Young people need to reconsider  the way they look at financial security

Question: Many young students whose interests lie in different fields, especially in non-technical fields, like sociology and liberal arts, currently feel a great sense of insecurity about their future. They seek a financially secure future because of the financial instability many of them have been born into. They don’t want to go through life worrying about the basics, such as paying bills and rent, they want to do many things to help boost their personal economic circumstances. And in the case of spiritual people have time and attention to continue to raise their consciousness, and help others do the same, if possible. However, due to the lack of opportunity in many areas of study, especially fields other than technology and medicine, along with an education and employment system, which seems to favor those with a particular social background, these students cannot help but sometimes feel very powerless, in trying to envision ways to better their situation in life, no matter how hard they try on the outer. In addition to this, with coronavirus and other issues affecting employment opportunities, the outlook for employment opportunities with potential for stable incomes, seems to be getting much harder, especially for those who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Is there any advice the masters could give to these young people who currently feel powerless on the outer to attain financially stable independence?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if you cannot change the system in which you live, you can change the way you look at the system. What these young people can do is re-evaluate that they have taken over some of the values from their parents. You had a period after the Second World War, where there was in many countries, economic growth, and there was a rising wealth among the middle class. You still have this in some countries, but it is in many countries starting to be reduced.

What you see is that you have a generation of people who are brought up with parents who were financially secure. These young people have come to expect that they should have the same thing. They have also come to think that this can only happen when they have stable employment that gives them an affluent income. But they need to take a look at the fact that their parents paid a price for having the financial security they have had, and that is that they had to work all the time, in steady jobs, whatever they thought about those jobs, whether they were fulfilling or not.

There are many young people who have come in to actually take society in a different direction where it is not so focused on the materialistic aspects of life. This means that you cannot necessarily see that the only way that you can survive financially is to have a steady job with an affluent income. You will see that in order to have a steady, affluent income, you need to be willing to, so to speak, sell your soul on the corporate altar, and you have to be willing to tie yourself to fulfilling the demands made by these jobs.

There are many young people who do not have it in their divine plans to live this way. This means they have to reconsider whether they have to live the same way their parents do. Do they have to have the same material standard of living? Do you have to have a big house, for example? Or can you live in more modest ways? Can you live with a not stable and steady income, where you do not feel disturbed by this, but trust that the universe will take care of you if you are willing to do what is part of your divine plan?

I am not saying this is the ultimate response because in the long term, there will of course be changes in the economy where the economy will get back to a steady growth path. There will also in some countries be the enactment of a basic income so that you can live a relatively secure life without having to actually work a traditional job and this will give many of these young people the opportunity to work on what is in their divine plan. But it is first of all, a matter of questioning your relationship and the way you look at material wealth, and financial security. You cannot really expect to have financial independence without working on a job so that you do not have the independence of time, energy and attention.


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About the concept of co-creating

Question: What do the ascended masters mean by the word “create” when they use the term “co-create” and are the consequences what we learn about ourselves or the outer consequences? It is confusing for the outer self to have to learn from consequences, when it cannot even see what it creates, do we co-create a thing a shared condition with other co-creators (a karmic return), just another self, some sort of energy matrix, or all of the above? Does the form of what we co-create, and its consequences differ, depending on whether we are in the school of hard knocks, or the school of the ascended masters?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, you are co-creators. This means that you cannot create something out of your own self as the Creator does. In essence, all of us, even ascended masters in previous spheres, who are in our Creator’s world of form, we are all co-creators, because only the Creator creates a world out of nothing, out of its own being, but we all co-create with the Creator. Now, you who are in embodiment on earth, you are embodied in an unascended sphere. You are co-creating with the ascended masters who are assigned to assist the growth of your sphere, you are furthermore on an unnatural planet, which means you are co-creating within the conditions of that planet. 

This for that matter is the case on any planet, even a natural planet, there is a certain matrix defined for that planet. And you will always be co-creating within that because as an individual, you cannot override that. You on earth you are co-creating within the conditions created by the collective consciousness.

Now, it is very understandable that you say the outer self is confused by having to learn from consequences when it does not see what it has co-created in the past.

But you see, it is actually not the outer self that has to learn from consequences, it is the Conscious You that can learn from consequences. And the Conscious You can learn that only when it steps outside of the outer self and therefore realizes that your outer situation is a reflection of your inner situation, your state of consciousness.

You co-create through your consciousness, you are an individual co-creator. The images that you hold in your identity, mental and identity bodies will have a big impact on your outer physical situation. So you are, in a sense, creating all of the things that are mentioned in the question. But you are of course, when it comes to the outer circumstances—the physical circumstances, you are not creating this in a vacuum, you are creating it within the context of the planet you are on, and the matrix set by the collective consciousness. 

Now, as we have explained, the seven Elohim created planet Earth in its original pure form. And humankind has, after the fall into duality then changed the original matrix for Earth quite dramatically, even to the point of making mater more dense. You have many, many conditions, many physical conditions on earth that are created by the collective consciousness over a very long period of time. You are co-creating physical circumstances within that environment. As an individual, there is a limit to what you can override of course depending on your level of consciousness, but still, even at the highest, 144th level of consciousness, there is a limit to what you can override in a collective because freewill must be allowed to outplay itself

. The most important thing to understand about co-creation is that your consciousness, what is in the three higher bodies, will have a fundamental impact on your physical situation, your physical circumstances. You have not always co-created those circumstances you have in many cases attracted yourself to those circumstances, and you have done this in order to learn certain lessons. 

But if you go back through your many embodiments on earth and resolve the various selves you have, you can rise above those outer circumstances and either attract yourself to another circumstance or co-create, create a new circumstance. But this is not something the outer self can do. Is there a difference between being in a school of hard knocks and being on a path or the ascended masters? Well, there is of course, in the sense that if you are in the school of hard knocks, you have not fully acknowledged that your outer circumstances are a reflection of your inner circumstances. Therefore, you cannot as easily learn from the circumstances.

Now, I should say that there are people who study ascended master teachings and still have not fully acknowledged this and therefore, they are still somewhat in the school of hard knocks. But when you fully accept responsibility for yourself, then there will be a difference, because once you are in the school of hard knocks you are not so open to changing the contents of your three higher bodies and therefore, you will continue to co-create based on those contents, you are continuing to co-create the same thing.

Once you go into the school of the ascended masters and are willing to let go of these selves from past lives, then you will not be repeating those same matrices, you will not have the light flow through them, they will be gone and therefore, you are more free to create something else. Then you can create what you consider more constructive circumstances for yourself. 


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Forerunners for golden age ideas in the USA 

Question: Is there a particular area of the United States, at this point in time, which is more prone towards manifesting a golden age than others? I know, in 2015, California was mentioned as a likely forerunner. Has this equation changed at all?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, the entire West Coast has the potential to be the forerunner for many golden age ideas as has already happened to some degree. You will see that many people in Portland and Washington state and in California are more open to alternative energy, alternative ways of looking at things. They are more open to spiritual ideas of a variety of different sorts.

The situation in California has not specifically changed, although you need to recognize that greed is still a major issue. There is still a certain greed in the state of people who want to make more and more money and this has, in a certain sense, become worse, which you can also see as an expression of these fires that are ravaging the state right now. There is still, however, the potential that the golden age can start, or at least become manifest there before.

Arizona is another area where there is a certain openness to alternative ways of looking at life. Colorado is also a state that has a certain openness to new ideas. You find this to some degree in some of the states on the East Coast. But in the East Coast, you still have the problem that you have this very ancient establishment of these rich families who are holding the collective consciousness at a lower level and keeping these states somewhat closed to at least a number of golden age ideas that would require change in this situation with a rich and powerful elite.


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The golden age potential for the Japanese people

Question: Apart from showing the effects of a nuclear bomb and supporting the unification of Korea, what other role does Japan play in the world? Is there any positive outlook for the future of Japan from the ascended perspective in regards to their divine plan as a nation?

Answer from the Ascended Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

The Japanese people have a divine plan, have a golden age potential as most people around the world. This messenger is not particularly familiar with Japanese culture, Japanese mindset and Japanese history. Therefore, it is difficult for me to give you a detailed description. It would require him to put considerable time and attention on familiarizing himself with Japanese culture. But it is clear that the Japanese people have many positive qualities.

