How do we resolve this overwhelming number of separate selves? 

Question: Over many lifetimes we have created an enormous number of separate selves. If overcoming each of them requires consciously discovering and abandoning limiting beliefs, it would take an insanely long time. Could the masters please give more insight on this issue?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2024 New Year webinar

Well, you can say that if you look at a specific person, that person may have a fairly large number of separate selves. But actually if you are talking about spiritual people who are open to the spiritual path, you have already overcome some of your separate selves in past lifetimes so you would not be open to the spiritual path. And you certainly would not be open to looking at your own psychology in a more conscious deliberate way.

Many spiritual people do not have an unlimited number of selves. But the other thing you can say is that there are, of course, any number of selves you can create as a reaction to specific situations on earth. However, there is not an unlimited number of different kinds of selves you can create. When you start looking, and this is something we may give further teachings on at some point, when you start looking at separate selves, you realize that many separate selves were created in a specific situation, but they are based on the same overall belief, the same overall reaction. You can see, as we have said before, that for an avatar who came to earth or even for an original inhabitant to encounter the fallen beings, you received a birth trauma, you created the primal self. But from the primal self, you created other selves that relate to your specific reaction when you received a birth trauma. And in a sense, you could say that all of your separate selves spring from that birth trauma. But you can also go up and say that there are certain general reactions that people have.

There was a situation where, for example, you created a self based on reacting with anger. You can have many other situations where you reacted with anger, and there may be various selves that are created based on this reaction with anger. But if you can come down and resolve that original self, then either these later selves will be dissolved along with it, especially if you dissolve the energy, or you can very quickly dissolve the subsequent selves once you have dissolved the main self. It is not actually as difficult or as time consuming as you might think. Certainly, you know, it does not take as long to dissolve the selves as it took to create the selves. And that is why it is not an unrealistic goal that you can achieve the dissolution of a majority of your selves in this lifetime, especially if you have started the process in previous lifetimes. You can kind of look at the selves as these trees you see, where you can trace different animal species back to the coming from the same branch that came from another branch, and it all boils down to the primal self in the beginning.

You will see that there are these points where a branch divides, and there is a stem of the branch, and then there are individual branches that come off the stem. Once you find one of these branches, the bigger branches, and dissolve that self, it becomes much easier to deal with the ones that were follow-up selves from the original one. It certainly is not hopeless at all, and it is not overwhelming, and it is not an undoable task. Of course, for most people, it takes longer than you would like, because there is a tendency in the modern world that you want instant gratification, you want instant results. This is not a quick fix, this is not something that can be done in a very short period of time, but it certainly can be done. And of course, the more selves you dissolved in past lifetimes, the shorter of a time it takes in this lifetime. But the main idea I want you to get here is that it is not an overwhelming or hopeless task. It is a doable and achievable task.


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