J.S. Bach and a higer energetic matrix in his music 

Question: Some people say that Bach the composer was an embodiment of Kuthumi or Djwal Khul. Is that true? Plus, what is the reason why so many people say they have had divine experiences through Bach’s music?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

None of those are correct. But Bach was able to tune in to certain ascended masters, not Djwal Khul or Kuthumi, they had not ascended at the time, and therefore he was able to receive a certain energetic matrix that was incorporated into his music. This is not to say that he was the only composer who could do so. Mozart had some ability, Handel had some ability, and several other composers.

It is not necessary to create some cult of idolatry around a particular composer, but just to simply tune in intuitively. If there is a certain music that appeals to you that resonates with you to give you a higher experience, then you listen to it, but you do not need to have this mental overlay of, oh, that composer was so advanced and he was an incarnation of such-and-such ascended master or all of these kinds of things that some ascended master students go into to a point that is not balanced.

Again, what have we talked about in this conference? Overcoming the ideological mindset that always wants to impose some mental evaluation. You get the biggest benefit from music by neutralizing the mental mind so you can listen to it with a neutral state of mind and therefore have the best possible experience rather than listening to it with this mental overlay that this is supposed to be special in some way, and therefore you are almost trying to force yourself to have an experience.


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Lessons below 48th level 

Question: So is the Path To Self-Mastery course the way to also learn about the first to the 47th level of consciousness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Not necessarily. As I just said in the previous answer, most of you have not gone to the lower levels below the 48th level of consciousness, so you will not learn about them by taking the self-mastery course. You will learn the positive initiations and the positive lessons you need to learn. If you have gone say to the 30th level of consciousness, you do not need to learn about the lower levels of consciousness.

But of course, as you go up from the 48th to the corresponding level that you had gone down below the 48th before, you need to see through the illusions that caused you to go down to those levels. In that respect, as you pass the initiations above the 48th level, you are learning about the lower levels to which you had descended. You can also at the higher levels learn at least something about the perversions of those particular levels, but not to the way you would do if you had actually experienced those levels yourself.


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Karma made below the 48th level

Question: Is karma from the first level of consciousness to the 47th level transmuted by using the Path To Self-Mastery Course? And so to gain more clarification, is the first to the 47th level of consciousness perversions of the seven rays?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, you can certainly say that there is a correspondence between the levels of consciousness below the 48th level and the perversions of the seven rays. You see that the Course Of Self-Mastery starts at the 48th level with the first ray, the seven initiations of the first ray, and you climb those seven levels by passing those initiations of the first ray, then moving on to the second ray.

How do you descend below the 48th level? Well, you start with that first initiation of the first ray. You fail to pass that initiation, so you pervert that level of consciousness, and then you go a step down, and then you keep going down. You can say that the lowest level of consciousness is the extreme perversion of the seventh ray, the seventh level of initiation on the seventh ray.

This is a valid way to look at it. It is also valid to say that as you are using the Course To Self-Mastery, and walking up, you will balance any karma you had made below the 48th level. You also have to realize here that most people who are open to the spiritual path in this lifetime have not gone to the lowest level of consciousness. There is no one saying that just because you were embodied on the planet for two million years, for example, that you have necessarily gone to the absolute lowest level of consciousness. Most of you have not even come anywhere near to that level. You have gone below the 48th level, most of you, but not to the very lowest levels. It is mostly fallen beings who are found at those levels of consciousness.

So, as most of you use the Course To Self-Mastery, there will come a point where you no longer have any karma to balance from below the 48th level. You will often feel that suddenly the path is lighter, it is easier to walk the different steps. Say you had gone 10 steps down, then when you go 10 steps up and have no more karma below the 48th level, it becomes much easier to pass the initiations from that point on.


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Self-reinforcing spiral of racism 

Question: Clearly, there are many needed changes required to effectively address racial equity in America. However, it seems clear that there is a paradigm in the minds of people of color that says: “We will not be equal, we will not have what we should have, unless those other people give it to us.” And while millions of people of color have succeeded and have created prosperity, instead of creating a new paradigm of what one can do, all can do, the majority seem to feel powerless and hopeless, because of past injustices and experiences. This then perpetuates the paradigm of the white population that people of color are not willing to help themselves, which in turn seems to validate the perception of racism, and on it goes. What are some of the most essential keys to breaking this vicious cycle?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, you are perfectly correct in your evaluation of this issue. There is indeed a mindset, and we have addressed it briefly before among many people of color, that just because they are people of color, they are disadvantaged from birth. There is, of course, also a very racial attitude among many white people that have a negative view of colored people and their ability. And what needs to be seen by those who are open to it is that these two viewpoints reinforce each other, as you are pointing out.

The racism projected by white people makes people of color feel hopeless, and therefore they do not act in ways that would challenge the racism. It is a self-reinforcing spiral. Now, one of the things that could break this up, but of course is not likely to do so in the short term, is a recognition of reincarnation. When you realize that people have reincarnated many times, and that they often tend to gravitate to similar circumstances because their consciousness attracts them to certain circumstances, then you can get a different view of this process.

Colored people could ask themselves: “Why have I incarnated as a colored person? What does this say about my state of consciousness?” And you can realize that black Africans were brought to America as slaves. But why were they susceptible to becoming slaves, because when they lived in these tribal communities in Africa, they had a passive state of consciousness. They were not willing to take responsibility for themselves and look at what can I do to improve my situation. They lived the same way as their forefathers had lived for generations, even centuries, even thousands of years in these hunter-gatherer or primitive farming cultures. This is what made them vulnerable to becoming captured as slaves, whether by Arabs or Americans, and put in a situation where they did not have to make decisions.

In a sense, you could say that, for many of these people, being slaves in colonial America was an easier life than living in their tribes in Africa, because here they lived in a very structured environment where they had a certain role to fulfill. But if they fulfilled that role, they would have the minimum material requirements for life, and they would have at least some free time. This was an easier life for them, where they did not have to take responsibility, did not have to make decisions.

The question is, have some of the more passive among the colored people transcended that consciousness since the abolishment of slavery. And if they have not, what could they do to transcend it? This, I realize is not a message that will be readily accepted by most colored people, but it is the message that could liberate them, and help them raise their consciousness.

Now, you also need to be very careful to recognize that not all colored people are in this passive state of mind. The soul is beyond the physical body. That is the real value of the teachings on reincarnation. You might indeed have incarnated as a black person for many lifetimes, but you may not. You may have been reincarnated in a passive state of mind for many lifetimes, but you may not. You may, whether you were colored or white in your past lives, have been in a very self-reliant, active state of mind in your last lifetime. What you chose is to embody as a color person in America in this lifetime in order i to demonstrate that colored people can raise themselves above the passive state of mind. There are certainly two kinds of people, main groups of people, embodying as colored people in America.

Now there are, of course, also different kinds of people embodying as white people in America. You have, when you look at history, a certain group of people in the world who have tended to set themselves up as either slave owners or, as in other ways, having power and privileges compared to other people who are doing the menial work. Some of the people who embodied in America in this lifetime were people who in often many past lifetimes, were embodied other places in the world as some kind of elite, where they felt superior to others. That is why they have developed this attitude that you can call racism, which is also a sense of superiority to other people based on physical criteria.

You may say that, well certainly, many of the white people in America who are racists are not part of an elite today. They are not particularly rich, they are not part of any noble class or anything like that. Why is that? Well, it is because these people need to overcome that mindset, and that is why they have embodied in America without being rich or having any position. There are not as many positions in America as in some other countries, because there is no aristocracy in America, for example. There is an economic financial aristocracy, to some degree, a political aristocracy.

Many of these people were aristocrats in their past lives, and now they have embodied as “ordinary Americans” in order to give them, or force themselves to have an opportunity to overcome this aristocratic mindset. It is not necessarily a racist mindset in the sense that it is focused on race. It is an aristocratic mindset where “I belong to an elite.” Saying that it is the black people that are inferior is just an excuse. There are many other contexts where the aristocratic mindset uses other criteria to make some people inferior to the aristocracy. It is just about what works in that particular culture.

What you can see is that the purpose of having this interaction between white and colored people is to give both an opportunity to transcend the mindset they have been stuck in for a long time. You see that in some of the former slave states, you have these souls who incarnated, some who have been slaves for a long time, some who have been aristocrats for a long time, and this is to give them an opportunity to overcome this. Now, there are of course white people who have incarnated because they have overcome the aristocratic mindset or they never had it, so they have incarnated as white people in order to demonstrate that you can be a white person living in a southern state without having a racist or an aristocratic mindset.

These ideas could help people if they were open to them. As it is, many will not be, and that is why you again have the school of hard knocks where you have seen in the last several years, tensions growing. You have seen how the Trump presidency inflated these tensions, because there is a group of people in America who believe that America should be ruled by white men. They are not all former slave owners or former aristocrats. There is a certain group of them that are actually Christian ministers who are evangelical or fundamentalist Christians and who also believe that white men should rule America as they have traditionally done, or so they at least think. You have this entire culture, and Donald Trump managed to speak to these people in a way that made them think that now was their time to take back America, and to make America great again, meaning ruled by white men.