They have, as we have talked about with the United States, they have a strong sense of community, a strong sense of helping each other, being part of a culture, part of the people. This is something that can be expanded in the golden age. There have, in recent decades, been certain tendencies that have pulled people away from this, pulled them into becoming more individualistic. But it is necessary that there is a greater individuality in the Japanese people because they do have a tendency, which you can see when you look back at history, to be more influenced by the collective mind, to not have a strong individual sense, but be more willing to follow the collective, do what is their duty, do what they are told by authority figures.

This is something they need to pull themselves out of in order to fulfill the golden age potential. This will have the effect that some people will take individuality to an extreme and act out as you also see in the West, in these extreme manifestations of individuality which is not really a divine individuality, but an ego-based individuality. But this is an inevitable part of the transition that the Japanese people are going through.

There is a potential for various forms of golden age technology to be brought forth in Japan. This relates to a more efficient use of natural resources, even certain forms of energy, use of energy, energy production that can come from the fact that the Japanese island has a huge population but few natural resources.

There is the potential for ingenuity here, where the Japanese people can, at least certain among them, can be open to bringing forth certain ideas that can also help people in other densely populated areas make the best possible use of resources. There is also a potential that the Japanese people can bring forth new ideas for community, for working together, even for creating a new business structure of collective ownership that can be an inspiration to other people. Many other things could, of course, be mentioned, but let this be enough for the present.


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The concept of the circle of influence

Question: I personally find it motivating to think about the fact that as I have been helped by a lifestream above me, I have the opportunity, through the calls and raising my own consciousness, to help others. Could the masters comment on the circle of influence in more detail? Does everyone have a circle of influence both above them and below them? Or is it possible that only those whose consciousness is above some specific level have a circle of influence below them, but may still have a circle of influence above them? As we rise in consciousness to the Christ consciousness and above, do we join a circle of influence of one of the masters in the ascended realm?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, the way we give the concept of a circle of influence is that you have a circle of people that you can influence. This means that these are people whose minds are open to you, so that you can have an influence on these people. It does not mean that an ascended master is in your circle of influence because your mind cannot influence the mind of an ascended master and cannot influence the mind of a human being, either, who is many levels above you. You can have a human being who has a higher level of consciousness than you have. That means you can be in that person’s circle of influence, but it does not mean that that person is in your circle of influence because that person would not be influenced by your state of consciousness, if it is significantly lower than its own.

Now, you can have people who are at a higher level of consciousness than you are in your circle of influence, but not significantly higher. For example, you can have family members that may have a higher level of consciousness than you have, but because they consider you part of the family, they can still be influenced by you. Of course, if their consciousness is higher, there will be a limit to how much they are influenced, but they will be influenced by it.

But, when we use the circle of influence, we primarily mean that all people on earth have, or at least most people on earth have, someone they know who is below them. But we also use it in a broader sense that you may have people that you do not know and have never physically met, or at least have not physically met in this embodiment, who are still tied to you and so, they are in your circle of influence.

Basically, what we can say is that, if you take people who are above a certain level of consciousness, and let us just make it simple and say, people above the 48th level of consciousness who have started to take some responsibility for themselves, you are forerunners for a group of people who are below you in consciousness. You can say that you can put all people into a triangular shape, you can draw a triangle that ends in a single point. You can say that you can put all people in there, in different layers. Then, you can see that at the very top is a single point, which for Planet Earth, is Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the world. Then, when you go down to the physical, physical embodiment, you have all people under that, under Gautama. There may be a few people at the top, and then, there is a layer below them, and a layer below and a layer below.

Now, within this triangle where you have all of humanity, you can draw many individual triangles. You can, for example, go to a certain level, and let us say there are 10 people at that level, and beneath each of these 10 people is a triangle of people. Then, you can go lower, and there maybe thousands of people on that level, but they still have a triangle below them. You could say that the higher you go in this pyramid, the people who are at  those levels of consciousness, they have a greater triangle below them of people that they influence.

This does not mean that you, in all cases, know them, interact with them, or talk with them. It may not be that you are influencing them in an outer conscious way. But they are below you in a certain structure, so that when you raise your consciousness, you pull up on all of them. This is why we have said that they can have a tremendous influence. When you raise your consciousness, you are pulling up on all those people in the structure below you. Thereby, you are pulling up on the collective consciousness. You can, of course, also make calls for these people, for them to be cut free and so forth, but many of you already are making calls on so many issues and so many things that I do not want to overburden you. But if this is something you feel that you want to do, you can certainly do this.

This is what we really mean with the circle of influence. In some cases, you are tied to these people, as I said, not at the physical level in this lifetime, but you may have been tied to them in past lifetimes. Through that physical interaction in past lifetimes, you have created a certain connection or bond with them at the emotional level, at the mental level, at the identity level, perhaps on all three levels. This is how you can influence them. If you have people that you are tied to at the emotional level, then, raising your own emotional body will also pull them up. If it is the mental level, you raising your mental body, will pull them up and so forth.


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Calls for the removal of space

Question: In the current Mother Mary 500 monthly vigil, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War, in the invocation for clearing the mental realm we repeatedly call for Gautama Buddha to remove space from the entities, demons and fallen beings in the mental realm. Most ascended masters students understand to some degree what it means when we call for their judgment. But will the Masters please comment on what it means when we call for Gautama to remove space and how it differs from calling for the judgment? Also, if appropriate, could the Masters comment on what the effect of these calls to remove space from the mental realm have had so far?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

The judgment is a concept that has been somewhat familiar to people for a long time. Going back to even Jesus himself who stated that: “For judgment, I am come.” This is an effect of the Christ mind where when people encountered Jesus, who was the living Christ in embodiment, they were judged according to their actions towards him. He could also call forth their judgement in various ways. We have, then, given a dispensation to ascended master students now in several dispensations that you can also call for the judgment of Christ upon certain phenomena, certain fallen beings, certain demons and entities. You can even call for the judgment of human beings, which does not mean the same as it does for the demons, but it means that the human beings must be given a choice to choose between the mind of Christ and the mind of anti-christ, so they can change their ways.

Now, when we call for the removal of space, this is a higher level of judgment, we could say. It is based on the fact that the role of the Christ is to give people an opportunity to choose between Christ and anti-christ. People who are enveloped in a mindset of anti-christ cannot make that choice because they have never encountered Christ, they do not see it as an alternative, they have no frame of reference from beyond anti-christ. The judgment of Christ gives them that frame of reference. This can even be given to fallen beings, but it cannot really be given to demons and entities because they are not self-aware and cannot really make the choice, but you can still call for the judgment of Christ upon them, which gives us a certain authority to remove at least some of them.

Now, the function of the Buddha is to hold space for certain phenomena. In other words, we could say that, at the lowest level, we could say that a nuclear weapon exists in space, but in order for anything to exist in physical space, there has to be a space where that form can be manifest. There are certain forms that could not be manifest physically because there is no space for them. This is partly because the Buddha does not allow it, partly because the collective consciousness has not created certain forms. When we go to the emotional, mental and identity realms, likewise, in order for a certain demon or entity to exist, there has to be a space where that form can exist in the emotional realm, for example, and you can, then, call for this to be removed.

Now, this, of course, all happens according to a very, very complex calculation that very much relates to free will and the free will of the majority of people on earth. Again, people must be allowed to create any experience they want to create, which means that sometimes you could make the calls for a certain demon to be taken, but it cannot be fully taken because people will not let go of what has created the mindset that has created that demon and is upholding it. It can be reduced in strength, so that people find it easier to free themselves from it, but it cannot be taken completely.

The effect of your calls, again, is very difficult to express in linear words because it is difficult to give you these concepts. But what I can say is that the effects of the calls given by students in this dispensation has been very significant. And the effects of the calls given by students in previous dispensations were also very significant. The world would have been in many ways a different place, if these many students, over these many years, have not given the decrees and made the calls and been willing to make this effort.

Certainly, these calls for the removal of space, which has only been released in this dispensation, have had a decisive effect. But it is within the context of free will, but certainly they have made it easier for some people to free themselves from these demons, these collective entities and the mindset behind them.


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QAnon movement

Question: Will the ascended masters comment on the huge QAnon movement taking place in America and across the world? Is the Ascended Host working with leaders in this organization? Or is this just a group that polarizes the current fallen being establishment in America?

