In the current conditions on earth most people need to eat meat

Question: Can you please enlighten us, why are there people in the higher state of consciousness still willing to kill animals and other life forms to eat or use them in the world today where there are so many other alternatives? How can we contribute to create a better world if we are still willing to take life so easily from other life forms and be so insensitive towards elemental life?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Let me first comment on elemental life. By killing animals for food, you’re not being insensitive to elemental life. You are actually allowing those elementals, who are created to manifest animals, to fulfill their service and thereby grow. You have to understand that planet Earth is right now at a certain level, the collective consciousness is at a certain level. There’s a certain density in the physical octave and therefore eating meat from animals is for most people necessary. There are people who have been vegetarians for years and have come to realize that they had actually damaged their health by forcing their bodies to adhere to a vegetarian diet and the fact of the matter is that in the current density of the planet it is difficult for a human body to gain all the nutrition it needs from plant food, from a plant based diet.

That is why you have animals whose digestive system and we might say, even their consciousness, the density of their bodies, is different. It can break down plant life into its nutritional components in a way that the human body cannot do. So by the human body consuming the animal body you can still get the nutrients that you cannot get directly from the plant food. You have to recognize here that even though this is not the ultimate condition on Earth and not the ideal condition on Earth, it is the current condition on Earth and we have to be practical realists and say that in the current condition most people need to eat meat, it is simply a practical reality.

What we have talked about earlier and what I talked about earlier in my dictation is that you can have this attitude on Earth and many spiritual people have it, that certain things should not be happening and you can have the attitude perhaps based on the philosophy of Buddhism of not harming any sentient being or any form of life. You can have this from past lives, that you should not be harming animals and you should therefore not being eating meat.

But you have to look at the bigger picture here and realize that you cannot simply decide, “If I’m not eating meat then I’m not harming animals” because you’re living in an environment that is a whole and the only way that you as a human being could avoid harming animals, my beloved, is to commit suicide. Because if you live in a house then where that house is now there could have been a field or a forest where animals could have been living. You also have to realize that planet Earth has a hierarchical structure and at the top of that hierarchical structure is human beings and that means that all other life forms on Earth ideally would serve human beings and facilitate the growth and the existence of human beings.

That’s why as I said, the elementals that are creating animals, it’s allowing them to perform their service, to eat meat. Of course, in a responsible manner and you do not want these animals to suffer needlessly or to be killed in brutal ways. But nevertheless this is, in the current situation, simply the practical reality. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t make the decision as a spiritual person that “I do not want to eat meat.” There is nothing inherently wrong with this except you have to realize that for many people this could be dangerous to their health.

So as a spiritual person, you should first of all, attempt to attune to your body and if you get a clear intuitive sense that your body can function without eating meat then you can make the decision not to eat meat. But there are many spiritual people who have accepted some kind of idea, some kind of belief and then they have decided, “I’m not going to eat meat because…” whatever reason they have and then they have forced this belief upon their physical bodies and this is not actually helping your spiritual progress because it is in a sense, reinforcing the consciousness of separation.

You see my beloved when you start to overcome the consciousness of separation, you also overcome these negative attitudes that many spiritual people have to their physical bodies. You begin to become more attuned to your physical body and therefore, you can sense intuitively what does your physical body need in order to function at the optimal level as conditions are on Earth right now. And as I said if you get an intuitive sense that your body doesn’t need meat there is nothing wrong with choosing not to eat meat but make sure that you have a pure intuitive sense. You cannot have this pure intuitive sense if you have, with your outer mind, adopted a very strong belief that it is wrong to eat meat then you cannot tune into your body and sense what your body needs.

Again you see that there is a certain phase on the spiritual path. We could say that before people start on the spiritual path they are in much the same state of consciousness as the average person and the average person has a certain level of awareness. When you start the spiritual path you usually and often very quickly, switch to a higher level of awareness. You become more aware of many different things and this for many people means that they become more sensitive and that is why they often become open to these beliefs that are, what we have called black and white, that are very clear, decisive, “it’s wrong to do this, it’s wrong to do that.” That is again where many people become sensitive to this belief that “Oh, it’s not right to eat meat. It’s not right to kill animals. You shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that” and this is, again, acceptable at a certain stage of the path.

But we are giving these teachings for people who are at a higher level or who are willing to come up to a higher level. Where you go beyond the black and white thinking and you reach a higher level of awareness where you see more nuances, you become open to the practical reality where you can say, “what does my body need in order to function?” and if you sense that your body needs meat, then you eat it and you don’t feel guilty about it.

Naturally my beloved you can attempt to buy meat where the animals are raised under the best possible conditions, where they are killed under the most “humane”, so to speak, conditions and of course there is no doubt, that there will come a point, there will come many points where society becomes more and more aware of the need to treat animals better. Of course there will come a point where people will not eat meat, where nobody or at least very few people on the planet will eat meat but that is going to happen in the somewhat distant future and it is not something that will happen, for most of you, in your lifetime.

Therefore again, you need to be a practical realist, you need to not have these very fixed beliefs about what you should or what you shouldn’t do. Because there comes that point where you need to look beyond such beliefs and be much more intuitive, much more attuned to your particular situation and your particular body and what it needs.


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