This is, of course, a process that only inflates the tensions and racial tensions, so the question simply is, how extreme does that have to become? How much violence has to ensue, as you have seen the corona pandemic has created violence against Asians, and as you saw the police brutality created violence in the other direction. The question is simply how much violence does there need to be before people begin to question the mindset behind it. Ultimately, you can say that the extreme outcome of racism or the aristocratic mindset in America is this idea that America should be ruled by white men. What you really need to ask about that mindset is, why should America be ruled by white men. Why?

What is America, it is a melting pot of people from all over the world, and that is its strength. That is the strength of America. The diversity is what built America. Uniformity is what you had in Europe, and what caused the European societies to stagnate for centuries. Why do you think replicating that uniformity in America will cause America to continue to grow rather than stagnate, as it is already doing to some degree?

The reality here is that the key to manifesting the Golden Age in America is not white men. It is to have a diversity of people from many different backgrounds as part of the government. Certainly, some of them will be white, some of them will be men, some of them will be white men, but there will be many other people that need to be involved. We might say that if there is one factor that could change that equation in a nonviolent way, it would be elect more women to Congress.

Women are, of course, not as susceptible, even though some are, to this mindset that white men should rule America. You can see the gross difference between the number of women in America and the number of women in Congress. You can see this is not sustainable. If you had more women in the legislative bodies, then you clearly would have a more balanced approach to the racial issue as well. If you take a look at the political parties in America today, you can see that clearly the Democratic Party is more open to giving women influence. As you saw that the current white man who is President elected a colored woman has Vice President.


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Helping yourself or helping the world?

Question: I have a desire to help my country and the entire planet become better and more and move closer to the golden age. For that, among other things I am ready to give invocations for world issues released by the ascended masters. However, because of my psychology, I cannot repeatedly do the same thing for a long time. Therefore, I can give invocations only within a limited time, even though I have free time to do that, besides I also have to work on healing my psychology and on my birth trauma and have to give related invocations. The problem I am facing now is how to combine these two activities, either to give invocation for healing my personal traumas or to give invocations for the world issues. For me, it looks like I have to sacrifice one of these activities if I do the other. Is there a way to combine these two activities, healing my psychology and bringing about changes in the world in a balanced manner?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” What is the kingdom of God and His righteousness? It is the resolution of your personal psychology. If you have come to a point where you feel there is a conflict between the two, then focus on resolving your personal psychology and then you will easily see how to deal with the world issues. I recommend you taking the specific invocations for dealing with your psychology and not feeling guilty or stressed about not giving invocations for world issues.

There are many ascended master students who have used decrees or invocations and felt they should give these for world issues. But they have used this as an excuse for not dealing with their own psychology, as this messenger realized back in the early 1990s, that he was doing with the decrees of the Summit Lighthouse. There comes a point, often in the beginning, when you found the spiritual path that is perfectly fine to focus on world issues, but there comes a point where you begin to realize that you need to start being more serious about working on your psychology. And at that point it is perfectly fine to set aside the decrees and invocations for world issues and focus on psychological issues Then, when you begin to resolve these, they will no longer be a conflict in dealing with world issues.


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The planet earth experiment

Question: Earlier, in several esoteric sources, I read the statement that planet earth is unique in its own way, unique in terms of an experiment that the earth was exposed to. At the time, I did not understand what kind of experiment it was. But having become familiar with the ascended master teachings, I started thinking that your experiment most likely was about allowing the lifestreams at various levels of consciousness to incarnate on the earth, and to have the possibility of creating here a kind of melting pot. Could you explain if my understanding is correct? It was also said by the ascended masters, that Sanat Kumara had repeatedly visited dark planets like the earth with a rescue mission and helped them to ascend. How was that happening on those planets? Was there the same kind of mixing of lifestreams there, as it was on earth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

There are various ways to describe what has happened on earth and on other planets. You can describe it as an experiment but an experiment kind of implies that we do not know the outcome. And from a certain perspective, you can say that we do not know the outcome, because we do not know exactly how different groups of people will respond. But on the other hand, we do know the outcome and at the end the earth will be raised, it is just a matter of how that happens. And what happens to individual lifestreams in the process.

It is true that part of the experiment on earth was to mix many different people together in order to break up this very monotonous, uniform culture that was created by the inhabitants of the earth. Part of the experiment was also to allow fallen beings here because they are, for want of a better word “good at” breaking up uniformity.

The situation has been very different on other planets. I have, as I have said myself, played this role on many different planets—of coming to rescue them from a self-destructive downward spiral. But there have been many different scenarios that have been outplayed on various planets. And it is too much or not really constructive to go into them in an answer to a specific question. We may give teachings at another time. But on the other hand, how are these teachings relevant to the situation on earth, which is what we have to deal with right now.


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Switching between higher and lower states of consciousness

Question: Beloved masters, I feel great love and gratitude to you for your help and support to me, that I experienced by being on the spiritual path. Recently, I have been more frequently experiencing states of inner comfort, that go beyond my normal state of consciousness, I might describe that as states of love, expansion and acceptance. But then I suddenly return to my normal state. And because of this contrast between the two states, I experienced kind of heavy feelings. When I start to analyze and reflect on this, I fail to recognize underlying thoughts, beliefs or conditions that cause me to switch from one state into another. I do not find an answer. And I am very confused because I feel that I do not control this process consciously, and do not understand what switches me. But the inner path is to the path of awareness, or do I not understand it correctly? Could you explain that?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, we have just given another answer, where we said that it is natural that at a certain level of the path, you have more of a contrast between your normal state of awareness, and what you might call spiritual experiences. Whenever you have this contrast, it is a sign that you have started going to a higher level of consciousness, but you are not yet really anchored at that level. And that is why you go back and forth between your normal state, as you might call it and the higher experience. This is a perfectly normal experience. You might very well have people who have various forms of experiences, first in glimpses then in longer periods. But there is still the contrast, when they go back and had to deal with everyday life.

It is not necessarily that there is a certain self where you can uncover a belief, but there can be certain selves that are behind this. As I said in a previous answer, there can be certain people who think that you should have these higher experiences. And this can make you go into a state of wanting to force it. But when you are open to the experience, when you allow it to happen when it happens, you simply need to realize that you will go through a process where you experience this higher experience. And hopefully, you do it more and more frequently, until it becomes the norm, the normal experience.

It does not mean that you are always in an ecstatic or more dramatic state of mind. But there can come a point where the feeling of acceptance and comfort becomes the background feeling, the backdrop for your experience on earth. In other words, most people have certain tense or inharmonious or stressed feelings about life in a normal state of consciousness. Then as you walk the spiritual path, you begin to have experiences of higher acceptance, where you can accept yourself, you feel confident and loved. And in the beginning, this will be dramatic. But after some time, you can come to a point where now you no longer feel the previous stress, or previous unacceptance of yourself or condemnation of yourself, or just a tendency to analyze yourself but you are accepting yourself for who you are.

And this becomes your new normal, it becomes the backdrop for your experience. You are experiencing life on the foundation that you are acceptable in the eyes of the ascended masters and to yourself, and therefore it gives you a different approach to life. There can be certain selves that you have that have certain beliefs about what it takes to be an acceptable person or to be loved. And it can be beneficial to look for these selves and seek to resolve them. But there are also sometimes where you simply just have to let the process unfold and go through a period where you have the contrast until the contrast starts fading away.


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Allness, the hierarchy of spiritual beings and the Conscious You 

Question: Guru Ma in her book says, in reality, you could say there has never been a distinct being, you could say there has never been a Conscious You, because it has all along been the I Am Presence that has focused itself in a localized point. It is not that the Conscious You has ever done anything. That is why Jesus said: “I can of my own self to nothing.” What he also could have said was: “I have no own self; it is an illusion.” Can we say the same about beings in the spiritual realm in relation to the Creator and about the Creator in relation to the Allness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Yes, this is a correct observation, there is only one source of all. Everything comes out of that source. The Creator came out of the Allness, all ascended beings came ultimately out of the Creator or other ascended beings. This is the entire idea of a hierarchy, where you can see that your sense of self that you have right now, is an extension of your source, which is the next step up for you in hierarchy. For you, as a being embodied on earth that is your I Am Presence in the spiritual realm. But your I Am Presence is also an extension of an ascended being, which is an extension of another ascended being all the way up to the Creator, and then on to the Allness.

What happens in the Allness is so different that it cannot easily be described in words. There is really no point in describing it as words because why do you need to know this in a way that can be understood and described by the words you have on a low planet like earth, it just is not possible to translate this.

But we can certainly say that the entire idea of the hierarchy is that everything came from a source that has branched out—extended itself. We can say that what is really the illusion is that  “I have an existence as a distinct being here”. Of course, no one in the ascended realm has that sense of identity, you can only have that in an undescended sphere. You can say that, as we have said, that all our teachings are tools to liberate you. And ultimately, you could say that all of our teachings are tools to liberate you from a limited sense of identity, which could be a false sense of identity, in the sense that you think this is all there is to your identity, what you experience here on earth.

And so, we gave you the concept of the Conscious You, because it is possible for you to have an experience of pure awareness. And when you have an experience of pure awareness, you realize that you are not the outer mind, you are not the four lower bodies. You are not your identity body, your mental body, your emotional body or your physical body.

