Individual illusions at each level of consciousness

Question: Can I determine the base illusion of each level I am on? Is there a way to identify that?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.  This answer was given during the 2024 New Year webinar

Well, you can use the tools we have given, including the Course of Self-Mastery, where you go up through the seven rays. And then that might give you an intuitive insight of what it is for you individually. There are, of course, certain general trends, but it is not so that each person who is at the 48th level must come to the exact same vision of the exact same illusion, because it is formulated differently in your individual minds. You can certainly come to identify that.

There is not really a base illusion on each level. There is an illusion that keeps you at that level. You may have other separate selves that are not associated with a particular level but that you still have not resolved. For example, when you start the spiritual path at the 48th level, you may still have quite a number of selves that you created while you were below the 48th level, and therefore, they are based on separation and duality. And it may take you some time. It is not that you resolve all of these selves before you can start the path. You may bring those with you and gradually resolve them as you move higher.


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