 Kim: If you are not familiar with this, QAnon, it is apparently something that started a few years ago on some message boards  where somebody came up with a theory that there is a satanic cult or cabal of pedophiles that, first of all have these pedophile rings, but they also are secretly running the world. And if I understand it correctly, most of them are democrats and the only threat to their control of the world is Donald Trump. Who, even if he is not aware of it, is working against them. But I will let Mother Mary comment on it. This was just in case you did not know what it was, I did not know what it was. I had to look it up.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, let me first assure you that the ascended masters are, not in any way, working with anybody behind this movement. We had nothing to do with it. We are not releasing any of the ideas that this movement is using.

It is a movement that, in an ultimate sense, was started by certain fallen beings who are working through people who are vulnerable to being taken over and used in this way by fallen beings. Many of these people are, of course, not aware of this consciously. They believe they are doing something. But very few of them actually believe in their own ideas. There are some of these people who are, what we would call, internet trolls. There are some that simply think they are conducting an experiment to see what they can get people to believe in. But there is also a certain element of some of these known troll factories in Russia and China that have at least taken this movement and magnified it, because they can see that it served their purpose which basically is to create as much chaos as possible.

As a spiritual person, what you need to do is several things. First of all, you need to use common sense and logic when you are evaluating some of these claims. You can see in this case that, if there was a secret movement that really was controlling the world, and if the only threat to their control is that Donald Trump was elected, well, how could Donald Trump get elected? If they were really controlling the world why would they not have prevented him from getting elected? This means that if he did get elected, they could not be in full control of the world, right?

The other thing I would like to point out here is that there is, of course, a real problem with pedophiles. And some of them are in Hollywood and in other media outlets, but I can assure you that they are not confined to the Democratic Party. There are also Republicans who are pedophiles, there are high level business people, financiers and banking people who are pedophiles. And they are found in many areas of society, even in government. You have to recognize here that pedophilia is something that cannot in any way be tied to political affiliation, race, ethnicity, or any of these other divisions. It is a perversion of the soul that goes back many, many lifetimes, and therefore has nothing to do with the outer characteristics or beliefs of the person in this lifetime.

But what you see here is that there are these people who are willing to create these conspiracy theories. And in order to draw people in, they take a real problem that people are concerned with, and then they give it a twist that now gives it a political dimension. And this is how they make some people believe in this. And it has, in large part, been believed by people who have been blinded by what we might call the “Republican illusion.” The Republican illusion that it is only the Republican party that can save America from ruin. And this is something that has been created now for a number of years, and partly by the fundamentalist Christians, I mean, evangelical Christians in the United States, and their epic mindset based on their fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible, which is black and white thinking that everything will go wrong if things do not go the way they think they should be going.

You have to recognize here that as an ascended master student, it should be possible for you to use the teachings we have given, to use our dictations to sense what is a vibration that is not fear based. You can then use this as a frame of reference to sense when there is something, an idea or a theory, that is clearly fear based. And this idea is clearly fear based. It is infused with a vibration of fear.

And I can assure you that, not only do these fear based theories not come from the ascended masters, they have no real truth to them. They cannot have real truth if they are based on fear and if they encourage fear. Because even though we may give you a very serious message, we are not seeking to induce fear, because we know the realistic potential for change. Most conspiracy theories are as we have said before, dis-empowering because they do not give you a potential for change, or they may give you a potential but it is not something you can really do anything about other than perhaps be angry or seek to influence or force other people. And this does not help set you free from the dualistic mindset.

Now to be honest with you, my beloved, if you are an ascended master student or if you consider yourself an ascended master student, and you have believed in or still believe in this and other conspiracy theories, you need to seriously reevaluate where you are at on your spiritual path. You will need to seriously consider that you have an issue with discernment. And you need to decide whether you will allow yourself to be more sucked into these theories or whether you will make an effort to pull yourself back on the path of the ascended masters.

Because you cannot do both. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot spend time indulging your attention and allowing your energy to flow into these theories. You cannot sit there and allow your auras to be infused with these fear based energies. And then at the same time follow the path towards Christhood and the ascension. If you believe that these theories have some element of Christ truth, then you are on the false path. You are on the left handed path and you have no connection to the Christ mind. The universal Christ mind.


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Programming of the brain vs. programming of the mind 

Question: Although scientists believe that our brain develops with our experience in the world and is the result of our personal history, they also say that it works 90% in an automatic way. Only 10% of its functioning is conscious. This means that the rest of the time the brain is running its own programs and makes us believe that it is us who make decisions in a lot of ways. What I am asking the masters is if that programming of the brain is just a result of the many experiences that humankind had in its phylogenetic history? And if so, is it random programming, the result of chance? Or is it deliberate programming, and by whom, that creates mechanisms similar to instincts, whether to use biological programs? How does this articulate with our own personal history lifetime after lifetime? And all the selves we carry with us from our own experiences? How does the physical brain connect to our three higher bodies?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

The physical brain is very much connected to the three higher bodies. In fact, we could say that the physical brain is partly a doorway through which the three higher bodies express themselves in the physical realm. And partly a doorway through which the three higher bodies receive impressions from the physical realm.

It is not actually correct, as the scientists say, that all of these programs are in the brain. Many of them are not in the physical brain. There are certain programs in the physical brain, but they are only the ones that are related to the survival of the body and the propagation of the race. These are the type of programs that you can find in animals also. And these, you can say, are very much created by the long history that goes back through animals where certain programs have been created in order to ensure the survival of a species. And these are programmed into your physical brains and nervous system. And this is what is often called instincts.

But beyond that, when it comes to the psychology of a person, this is not located in the brain, and is in large part not dependent on the brain. The brain can sometimes have an influence if there is a certain physical damage to the brain. This can influence your psychology by dulling your psychological faculties. But nevertheless, when it comes to these psychological programs, these are in the emotional, mental and identity bodies in the form of separate selves, in a form of an openness to collective entities or demons that might take over a person’s mind and which we have talked about extensively in various teachings.

Now, many of these programs have evolved, so to speak, unconsciously by many, many people having various experiences over a very long period of time, much longer than recorded history. We can say, for example, that certain ethnic groups, certain nationalities, certain races have some programs that go very far back. But there is of course, a certain programming that has been created, or again over a very long period of time since the fallen beings were allowed to embody on Earth, where they have deliberately attempted to create many, many programs that distort peoples psychology and creates these reactionary patterns that makes it possible for the fallen beings to control people. We have talked about this extensively and you can find it in various teachings.


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Spiritual perspective on Milgram Experiment and Stanford Prison Experiment

Question: The psychology of evil. Could the masters comment on the following well known psychological experiments and about what they mean to our essential humanity. After the Second World War, Stanley Milgram made an experiment about obedience to see if a normal human being would be able to inflict terrible pain or even death to another human being he never saw before, for no reason. And this experiment, repeated many times over the years, has shown that about 75% of normal people can do so if he is not going to be held responsible for it. Only 25% refuse to do it. In the early 70’s, Philip Zimbardo made another experiment and did show to us what he called the “Lucifer Effect.” Any normal and with no previous mental issues person suffers a transformation and loses his humanity just after putting on a uniform like a police uniform, and feels that he has authority over others to humiliate, torture and even kill others. Unfortunately, this happens many times with military and police agents. Now, is this caused by the fact that these people have no individual identity yet and is taken by collective beasts or is it something more and related to the humanity itself?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

You need to draw a line here and recognize that such experiments can show something about human psychology, but not about human nature. As I have said before, there really is no “human” nature, because it is all unresolved psychology.

What you need to recognize here is that these experiments do not show that all people or most people have a propensity for evil. You may look at a person that has been put in a situation like these experiments do. You may say, “Well, this person did something that was evil.” And that is true. But the person did not put itself in that situation. They did not define the parameters of the situation. The person only responded to the situation.

What you see in, for example, the concentration camp guards at Auschwitz and other camps, is that when they are forced into a situation a highly unnatural, abnormal situation, they can do things that are evil. But this does not mean that they are evil people, because they would not have done so had they not been put in that situation. Really, it was the people who put them in that situation and defined the parameters for the situation that were evil. But even those people were in many cases taken over by entities and demons and fallen beings in higher realms that are clearly evil or at least have evil intentions.

It is true that you can look at these situations and you can see that people who are below the 48th level of consciousness are much more open to the collective consciousness. They do not have so strong an individuality and therefore their minds are easily taken over by a collective entity, and they can do something evil that they normally would not do.

Now you can, of course, go to the lower levels towards the zero level, and you can find fallen beings, psychopaths and narcissists, who have a very strong individual personality, and it is very much leaning towards the evil spectrum. But this is not the case for the vast majority of the population.