Most spiritual people have come to realize they are not the physical body, I am a spiritual being that expresses itself through this body in this lifetime, I have been in other bodies and past lifetimes and so on. This is the first step towards a spiritual outlook. You can also come, as some people have done, to realize you are not your emotions, you are not identified with your emotions. This makes it much easier to deal with your emotions. And the next step, obviously, you are not your thoughts, you are not your beliefs. And then comes of course, finally, the sense that you are not the sense of identity you have here on earth. You are not even the sense of identity you had as an avatar before you came to earth.

And that is why we have given this concept of the Conscious You, which is pure awareness, meaning it is simply conscious of existing without existing as having a particular identity, whether it is on earth or somewhere else.

As Gautama Buddha just said in his magnificent dictation: “All words are just descriptions of the thing.” And in order to make use of that teaching, you have to experience it. And then the words become not so important anymore. Certainly not something you would start interpreting or arguing against. You have seen some people after we gave the concept of Conscious You who went into arguing against the concept, which just demonstrates that they have not had the experience.

And the same, of course, goes with any spiritual teaching that has ever been given, as Gautama also said: “The mindset of antichrist, the fallen beings can always use words to argue against any statement made in words.” And it just demonstrates that people are trapped at the level of words and not willing to have the direct experience. Once you have experienced pure awareness, it does not matter whether you call it a Conscious You or the Great Pumpkin Man, it does not matter. It is just words. And when you have the experience, you no longer need the words. But you can, of course, use the words for practical reasons.


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The most important shift in the psychological profession

Question: For psychiatrists, psychologists, or counselors/therapists what areas of research would be most helpful at this time for helping raising humanity’s consciousness upwards? For therapists, what areas of research would be most helpful at this time?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

The most helpful would be any kind of scientific research that looks into consciousness: what consciousness is, the effects of consciousness, how the mind works. This can be in many different fields.

But what needs to be brought about is the shift in the psychological profession to realize that human beings are not material beings, they are psychological beings. They do not need to go as far as saying they are spiritual beings but they need to realize that human beings are psychological beings and that everything people do springs from conditions in the psyche and that the psyche does not spring from conditions in the brain or the DNA.

This would be the most important area that could bring about a shift in the profession that will open up for many new forms of therapies, and an entirely new approach to helping people with psychological illness and other psychological problems.


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How to avoid making mistakes or karma

Question: Is it true that making a lesser or lower decision and choice is the same as making a spiritual mistake in the eye of God? And is negative karma the consequence of making spiritual mistakes? If so, how are these mistakes determined? What are our guidelines or rules or conditions that we must follow in order to not make negative karma for ourselves?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, the simplest rule you can follow to avoid making negative karma is the statement found in most religions: “Do unto others what you want them to do to you. Or, do not do what you do not want others to do to you.” That is a very simple rule.

Now, in terms of the previous parts of the question, you run into some difficulties because these are somewhat relative terms. What is a lesser or lower decision? Is it from a worldly perspective or from a spiritual perspective?

In other words, we can talk about there are certain decisions you make. For example, you take certain actions that have certain physical consequences that either affect other people or are unpleasant to yourself. You can make karma for making such decisions especially if they affect other people. But it is not necessarily what we would normally call a spiritual mistake. It is simply a physical mistake, a mistake relating to the physical realm to your actions in the physical realm.

Now today, in these teachings, we do not actually use the concept of mistakes and certainly not the concept of a spiritual mistake. But what we could say is that there are of course, certain choices you can make that hinder your spiritual progress. If you want to use the concept of a spiritual mistake, you would say that that was it. Now, of course, some of the choices you can make that have physical consequences can also be a hindrance to your spiritual progress. If you kill another human being, then that will be a hindrance to your spiritual progress, especially if you use some kind of ideology to justify it.

But spiritual mistakes again, not a term we normally use, will be accepting certain beliefs, a certain attitude that hinders your progress. If you accept a false teaching, for example, that takes you into a blind alley where you think you have reached a high level of the spiritual path, but you have not because you have not looked at your state of consciousness, then that would certainly be something that hinders your spiritual progress.

There is not a simple guideline that can help you avoid making any kind of mistakes or making karma. You can study the teachings we have given, the ego discourses, the Path to Christhood, the Path To Self-Mastery and this will give you a better feel for it. But you have to realize that people below a certain level of consciousness, they will always say: “Give me an infallible guideline that says do this and do not do that. And if I follow that guideline, I’m guaranteed to be saved.”

As we have explained in these teachings, there is no such guideline. Everything is a matter of consciousness. It is not a matter of what you do and do not do, as much as it is a matter of your level of consciousness. You have to change your state of consciousness and we have said before that there are guidelines that can be applied, but they change as you go to higher levels of consciousness. This is something you need to get by studying the teachings, by using your intuition and tuning into the guideline that is relevant to your present level of consciousness.


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The road to Damascus experience

Question: I’ve been on a spiritual path for decades and although I know I have made progress in consciousness, sometimes I feel like I’m behind where I could be because I’ve never gone through any road to Damascus experience, which seems to be present in the lives of many spiritual masters. Is this just a “self” coming from a collective programming related to illusory and unreasonable spiritual expectations, like the masters appearing in front of us at any moment?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

It is very individual what you will encounter on your spiritual path. And it is very, very important that you do not apply a value judgment to this. That you do not create some kind of criteria relative and in a sense to elicit criteria that, if you are an advanced spiritual student you are supposed to have certain experiences.

You have an entire culture in the New Age, spiritual and even in many religious organizations that you are supposed to have these dramatic or peak experiences. You have an entire group of people in the New Age field who are trapped in this endless quest for peak experiences.

Now, when you look at this concept of a peak experience, you realize that the very definition of it is that you have an experience and there is nothing higher. But some people go into not only wanting to repeat the peak experience, but they want to have an even higher peak experience. So they start creating rankings for peak experiences. Some are more peak than others. And this, of course, is counterproductive to spiritual growth.

It gets you into a competitive mindset that actually cannot bring your spiritual growth because spiritual growth is about what? It is about letting go of the ego, not reinforcing it. And the ego loves to use a spiritual experience to say that: “You must be a highly advanced spiritual person because you had these experiences.”

You have to be very careful about that. You have to realize something very, very simple here. The purpose of walking a spiritual path is not to have dramatic or peak experiences. It is to free you from certain beliefs and reactionary patterns, “separate selves” if you will, in your four lower bodies.

So what does it take for you individually to be free? For some people, it may take a certain experience and that is why they have a certain experience. But many people are able to walk a steady, slow, progressive path where they gradually let go of their illusions. And they do not need the dramatic experiences.

You also need to recognize that there have been people who have had these dramatic conversion experiences like the road to Damascus. You could say, was this really a spiritual experience that Paul was having? Or was it a conversion experience where he suddenly saw how wrong he had been in his previous approach—how counterproductive it was?

You can ask yourself: “Why did Paul have to have that experience?” Well, if you look at the actual situation you will see that he had persecuted Christians, he had opposed the Christian religion. But it was part of Paul’s divine plan that he should become a Christian evangelist. He had resisted what was part of his divine plan. And the resistance became more and more intense until he suddenly could not keep it up anymore. And then something snapped, he let go of the resistance. And this gave him a very large contrast between the resistance he had before and the freedom from the resistance. And he then experienced that in a certain way.

You will see here, that what gave the drama of the experience was the contrast between him resisting and letting go of the resistance. It was the intensity of the resistance that created the contrast. Well, many of you do not have that kind of resistance towards spiritual growth and that is why you grow at a more steady pace. You do not have the contrast.

You also have to recognize that at the beginning stages of the path, it is not uncommon that people can have a peak experience, a dramatic experience because there is still a contrast between their previous state of consciousness and the higher state of consciousness that they are beginning to go to. But as you move higher on the path, as you move towards the 144th level of consciousness and actually beyond the 96th, you no longer have that sense of contrast because now you have already reached a higher level of consciousness. It is just a matter of gradations. So where is the contrast?

At the 48th level of consciousness, overcoming the resistance and experiencing, glimpsing the 49th level of consciousness can feel like a great contrast. But from the 102nd to the 103rd, it is a lesser contrast, not nearly as dramatic. There is also the effect that at lower levels of consciousness, some people need to have an undeniable experience that their outer minds cannot deny, cannot gloss over, cannot explain away. It is necessary for these people.

But people who are more mature on a spiritual path do not need those kinds of experiences. It is actually common that as you move higher, there is less and less of a contrast. There are less and less drama lessons, a sense that you are having a peak experience. You actually come to a point where you begin to have that state of consciousness that I called the “Kingdom of God” and that the Buddha called bliss, where you are in such a balanced, neutral state of mind that you do not have those big contrasts anymore.


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Question about Juan and Eva Peron 

Question: In Argentina was Perón a fallen being? And Evita Perón? Was she a fallen being? Peronism seems to be a fallen creature.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, Perón was a fallen being. Evita Perón was also a fallen being but had actually started the process of freeing herself from the fallen mindset. She had not, in any measure accomplished that, but she was on the way to doing so. And hopefully in her next embodiment she can make further progress in this process.


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Health  and energy of resistance

Question: I have recently discovered after a long study by my doctor to explain the high white blood cell count in my system for over a year that the activities of my white blood cells may have contributed to my natural immunity towards the coronavirus. While my symptoms were mild, I recovered very quickly. The only thing I experienced was the after-recovery side effects which some people call the COVID long hauler effect. Interestingly enough, I recently got the first shot of the mRNA vaccine through my inner guidance that it is safe. And afterwards, I felt an immediate complete peace and release of tension that I had held for close to a year. And also, the lingering effects of the COVID long hauler symptoms gradually melted away, like a hot knife on butter. 

