Question about Mexico 

Question: Can the masters please comment on how to improve the economy of Mexico, any issues of violence our country is facing, and whether if our country is on the right track with the actual government and mindset of the citizens.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, unfortunately, I must tell you that Mexico is one of the nations in the world that gives me the greatest concern. There is simply no easy solution. There is simply no easy solution to the problems you see in Mexico. I cannot simply give you a step by step plan for how to turn Mexico into a golden age society.

You will notice that Mexico is, although not the only country in Central America, but certainly the largest country, and therefore is in what we might call the nexus or the figure eight between North and South America. Now, you know very well that we have talked many times about a figure eight flow. And in order for the American continent to have its maximum potential, there needs to be a figure eight flow from north to south and back again. And this flow, of course, has to go through Mexico. And that is why you see both in Mexico and some of the other Central American countries, that there has been great unrest, revolutions, violence, drugs, and so on because the dark forces are doing everything they can to block the figure eight flow right there in the nexus.

In an answer like this, I cannot give you an exhaustive talk about Mexico. I may do this at some later point, even though I may tell you that we do not have many students in Mexico who are willing to listen to what I say through this messenger. And this is, of course, part of the entire mindset.

Many Mexicans have this unwillingness to experiment and open themselves to something new, they are very tied up, or very attached to tradition. You can see this by the fact that the Catholic church still has a very large influence in Mexico. You can see for example, the attachment to the Day of the Dead, celebrating ancestors, dead ancestors, family, family heritage, Mexican culture, there are so many of these attachments that the Mexican nation as a whole, the collective consciousness is very closed to new ideas. And that is why they are closed to New Age or Golden Age ideas. There is simply such a fear of looking at something new, such a fear of going beyond tradition, that it is very difficult to find people who are open to receiving new ideas, but even more difficult to find people who are willing to implement them.

The economy of Mexico is an expression of the collective consciousness of Mexico. Because what is it you see, in the tradition of Mexico, you see great poverty, you see a Catholic tradition, which, for a long time, if you go back to medieval Europe, was upholding the feudal system, where there were a few rich landlords who own the land, and the majority of the people were just workers who were very poor. And you see the same thing in Mexico, going back centuries. And you see that Mexico, because of its attachment to tradition, has not really overcome this.

The people in general have not overcome this sense that there is a rich elite, and they are the poor people. And the poor people are always mistreated and always put down and they have no opportunities to improve their lives, and therefore there is no point in even trying. Adding to this, you have of course the element of the entire criminal gangs, the drug gangs, the drug cartels, who are having such an impact on society in terms of bribing politicians, pressuring politicians, executing politicians, executing their enemies, executing each other, and therefore creating this enormous amount of fear in many parts of Mexico.

You see here that attachment to tradition is based on fear. The Catholic Church is based on fear. There are maybe some countries in Europe that have overcome some of the historical fear promoted by the Catholic Church, but in Mexico, you still have so much fear generated by the Catholic Church, so much fear of questioning the church, of going to hell and this is what the drug cartels are simply building on. This fear of taking a stand, this fear of doing something unusual. And it unfortunately creates a very difficult combination. It’s very difficult to free people from this.

And so I do not have a simple solution for this. If we had enough, ascended master students who was willing to give decrees and invocations, then they could eventually have an impact on this. But as it is now, the only realistic scenario is that the Mexican people will have to experience many more hard knocks in the school of hard knocks, before they finally stand up and demand a better form of government, a better form of leadership, a better form of society. And before they demand an end to the drug cartels, and their influence on society.

This, of course, also requires the Mexican people to do away with a temptation to make easy money from the drug cartels in various ways. So you have this poverty consciousness and the dream of making easy money. And the drug cartels are taking advantage of this. They are an expression of it. And unfortunately, there’s also this element of people in Mexico feel they are so poor, they have been so downtrodden, so mistreated, that if they get a chance to make easy money, then why not take it no matter what the consequences may be for other people. It may be the drugs are wrong, but Americans buy the drugs. So why shouldn’t we make the money, otherwise, somebody else will.

And so there’s an entire consciousness there, that is so entrenched in the collective psyche of Mexico, that it is- there is no easy way to break it, there is no gentle way to break it.  I’m relatively confident that the only thing that can break it is that they continue to have more and more hard knocks. It may be necessary that the entire economy will fail before there is some kind of uprising of people demanding something different, but at the same time also being willing to be part of the change to be part of the solution by changing their consciousness.

A much similar dynamic can be found in some other Central American nations, and also in some of the South American nations where you also see the influence of the Catholic Church. You see the fear that was generated, you see the temptation to make the easy money through drug trade, and so on. And so this is not an easy thing to break. Of course, if people are willing to listen to what I say, from the Ascended level and implement it then we could, but given that there are not enough people who are willing for this, the only realistic scenario is the school of hard knocks.


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How to deal with the division in your spiritual group 

Question: There is an old adage that spiritual students should mingle with holy company, in other words, to befriend other spiritual seekers. However, I have noticed that many of the spiritual people I know are quite adamant that there is an evil plot behind government interventions to control COVID-19, even to the point of questioning some of the masters’ answers from the previous conference. Do the masters have any advice on how we as ascended master students can heal the conflict in our perception of the pandemic in our own community? We all have the same teachings and we all are thinking we are seeking for truth. But the response to the pandemic requires a unified response. If even spiritual students cannot agree on this, we cannot exert a clear and unified response on the collective consciousness. Thank you for your answer.

 Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my beloved, many of the teachings we will give you at this conference are indeed designed to help you address this particular point. We see of course, throughout the ages in many, many spiritual groups, many religious groups, but even many ascended master groups, that there can be a certain division in the groups. You know, of course, that when ascended master students come together and are unified, you have a greater impact and the fallen beings, the dark forces will do everything they can to prevent your unity, to divide you up to cause various factions, so you cannot be as effective. However, you also need to recognize here that it is not necessarily so that you have to agree on everything in order to come together and give a certain invocations and decrees, you can still disagree on specific things, while using the tools we have given you and thus have an impact.

But it is clear that there will always be a certain number of students who are very attached to certain outer beliefs, and who when we challenge those beliefs, well, instead of questioning themselves, question either the answer from the masters, or the messengers attunement with the masters and so on. This is a pattern we have seen over and over again, from the moment we started sponsoring organizations. We see it in other spiritual movements, we see it in religions, we see it in any kind of organization.

And there will of course come a certain point where you can say, well, if these people have such an attachment to these viewpoints, I will not associate with them, I will not stir up any conflict, I will just work on myself, my own psychology, see if I have any attachments to my viewpoints. I can assure you that if you overcome whatever attachments you have in your own psychology, then people having a different viewpoint will no longer be an issue for you. You either will not encounter these people, or you will not be bothered by them having a different viewpoint.

You see, there is a certain, you might say patience, or you might say forbearance that it is needed for spiritual students to have with each other, you know from yourself that you can be on the path for a while, and suddenly you have an insight about something in your psychology. And you often say to yourself, “why did not I see this earlier?” But you did not see it earlier, because you were not ready. There were other selves you needed to get out of the way, there may have been a certain accumulation of fear based energy that you needed to transform with your decrees and invocations before you could see this.

So when you recognize this in yourself, you realize that there may have been other people who could see this tendency in you all through that time. But you could not see it because you were not ready to see it. And the same could be the case for somebody else. There may still be somebody who is very attached to a certain outer thing, certain outer viewpoint, and you can clearly see that it is an attachment, and it is unbalanced, but they cannot see it. So what you can still do is give them time, give them some time to come to the point where they either see it, or where they perhaps even become so attached to it, that they just remove themselves from the group, in which case you of course, need to respect free will, and allow them to do this.

We have seen over and over again how we gave a certain teaching that is for a certain level of consciousness, this attracts a certain group of students, they then become very attached to the teaching or a certain interpretation of it. Then we have given all the teachings that we have to give for that level of consciousness. And now we use the same messenger to give a higher teaching for another level of consciousness. But some of the students who have become attached to the previous level of teaching cannot make the leap to the new teaching, they are so attached to it that they believe that this should be the final word on it. And therefore, they question the new teaching in various ways.

They may question the messenger, they may as it’s a classical response: “The messenger is no longer a messenger, the messenger has lost his or her attunement, or his or her mantle, and therefore I need to go somewhere else.” And if people do this, you simply respect free will and let them do it. You follow your heart and let them follow whatever they’re following. You don’t need to try to save them to rescue them to argue with them.

But as I said, we will give more teachings then for those who are willing to use them can help you transcend these outer differences of opinion, which are after all outer differences and therefore cannot come from the Christ mind, can they?


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Question about men who are jealous of successful women

Question: What can men who are born into a poor family and situation do to overcome fear and jealousy of women who do very well? Many extremist men are spreading fear and misinformation about women, creating a culture of fear of women?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, obviously men who are creating this kind of a culture are not going to be willing to listen to anything said by the ascended masters. But it is clear that in order to change a situation like this, you need to ask yourself some questions. Why would you, as a man be jealous of women who are doing well and not be jealous of men who are doing well? What is your attitude to women? What is your relationship to women? Why do you feel more jealous of women who are doing well than of men who are doing well? Use this then to take our tools, identify the selves in the relationship with women, and then overcome these selves and you will be free. 

You will also find that if you overcome jealousy in general, you will do better, even if you were born in poor circumstances. Many people who were born in poor families may have been brought up with a certain group identity, where you think you cannot do well. And you have a certain jealousy of those who are doing well because you think you could never rise and be one of them. But this is again, just a collection of separate selves that you have taken on, and perhaps part of your path to Christhood is to demonstrate that you can overcome these separate selves. So again, we have given you the tools to do this, and I can only encourage you to use them. 


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How to work on the mystical initiations of love being a single person

Question: This question is for Master Paul the Venetian. Master Paul could you give us some guidance on how to work on the mystical initiations of love as a single person? I’ve been trying to work on not owning people, or own a relationship, and I find that only dating people can help me work on this. But for the other ways, I get a bit lost, could you also guide us on how to turn our attention away from having a love relationship?

Answer from the Ascended Master Paul The Venetian through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my beloved, even if you are single right now, you may not have been single your entire life, you may not be single for the rest of your life, and certainly you will not have been single in all past lifetimes. So you can always put yourself in a situation, what you are working on is not a particular outer physical relationship, but your attitude towards relationships. And so by doing this, you can realize that certainly from past lives, or maybe from this life, you have certain selves that were created, because you were in a relationship with various people, and you can then start looking at how you can identify and overcome these selves.

