure to the people directly affected by the 9-11 incident, even to the national psyche. Obviously, an act of violence can bring no real closure (only total forgiveness can do that), but again I am accepting the American psyche as it is and not as it will be in the future.

So to return to the questions, it is correct that at least a segment of America has been pulled further into duality by this reaction. You just need to look at the people celebrating in the streets. And then you need to compare it to scenes from the Middle East, where crowds burn American flags or chant “Death to America!” How can Americans fail to see that they themselves are doing exactly what the people in the Middle East are doing? And how can they fail to see that this is NOT in alignment with their claim that America is a Christian nation. Where in my words did I advocate publicly celebrating the death of your enemy? Where did I advocate killing your enemy? Where did I advocate allowing yourself to see other people as enemies?

America has the potential to rise above duality sooner than the vast majority of Muslim nations, but for this to happen, Americans need to take a long, painful look at the national psyche and ask whether this nation currently deserves to be called a Christian nation?

In terms of how you should feel about the situation, it is not my role to tell people what to feel. You feel what you feel and you simply acknowledge that. If you are a spiritual person who wants to grow, you then take an objective look at your feelings and see what they say about your state of consciousness. And then you work on raising your state of consciousness, as we have all done until we ascended (and are still doing although from a different level). Yet if you have transcended duality, you would obviously feel no triumph but rather something closer to non-attachment or indifference.

You ask: “How do I politely disagree without being accused of being  a “kill joy”, “negative”, or a traitor, and without going into an explanation about karma and duality consciousness that would be beyond their ability to comprehend?” My comment is: Allow yourself to be who you are and express yourself freely without being concerned about other people’s reaction. This is what the path of Christhood is all about, and you can gain some clues from the Course in Christhood as well as from studying how I interacted with the scribes and Pharisees.

The desire to be “polite” shows that you are more concerned about the reactions of others than about being the open door for your higher self. So instead of simply letting truth flow through you, you evaluate it beforehand to make sure it will not offend others. This is understandable, but it is a reaction you will want to work on overcoming. And one way to do it is to give up the idea that you have to say something in a given situation. Simply decide that there is nothing you have to say and then be open to saying anything that comes to you from your heart.

You are alive on planet earth and this gives you a right to express yourself. Other people have a right to react to what you say any way they want. And you have a right to set both them and yourself free by not reacting to their reaction but simply being who you are.

Now for the topic that many Muslims see bin Laden as a kind of hero or symbol and that they are shocked by politicians expressing support for his killing. The sense of shock is simply a proof that many Muslims are as trapped in a closed mental box as are many Americans. Thus, Muslims have little understanding for how bin Laden is seen in the West, as many westerners have little understanding for how he is seen by Muslims.

Yet on a deeper level, this is also a proof of just how effective the power elite have been in setting up a dualistic struggle between Muslims and the West. To this end, it might help both sides to contemplate that Osama bin Laden was simply a propaganda tool used by the elite in their ongoing quest to create artificial conflicts from which they can make a profit.

Any somewhat awakened person should be aware that for several hundred years international bankers have made huge profits out of giving loans to nations for defense spending and then also selling them the weapons. And they have even gone beyond that and created the conflicts that ensured that the weapons would be used. This has caused many nations to go into debt, which essentially has allowed the international banks to put a tax on the people of those nations.

It should not be difficult to see that many wars – including both world wars – were artificially created by inflating an existing conflict and simply providing a spark, such as the one shot that supposedly started World War I. I am not hereby saying that there is a unified conspiracy that holds secret meetings and decides to start wars. The unifying element is not a physical organization but a non-physical, namely the dark forces and beasts of war that control people behind the scenes.

My point being that although there are people who think they have the power to start wars, they themselves are actually controlled by forces they do not understand. This is true for the power elite behind international banks and the so-called military-industrial complex. Yet it is also true for a person like Osama bin Laden.

How much thought does it require to see that the power elite profited immensely from both world wars and that after the second world war, their main source of profit was the Cold War? What kept that war from becoming “hot” was to a large degree the fact that it had become almost impossible to start a war between the superpowers that would not go nuclear. Even those blinded by profit could see that if the world was devastated by a nuclear war, there was not much opportunity left to use the profits. And despite their attempts to keep the Soviet Union alive, the second law of thermodynamics, as always, proved the stronger.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, the power elite started working to create the next phase in their profit machine, and although there were several candidates, Osama bin Laden proved to be the most promising tool. He was psychologically vulnerable to being given a push to start a campaign against the West, and he was even secretly given financing, although this will likely never be proven as the money trail has been hidden very well.

So what many Muslims see as a kind of folk hero was simply a person who was not smart enough to see how he was the perfect candidate for being manipulated by the power elite into taking the dualistic struggle to a new level. With the 9-11 incident, he gave the spark that inflamed the looming conflict between Muslim nations and the West—creating a modern version of the crusades. Thus, the replacement for the cold war became a conflict with religious overtones—a reenactment of a theme that has created so many conflicts in the past.

What most people – neither in the West nor in Muslim countries – fail to understand is that there is no true conflict between Muslims and westerners. There never has been real conflicts between groups of people. Even though groups of people may have outer differences – such as race, ethnicity, religion or nationality – people are essentially people and they largely want the same thing, namely to live peaceful lives and raise their families.

Thus, the true cause of conflict on this planet are the fallen beings, as we explain in great depth in Healing Mother Earth They either create or inflame differences between people, so that two groups of people begin to see each other as enemies. And once the tension is there, the fallen beings come in with their serpentine logic that the end of killing the enemy justifies the means of killing the enemy.

This pattern has been repeated so many times on this planet that one must truly wonder when a critical mass of people will wake up and say: “Enough is enough!” And truly, there is a critical mass of people in embodiment who have the potential to go through this awakening and educate themselves to become a force for supporting a non-violent approach to any issue. These people have strategically taken embodiment all over the world, including in Muslim nations.

You have recently seen what the peaceful revolutionaries have accomplished in Tunisia and Egypt. It remains to be seen when they will awaken and begin to have an impact in other Muslim nations. And it remains to be seen whether the population will respond to the peaceful revolutionaries or whether they will continue to follow pseudo-heroes like Osama bin Laden. The true heroes are those who are smart enough to avoid being pulled into the dualistic struggle, and the only way to accomplish this is to have an uncompromising commitment to non-violence.

As a final note, it is true that the so-called ka of a departed person can do harm in the emotional realm, but this is always dependent upon the power of the individual lifestream. In this case, Osama bin Laden was not a particularly powerful individual and he has so many “enemies” that his ka cannot do harm to all of them.

It is, however, appropriate to make calls for his lifestream to be taken to the correct level, which in this case is not the spiritual realm, but a realm called the level of “wish fulfillment” where a lifestream can spend time living out all the desires it could not fulfill on earth. Calls to Astrea will be most efficient for this.

In terms of making calls for the general situation, you can use the Astrea Decree and any of the rosaries about the Middle East and peace.


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