Before the shot, I had used my energy healing training to reduce the inflammation and the side effects of the COVID long hauler symptoms. But it wasn’t until after the first shot that I felt a more permanent resolution of my health issues. Is this because I felt I had a resolution of psychology of the material world, namely vaccine hesitancy, and that I now associate more deeply and strongly that I am a spiritual being and that the material world cannot hurt me? But rather, the material world can help me with my spiritual growth and the vaccine I got was the symbol for that acceptance?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

It is very true that some of these vaccines can help people overcome the long term effects of having contracted COVID-19. It is also true as you say that there is a strong psycho-spiritual component in it, in the sense that your attitude towards your physical body certainly has an impact on how well the body elemental is able to do its job. When you decide to accept that the physical universe, the mother realm, is not your enemy, is not an enemy of your spiritual growth, it will have a positive effect on your body. When you decide to take care of your body and take practical measures to protect or heal your body, it can also have an important effect compared to when you are resisting something.

Many people in the beginning of the pandemic (I’m not just talking spiritually interested people but many people in general) felt powerless, they could not achieve a certainty that they wouldn’t get the virus. So they went into a state of mind of resisting. And this, of course, causes a tension in you. Then, when other certain measures were proposed such as keeping a distance, wearing a mask, not interacting in large groups and so forth, some people took these measures but other people resisted the measures. Then comes the vaccine and again, some people have decided to take them other people have resisted the vaccine.

But when you are resisting, what is the essence of the message you are sending to your body? You are really sending the message that you do not trust the mother realm. You do not trust your physical body. You do not trust that the body will not get sick or that it will not hinder your spiritual growth. If you have this history of resistance and you then decide to take a certain measure to help your body, then this can have a positive effect. Suddenly, your body elemental is freed from that energy of resistance that you are projected at it. And it is now able to actually heal your body faster.

This does not just apply to vaccines it applies to many other things in life, where you can consider yourself when you have health issues. Whether you are resisting something and what kind of a message are you sending to your body, to the material realm or whether you trust the mother realm. Whether you basically live in a friendly universe or hostile universe as we have talked about before. These are important considerations to make in any kind of health-related issue.


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What are the main spiritual reasons for accidents?

Question: I fell on a mountain in January and broke my wrist. Whenever we have any of these mishaps, we sort of over-analyze it, guessing whether it is due to karma, the backlash of dark forces for our spiritual work, or just one of the many possibilities on a very dense planet. Should we go through this inner search, or just demonstrate inner balance and holding the path amidst missed hard external circumstances?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, it is correct that you should avoid over-analyzing. In fact, you should avoid analyzing at all, and take an intuitive approach. Try to step back from the event, try to empty your mind of any preconceived ideas of whether this could be karma or dark forces or this or that. Go into as neutral of a state of mind as you can. And simply consider the question: What did this mean for me? Why did this happen to me?

And then you might get an intuitive prompting. If you get the intuitive prompting that it is karma, then you can use violet flame decrees to consume any karma you might have, that caused this and that is not resolved by the incident. If you get the impression that it is caused by dark forces, then you can step up your protection decrees, use decrees to Astrea to cut you free from any ties to this. And if you get the impression that it is simply a part of the chaotic environment in which you live, where certain things happen that is not caused by your karma that has not been caused by dark forces, then you can of course, simply adjust your attitude and not worry about it, and not worry about it happening again.

But there are, of course, other reasons why something like this can happen. And it can happen because there are various selves you have. There are some people that you say are accident prone, because they have certain selves that make them have a certain attitude to life. We have talked about before that there are many situations in life where the difference between a physical event happening and not happening can be a very fine balance. And this is where your attitude can have a certain impact on whether the physical event happens or not. There are some people who have an attitude where they attract accidents. There are some people who have an attitude that: “Oh, it will never happen to me”. And this means that they can also attract an accident, partly because they are not alert.

When things like this happen, you could also seek to get an intuitive guidance on whether your attitude had something to do with the event happening. You can also seek to get intuitive guidance on whether you simply are too careless about the activities you participate in. Obviously, you will see that there are certain activities where people are more likely to have accidents than others. I am not, thereby encouraging you to go to the extreme of never wanting to go out and get out of bed. But there are certain activities where you are more likely to have accidents than other activities. And you might consider whether you have had a too optimistic attitude to such activities.

I am not saying you cannot walk in the mountains. But you need to realize that when you do these activities, you have to be very alert for the potential of accidents. In other words, there may be a path that is more dangerous than another trail and therefore, if you are alert enough, you can avoid that path, or you can avoid that particular passage on a trail where there are loose rocks or a more steep climb, or loose footing.

What I am saying is this, you need to again, consider as a spiritual person, that there might be certain activities that you need to select out. For example, this messenger realized even as a child that he needed to avoid activities that involved high speed. For example, he knew intuitively as a child that he was not supposed to get into downhill skiing, riding a motorcycle, or doing other activities like this that involve very high speed that could easily cause an accident and where the difference between an accident and not having an accident was very narrow.

And so many of you might consider the same: that as you walk the spiritual path, you might use your intuition to see whether it is time to give up certain activities, where you are more prone to have a physical accident. I know this is a delicate matter. It is an individual matter, because obviously you can say, what causes the most accidents is probably riding in a car. But how can you live in many societies without riding a car? But then again, you can be more alert, you can take certain precautions, avoid driving fast, avoid driving in dense traffic, and avoid risky situations. And therefore, you can participate in the activity with a higher alertness that makes it less likely that you will have accidents.


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Non-binary people 

Question: I would like to know if people who identify as non-binary, have gotten to the point where they understand that we are more than this body, that we are spiritual people in these physical bodies. Kim: If I understand it correctly, there are certain people who claim to be “non-binary”, they are neither men nor women, they do not identify themselves as either men or women.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, some do and some do not. Because some have unfortunately gotten into taking an ideological approach, where they have adopted this attitude that the sexual discrimination of men towards women is wrong and needs to be challenged, and it needs to be done by them adopting this mindset that they will no longer identify themselves based on the sex of the physical body.

For some, they have not begun to look beyond the physical body. Some of them do have a higher understanding. And some can eventually come to that point of realizing that they are not identified by the physical body, whether it has this sex or that sex or this sexual orientation or that sexual orientation.

But of course, for spiritual people, it is not really necessary to make this kind of outer proclamation, it is actually more important to not identify yourself as a physical human being, but as a spiritual being in a human body.


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Exposure of the gambling economy 

Question: The economies have greatly benefited by the stimulus checks given directly to the citizens of American and Canada as well as many other nations in the world. Estimates have indicated that roughly a quarter of the checks given to the people were spent on material goods, towards paying down bills and their existing debts, whereas the rest of the stimulus checks went towards gambling, such as gaming the financials into stocks, bonds, commodities, Bitcoin speculation and real estate. Some economists have coined this gambling euphoria, the “everything bubble”, and has also driven price inflation among many goods due to the supply chain issues, such as high lumber prices and computer chip shortages. What would be the thought forms we can make the calls for in this upcoming Mother Mary Vigil in regards to the economy, if this “everything bubble” has the potential to collapse under its own weight?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

You can specifically make the calls that the entire, what Saint Germain has called, the “gambling economy” is exposed for what it is. What ordinary people have gone through is simply an extension of what the elite has been doing for decades where they have been gambling on the stock market, stock prices going up, real estate prices going up, and so forth. Many, many people in the more affluent nations have been pulled into this mindset of the gambling economy. And they have adopted this mindset that things will keep going up indefinitely.

You see, of course, that, contrary to what you would call conventional wisdom, even though there has been an economic downturn as a result of the epidemic, real estate prices have gone up—there is a building boom. But this is partly caused by the fact that when people cannot travel, they have money left over that they would normally have spent on vacations in foreign locations. And so, they use the money to consolidate their domestic situation. And instead of paying off debts, they are sometimes buying a bigger house, buying a better house. And this, of course, drives up a certain building boom that influences prices of raw materials.

You can make the calls for this gambling economy to be exposed and for people to be cut free from it. And of course, the many other calls for various other aspects of the economy that are part of this very important vigil.


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The fall and the number 4

 Question: The Masters say that the original fall occurred in the fourth sphere. But in our seventh sphere, the fall also happened in the fourth race, since the three first ones did ascend from the three higher realms, is there a pattern here created by the first fall in the first sphere? Ancient philosophies did time after time, interpret this as the density of matter being the cause because it is more dense in the fourth level, the physical that was the culprit for the fall. But there is some perplexity to this conclusion.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, first of all, the way we used the fall, the concept of the fall in terms of fallen beings, is that they fell at the end of a sphere when the sphere was ready to ascend, and they were not willing to transcend their consciousness and ascend with their sphere. So this is the way we use the term of a “fall” in terms of creating fallen beings.

There was a time when the original inhabitants of the earth went into duality. And in previous ascended master teachings that was tied into the concept of root races. But this is not how we define “fall” in this dispensation. You can, of course, say that they fell into duality, and they fell, but since the sphere in which they descended into duality has not reached the end of its cycle, they have not actually fallen and become fallen beings. They have, as we sometimes say, entered into or taken on the fallen consciousness, but it does not make them what we define in this dispensation as falling beings.