You do not necessarily need to take everything we say so literally, that you think this can only be done if you are in a physical love relationship. You are in many different relationships with people, and they can all benefit by you refining your attitude, your view of relationships, and how you relate to other people. You cannot be in embodiment on earth without relating to other people. So look at it in a broader sense of all of your relationships. And you will find that the teachings will indeed help you refine your relationships.


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Spiritual perspective on postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis

Question: What are the causes behind postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis, which affects about 15% and 0.1 to 0.2% of women respectively, can it be related to beings of the fallen consciousness sending psychic attacks? If so, then why do such attacks happen more frequently after childbirth? Also can it be related to the level of consciousness of the new lifestream, i.e. dark forces trying to seek to harm the lifestream that came into embodiment on this planet. Also, can it be related to the level of consciousness of the new lifestream, i.e.  dark forces trying to seek to harm the lifestream that came into embodiment on this planet?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well as with many questions, my beloved there are several different factors here. One factor can be purely body chemistry, where some women release certain hormones during pregnancy, or during childbirth, that can cause a depression. But in most cases, it is actually that it relates to the woman’s attitude to having children. What you can do if you have experienced this, is you can use the tools we have given in Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and the other books to look at your attitude to being on the planet. This will also give you clues to how you look at having children.

You can then use these tools to identify certain separate selves, there is a certain resistance in you towards having a child. This is something that I fully understand, that all ascended masters understand, you are on a very dense, very difficult planet. Having a child is a quite frankly, violent process to your physical body. It is a very difficult environment to be in, there are often many, many stress factors on a pregnant woman. And it is very understandable that we can build up this resistance over many lifetimes of having these very difficult pregnancies. So this is something you can look at, and seek to resolve in yourself.

Now, it is also correct that in some cases, women will give birth to a lifestream that has a certain Christ potential, and the fallen beings, the dark forces will direct very negative energy, both at the child and the mother to derail that person’s potential. If they can manage to set off a psychological or mental illness in the mother, then that can affect a child at an early age.

But it can also be in some cases, that the child has a very negative momentum from past lives, it may have a certain tie to the astral plane, and makes it an open door for these energies to stream into the child’s energy field, which of course, then will affect the mother as well. So there can be a multitude of reasons for it. And the last two instances I mentioned, spiritual protection, calling for spiritual protection can be effective for Astrea to cut both, you and the child free from any ties to dark forces or the astral plane. But this does not mean to say that you should only use spiritual tools and not use whatever is available from doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, whatever is practical in your situation.


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You don’t need to remember being and what you learned at the etheric retreats

Question: We spend a third of our lives sleeping, we know that we can attend retreats at night in our finer bodies. So, what can we do to maximize spiritual progress while we are sleeping? Is it guaranteed that we go to the retreats at night? How do we remember or tune into what we are taught? I feel like there’s much to improve here.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.  This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, again, there is no spiritual exercise that is mechanical, entirely mechanical. We have given you teachings and tools that, at night you can call for spiritual protection, give some decrees to Astrea, to cut you free from any ties, to, especially the emotional realm, the astral plane, that will make it easier for you to go to the retreats. Now, you do not need to worry about what you can do to maximize your spiritual progress, while you are sleeping, beyond going to the retreats.

You are on a very dense and difficult planet, your physical body, even your mind, your three higher bodies need some time to just rest. It is not that you have to be doing something to increase your spiritual growth while you’re sleeping. It is simply necessary for survival on a planet as dense as earth. So you need to change your, perhaps outlook on this and not be so concerned about making spiritual progress at all times.

The same thing with whether you can remember what you learned at the retreats or not, it is not something you need to strain yourself with. You do not need to consciously remember a certain lesson you learned at a retreat, in order to benefit from the lesson and integrate it.

There are many times where you get a sudden insight, you’re suddenly walking down the street, driving your car, reading a book and all of a sudden you receive an insight that comes through your conscious mind. In many cases, that insight was something you had retrieved, received in a retreat, not necessarily the night before, but at some previous time and now it has cycled through to the conscious awareness. So most of the people who are sincere spiritual seekers and who are striving to use our tools will go to the retreats, even if you don’t remember it.


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How to get the the best results from practicing visualization

Question:   With Jesus, in the technique in which you need to imagine yourself in the garden on a bench with Jesus I failed. When I try to imagine myself there, I get mixed pictures of everything but not what is needed. Tell me what other techniques or methods of attunement with the masters are there? Maybe there are special tools for beginners.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

Well, actually my visualization for the garden is designed for beginners. But you need to recognize here that the first thing you need to do is to consider the formulation you used when you said: “I get mixed pictures of everything but not what is needed”. You have in your outer mind an image of what is needed, question that image, look at the image and let it go, in order to make any exercise any visualization work. You need to have as few preconceived images as possible. You need to be as neutral as possible and so, this is a decision you can make that you need to seek this neutrality.