Now, once you get over the 48th level, people have a certain inner sense of what is right and not right. People below the 48th level do not have a strong individual sense of what is right and not right, they tend to go with the situation. That is why if they are put in uniform, put in a position to have power, they do whatever is demanded by that situation, sometimes carrying it further than what is actually demanded. But nevertheless, that is again, because their minds are taken over by demons or collective spirits.

When you are over the 48th level you can resist this kind of outer pressure or collective pressure because you have enough internal sense of what is right and not right. And of course, the higher you go, the stronger that sense will be and the less susceptible you are to being overpowered and manipulated by a certain situation. Of course, you really have to go beyond the 96th level before it becomes very difficult to manipulate you.


Copyright © 2020 Kim Michaels

You have right to set limits for your (adult) children

Question: Could the masters give us a spiritual perspective on the growing phenomenon of young adults in their 20s and 30s, not wanting to leave their parent’s home, not wanting to start their own life and take full responsibility for it. In some countries, even over 50% of young people in their 20s and 30s, still live with their parents. Some of them cannot afford living on their own, but many just don’t want to or feel they are not able, psychologically to deal with a life on their own. How can we, parents up children like this deal with this situation, especially when the child refuses to work on its psychology?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if you are an ascended master student and you are open to working on your psychology, then you can first of all work on your own psychology, relating to your role as a parent and your relationship to your children. It is clear that while the child is under 18, you have an obligation to that child as a parent. But when the child turns 18, in most countries, they are legally adults, and therefore your obligation to house them in your home to take care of them ends. But the question is whether you can accept this psychologically. And that depends on whether you have unresolved selves in your psychology, that make you divided in your relationship with your children, in your view of yourself as a parent and what you can demand of your children—what limits you can set for your children, and so forth and so on. 

You recognize here that no matter how aware children are, they have a certain subconscious sense of their parents and what they can get away with and not get away with, with their parents. And basically, we can say that children over 18, who stay at home with their parents, it is because they are refusing to take responsibility for themselves as adult human beings. In order to then stay with their parents, they are exploiting some division, some uncertainty, some lack of clarity in the parent’s psychology. This has probably been going on since the children were quite small, where they sensed that they could get their way with their parents by doing or saying certain things. Whatever the mechanics of the situation can be, can be highly individual. In some cases, the children are good at making the parents feel guilty or feel responsible or feel they are not good enough parents or whatever it may be. That can be various of these mechanics. 

So, you need to look at this. Look at your relationship to your children, from when they were young. Look at your attitude to being a parent, what you feel you are responsible for. And try to find these areas of division, where you are divided in yourself—you’re not clear on who you are as a parent, and what rights you have to set limits for your children.

In many cases, you will see especially in the modern world, the last several decades, you have an entire generation of parents who find it difficult to set limits for their children and the children are then very good at exploiting this. When a child turns 18, the parents cannot set the limit and say: “Now you need to move out, get your own place to live, get a job and move on with your life”. And if you are divided and cannot draw this line, then the children will exploit it as they have been doing for their entire childhood.

It doesn’t really matter whether the children are willing to work on their psychology or not. Because when you work on your own and overcome these divisions, you will be able to simply draw a line and say: “This is what I can accept. And this is what I cannot accept. And this is what you have to abide by.”

You have a right to say that your child should leave the home after the age of 18. And if you don’t say that you have a right to define the conditions where the child can stay in your home. And you always have a right to say: “Well, if you don’t like my conditions, then move, go somewhere else”. This is your right when the children are adults. And in many cases, it is what the children need, because it is better for them, because it forces them to grow, where staying at home, enables them not to grow, and in many cases even makes their psychological conditions worse, because they are not forced to confront them. 


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Can we learn anything about the ascended realm by looking at the conditions on earth?

Question: I’m aware that my question may be close to meaningless to an ascended master. Nevertheless, I would like to give it a try. What does a normal day, a normal week, normal year of an ascended master look like? Are they working 24 seven for the evolution of planet Earth? Are they enjoying some leisure time once in a while? Are for example, Jesus Mother Mary and Master More meeting casually at the weekend sometimes, say at Saint Germain’s place, enjoying an ascended meal together, listening to music and talking things over? Maybe even cracking some jokes? Are they going on holidays, traveling to other spheres? Or universes? Are they working with their spiritual teachers on their own spiritual growth, etc.?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, no question is meaningless to us if it has meaning to you. Because our role is of course to help you raise your consciousness. So, whatever has meaning to you at your present level of consciousness, we can address and help you raise yourself to a higher level. But a question like this is very understandable. But you also have to recognize that is asked from a person who is living on earth and is taking the conditions you see on earth and sort of projecting, asking whether they apply in the ascended realm. In a sense, you could restate your question and say, Do the conditions we see on earth have any bearing on the conditions in the ascended realm? Can we learn anything about the ascended realm by looking at the conditions on earth? And the answer to that question is no. Things are so different in the ascended realm that it is almost meaningless for us to describe it, because you can’t really fathom it with your present level of consciousness. And of course, you don’t have to. You have to look at the environment you are in, continue transcend your level of consciousness until you ascend and you will experience conditions in the ascender realm.

Why is it that you cannot experience conditions in the ascended realm while you’re in the unascended state of consciousness? Because the conditions in the ascended realm can only be experienced from the ascended state of consciousness. In the ascended realm, there is no linear time, like you have on earth. There is no typical day. Because there is no day or night, there is no typical week or year because time is not divided into these linear segments. We don’t have a linear, localized state of consciousness.

I know we have given you the teachings that we have retreats in the etheric realm. But these are in the etheric realm, the higher levels of the un-ascended sphere. And the purpose of these retreats is to give you an environment that you can still relate to while you are in embodiment on earth and where you can learn something. This doesn’t mean that we are confined to these retreats, it doesn’t mean that we have elaborate castles, or retreats in the ascended realm, where we don’t have this need. We don’t eat, we don’t sleep, we don’t have a need for leisure because everything we do is a fulfillment in itself. We don’t consider it work that we have to rest or recover from or relax from. We don’t need to relax because we are not tense.

The consciousness and the reality of an ascended master is so different from what you have on earth, that it is very difficult to describe with words, because you tend to only be able to grasp the words, the images, the concepts that you are familiar with on earth. And there is virtually nothing on Earth, that is the same in the ascended realm. That is why there comes that point on the spiritual path, where have had glimpses, of mystical experiences, glimpses of the ascended realm or the ascended consciousness where you realize that it is not constructive to take what you see on earth and projected it onto the ascended realm and you stop doing so.

You will notice, for example, and in previous dispensations, there were certain pictures of various masters that were used by many students. But this is just a phase. When you grow above a certain level of consciousness. You do not need a picture of an ascended master. In fact, you don’t want to put your attention on a picture of an ascended master because you realize that the master cannot be confined to that form. There’s a certain level of the path when looking at a picture helps you tune into the Masters presence, then that is acceptable, but beyond a certain level of consciousness this is no longer what you need and not even what you want to do. And the same with many other things, there comes a point where you stop even speculating what things are like in the ascended realm, you stop thinking about this because you realize that you are on earth, your task is to transcend your level of consciousness until you can ascend, and then you can experience the ascended realm.


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Kim and books 

Question for Kim: Which books, which authors do you enjoy? Which books about spiritual or non-spiritual topics gave you some profound or high experiences, especially since you have moved beyond the 96th level of consciousness? Or have books gradually lost their significance to you as you became more and more spiritually self sufficient?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well yes, books have lost at least the significance they had for me 10 or 20 years ago. I do read different books. I read quite a few books to learn something about specific topics. I read several books in the last year about quantum physics, I read Bruce Lipton’s book about the cell’s “Biology of Belief”. Now there was another one also, I read a biography of Stalin.

That wasn’t for enjoyment but also once in a while just read a novel because it’s like: “I need something that doesn’t engage my mind too much.” Because if I do a lot of mental work on the computer all day, editing and proofreading, then sometimes I just need to read something different. And I do read, for example, Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code, and what’s the one about the Catholic Church, Angels and Demons. And I read those several times. So once in a while I read one of those.

But within the last several months, I actually started reading the master’s books that they have dictated through me. I started reading Maitreya’s book. And I read several of the others where I read parts of them. Actually, it started several months ago, because I started reading, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, and then the other three books that came after that one, and then I started on Maitreya. And I actually have to say that I get more high experiences from the Master’s books than any other books I read in the last, you know, 62 years.