So, you cannot mix these two together. It is of course correct to say that the spheres have become increasingly dense, which makes it we might say, easier for people to go into duality, because of the density of the matter in the sphere. As the spheres become more dense, it becomes more of a challenge to ascend and to enter an upward spiral in those spheres. This means that there will be more planets where the inhabitants go into duality.

You can also say that there is a certain connection here between the fallen beings and the existence of different realms. For example, in the fourth sphere, you did not have the division into the identity, mental, emotional, and physical levels. In the fifth sphere, there was a division into two levels. The sixth, there was a division into three, and the seventh a division into four. And this was to accommodate the various groups of fallen beings, so that there was a denser level, that was what you today call the physical material level, and then one or several higher levels, depending on the different types of fallen beings. This is a teaching that we might expand upon at some point, but we  have not done so, so far.


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UFO disclosure

Question: Over the past year, there has been a significant amount of news coverage on the topic of UFOs. The Pentagon has come out saying that a plethora of footage is real. I’ve also seen that the military admitted to possessing recovered crafts, I have never been one to put any energy into this sort of thing, especially since it has no spiritual benefit. But what is going on here?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, in the process of raising the collective consciousness, it is clear that everything needs to be questioned, everything needs to be re-evaluated. And any kind of topics that people have been reluctant to talk about, the governments have been reluctant to talk about, need to be brought out in the open and they need to be debated and discussed.

It is clear that this maintaining of a certain secrecy around the topic of UFOs needs to be challenged, that people need to discuss it so that those who are interested in this particular phenomenon can have a chance to process their thoughts about it. Now, we have given a few teachings about UFOs. And I really do not have anything to add to that. Other than, as I said, any topic needs to be talked about openly in society.

In terms of spiritual people, you are perfectly right, there is no real spiritual benefit to it. And we definitely do not recommend that ascended master students put much attention on this. We have seen many examples of people who are somewhat spiritually interested, but really do not have the discernment to know what is important for their growth and what is not. And these people get pulled into the energetic vortex that has been created around UFOs.

It is important to keep in mind that whenever a group of people begin to put their attention on a certain topic, they create an energetic vortex. And those who do not have the discernment can easily be pulled into this. And once you are pulled into such a spiral, you are taking these ideas into your mental mind, you are taking the energy into your emotional mind, and it could create a vortex in your four lower bodies that then pulls on you. And suddenly, you can then make the shift of being convinced that this is something real and something important.

You might consider that there has always been this kind of consciousness of thinking about something beyond the ordinary. If you go back to medieval times, you would see that many people believed in various of what you today called mythological creatures. There are all kinds—a whole plethora of these beings that were believed in by various groups of people in the medieval age.

And you might say that this comes from the fact that there are other realms than the material realm, there is the emotional, the mental and identity realms. And people have from time to time become open to sensing these other realms, and sensing that there are certain beings in these realms. As we have said, there are certainly beings in the emotional realm, in the astral plane, who are seeking to influence people and pull them into some kind of spiral.

You might take note of the fact that in medieval times, these beings took a certain form based on what people knew and believed at the time. Today, you have these beings, extraterrestrial beings, you might say, taking the form of advanced technical civilizations who have technological devices. In the medieval age, they did not have the knowledge to even envision something like this.

In the technical age you have today, people have the knowledge and you have of course many fictional stories, movies, TV series about this. And so, you might see that the consciousness really is the same. There is this belief in something beyond the physical and of course, there is something beyond the physical, but there is also a tendency to project onto that, what people have in their mind based on the society and the time they live in. You need to question again whether people are projecting this.

But the real question is: are people being pulled into a spiral that does not help their spiritual growth. This is, of course, what the dark forces want. And that is why they create these spirals. And you will see that whether it is UFOs, or whether it is mythological creatures, there is often this mixture of on the one hand, is the fear that these beings could not be benevolent, on the other hand is the hope that they could actually bring something positive, do something for people, or even save civilization from itself.


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Two sides of ideology 

Question: Could we say that ideologies, thought systems and philosophies on earth have two sides? One psychological, that could have been originated by the feeling of lack of legitimacy of the ego, when the fallen consciousness decided to separate from the river of life. And in this sense, would be an original lie told by the fallen being to himself, in order to accept the ego as his true identity. In a sense that the being tells himself that it is free to decide what is or is not true. And a second side, directed to the collective consciousness of humankind. And that it is deceitful, manipulative and calculated, in order to keep anyone trapped in the net they created to themselves and steal human beings’ light, in order to survive.

Kim: It is a little bit of a complex question. But there is the psychological side, of ideology, in order to justify the ego. And there is another side that is directed at deceiving other people.

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, as I have already talked about, there are various aspects of ideology. And I will talk more about this in coming discourses. But you are correct, that it can be said, that there is a purely psychological side, in the sense that it relates to justifying as I said, the experience you want to have. Justify doing what you want to do. This is what the fallen beings did when they fell. And they use some kind of thought system, some kind of reasoning process, to rationalize why what they did was not wrong and was indeed right. This is the internal psychological aspect.

And of course, there is an external, which is that the fallen beings feel threatened by any viewpoint that diverges from theirs so they have to try and suppress it. They do not want their sense of security, their sense of having the ultimate belief, or understanding, threatened. They want to suppress other people, who could challenge them, and they want to then, make people agree with them, if possible. As I also said, this is an impossible quest, it simply cannot be done because of the nature of duality. They can never achieve it. It is an impossible goal. And when you see it as an impossible goal, you can certainly free yourself from it, if you have been affected by it.


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The need to be special and the fear of being wrong 

Question: Could the Masters elaborate about the connections of these old spirits that want to be special and superior and they do not want to be wrong. There seems to be a connection between these two. In a way, that ‘don’t want to be wrong spirit’ seems to be a consequence of the former: I want to be special and superior. Is this true?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, we have given teachings that spirits often are created in pairs. You can see that, when you have the desire to be superior, it follows that if you are proven wrong, then how can you really be superior to those who are right. Now, of course, there is the whole artificial construct of right and wrong, which as Gautama Buddha and many of us have explained, is meaningless. But nevertheless, to the spirits, it is still very meaningful and has some ultimate importance.

It is clear that there has been a certain consciousness that started with the fallen beings where, the reason they fell was that they would not admit, not necessarily that they were wrong, but that they had made choices that limited themselves. They would not admit that they had built a certain sense of superiority, but it was an illusion. In order to maintain the state of mind that they went into when they fell, they can never admit that they were wrong. And we might say that for the fallen beings, their entire basis for feeling superior is that they can never be wrong.

Now, this consciousness has been taken by them to earth. It has been on the earth for a long time. It has affected life on earth very much, there are strong beasts in the collective consciousness. Many people who are not fallen beings have taken on this belief. Many avatars have come to believe it as well. Partly because of what I just talked about, you came to earth with the best of intentions, you were rejected by people. And, the fallen beings were often involved with this, making you feel that you were wrong for coming to earth, you should not have come to earth.

Many of you also had this shock of not only having the birth trauma and a specific reaction, but also stepping back and thinking, was I wrong to come to earth, should I not have come here? Some of you had that feeling of fearing that you were wrong. You have taken on this consciousness of not wanting to be ever proven wrong again, even as avatars. This is very close to the same consciousness that the fallen beings are in.

Now, you have not fallen, so it is not as solidified in your mind as it is in the fallen beings. But you need to work on this as avatars, and come to a point where you are willing to be wrong. You are willing, first of all, to admit that you have done certain things that were not constructive, that were limiting you, that did not achieve the end that you wanted, and therefore you need to change.

But you also need to come to a point where you are willing to be wrong in the eyes of other people, and you can be completely non attached to it. Because you know they are judging you based on their state of consciousness, they are applying a dualistic value judgment. And you realize that, even though you are wrong in the eyes of human beings on earth, you are not wrong in the eyes of the ascended masters. Because again, your intentions are pure, your intentions for coming here were pure, you were not wrong for coming to earth. It does not matter if all people on earth think you are wrong, according to their standard, when that standard is an illusion.

It is very true that, in order to free yourself from this entire conglomerate of selves, you need to look at both. You need to look at them as forming a certain polarity, reinforcing each other. But the real key here is actually, to overcome the desire to be special. If you are not special, what does it matter that you are wrong? Because, being wrong, according to an earthly standard, does not detract from who you are. And being right, according to an earthly standard, does not make you special or superior. Because the earthly standard is unreal.

It might be helpful to go through a period, as this messenger has gone through, of considering that he is not different from most other people. He is not special, he is not superior. He had a need to feel special when he was young, as most spiritual people have. But he has looked at this and realized that there is nothing special about him. And he does not have a need to feel special according to any standard on earth. And in the Christ mind, there is no standard for some people being more special than others, because the Christ mind realizes that all life is one. How can there be some people who are special, when all life is one and all came from the same source, and all have the same potential to grow? You can say some are more mature, some have expanded their self awareness more than others. But it does not make them better according to a dualistic value judgment, it does not make them special or superior.

When you can let go of these selves, you will feel like an immense weight has been lifted off from you. Because now, you no longer have to live up to this standard of the fallen beings, of how you could never be wrong. You never have this tension of always being concerned about whether you are wrong, whether somebody thinks you are wrong, or did something wrong.