If you do not have it, it is most likely because your four lower bodies are not protected and so, you need to, as a starting measure, invoke protection from Archangel Michael, call to Astrea to be cut free, use some violet flame to consume energies in your four lower bodies, then keep practicing the exercise without attempting to force it, without attempting to strain it, there is no particular outcome that needs to happen. That is what you need to put in your mind and then you simply keep practicing it, you need to keep doing it over time using the other tools we have given. In the end, of course, there may be certain selves that you have that are blocking you from having an experience. There are many people from a Christian background, or who have been in Christian churches in past lifetimes, who find it difficult to relate to me directly, who actually have selves that resist having an experience of experiencing my Presence.

Well, you can also look at that, as a more long-term tool, but you also need to recognize here that there is no spiritual tool that works mechanically, we cannot give you any exercise where you are guaranteed to get a result. It all depends on your ability and willingness to be neutral, and allow the experience to happen instead of trying to force it with the outer mind. There are often selves that you can have that want to control every aspect of your life and when you enter a spiritual path, they also want to control your spiritual path. When you try to perform an exercise, they want to control the exercise and the outcome of the exercise, so these are also selves that you can consider looking for, identifying and then allowing them to die.


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How to let go of anger 

Question:   In the book, the “Christ is Born in You”, it says  you need to give up your anger during walking the path to Christhood. How can I let go of the anger, when I see someone abusing a child or animal? How do I deal with this, with a higher consciousness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michael’s. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

You have to start by recognizing what kind of planet you are on. You’re on a very dense, very difficult planet. Free will has been allowed to out play itself to a very extreme degree on earth. You need to look at this, you need to make a decision to accept that this is the kind of planet you are on. There are many, many things that are going on, on this earth that should not be going on. But if you become angry every time you are confronted with one of these things, you cannot walk the path to Christhood,  because the anger will pull you into an emotional reaction.

There are many of these planetary emotional vortexes and it will simply keep you trapped there and you will make no progress. There comes that point where you have to make a conscious decision, that I cannot allow myself to be angry over all of these things that are happening on earth. Basically, you need to work on coming to the point where you can make the decision, I do not want to be angry about anything on earth. In order to do this, you need to recognize that you have in this and past lives created certain separate selves that believe that anger is necessary and justified.

You need to use the tools from Healing your Spiritual Traumas and the other books to come to identify these selves, until you get to the point where you can let them die. Then it will be much easier to make that decision, but in the end, you do need to make a decision. You need to simply say: “What need do I have to be angry at all of these things that are happening on earth? How does becoming angry help a situation? How does it improve these conditions?”

The reality is that you are creating fear based emotional energy when you become angry, you feed it into the planetary vortexes and it is these planetary vortexes, that in many cases overpower people, so they abuse other people, animals, or do other acts that are clearly inhumane. Do you want to be part of the problem or do you want to be part of the solution? If you want to be part of a solution you need to use the tools we have given you, to overcome anger and simply raise yourself above it.


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Canada as the forerunner for the golden age ideas

Question: Canada’s approach to the economic crisis as a result of the pandemic was to give roughly 4 million Canadians who qualified for it, a $2,000 a month income, which is called the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit or known as CERB. It is a generous six months emergency package introduced by the Liberal government and which has brought stability in the Canadian economy. Some Canadians say that this $2,000 a month benefit is a precursor to the universal basic income which might come after the throne speech of September 23. Recently, the Liberal government has changed the mandate and the name of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to Housing Canada to reflect this new social mandate to allow affordable housing for all Canadians by 2030. And we now have a new financial minister, who was an award-winning finance journalist. She was critical of the top 1% that created the income inequality, the ones the RAND Corporation talked about, and she likes the idea of the modern monetary theory and income redistribution. Can the masters give a perspective of Canada’s experiment into a new directional approach to the economic crisis created by COVID by spending more public money and the recovering of that, from the top elite, and will this become an example other countries may follow?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, some other countries has have already done similar things. And as we have said before, as the 2008 financial crisis shows, that if the government gives money to the banks, the financial institutions, or businesses, then they will use it to strengthen their position of superiority, and only a small percentage of it would filter its way to the real economy. And therefore, most of the money will not go to growing the economy or bringing the country out of the economic crisis.

It is clear that giving the money directly to the people is a much better approach if your goal is to bring the country out of the financial crisis. If your goal is to strengthen the hold that the top 1% has on the economy then of course it isn’t the most effective approach.

So it is clear that this is something that needs to be experimented with. It is clear that a universal basic income is something that needs to be experimented with, that some people will actually be able to be forerunners for this and Canada is one of the countries who can do this, other countries as well. It is important because this is part of that vision that Saint Germain has for the golden age.

It is clear in the golden age, people will not have to worry about how to make a living. This does not mean that they will not have to work, many people will work they will want to work, because work will be an entirely different experience than what it is today. But there will be a certain percentage of the population who will want to devote their full time, attention and energy to other factors. This can be in the interim stage, a healing of their psychology. It can even be that some people will need to have a lifetime where they basically do nothing in order to heal certain wounds from past lives where they have been severely wounded in wars and other crises.

But there is also a certain percentage of people that need to be focused on, for example, spiritual growth. In medieval times, you had the monasteries, where there were people who could focus on certain spiritual goals, and despite the fact that they were Catholics, they still held a certain spiritual balance for society. This is not the case in modern societies to the same degree but it must become that in the golden age so that there will be people who have a certain basic income so they can focus their attention and energy on spiritual growth, on spiritual practices, and therefore hold a certain spiritual balance for society.