It’s actually been interesting because I work with the books as I do them. And I read them many times in the process of editing and proofreading. But I don’t always, after I’ve done all that and gotten the book out, I don’t take the book and sit down and just read it from cover to cover.

But this is what I’ve been doing and I’ve actually found it very enjoyable. And I think I’ll just keep working my way through them. And we’ll see if I ever get to the last one before new ones come out. If the masters can stay ahead of me because I don’t read very much normally. I will often read a little bit before I go to sleep because it helped me sort of relax, but that means sometimes it takes me a month to read a book. So we’ll see if I ever catch up.


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Fallen beings and art 

Question: Could the masters comment on what role do fallen beings play when it comes to art, are they just expressing their state of consciousness, or is there more of a conspiracy? Listening to a lot of rap music I find that while there may be an insensitivity to life in the lyrics, you can still find traces of humanity in the writing. Even with artists that do not seem to have any trace of humanity in their music, they still seem very much benevolent, almost harmless compared to fallen beings like Hitler. Am I just not listening to music with a low enough vibration to notice anything?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, there are some fallen beings who are artists and who are expressing whatever unresolved psychology they have. But there are also some that are more conscious of doing art in order to get a specific reaction in people. They are not necessarily all conscious of the fact that they can steal energy from people through their art, or that certain collective entities or demons can use their art to steal energy from people. I’m not saying that there is a great conspiracy among artists, but there are certainly fallen beings that are in the other realms that have a certain intent of using art to steal people’s energy.

There are clairvoyants who have been able to see how certain paintings for example, or other forms of art have the effect of basically inserting a hook or a suction hose into people’s auras and extracting energy when people are watching it. There is also some art that can download certain images or energetic matrices into people’s emotional, mental and identity bodies as a result of putting your attention on this. Art is not as innocent as many people make it out to be. Now this doesn’t mean that you now have to be afraid of looking at a piece of art. Because much depends on how you look at it or how you listen to music—how open you are to taking this in.

This of course can be difficult for many people to know because they’re not consciously aware of the holes they have in their auras so that they’re they are more vulnerable to taking things in, or having things extracted from their emotional bodies for example. But those who are more sensitive can quickly learn to sense whether looking at a painting raises or lowers your vibration, raises or lowers the sense you have in your heart. Some people can learn to feel that energy is extracted when they listen to certain music for example. All people can learn this if they are willing to go through this process but in order to really learn it you have to be neutral.

You cannot have what many people have—a certain reluctance to actually sensing whether your energy is being stolen, because you want to listen to a certain type of music based on some decision you have made with your outer mind. Or you want to look at certain forms of art or you want to believe that “it’s all good” as some spiritual people want to believe.

Discernment requires a certain willingness to know —that requires basically that you are in a neutral state of mind so you can openly sense: “what does this piece of art do to me? Does it lower my energy? Does it raise my energy, does it take energy? Do I receive positive energy from it or what?”


Copyright © 2020 Kim Michaels

Art can be a process that helps you resolve your psychology

Question: As an artist, I know drawing from my traumas and pain to create is not the highest form of art. But at the same time, it is not realistic or even constructive for me to resolve every single self before I begin to create. How should we approach art at this stage? And even if one still has separate selves that may influence their work, are there any particular selves that you recommend addressing, first and foremost? Is it okay to create just for the sake of expressing something as opposed to creating something that will raise vibration? Some of my favorite albums or movies express a certain stage of consciousness that may not be very high, but it is just a matter of experiencing what you want until you feel like you want to move on.

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, certainly, nobody says that you need to have resolved your entire psychology before you start doing anything, whether it is art or anything else, you have a right to be a human being who is in the process of growing, you have a right to be at your present level of consciousness, you have a right to expose yourself and live life based on that level of consciousness, while continually striving to raise your level of consciousness by resolving your different selves in your psychology. So I suggest here looking at art, not as a result, but as a process. 

If you recognize that you still have unresolved psychology, look at art as a process that helps you resolve your psychology by for example, expressing what you have in your subconscious mind what you have that is unresolved. So what if you paint a picture that is not the highest possible expression? If it helps you see something and then resolve it, then it has fulfilled a valuable purpose. And so there are not any specific selves because this is again individual, but the simple rule is take the tools we have given you take the book healing your spiritual traumas, start working on it, and whatever separate self comes to your attention, this is what you work on, until you resolve that, then the next one that comes up, and you just keep going like that. 

Art has many different purposes, and it can be a purpose to express what is in your subconscious, so that you can see it more clearly.  Now, there are many artists who are expressing whatever is in their subconscious, and it is very disharmonious, and they can get stuck at that level of just expressing this. This, unfortunately, especially happens to artists that end up becoming famous for certain artistic expression. And then they do not want to let go of it because they are not sure that people will still like their art, if they change it. So they can be stuck, come stuck for the rest of that lifetime with this unresolved psychology. But if you are an ascended master student, then do not be afraid to express whatever is there. As long as you work on resolving it, then you will gradually grow out of it and you will naturally find a higher artistic expression. 


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Do not overthink, just take one self at a time

Question: Supposedly, the primal self is one of the last things you work on. But in Mother Mary’s visualization for dealing with a primal self, she states that it is actually the first thing you should resolve and at all selves that are come afterwards will be easier to dismantle after you have dealt with a primal self. Having recognized a great number of unresolved separate selves in myself. I am having trouble discerning where one self ends and the other begins. I recognize traumas from my childhood and traumas from things that I cannot yet put my finger on. I get the feeling that certain selves are impossible to dismantle without having resolved the primal self. Because the moment I try to look at it, my primal self will prevent me from seeing things objectively. What is the order in which we should be dealing with these separate selves? And am I right for thinking that would be a waste of time to look at certain separate selves, like childhood traumas before I resolve the primal self, or is it the other way around that I will not be able to resolve the primal self without having gone layer by layer, from the most recent self down?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, you need to recognize here that this question is asked from the linear analytical mind. You are trying to categorize and analyze these separate selves, and you are asking the question about what you should work on first. But this is an individual matter. For some people, it will be possible to relatively quickly go to the primal self, and resolve that, and if you can do that, it will be easier to resolve the selves that were created after the primal self, because they are based on it.

Once you have seen the illusion of the primal self, it is more easy to see the illusion of the others. If you go the other way around and start with a more recent selves, then you will not be able to see through the illusion that a primal self is based on which means that for every separate self, you have to discover its own illusion. And it is more difficult to do, it is not impossible.

However, the question about which ones you should start on is, as I said, individual, and the bottom line is simply this, whatever selves come up, you start working on that. Whatever self you become aware of, as you read the books, whatever stands out in your mind, this is what you work on until you resolve that, then you take the next one and the next one. You can still use the exercise that I have given in healing your spiritual traumas, where you go through the different levels into the theater, and you work on whatever self comes up in that process.

You do not even need to necessarily think about whether this is the primal self or not, you just take one self at a time, work on resolving that, then take the next and the next as they come up. Do not overthink it, do not over analyze, simply start with the most obvious self that comes up and then go from there.


Copyright © 2020 Kim Michaels

Babaji holds a spiritual balance for the planet earth 

Question: Is Babaji still working with the planet? If so, how could those who feel drawn to him connect deeper with his presence? Does he have any advice for his disciples living in the West?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Babaji is not an ascended master. Because he has not gone through the process of the ascension. He has for a very long time maintained the physical body as an anchor point in the earth, which allows him primarily to hold a spiritual balance for the planet, and this is his main function. I know it was said in Yogananda’s book, that he has a small circle of disciples with him and that they often travel with him. But it is not so that Babaji has a wider circle of disciples. It is not his primary role to be a teacher, his primary role is to hold a balance, a spiritual balance for the earth. In a sense, it is a misunderstanding to consider yourself a Western disciple of Babaji. Only those who are in his physical presence in the Himalayas could consider themselves disciples of him. Babaji does not have a teaching mission that reaches out beyond his immediate physical location.

I know there are books that it is claimed they are channeled or dictated by Babaji, but it is simply not the case. It is not a correct understanding. The being who has dictated some of these teachings is not the Babaji that is talked about by Paramahansa Yogananda, or was even mentioned in the summit lighthouse. The thing I would like to ask you here is, if you are aware of ascended masters and therefore asking us the question about Babaji, why would you want to be a disciple of an unascended being when you have the potential to be a disciple of an ascended master? Is not there an ascended master that you could focus your attention on and become a disciple of that master? This would be more constructive for your growth. 