You can just say: “Well, I have a right to be on earth. I have a right to be in my present level of consciousness. I have a right to make choices based on my present level of consciousness, and what I see and do not see. And I have a right to look at the consequences of my choices and use them to transcend my present level of consciousness, instead of going into this entire artificial evaluation of whether it was right or wrong, what I did.” As Maitreya said, in a dictation during the Christhood webinar, you cannot make wrong choices if you are willing to look at the consequences, and see how they can help you grow. Any choice that helps you grow cannot be wrong, how could it be wrong? Growth is the purpose of life.


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Elitism and corruption in Brazil 

Question: The people of Brazil have a vivid sense of the economic potential of their country, and they are eager to improve their conditions, yet it has not happened. They also seem to have a subconscious memory of a past golden age. What prevents the Brazilians from taking command over their nation? What of the seventh root race in Brazil and South America?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, in this dispensation, we are not really focusing much on the seventh root race, because we have seen in previous ascended master dispensations, how this idea of the root races has been misconstrued by many people, to mean that these people are somehow superior to most other people on earth. We prefer to downplay the significance of the root races, and instead look at them as different evolutions that have come to earth. And that, even the seventh root race is not necessarily decisively superior to many of the avatars who have been on earth for a long time. It is not so that the seventh root race will automatically bring positive change or bring the golden age.

In terms of Brazil, and the Brazilian people, there are of course, many, many complex factors that play into this. But first of all, there has not yet been a critical mass of people who are willing to take responsibility for their own lives, for changing themselves instead of expecting that their government, or some external force, is going to change their situation.

It is necessary to look at Brazil, and look at the fact that elitism is a very significant issue in Brazil. And that the real hindrance, at the physical level, to economic growth, is the elite that wants to monopolize the resources, instead of allowing them to benefit all of the people. And this has influenced the politicians to the point where most of the politicians, regardless of what party they belong to, are firmly convinced of the necessity of the elite, or they are directly bought by the elite.

You see a deep level of corruption at all levels of government, and even industry. And this is another issue that needs to be transcended. But it will not be transcended until the people decide that they will take responsibility, they will educate themselves. And they will look at other nations that have moved further along than Brazil, such as what we call the modern democracies, and see what have they accomplished, how have they done it, what do we need to do in Brazil?

Of course, it needs to be adapted to your specific situation but there are certain general steps that all of the modern democracies have taken, and that Brazil and all other upcoming countries will need to take, in order to reach a decisively higher level. Of course, you can say in general, that it is the raising of the collective consciousness. And this is where the spiritual people of Brazil and from other nations, if you are inspired to make calls for this, you can have an impact. But you must realize that Brazil is a large and populous nation. You cannot expect that a few people will have a major impact in the short run. This will be more of a long-term impact you can have on a nation this size.


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Birth trauma and your approach to earth

 Question: I have been on the path for a long time, and I fully understand and accept the concept of free will and separate selves that react. But I still feel totally vulnerable to the energies and aggression of people. Even if I do not accept what they say and do to me, I still can’t escape their attacks. It is like I am standing in front of them, completely naked, and I cannot stand up to an attack, I cannot defend myself. Despite a fairly developed consciousness, this does not help me. I still feel a lot of pain from almost every interaction with the world. I interact very actively and try to express my Christhood, expressing myself in love, light and dedication. I still cannot get used to the fact that people react and act aggressively and reject me, reject my love. Although I understand this, it is always a certain shock and sharp pain. Please show me what I may not see, what selves it may be, and what I can do to free myself from this excessive sensitivity and vulnerability.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, my beloved, what you are describing is the experience that most avatars that have come to earth have had. You come here with the intention to help people. You are doing this out of love and wanting to set them free. And then, when you attempt to show them, or explain to them how they can be free, they either ignore you, but in many cases, they aggressively reject you, want to put you down, want to silence you, want to make you wrong, or they even attack you physically.

This is an experience that all of us who have come as avatars have had. That at some point, we faced this shock that, even though we are here to help people, they do not want our help and they reject us and they aggressively try to silence us. This is what, for most people, was the experience that caused what we have called the cosmic birth trauma—the first major trauma you received after coming to earth. It may have taken various different forms for various people. But there was always that sense of shock of the fact that you are coming, and you are being non-aggressive, but you are being met with an aggressive reaction.

What you really need to do is use the tools and teachings we have given to try to uncover the birth trauma. Not in the sense that you just understand it intellectually, but that you actually experience it. And go through the process of seeing the self that was created as a result of birth trauma, and letting that self die. And even seeing what other selves were created, in order to defend yourself, or to avoid having the same experience ever again.

These are important tools. But you also need to do what this messenger has been doing since he got in contact with his original birth trauma, and let go of it. And that is he has been actually realizing that the reason why he experienced that trauma was that he came to earth with a certain attitude, certain expectations, a certain mindset. And this was what he needed to look at and free himself from, in order to be free of earth.

What I recommend is that you use the tools, you especially use my visualization for going through different layers, getting back to that theater where you are on the stage and you see these separate selves. But you also ask for my help and you contemplate in your own mind also, what is my basic attitude to earth? What do I think I am here for, what do I think I should accomplish, what do I think should happen on earth? What is my basic attitude to people? What do I think they should or should not be doing? How do I think they should respond to me?

And then you need to recognize here that it is not that an avatar is not here to make a positive change on earth. But an avatar is also here to learn something from being on earth. And what you need to learn from earth is what you had not learned on a natural planet, what you had not seen in yourself on a natural planet, especially relating to free will. Many avatars have the attitude that you think you actually respect free will because you would not force somebody else, and you are not being aggressive towards them. And therefore, you feel that other people should not be aggressive towards you.

But first of all, you need to recognize here, that on a planet like earth, there is no guarantee of this. It is very true that Jesus said: “Do unto others what you want them to do to you.” But he did not say that if you do not do certain things to others, they will not do the same things to you. He never said that. And that is because of free will, and a lower level of consciousness on earth, no guarantee that if you do not treat other people aggressively, they will not treat you aggressively. You need to recognize this.

And you need to come to accept that that is not only a matter of free will, but the state of the collective consciousness on this planet. If you have this expectation in yourself, that you should not be treated aggressively when you are not aggressive, it is an unrealistic expectation. It was very realistic on a natural planet, but it is not realistic on an unnatural planet.

You need to look at: Why do you have this belief? Where does it come from? What does it say about your actual attitude to free will, and that you do not fully accept free will? Because, if you fully accepted free will, you would not have the expectation that people should not treat you a certain way. You cannot have that if you fully accept free will.

This messenger has gone through a process, a gradual process of realizing that he did not fully accept free will when he came. He was not aggressive, and he would not force others. But he did not fully accept free will. And therefore, he had certain expectations. And those expectations caused him to react a certain way, when he was met with rejection and aggressiveness on earth. And in order to be free of that reactionary pattern, he needed to look at the expectation, the attitude to the planet, to people, to people in duality, to fallen beings, and investigate this entire mindset that actually brought him to earth, that caused him to decide to descend to a planet like this.

And this is what you all need to do, who are avatars, in order to be free of this planet, and rise above the mindset that brought you here. Because the mindset that brought you here cannot take you away from here, it can only keep you here, until you have transcended it, because that is what you really wanted to accomplish by coming here.

Yes, you wanted to have a positive impact on the planet. But, how do you have a positive impact on the planet? Not by changing other people, but by changing yourself. You have a positive impact on the planet by overcoming any pattern in your own psychology. Thereby, you pull up on the collective. Thereby, you make it possible that some people will also be able to transcend their own psychology.

There will also be some that will not, and they are the ones who are aggressive. But you cannot let them dominate your experience on earth. And therefore, you need to free yourself from these patterns, so that you can stand in front of their aggression. You can stand naked, in front of them. But it does not paralyze you, it does not pain you.

This messenger has since early childhood in this lifetime, and certainly in other lifetimes as well, had that same experience, that he felt an inner prompting to approach people, to be active, to be outgoing, to do something positive. But almost every interaction with other people caused him a certain pain in his heart. And he has not gotten over it until he started looking at these very deep issues that brought him here. His attitude to what he was supposed to accomplish, what was supposed to happen or not happen to him on earth.

And it is the same thing for all of us. We have to examine this. What brought us here, and that will then allow us to transcend it, to let those selves die, to let those beliefs die, and to simply feel free, feel free to leave the earth, even if you have not accomplished anything on earth. Even if you have not fulfilled any part of the vision you had that caused you to want to go here, what you thought you could accomplish. You can still leave the earth behind in peace and say: “I have had enough of the experiences I can have on this planet.” It is possible.

Many of you are not nearly as far away from it as you think. Even though you may still feel the pain, and still feel the hopelessness of why will it not go away with all the work you have done on yourself—all the psychological work, all the spiritual work and you still feel this pain. Why will it not go away?

But nevertheless, many of you are much closer than you think to making that, often a very subtle shift, where you change the way you look at life on earth. And you realize that nothing ultimately matters on an unnatural planet. And if nothing ultimately matters, nothing defines you. And if nothing defines you, why should anything on earth define how you experience being on earth?

And it is only when you can be on earth, be exposed to the aggressiveness of other people, be exposed to the very things that gave you the cosmic birth trauma, and you have no reaction to it, that you are truly free.