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Wearing masks or not wearing masks

Question: Wearing masks or not wearing masks, how does this play out in duality and doing the right thing for the whole? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Again, if you look at this from a long-term perspective, people will look back at this situation and say: How could this be an issue in America? Look at so many other democratic nations where it is not an issue. People do not feel forced to wear a mask, they do it because they recognize that they have a responsibility not to spread the virus to other people. So if they have it without knowing it, the mask is an effective way to prevent the spread of disease.

Why is this an issue in America? Because people in America, many people in America, have this unbalanced sense that freedom means that you have no restrictions from the government and the government should not tell the individual how to live their lives. But my beloved, it may be the government who says: We now require people to wear a mask when they are in a public forum. But is it really the government who artificially makes this decision?

Is not it actually that the government speaks for the whole. The government speaks the voice of the whole, because freedom as an individual does not mean you can do whatever you want, regardless of the effect it has for other people. This is the view of the fallen beings and the power elite, which unfortunately, many, many Americans have adopted as their own and think it is based on some higher principle, possibly even a certain interpretation of the Bible.

But the fact of the matter is that even though you have individual freedom, you also have a responsibility towards other people, have responsibility towards the community, towards the whole. And when you have such a situation, where this virus is spreading as it is and has been in America, then you must use whatever means are available, whether they are a hundred percent effective or not.

It is simply a matter of showing social responsibility, community spirit, that you do what the whole requires of you and you do not turn this into an issue of the government limiting your freedom or taking away the freedom. I do not recall that the constitution or the Declaration of Independence defines a freedom to spread a virus to other people as one of the foundational freedoms of America. So this is a matter of social awareness and social responsibility and many people in America have distorted the ideals of freedom as an excuse for not showing social responsibility and for denying the need to develop social awareness. Well, this is again, anti-democratic.


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The more you give, the more you will receive

Question: How can one transcend the sense that sharing or giving diminishes one’s abundance?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, the best way that I can recommend to an ascended master student is to really take my three books in “A Course In Abundance” and work with those invocations and really study the teachings I have given. The basic fact is this, you need to recognize that the law is that the more you give, the more there will be a multiplication factor from the spiritual realm and therefore the more you will receive, not necessarily always in terms of material goods, but then in terms of your raising of awareness.

When you make this shift and realize that the only way to really get more is to give more, then you can overcome this fear. It is, of course, a very strong consciousness in the world. It is part of what we call the poverty consciousness that you are afraid of giving, because you think this means you are losing. But you need to switch this so if you realize that giving is the key to gaining.


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Black people need to transcend certain attitudes and beliefs about themselves

Question: How can black people transcend the sense of being inferior, the poverty mentality,  the sense that we cannot be great, good things cannot happen to us, that we are cursed, that only white people can ever be great and do great things?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, this is not something that can be changed at the level of black people in general in America, it can only be changed at the individual level, where some people are willing to look at their own psychology, look at how their psychologies have been affected by their upbringing and by their heritage of black people in America.

You need to identify here that black people in America have adopted certain attitudes, certain beliefs about themselves and as a result of this, they have created these very powerful collective entities. These entities pull on people’s emotional and mental bodies. They pull black people into a certain attitude towards life and this attitude becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Why are black people so often in a second-rate position in society compared to white people? Only part of the equation is discrimination from white people. It is, of course, a part of the equation. It is, of course, absolutely necessary and important to address this so that this discrimination is lessened in the collective consciousness by furthering greater tolerance. But it is only part of the equation.

Another important part of the equation is the mindset of many black people who have this sense of inferiority, that they are no good, that society is passing them by, that only the white people can do well and all of these things because they become self-fulfilling prophecies. So, you can first start working on this in your own mind, and realize that you have some separate selves in your mind that you need to come to see, you need to see the belief behind it, you need to let it die. You can also make the calls for this, of course, that other black people will be cut free from this.

What you basically need to recognize here is, what it says in the Declaration of Independence: ‘…All human beings are created equal’. It does not matter what your skin color is, you are created originally with the same opportunity for expanding your sense of awareness as white people. There is no difference here, you were not created as white people or black people, you were created as spiritual people, spiritual beings.

What has happened over time, which also you can see in Africa today, as we have talked about, is that many people in Africa have, over a long period of time adopted this very restrictive mindset. And of course, they took that with them when they were forced to come to America. Now in America, they have had a greater opportunity to free themselves from it than the people in Africa have had, but many people have not made use of this—they have enforced the same mindset and therefore they become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Those black people who are open to ascended master teachings, you can break this spiral, you can break it in yourself first, you can seek to help others do the same, you can make the calls, you can help switch the collective consciousness of black people.

You have, of course, some very, very good examples of people who have made a difference who have freed themselves from this limiting heritage that they had, and who have reached important positions in society. Barack and Michelle Obama are obvious examples, Colin Powell, Oprah, many others can be mentioned. You have many actors, Morgan Freeman, other actors who have really demonstrated that they have reached a higher level of consciousness than where they started out from their black heritage.

So be encouraged by this, realize that these people are doing something very, very important not only for black people, but even for American society as a whole. Because they are helping to break up the prejudice that many white people have against blacks, a prejudice, that in some cases, also becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, by the way many blacks act. There is a tremendous potential for breaking this downward spiral and creating an upward spiral.