We would like to add here and when I say we, I say Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda and myself, that there is a certain phenomenon that it would be advantageous for ascended masters students to recognize. When Paramahansa Yogananda gave his book, wrote his book, one of his goals was to provide a counterbalance to the prejudice against India and the Indian people that was found in many nations in the West, especially at that time. And he wanted to emphasize the tremendous spiritual development of many people in India. And that is why he mentioned Babaji as a highly evolved Master, which he of course is. Nevertheless, Paramahansa Yogananda, who was not ascended at the time, could not foresee how many people in the West would take the story of Babaji, and build something onto it. That was far beyond what Paramahansa Yogananda or Babaji wanted. 

You see what some people in the West and even some people in India have done with Babaji, is that they have used the story in Yogananda’s book to create a fiction about this supposedly ideal master. And the reason they can do this is that they do not have direct contact with the real Babaji. Therefore, they can project an image onto him. That he of course, cannot counteract, because that is not his role. This was more difficult to do for people with Yogananda while he was in physical embodiment, but some people have done it since, where they have now added onto and created their own stories, and made him out to be something more than what he actually was when he was in physical embodiment. They have done the same with Babaji and, to some degree done the same with ascended masters and previous messengers. 

There is always this tendency to create an ideal guru that is the way you think a guru should be, and can therefore seemingly validate your view of what the spiritual path is all about and how you should follow it. This has given many people an excuse for not listening to the dictations of the ascended masters, hearing what we are actually saying about the spiritual path, hearing what you need to overcome in terms of ego, separate selves and illusions, in order to make spiritual progress, manifest Christhood and ascend.

Many people have created a false path, the past that seemed right onto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death, as Jesus said. It is a false path where they think they really do not have to look at certain separate selves, certain aspects of their ego and overcome them. Because this and that master says that this is all they have to do. They have to do Kriya Yoga, or do decrees, or whatever it may be. They had to study certain teachings, and maybe they have to look at certain aspects of the ego. But there are certain things that do not have to look at it do not have to give up they do not have to leave behind.

In a sense, you could say these people are not ready for the path we are teaching where we are saying, you have to let go of all of the human self, all of the ego, all of the illusions in order to ascend. For some, it can be a temporary thing, where there is a phase they go through and they will eventually grow out of it and be open for higher teaching. But some people do get stuck in these kind of movements, and following these books, thinking they are disciple of this or that master, while in reality, they are not making the progress they could be making. 


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Transmuting karma for your children

Question: Can I, as a mother, use the violet flame to consume the karma of my adult child? Or is it a violation of his free will?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, there are two aspects of karma. There is one that is merely the sort of mechanical aspect: there is a misqualified energy that is burdening a person that might be stored in his three higher bodies. And this you can make the calls to consume for other people.

But there’s also a part of the karma that requires a person to see something and transcend a certain state of consciousness. And this of course, you cannot do for other people. It isn’t that it’s a violation of their free will, you simply can’t do it. You cannot make them see something that they are not willing to see. So again, it can have a positive impact that you make calls for others, because by transforming the energy it becomes easier for them to see what they need to see. But it isn’t a guarantee that they will see it because this is subject to free will. 


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 Set yourself and your child free

Question: What can a mother do to help a son that she senses is a fallen being? What can she learn from that and how can she help her son, that she as a mother loves?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, first of all, you can realize that if you are a spiritual person, whether an ascended master student or another kind of spiritual person, you have volunteered to give birth to that son, whether he is a fallen being or not, he is not one of the most close-minded fallen beings or you would not have given birth to him. So, that means he has a potential to grow, and that means that he has the same potential as everyone else for overcoming his psychology, but he’s likely to have a more difficult psychology than most other people.

What can you do to help him? Well, you can work first on resolving your own psychology as much as possible, then you can encourage him and try to help him to also work on his psychology and realize that psychology is the main limiting factor for all human beings. You can of course, make the calls to help him do this as well and use the tools we have given. Try to encourage him to use these tools.

If he will not make use of this, then the best thing you can do is to realize that there comes a point for all parents where you must set your children free and allow them to live their own lives, whatever that means. Even if you don’t approve of it, even if they harm themselves. There comes a point as a parent, where your children are adults and you need to set them free to live their own lives. This also means you are in a sense setting yourself free so you can say: “Given that my child is now living his own life, how do I now want to live my life”? And you can then allow yourself to take your life in a new direction. It doesn’t mean you can have no contact with your son depending on the nature of the relationship. But you can set him free and you can set yourself free.


Copyright © 2020 Kim Michaels

The fear of falling again

Question: How can we become liberated when we are on the path to Christhood? How can we be liberated from the selves of fear to get lost again, to fall again into duality? If we stop controlling every step we are doing, how do we really know that we have already attained enough Christhood not to get lost again, or not to fall into duality again?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, you can realize that this fear of going backwards or falling again, comes from a separate self, you can then make an effort to uncover that self, to look at it to look at the beliefs behind it. And you can let the self die. You can perhaps as an intermediate measure, need to make some calls for the binding of the fallen beings and the collective entities, the demons that are projecting this fear into your consciousness.

Many people who have in past lives made an effort to raise their consciousness have had this fear projected into their minds by the fallen beings. There is a certain stage on the path where you have made some progress, some decisive progress, but the fallen beings are attempting as a last-ditch attempt, to project this fear into your mind that you could fall again, that you could make this mistake. And it is important to know consciously where this is coming from, and make the determination not to respond to it. It is important to make the calls for your protection of this. But it is also important to realize that there is a self in you that is the anchor point for this fear. And when you see it and let it die, then the fear disappears.

You may also need to make a decision. This messenger dealt with the same issue a number of years ago. And he came to a point where he realized he needed to make a decision to acknowledge that he had attained a certain level of Christhood and that he would not fall again because he would not again go into a self-centered, selfish state of consciousness or respond based on fear. So, you may come to that point where you acknowledge that: “I have simply moved beyond this point and the fear does not apply to me and therefore, I will not allow it in my consciousness”.


Copyright © 2020 Kim Michaels

One person can and does make a difference

Question: How much impact can one person do for the liberation of women in a large country like Brazil by giving calls? How much of an impact does one person giving the calls have?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, whatever you do, is better than doing nothing. So you can say when you are facing a large nation, whether it be Brazil or another nation: “What difference can it possibly make”? Well, what have we said? In every nation, there are people who have incarnated at this particular time because they have the potential and it’s in their divine plans that they can make a positive contribution. What you can do as an ascended master student is make the calls that will cut these people free, awaken them so they can start fulfilling that potential.

In every nation, there are rungs of these people. It’s like the layers of an onion. There are some that are the most advanced that can be awakened first, then there are others that can be awakened as the next phase and then others and others. So, if there’s nobody in the particular nation making the calls, then maybe even the most mature students will not be awakened. But one person making the call can very well awaken that first group. And that might then help awaken the next group. And if you continue to make calls, and if other people begin to make calls, then it can gradually spread that way.

You also have to recognize that in every nation, there are constantly situations that come up where a nation is standing at a crossroads—it can take this way, or it can take that way. And very often, it can be a very, very small difference that determines whether a nation takes this road or that road. I’m not saying this means that one road would lead to disaster and one road would lead to the kingdom of God on earth. The consequences are not necessarily severe. But still there’s one road that leads to a better situation, better growth and one that delays growth. In these kinds of situations that happen all the time, one person making the calls can make that difference whether the nation goes this way or that way. And so, this can certainly have an impact.

Of course, the bigger the nation, the more people are needed to have a major impact. You can say that as one person giving the calls, you might not see a visible result of it. But I can assure you that it is there. In order to produce a visible result, well it takes more people. You saw, for example, in South Korea, that several times the students there, by making the calls have had a decisive impact on their nation. The same has happened in other nations. When it comes to having this visible impact, it usually takes a larger group of people. Nevertheless, one person can and does make a difference. Look at Jesus look at the Buddha.


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Change in Poland driven by women? 

Question: A question about Poland. There’s a strong polarization in the Polish nation. Is there any real potential for some people to awaken from duality? Is there enough people, women, a critical mass of women who can get awakened and drive the change beyond this polarization?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, the answer basically is yes there are enough women in embodiment in Poland who have the potential to awaken and drive this change beyond the current gridlock. Poland is an example of a democracy that is not really fully a modern democracy because it has had a very difficult history with being overrun by these larger nations, being part of the Soviet Union. So it hasn’t had time to become a modern democracy, but it obviously has the potential to become so.