And you can all achieve it. Believe me, you can all achieve it by using the tools, not in a mechanical way, but in a creative way, by asking for our help, by being willing to continue to look deeper and deeper, to look behind this belief. Look behind the next belief, and continue until you get to the very core of how you approach being on a planet like earth. It is only when you free yourself from your approach to earth, that you can depart earth.


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What will it take for China to become free?

Question: What will it take for China to become free?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, I will comment on the question. But I will start by saying that this is the kind of question that is so broad, that it is difficult to give a meaningful answer because there are so many facets that need to be addressed here. What exactly does it mean for China to become free? What is a free nation really, when it comes right down to it? You could say that, what does it take for China to become free of communism, but that obviously will take the fall of communism.

What we can say here is this, that the first step towards a more free China, is that the realization that has already started growing among many people, especially younger people, needs to be accelerated. And that realization is that communism has outlived its purpose. Whatever people in China think about communism, and many think it was a necessary phase for China, there can be this spreading realization that it is no longer necessary for China to be communist. In fact, it is hypocritical, self-contradictory, non-sustainable for China to uphold a communist ideology, while in reality having a capitalist economy.

It is not sustainable. One or the other has to win in the long run, or there has to be a different form of economy than a strictly capitalist economy. But China is right now being pulled in two directions by the ideology, and by the money-making machine that has grown to such proposals in China, that it is almost strong enough to overpower ideology.

So you have these two beasts that are fighting for domination in China. And the solution is not that China gives up communism becomes entirely capitalist, that would just propel it from one kind of unfreedom to another kind of unfreedom. The solution really is that China transcends both communism and capitalism and finds a different approach to the economy and to society.

Now, this, of course, will require that the current leader of China will be out of power, whether he goes out of embodiment or is dethroned by the Communist Party. It will also require many of the old guard in the Communist Party to either die or be removed from their positions and replaced by younger people who have a more flexible, more open-minded attitude.

What this will require is a gradual raising of the collective consciousness. And this, of course, is something that is happening fairly slowly in China, partly because of the size of the country. Partly because of the unwillingness among many Chinese people to make their own decisions, take responsibility for themselves, and partly because, of the tremendous resistance from the party apparatus from the demons and collective beasts behind them and from the fallen beings, who are still trying to maintain China as a communist nation in order to uphold some remnants of the capitalist communist tension.

So many, many factors will play into this. If you are concerned about this, you can certainly give invocations and decrees for this. But it will take a long time for a small group of people to have an impact on China. There is a process for raising the collective consciousness, it is being raised—the consciousness of China is being pulled up by other nations, but it is difficult to predict exactly when this will break through.

The question right now is whether the current leader will have to die a so-called natural death or whether he will be removed by more progressive forces because he has created not so much a personality cult, but a very strong personal power apparatus around himself. And that is not going to allow any changes, because they would be seen as threatening his power.


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How to deal with the death of our loved ones 

Question: Can the masters give us a higher understanding of death, this incarnation. Why do we hurt so much when we lose a loved one? How are we supposed to react when we lose someone we love? Is to cry? How do we transcend all the negative feelings we feel when we lose a loved one.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, this is of course, a difficult topic for most people. And it has a whole conglomerate of separate selves that are involved with this. So again, you need to use our teachings and tools on the separate selves to deal with this, whatever it is for you individually.

What can be said in general is that, the essence of this is that you feel a sense of ownership of another human being. You feel this is my loved one. And you have allowed yourself to come to feel that something in you, your sense of identity, your sense of wholeness, completeness, your sense of stability, your sense of security, depends on that other person.

But when you look at the reality of planet earth, you are an individual human being. Your loved one is an individual human being. The body of your loved one can die at any time, your body can die at any time. How can you ever really allow yourself to feel that you, your state of mind depends on something that could be lost at any time. It is not wise to allow oneself to feel this.

I know that saying this does not necessarily help you because you feel this way because you have separate selves from past lives that make you feel this way or that made you go into this state of codependency. But nevertheless, it is possible to use our teachings and tools to uncover these selves, to work on them and to let them die.

When you feel severe pain when a loved one dies, it is always self-focused. You are focused on yourself, not on the loved one. You might benefit from reading some of the many descriptions of near-death experiences where many people have described that dying is not an unpleasant process, they do not suffer, they go to a higher realm where they have a much better existence than they had on earth.

So really, you are not feeling sorry for your loved one, you are feeling sorry for yourself. Or rather, there is a self that feels sorry for itself. So you need to do the work to uncover the selves that creating all these feelings in you, and let them die one after another. And then you can be free of this pain, you can react in a way that is much more balanced.

It does not mean you can not cry over the loss. But there are different ways of crying. There is one way of crying, where there is a release of feelings and after the release, you feel lighter, you feel freer. There is also a kind of crying that ties in with the collective consciousness, the collective beasts and the demons behind them. And that simply sucks your energy into a downward spiral that makes you feel worse and worse and worse.

If you experience this kind of reaction, you need to be very determined to use our decrees of Archangel Michael and Astrea, to cut you free from these collective entities from these demons, this entire collective momentum that simply projects at you that you should feel sorrow, otherwise, you did not really love your loved one. But if your loved one has moved on to a better existence, why do you need to feel sorrow? You see, this is entirely illogical. There are certain selves that are very strong in the collective that you have taken on and you need to let them die in your own state of mind in order to be free of them.


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Question about rock musicians 

Question: A lot of famous musicians have died young, a lot of rock stars in the past decade and rappers in the modern age. I cannot help but feel that some of them were here to make a positive change, at least at their level of consciousness. Am I being delusional? Were some of them even fallen beings?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

This is one of those questions that does not have a clear-cut answer. Jesus has given some very important teachings on the fact that there are sometimes a situation that is so locked, where people are so locked in a certain mindset, that a person needs to be a forerunner to go in and challenge that mindset and the energies behind it.

And so it can be that for a time a person needs to do something, which is not really coming from a higher perspective of the Christ mind but it is necessary to break up a locked situation. We have talked about how sometimes it is necessary to have a certain revolution and that this can for a time be in alignment with the mind of Christ in the sense that it can break the deadlock and bring change.

The same can happen with music. There are certain musicians who have brought forth a new type of music that was very provocative to people but it was necessary that they were provoked in order to break up an old mindset, an old matrix in society. I am not here saying that all rock musicians and rappers are out of alignment with this need for change. Some of them have, at least for a time, been in alignment with this. But this does not mean that rock music or rap music is harmonious in the sense that it produces harmonious vibrations that benefit the planet. It has a disruptive, chaotic effect. But as I said, this can be necessary for a period of time to break up certain locked patterns.

Now, most rock musicians and rappers are actually fallen beings, not all of them, but most of them are. And quite frankly, do not start asking questions about who is and is not because this is not something we want to use time and space on.

The reality here is that many of these rock musicians, rap musicians are fallen beings. They have outlived their, what we might call, natural lifespan. And they are only being kept alive because people are giving them their energy by listening to their music, or by going to concerts ,where they are forced into a certain state of mind, where they release huge amounts of energy.

You can see people at a rock concert who are screaming uncontrollably. And this releases tremendous energy which the rock musicians can absorb, which the demons behind them can absorb, which is one of the purposes behind rock music and rock concerts. Once you see this fade away, that their popularity fades away, some of them can no longer remain in embodiment, and leave the physical body behind.

And the other aspect of this is, of course, the time factor. There was a certain period of time in the 60s and 70s, when many new rock bands arose. They were usually young people at the time, now they have reached a certain age. And partly it can be because they do not receive enough light. It can also be because many rock musicians were so unbalanced that they lived a very unhealthy lifestyle, and it is simply catching up with their physical bodies.

This sort of goes hand in hand with the whole rock culture, which was very much the rebellious culture, rebelling against the norms of society. Therefore, it was okay to abuse alcohol and drugs and have promiscuous sex and live a party lifestyle. And of course, there comes a point where your physical body simply cannot handle it anymore. Again, you can point to certain exceptions that have managed to stay alive for a long time. But look at these people, and look at the fact that they are empty shells that are barely staying alive and that are really not spiritually alive anymore.


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How to work on the separate self 

Question: If I am aware of a separate self that arises, what is the best way to meditate on it? I usually like to journal and that can help me come up with insights. But when I simply meditate on a particular feeling that comes up, I become more aware of the emotions associated with that self. But I do not have any recollection of where these feelings come from, so I do not know what to do from that point.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

We have given teachings on this already in our books, and we have given the invocations and the processes for becoming aware of it. What you can do on your own is always realize that behind every feeling there is some kind of belief that causes the feeling.

In other words, you have the four lower bodies, the identity, mental, emotional—it first flows from the identity into the mental into the emotional. So feelings originate with some kind of belief in the mental realm and that often relates to some kind of decision that you made either at the mental level, or the identity level, often relating to how you see yourself in relation to life on earth.

You can benefit from considering this: what is the belief behind it—trying to go behind it. But of course, we also strongly recommend that you ask us for help, you ask us to help you see it and that is the power of giving an invocation where you invoke the intercession of a particular master, then we can step through and give you more assistance as you are open to receiving it.

Of course, it also requires that you are open to seeing what you cannot see now, and this means in some cases, that you have to be willing to get in touch with the feelings, and to even go into the feelings instead of avoiding them. But again, we have given teachings on this in our books. Start with “Healing your Spiritual Traumas” and the other books in that series and this will help you.