I can assure you, again, if 200 years from now, when people look back at this, they simply will not be able to understand that race was such an issue in America. They will look at other democratic nations, such as the Scandinavian nations, where race simply is not an issue. There is no discrimination based on your skin color in the Scandinavian countries.

You may say they have had an easier time because they have not had the same differences. But nevertheless, the mindset has also been different. So they would not have had the racial problems you have in America, even if they had had a large influx of people from a non-white race. And so you need to recognize here that in the future, in the golden age, race simply will not be an issue. People will look beyond all of these outer characteristics, they will look for the inner qualities of the being, of the soul.


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The most effective way to have impact on the climate

Question: The west coast of the United States has been experiencing intense fires while the east coast has been dealing with storms and flooding. The other day Los Angeles went up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It seems the planet is getting warmer each year. I understand the masters have mentioned that our consciousness has a significant impact on our climate. I’m asking for clarification on how our consciousness can be applied in benefiting our climate. Do we hold in our consciousness a vision of a balanced climate or is it a matter of changing our priorities? For example, I understand the raging fires on the west coast are tied to greed, thus if the collective consciousness on the west coast were to switch its priorities and focus on raising all life, rather than just the individual, would that change in focus translate to a better climate? What is the most effective way to promote positive change?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if you are a spiritual person who is open to the idea that consciousness has an impact on the climate, which of course many people would ridicule, then focusing on the climate is not really the most effective way to bring change. In other words, you could as an ascended master student, focus on changing your attitude towards the climate or raising your own consciousness or making invocations and decrees for the climate.

But this would actually be an indirect way of seeking to change the climate.The more direct way of changing the climate is to do what we have encouraged people to do: focus on raising the collective consciousness. You can raise your own consciousness, but also make the calls for the raising of the collective.

So basically, that is why we have not given any invocations specifically about the climate, because the way to really change the climate is to focus on these other issues. This is not to say that all people should ignore the climate. But what we are saying is we have had to make a practical realist evaluation, we have a limited number of ascended master students, what is the best way that they can make use of their efforts to have the greatest impact? And it is not to make invocations on the climate, but to make invocations on the changes in the collective consciousness and society.

It is clear that if people on the west coast were willing to change their focus away from the individual greed and just serving their own interests, to serving the whole and working together in communities, then that would certainly have a major impact on the climate on the west coast. Likewise, if people in other areas where there is a propensity for certain natural disasters were to change their mindset and the collective consciousness, it would have a positive impact. It is clear that seeking to change the climate directly is not the most efficient way to do it. To bring about change in the climate, you need to change the cause, which is the collective consciousness and you need to be non-concerned about how people will ridicule this entire idea and this entire approach.


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The deeper meaning of “Do not cast your pearls before swine”

Question: What is the deeper meaning of: “Do not cast your pearls before swine?”

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, it is simply that when you are a spiritual person, and you are sharing your spiritual insights or your experiences, you need to have a certain discernment, a certain sensitivity and realize that there are some people that you cannot help. They are not open because they are not yet at this level of consciousness. I know that many people, when they first find the  spiritual path, get very enthusiastic and want to help everybody, they want to awaken everyone to the spiritual path, because they think this will be beneficial to everyone.

But it will not be beneficial to people who have such a low level of consciousness that they can not grasp it. So, if you are above the 48th level, you cannot expect people below the 48th level to embrace the spiritual path that you have embraced. If you spend too much time and energy on this, and especially if you become persistent so people get angry with you, you are in a sense casting your pearls before swine and wasting your time and energy.

It is, as this messenger realized after many disappointments, necessary to come to a point on the path where you are saying, “I cannot help everybody. I’m not meant to help everybody, I can only help certain people. Therefore, I will focus my time and attention on the people I can help and not on the people I can’t help”. There are many times you can have karma with certain people and therefore you can become very attached to helping them or changing them or changing the way they look at you. But if you sense this attachment in yourself, realize that it comes from a separate self. Use the tools to work on that self until you can let go of any attachment to changing that other person. There are people on the spiritual path that you simply have to let go of because you will not be able to move higher, you will not be able to move beyond a certain point on the path as long as you are still attached to changing these people or changing their opinion of you.


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Jesus did get irritated once in a while

Question: Did Jesus get irritated with his disciples?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Contrary to the image painted by mainstream Christians, I was not a perfect human being while I was in embodiment. I was walking the spiritual path during the three years of my Palestinian mission. I had not reached full Christhood when I started it, and so I would have a certain impatience that would sometimes cause me to be irritated with my disciples, when they failed to grasp what I was about. If you could hear the tone of voice I had, when I said to Peter: “Get behind Me, Satan”, you would have said that I was clearly irritated in that situation. I was, in several cases, irritated with Peter, who, quite frankly, was the one disciple that had the hardest time grasping my message.

And therefore it is, of course, a great irony that the Catholic Church has made him out to be the first pope, and are basing their entire church on the consciousness of Peter. I would certainly back then have been very irritated with the Catholic Church as well.

Today, of course, as an ascended master, you do not get irritated. But you have to recognize here that when you have a mission like I had, I was under a tremendous pressure. There was a tremendous attack by dark forces, by collective entities, by fallen beings. And it is, quite frankly, not unreasonable that spiritual people who are under a certain amount of pressure can get irritated.