And as a result, there are many lifestreams who have volunteered to embody in Poland and they have primarily embodied as women but not only as women. And what will drive this change is, again, the basic humanity, the essential humanity, where women especially, will look at how people are being treated under the current government and what is happening to the nation and to the people as a result of this polarization into these two fronts that cannot cooperate.

It’s not really something that women in general could even create in a nation, this polarized situation. This is primarily something created by men who get as we have said, pulled into this epic mindset, thinking they have to fight for this ultimate cause and it is not in alignment with divine motherhood because the mother, the mindset of the mother will see that all people in a particular nation should be treated well, should be treated equally. And this cannot happen when there is a polarization.

So the perspective again of this basic humanity, and even the essential humanity of what people have the potential to grow into, is the best opportunity for overcoming this. It may still take some time, because with the re-election of the President, you have now extended the time where the current government will stay in power. And this means that it will act out in more extreme ways until people begin to see the absurdity of what they’re actually doing. 


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You are not created to hold a spiritual office, you need to qualify for it

Question: Is it a correct understanding, that the I Am Presences of Alpha and Omega from the previous sphere create the I Am Presences of Alpha and Omega for the new sphere. Are Alpha and Omega created simultaneously and are they considered as twin flames. What is the correct understanding?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

No, this is not correct. If you look at your sphere, you have two beings named Alpha and Omega, who are now holding the highest spiritual office in your sphere. But they were not created in that position. They have attained that position by growing in your sphere. In other words, they were created inside your sphere as everyone else. They were not created as twin flames. They were created as individual beings, they grew to become ascended masters and they gradually grew in the ascended state to attain that position.

Now obviously, you’re logically going to say: “Well what happened when the sphere was just created and no one had had time to ascend?” Who was holding that office? Well, there were ascended beings from the previous sphere that were holding that office. They were also called Alpha and Omega, but they were not the same beings. But as soon as there were ascended beings from your sphere, that were able to hold that office, they took over that office.

So in general, you are not created to hold a spiritual office. You are created with a point like sense of awareness. You grow in awareness until you ascend and then you can from the ascended state, grow further until you qualify for a particular spiritual office.


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How to deal with compulsory vaccines 

Question: What is the right way for people to act towards compulsory vaccination, especially state employees, who are forced to do this on pain of dismissal?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

You need to take the saying of Jesus: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s”. You need to recognize that if you are a state employee, you have accepted that you work for the state. And the state in its current condition is the way it is. You can work perhaps on changing it in the long term. But as long as you’re working for the state, you need to accept these conditions that are here now. And therefore, you need to perform the job that you agreed to perform.

The same thing if you are a citizen in a country that makes vaccinations mandatory—then you do it. You can use whatever means you have in your country to change the situation in the long term, but in the short term, you need to simply accept that this is the current state of affairs in your country and therefore you accept it. If your country gives you a choice, then you can obviously make use of that choice. But otherwise, you need to accept the conditions that are there. If you don’t agree with them, then you work on changing them with whatever means you have available in a democracy—that obviously means democratic means.


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Spreading the golden age ideas among Turkish, Iranian and Altai nations

Question: What can we do to remove obstacles to the widespread acceptance of the Golden Age ideas and teachings or elements of teachings of the ascended masters in all of the Turkish, Iranian and Altai peoples including the Islamic ones? What calls can we make for greater progress in these countries and regions?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, it depends on whether you live in these areas or not. If you live in these areas, you can use the invocations we have given that invoke Golden Age ideas. You can especially select the invocations that deal with issues that are most relevant in your country. And you can make the calls, also, that Islam will change, other people’s views of Islam will change, that there’s a rising awareness that, these nations need to become secular democracies, as we have said at this conference, where you look at the historical evolution and you can see that it is inevitable, what needs to happen in these nations.  You can make the calls that those who have embodied in your nation in order to drive this evolution will be cut free, will be awakened and that, as many people as possible will be cut free to awaken these ideas.

This is a somewhat long-term proposition here. You cannot expect to get immediate results of this, because there is such an opposition, such a resistance to this in the majority of the people, but there are, of course, already tendencies. You can also make the calls that there will be a rising awareness of the need to create economic reforms. For example, to overcome the rising youth unemployment in these nations. You cannot have a functioning nation if a majority of young people cannot find a job, even if they have an education.

One of the most realistic ways that will force a change in these nations is simply, the economic reality that either changes are made, so that the nations become more secular and open up more to businesses or the economy will collapse. And then there could be a violent revolution. I’m not saying you should call for a violent revolution, but you can call for an awareness and if the economy isn’t changed, then there will be a violent revolution because this can motivate some leaders to accept changes. You can, of course, also call for people to be cut free from these demons, these mass entities—collective entities, that are keeping them trapped in this Islamic fundamentalist mindset where they are simply so trapped, that they cannot see what is obvious to at least some people in these nations.

Now, if you live outside of the region, then you can make general calls for the Golden Age ideas to be accepted. If you’re living outside, you don’t need to make direct calls for these nations because it’s just better to actually make calls for your own nation. So that, you will raise the collective consciousness in that nation and this will help pull up on these other nations. It is sort of a two-prong approach here, where some of these fundamentalist Islamic countries, they cannot, in the short term be pulled up by themselves. So, they must be pulled up by the rest of the world by a raising of the collective consciousness. But for those people who live in the countries and are open to ascended master teachings, you can make the calls for your nations.


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The importance of the idea of the basic humanity in the Muslim nations

Question: Jesus said that the masters would like to see the peoples of the Islamic meta culture less fragmented and more united. In what forms can this convergence and unification take place and on what basis from the point of view of the ascended masters? What calls can we make to contribute to this process?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, if you look at history and go back, you will see that before the time of Mohammed, there was tremendous conflict and basically what you would call tribal warfare in the Arabic nations. They were highly divided into all of these tribes that were constantly warring with each other over grazing for their sheep or whatever the excuse was. It is not necessarily so that we want to see a unification of the Arabic people as such. We wanted to see an end to this kind of very destructive tribal warfare. And this was the point of Archangel Gabriel releasing the original teachings of the Quran through Mohammed.

It was the hope that this could unify the Arabic people and stop the warfare. Of course, it has not exactly had that effect. In a certain sense, it has unified people as Muslims, but it has not stopped the internal conflict between them. And certainly, it has created another level of conflict between Muslims and the rest of the world.

This just shows you how difficult it is to unify people on a planet like Earth. Again, even today, we do not necessarily see that all Arabic or all Muslim nations should be united. As Saint Germain just talked about, in the future, there will be regions and there will certainly be regions of people that go across what you today can call Muslim nations. But we would, of course, like to see that the internal conflict and the conflict with the rest of the world is overcome, is transcended. And the best hope for that is what we have called the “basic humanity”. To some degree, also the essential humanity. But quite frankly, many people in Muslim nations are not able to grasp that.

The best hope is that they will be able to grasp the basic humanity, where they will want a better life for their children than they have had. And they will also see that there are certain things that a government should not do to its own people. For example, you should not put a woman in jail for driving a car in Saudi Arabia or any other nation. You should not execute her for these seemingly, to a western mind at least, not serious offences. You should not have people whipped in public for just being a woman.

There are so many examples of how these Muslim societies and the Sharia law, lead to these very inhumane treatments of people. The best thing to make the calls for is that people will begin to see this. There is also, as Saint Germain just said, the whole concept of the economy in these nations and how the economy can possibly survive, especially with the youth unemployment. Again, these are the two areas where there is the biggest opportunity for some kind of change that will soften up the black and white thinking in Muslim nations.


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The secret rays and the material world 

Question: We know from the teachings that the entire material world is made up of seven rays and we also know that there are secret rays. My question is how do the secret rays manifest in the material world?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

The secret rays do not manifest in the material world directly. They work through the other rays. You could say that if you look at a figure eight, then in the upper part of the figure are the secret rays, which then stream into the lower figure, in the form of the seven rays. And then there is another figure eight, where the seven rays stream into the material world.


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The parable of the unjust steward

Question: Would the masters clarified the meaning of the parable of the unjust steward described in the Gospel of Luke: chapter 16, 1 – 13.

Kim: This parable describes a master who has a servant who manages his estate. And he is being accused of having misused the master’s goods and the master calls him to account. And the servant calls in some of the people that owe the master money, or oil, or whatever it is, and ask them to write down the value of what they owe the master.