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Internal Family Systems therapy

Question: There is a form of therapy known as Internal Family Systems (IFS). It is very similar to the teaching about separate selves but there is also a focus on the concept that you can communicate with your separate selves to make them go away or take on a lesser role. Do the ascended masters have any suggestions for utilizing this form of therapy more effectively beyond what is already being taught now? For example, are there any common mistakes people make when they try to communicate with a separate self? Can you combine other modalities to help see your separate selves easier whereas to integrate ascended master teachings into the process?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

As we have said many times, we work with many different people in many different capacities as they are able to tune in to us and the ideas we are releasing. We are not seeking to create any kind of a monopoly and we do, in fact, hope that many of the therapists that are open to an alternative form of therapies will, at one point, find the ascended masters teachings and see how some of the ideas we are releasing can enhance their particular form of therapy that they have either developed or decided to use.

In terms of communicating with internal spirits, there are several different therapies that use this technique. For example, you can communicate with your inner child, you can communicate with your inner critic, and so forth and so on. It is not that this cannot work but you have to be careful here, because once you have created these entities, whatever you want to call them: your internal family, your inner child, your inner critic, your separate selves—once you have created this, they will have a certain survival instinct, so they will want to survive and in order to survive, they are often willing to morph themselves into a different form that then becomes acceptable to you.

There are people who have communicated with such an inner self and caused it to morph into a form that they find acceptable, but which is still limiting them. In other words, they have not actually overcome it, they have not transcended it, they have not gotten rid of it. And in the long term, you have to get rid of all of these, whatever you call them, you have to get rid of them.

And how do you get rid of them? Not by reasoning with them, because as we have said about separate selves, they are like computer programs, you cannot reason with them to the point where they suddenly give up existing. They will fight for their lives, they can morph, but they cannot be reasoned with to see that they should just lie down and die. They will die only when you who created them transcend and neutralize the decision that caused you to create them. And you need to do this consciously by being willing to see this as a separate entity in your mind that simply needs to go.

You need to let it die, to be willing to let it die. And when you are willing to let it die, it will die, maybe after some time where it has been starved of energy. And you can speed up that process by giving the invocations and decrees, which of course, are also tools that many, many therapists out there could benefit from using. It is simply a matter of: Do you want the biggest possible effect for your clients?

Then it is not a matter of giving credit to the ascended masters or this messenger, it is simply a matter of saying: Are these tools effective? Let’s try it out. Let’s do an experiment and use these ascended master tools, decrees and invocations along with the ideas of separate selves and letting them die and see if that helps our clients. And if it does, then we use them without necessarily becoming ascended master students or loyal to a particular organization or messenger. We simply use them to help our clients.


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How to be free from sexual trauma 

Question: How do the ascended masters see children sexual abuse and incest compared to other unbalanced things happening on earth. How can one free him/herself from the trauma of sexual abuse and forgive their abusers?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, it is clear that any form of abuse that happens to people who cannot easily say no or defend themselves or walk away from the abuser, is a more severe form of abuse than other forms of abuse. Clearly, children often find it difficult to walk away from certain adults in their lives, especially family members, they often find it difficult to say no, and they cannot defend themselves against an adult. So this is a very, very severe form of abuse that leads to tremendous karma.

In terms of how you can free yourself from it and the trauma. Well, this is something we have commented on several times. And especially in the book, “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” and in the other books, you can find tools for helping this. Any kind of abuse leads you to create a separate self in order to deal with the abuse, in order to deal with how you look at yourself as a result of having been abused.

There is a certain consciousness that ties in with any form of abuse. And it is that for many people, they have a clearly subconscious realization that there is a certain cause and effect. And they think, based on long programming, that if something happened to them, they must have deserved it. So there is a certain tendency to believe that if someone did something to me, I must have done something either to them or someone else in a past life. Otherwise, I would not have deserved this.

And we have of course given teachings on karma. And there can be situations where what happens to you and this life is a result of your karma. But we have also given teachings that make it clear that not everything that happens to you is a result of your karma or something you did in a past life.

It may in fact, be a result of the free will choices of the abuser. It may also be that you have chosen to embody with an abuser in order to give that person a chance to transcend the abuse. But it may also be that you have chosen to embody in that situation in order to overcome something in your own psychology that you  have not overcome in past lifetimes. And by being exposed to abuse, you force yourself, to bring it to the surface where you have to deal with it.

The best thing you can do is, look at yourself, look at the entire situation as an opportunity to heal your psychology from these deep wounds from past lives. And then work on that, work on discovering those separate selves, letting go of these separate selves and then the forgiveness will be a result of letting go of these selves.

There is not only forgiveness of the abuser, but there is forgiveness of yourself for your reaction or for even having allowed the abuse, where many people feel guilt for having allowed it. This is also something you need to forgive yourself of. But it can only be done by letting go of the self that makes you feel guilty for having allowed it, that makes you feel like you should not have been exposed to this.

So there is a whole conglomerate of separate selves that are involved in these situations of abuse. And you need to simply use our teachings and tools to unravel them. It may take some time, it may be one of the primary things you wanted to achieve in this lifetime. But it is definitely worth it to spend however long it takes to overcome this. Of course, it can also be necessary to use therapy of various kinds to bring certain things out. So we are not recommending only our teachings and tools.


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Only two books to read?

Question: One time, the Ascended Master More recommended something like if you had only two books to read, they should be the Bible and the Screwtape Letters. Recently, the message has been more along the lines that the Bible is a book filled with so many distortions that it is probably better to be avoided. At least that is how it comes across. So I would like to ask Master More what he recommends today when it comes to reading the Bible and not just the Old Testament, but the book of Revelation, which seems to have gone from a mastery to a put aside for now treatment.

Answer from the Ascended Master More  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Recommendations are made at a certain time, at a certain configuration. This particular recommendation was made a long time ago. Things have changed much since then and it simply is not realistic anymore to even consider if you only had two books to read, which books should they be because there are today so many books that are valuable.

It is perfectly correct that we do not particularly recommend the Bible because we have given so many other teachings, we have even given many teachings on the real interpretation of the Bible. And the interpretation given of the Bible by most Christian congregations and churches is so distorted that it is not useful to a spiritual student.

We do recommend, however, that you have at least a working relationship with the four gospels of the New Testament so that you have some idea of what happened, and the events around Jesus’ life, some of his teachings, so that when we give a quote for example, you have some idea of the context in which it was given.

But in terms of reading only two books, it all depends on your level of consciousness, does not it? Because what is suitable for one level is not suitable for another. Today there are so many more books that it is really a matter of tuning in. Certainly, if you are in doubt about where to start, then start with the Course in Self Mastery and use those books to the fullest ability before you move on to others.  Then you have a very good foundation and you will have anchored yourself on the inner path by using those books.


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The stimulus economy vs. the debt economy

Question: There seems to be a new ideology in town, many nations are spending like they have never spent before. What is the end game of this new monetary theory, which has the potential to create not just high inflation, but perhaps even bring down the whole deck of cards that is the debt economy? One would think that after the pandemic, nations would be happy to just get their economies back on their feet. What is the cause and core behind this massive experiment at a time of significant fragility and instability in the world economy?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I would not say it is as much an ideology as a necessity, where nations are looking at the economy and they are simply realizing that if they do not stimulate the economy, then they will have a crisis that might in fact cause the entire system to break down. They feel that the only way is that the government stimulates the economy because surely, private businesses are not going to do so.

You have not in the history of capitalism seen that a company like Google or Amazon or Apple will say: “Oh, we have made a huge profit, we have so much money in the bank, we are going to give this away to people in order to stimulate the economy.” That just is not likely to happen. Therefore, it is up to the governments to do this.

Now, it is true that this can lead to inflation but it does not have to. It depends on how it is approached. And it depends on the nation’s willingness to look at the entire financial and economic system, especially the debt economy. We have talked about this before that it is not sustainable, that you allow private banks to create money out of nothing and charge interest and that there needs to be a different way to approach this. Many nations are not open to this at the present but if they continue spending money, then they might be forced to consider it because they might be faced with either we do something differently, or the entire system is going to crash.

It is clear, as we have said before, that there will come a point where the debt has reached such proportions that the only realistic solution is to nullify all debt. But this, of course, will not work in the long term unless you also look at how did we get into debt in the first place and how do we change this.

In the American Constitution it is stated very clearly that only Congress has the power to print money. But Congress has given that power to private banks, they are not printing the money, they are creating it artificially through loans that they do not have any security for. But nevertheless, it is virtually the same as allowing them to print money but in reality, it is possible to create a system where the government is in control of the amount of money that circulates in society and they do so in such a way that there is enough money to create sustained economic growth without creating inflation. It is possible to do so, especially today with modern computer technology. It would have been difficult to do this 30, even 20 years ago, but today it is possible to do so.

There are economists in the world who are tuned enough to my presence that they can bring forth these new economic tools and theories and it is simply a matter of there being the willingness on the part of the governments to look at this and implement it and the question here is: Will they do this voluntarily or will they have to be forced by an impending breakdown to look at something new?

I do not care to make any prediction on this, some countries will be willing to look at it voluntarily, others will have to be forced, which ones can be difficult to assess at the time, so let us just wait and see what happens.


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