It is something you just have to look at and say, okay, while it happens, you try to not make it something that becomes an accelerating spiral but when it happens, you just have to move on. If it is caused by separate selves, then you can, of course, look at this.

But there are some times where people can have resolved most of their psychology and still get irritated, just because they are under such pressure, that just the energy they are dealing with can make them agitated. I am not saying this as an excuse, but simply as an explanation. Sometimes you just have to recognize that, okay, this happens, and then you move on.


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The Black Lives Matter movement

Question: Who inspired the Black Lives Matter movement? Is it funded by fallen beings?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, yes and no.

We have explained to you that there is a power elite that is seeking to create chaos in society, upheaval, in-harmony, conflicts between various groups of people. And this power elite will use actually absolutely anything that comes up in society to create this disharmony. However, if you took this at face value, you could say that any movement that calls for change in society must then be inspired or funded by the power elite and the fallen beings. And this, of course, isn’t the case.

There is a valid aspect of the Black Lives Matter movement. And it is simply that it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that there is what you call selective law enforcement in America, where Hispanics and black people are treated differently by the police than white people. It is simply a case that is known widely in America. It is necessary, based on the shootings of black people and other violations of black people by police, that there is some movement that objects to this.

The question for any such movement is, will it be peaceful or will it deteriorate into violence? And here, you again have to have some nuances because there is a valid, peaceful aspect of the Black Lives movement that is clearly necessary, and is in fact, to some degree inspired by the ascended masters who are working with a few people.

But there are also certain groups of people that will use any excuse to create riots, and for example, plunder stores. They will come in any time there is a demonstration and attempt to turn it violent. There are also certain groups that will attempt to discredit a movement by creating violence. This is not as widespread of a phenomenon as it is in, for example, other countries.

You have seen previously where there have been demonstrations in certain countries, and where the authorities have sent undercover special forces in to mix with the demonstrators in order to create violence so as to discredit the entire demonstration. Because many people will, when a demonstration turns violent, not look at it positively. You have seen this in many nations around the world. You have also seen it in the United States, although not to the extent that it could happen if there are more civil protests.


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How to overcome the sense of responsibility for creating changes

Question: Do we need to carry all responsibility on our shoulders for the changes that need to happen? And do we need to feel that we are responsible for making other people wake up?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, the teachings we have given, if you read them carefully, we make it very clear that the basic law for earth is free will. You have your individual free will, you have a right to raise your consciousness as a spiritual person, regardless of what the majority of people choose to do. This also means that you are not responsible for the choices of other people, this means you do not have a right to force them, but on the other hand, you do not have an obligation to let your state of mind be affected by their choices. You are not responsible for how other people respond.

What you are responsible for is raising your own level of consciousness, and this will then pull up on the collective. Now some of you have in your divine plan where you want to speak out, you want to seek to expose certain things and help other people overcome their illusions, and you should, of course, do so. But there is no need to do this with a sense that you have this big burden of responsibility, and you could potentially fail and if you do, it will have these dire consequences.

This is a mindset you can overcome by recognizing that it comes from a separate self, or is projected by collective entities or the fallen beings. And therefore, you can make the calls for this, you can also look at the separate selves and resolve this, why you have in past lives taken on this sense of responsibility.

This messenger, after he had resolved his original birth trauma, started looking at the attitude he had to earth when he came here from a natural planet. And he realized that he had this desire to change things on earth and therefore he had become very attached to producing certain results on earth, so he could say that him being here had made a difference. And therefore, he had this sense of responsibility for creating changes. And when he realized that he was not really here to change the earth, but he was here to change his own state of consciousness, he was able to let go of this and overcome this exaggerated sense of responsibility.


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Our contribution to exposing the power elite

Question: Will the power elite ever be exposed? How do we expose the power elite or will the ascended masters expose it? As long as they stay hidden people will refuse to believe that the power elite is holding them back. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, we have given sufficient teachings on this. Naturally there will come a point where the power elite will be exposed, otherwise societies cannot move into the golden age. As the collective consciousness is raised more and more people will be open to seeing this. We have given you the tools, many invocations, many decrees, where you can make a contribution to this by making the calls for it, whereby you can help shift the collective consciousness.

That is really all that we want to say about this because the tools are there, the teachings are there, it is just a matter of using them, making your contribution. And the rest is just a matter of how quickly the collective consciousness is raised, how willing people will be to respond, and do what needs to be done to stop the dominance that the power elite has on American society or in any society.


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Reparations for slavery

Question: I wonder, since I am an American, about reparations for slavery. There has been more and more talk about it lately. What do the masters have to say about reparations?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, what we want to say is that it is important to debate the topic, because it can help move the debate around racist issues forward. Slavery is, of course, a part of America’s past, and America has not had enough of a debate about it to really process this and do something about it.

In terms of the practical issue of whether the government should suddenly start paying reparations, start paying money to people whose ancestors were taken to America as slaves, this is not really a realistic scenario. It is not something we support from the ascended realm. Simply too much time has passed. It isn’t a matter of doing something physical, it is a matter of doing something psychologically, and on the scale of the collective consciousness, in order to bring out this issue, have a thorough and hopefully a constructive non-dualistic discussion about it so people can process the entire mindset.