And the master then praises him for this and says that the people of the world are, in this generation, wiser than the people of the light, something to that effect. And then the Pharisees, they are criticizing Jesus for having given this parable. And that is what I remember from it. We will see what Jesus wants to say about it.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

It is not every parable in the Bible that is accurately portrayed. It is not a direct quote of what I said. And unfortunately, both the original quote and the later translations give a distorted image of what was my intent with this parable. My intent was to portray that people who are trapped in the worldly consciousness, what we today call the consciousness of duality, will always be thinking about themselves. And many of these people, including the fallen beings, have a greater mastery of manipulating the material world, the physical octave, than spiritual people, people who are dedicated to spiritual growth. And that is why they are “wiser”, in their generation, in their way, than the people who are spiritual who are not interested in this worldly manipulation.

The point of drawing in the Scribes and Pharisees is that they are sort of in between. They are still in the worldly consciousness, but they claim to be spiritual. They claim to have risen above the worldly consciousness that wants mammon, that wants to serve the God of mammon, if you will. And they claim to be spiritual but they are not because they have not shifted their consciousness.

This is, unfortunately, a parable that has been misquoted, mistranslated, and therefore caused a lot of confusion. But the main point is this. That you cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve God and mammon, meaning you cannot pursue both worldly riches, or worldly power, and at the same time, walk the true spiritual path.

This is obvious for the people who are pursuing worldly riches. But even the Scribes and Pharisees, who were also pursuing a certain worldly power over people’s minds, by claiming to be walking the spiritual paths, but they were not walking the true path.


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Is the idea of sisterhood a divisive idea? 

Question: Kim, your yesterday’s final comment causes misunderstanding for me and did not seem for me complete. I have some clarifying questions. If our life stream is neither male nor female, what is the point of giving teachings that divide people by gender? For example, the idea of a female sisterhood isn’t it a divisive idea? Isn’t bringing people together on the basis of basic humanity regardless of gender a higher idea?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, I would say that this question is asked from the linear mind again. It is an example of the linear mind that always thinks in terms of, if this is said, what is the opposite, and so forth. It is clear that the masters are giving teachings because people are in male and female bodies and most people are still identified with it, and most people cannot immediately let go of it. The masters are giving teachings about a female sisterhood because the realistic way forward is that women can drive change in society and they can drive this by coming together.

In the long run, yes, it can be a divisive idea. As you see that the feminist movement has, to a large degree, been divisive. This is the situation that the masters face. Whatever they do, it can be used for division, but it can also be used for transcendence, and that is what some people can do.

Isn’t bringing people together on the basis of basic humanity regardless of gender a higher idea? Yes, in a sense, it is. But is it realistic to do this as the first step? Or are there other steps that need to be taken.


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When reality becomes just an idea which can be argued for or against

Question: What would Mother Mary say to a person that considers himself or herself as a student of the ascended masters, but who has an idea to leave incarnation though committing suicide and justify it by saying that in the current life on earth, he is bored with it and hopes that the next life will be better? What consequences will this livestream face if it leaves the incarnation in this way? 

The level of suicide in a country where the student lives is getting high. There have been a lot of causes of suicide in the region where the student lives and even among the close people of this student. I realize that the beast of suicide in the collective consciousness where the student lives is very strong. But after communication with this student, I felt how this beast was trying to test even me. Making the calls of the Christ judgment upon this beast helped me momentarily cut any ties and any suicide projections upon me. While talking with this student, I very quickly realized that none of my arguments would convince this student not to leave the physical body through suicide. I see that this intention is caused by the student’s unresolved psychology, by unresolved primal self. The student doesn’t want to make a living by engaging in worldly activities, saying that they are not interesting. Yet this student’s savings are running out and the decision to leave the physical body is a sort of a way out of not wanting to deal with this situation. I realized that it is nothing but an avoidance pattern in the student, but I feel that my attempts to convince the student to make a decision of LIFE has sort of failed because the current self the student identifies with looks very sophisticated because it knows and has been working with all the latest teachings on the primal self. 

These teachings have not worked in the case of this student, but they have tremendously worked in my case and helped me to a great extent to resolve my primal self. And thus helped me a lot to let the student go and do whatever the student wants to do without any value judgment and negative feeling for my side. Now I feel that it is enough for me to force free will of others. I’m really done with that. But since the student shared with me his decision about leaving this embodiment, I felt that there was a reason for me to be involved with that. So, I have decided to express my own free will and be the expression of the Divine Mother in action. I’ve started calling the Christ judgment upon the suicide beast and upon the separate self of the student and ask the ascended masters to help the student’s Conscious You to awaken from this illusion that infinity of pure awareness can be experienced only out of the physical body. 

I feel deep compassion for the student, and I do love this lifestream very much as I do love all my brothers and sisters on the path, who are currently facing tough challenges in their lives. Having resolved my primal self to a large degree, I shared with the student about my situation that my savings are also running out and all my attempts to find a job for the last three years were also in vain. But these three years have been a precious time and gift in my life. And after thirteen years of being under the guidance of the beloved ascended masters, I finally feel that I’m at home. I’m in the kingdom of my Father, that is, my kingdom for my father and I are one. Sorry for this long sharing, but I feel a strong inner impulse to do that after getting permission of this student to ask this question. Perhaps Mother Mary’s answer will help this student to make a life decision, for this student has not accepted any of my arguments not to do that.

 What would Mother Mary say to such a person?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

I would say nothing my beloved. What would be the point in saying something to a person who thinks that he or she knows better than other human beings and even the ascended masters. When people think they know better, they must experience the consequences of thinking they know better.

You recognize here that one of the things that happens when we give teachings through a sponsored messenger is that people will always interpret these teachings through their separate selves. We can give a teaching about the separate selves or the primal self that is aimed at helping people overcome these separate selves. And they will work for many of the people who sincerely apply them, as you describe. But they will not work for those who are not willing to continue stepping back and looking at even the most subtle aspects of these separate selves.

And there are people who have created very sophisticated separate selves. Many of these beings are fallen beings. Because all fallen beings have created separate selves that are absolutely convinced that they know better than God how the world should be run. There is nothing you can say to a person with this kind of a separate self. You cannot convince them. And you cannot convince them for the simple reason that these people have not only one separate self that is convinced that it knows better, but they have another separate self that has as an absolute rule, that the self that knows better could never be wrong.

What you have in some people is this dualistic polarity of two selves. One thinks it knows better than anyone else, and the other thinks the first self could never be wrong. If you try to reason and prove that the first self does not know better, that there is something it does not know, that there is a contradiction. Then all you will do is activate the second self, which will blankly refuse to look at your arguments.

This separate self has one overriding rule. You could never be right, no matter what you say. It does not matter what your arguments are, you could never be right. And therefore, it is fruitless to reason and argue with such a person.

You might say, when you look at the many people who commit suicide, and have committed suicide, that it never leads them to improve their situation, because they must come back into embodiment with the same psychology that caused them to leave embodiment. You might say this to a person, but it would have no impact, because the person’s self would block it, that it cannot be right.

What has to happen to some people, is that they have to commit suicide, maybe in multiple embodiments, before they realize that it never improves their situation. They cannot actually escape what they are trying to escape, because they cannot escape their own psychology. You may commit suicide and that kills the physical body. But you carry your emotional, mental and identity body with you, after you leave the physical body. What has changed? Your experience of life is primarily through the three higher bodies, not the physical body, and you are still in those three higher bodies. What has changed?

You may say this to a person, but the person’s self would block it, you cannot be right. And therefore, you see what happens in the minds of such people and in the minds of fallen beings is that they think that anything that is presented to them, any idea that is presented to them, is just an idea. And because they are in a dualistic state of consciousness, any idea can be argued for or against.

They cannot grasp that something is a truth, is a reality, that this is just the way it is. You might say to such a person, to put it in an extreme manner, the Earth is round. But the person will not accept that it is a fact that the Earth is round. The person will look at this as an idea. Oh, that is an interesting idea, the Earth is round. Let us look at the arguments for the Earth being round and the arguments against the Earth being round. And then the person’s self will be able to say, well, there are some flaws in these arguments for the Earth being round, and therefore, I continue to believe that the Earth is flat.

This is what fallen beings have done since the fall in the fourth sphere. It is what some of them will continue to do until the second death. They will stand there in front of the second death, when they are faced with ultimate reality, and they would still in their minds come up with some argument to reject the path that is being offered to them. There is nothing that an ascended master can say to such people, because we respect free will. You also need to come to a point where you respect free will and say: “I have done everything I could do. I must let go”.


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