There is much that needs to be discussed about this, especially in the so-called southern states that had slaves before the Civil War. There are still some collective beasts there that have a hold over many people’s minds. There are many, many people that are trapped in the past, both those who come from a slave background and those who came from the slaveholder background, who have not let go of the past.

What really needs to happen here is that both white and black people need to transcend the entire mindset of the slavery period, so that both can move on, and so that society can move on. There is, as we have said before about abuse, you are not really free of the abuse, until you completely forgive the abuser, and forgive yourself for the way you reacted to the abuse. This applies as much to an individual as it applies to all who have been affected by this issue of slavery, even the Civil War.

America will not be free of this issue, until all sides forgive and decide to just move on and embrace the future instead of wanting to keep the past alive. This will run into a certain opposition, especially from those who come from a slave background because many of those have made a decision that is similar to what the Jews made after the exposure of the concentration camps, and it is: “This must never be forgotten.” Well, my beloved, if you are saying that slavery in the United States must never be forgotten, then you are condemning all black Americans to live for the indefinite future trapped or affected by the consciousness of slavery. Do you really want to do that, to those you consider your own kind?

The best thing that could happen for black people in America is that they themselves would transcend the consciousness of slavery, overcome this consciousness, forgive the white people, forgive America, and move on. Even if the white people were not willing to do the same, it would still be to the benefit of black Americans or black Africans, that they did this.

This would require for example, to transcend this label “black Africans.” If you want to be black Africans, then go back to Africa. If you want to live in America, then be black Americans, or better yet, be Americans.

Come to the point where you have transcended this where your race, your skin color, is not an issue for you. If it is an issue for others, let them deal with that, but you are moving on embracing the future, doing the best you can of the opportunities you have. When many people do this, there can be a shift so that all black Americans will do better and benefit from this.


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Can everybody manifest the American dream?

Question: I’m slightly surprised to hear Mother Mary say what she said about the American dream. In the past, the masters used, for example, Oprah as an example, that one can manifest their destiny so to speak. I always liked this idea, but I suppose there is a nuance to it.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, simply you need to go back and see what we have said about this, read it in more detail, ponder it, and see what we actually said about this (link, link, link).

The essence of it is this. Yes, some people have been able to overcome their birth, their childhood, their social status, and manifest the American dream. But, the important issue is that not everybody could do this with the present level of the economy, because the money supply simply is not there. It does not matter how hard you work. A few people can do it, but not very many. And it should originally be so that the vast majority of people could do this if they were willing to apply themselves but this is what has been aborted by the power elite.


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How to be free from fear

Question: How does one protect oneself and one’s family financially and spiritually, but not be in fear?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, obviously, it begins with your mind and your mindset. It begins when using the spiritual tools to protect your four lower bodies, from being influenced by these collective entities that want people to go into fear. You can clear out some of this fear-based energy in your four lower bodies, and this can give you some clarity until you can come to the point where you can make a conscious decision: “I’m going to decide not to be in fear anymore.”

In order to do this, you may have to take a fasting period from all of these theories that in many cases are designed just to promote fear. Many conspiracy theories, many theories about the end of the world, many dire prophecies are produced specifically to get people to go into fear.

In terms of protecting yourself financially, well, part of it is to give the decrees, but also to take whatever practical measures you can take in your particular situation. This is too specific for me to give advice on because it varies so much from person to person.


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Conspiracy theories and the ability to read the vibration

Question: How can you tell the difference between the lies the power elite have set up and the lies that the conspiracy theorists have set up that are manipulated by fallen beings? How does one find the middle way?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, you might ask why you need to tell the difference between the lies created by the power elite and the lies of conspiracy theories. As we have said before, many conspiracy theories are actually created by the power elite, or at least by people who are paid by the power elite to do this. A lie is a lie, why do you need to categorize them and tell the difference?

What you need to sharpen is your ability to read the vibration so that you can sense that here’s something that is a lie and that isn’t real, and therefore, you can just avoid it or reject it or whatever you feel moved to do as part of your divine plan. Some people have it as part of their divine plan to expose these lies. This can be the case for some of you. But you do not really need to go in and over analyze this. You simply need to sharpen your ability to sense what is a lie. We have given tools for this before, partly to read the vibration field whether your heart has an upward movement or downward movement of energy when you are reading an idea.

You have to realize here that the fallen beings have done everything they possibly can to spread as many lies as possible through any means available to them. Conspiracy theories are not just a modern phenomenon. In the past they have done it through many other things: religions, philosophies, political philosophies, education, and even science and the interpretation of scientific results through materialism. These are all lies spread by the fallen beings, and you need to come to that point where it is not just a matter of analyzing them with the rational, intellectual linear mind, but it is a matter of sensing the vibration of something. I understand that this means that you sometimes do not know why it is a lie, but you can still sense it. You obviously cannot then help other people see it, because they are not going to take you saying: “Well, I sense this is a lie” as the final answer. They will have to develop their own discernment.


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Feeling sleepy and drowsy during the spiritual practises 

Question: The masters have given visualizations as spiritual tools like the one in ​Healing Your Spiritual Traumas. I would like to ask what one can do if visualizations cause one to become sleepy, drowsy, and one cannot follow the visualization again and again. This happens to me with meditation too. Even sometimes when I’m giving invocations. It happens at any time of the day, no matter if I have had a good night’s sleep.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if this happens over and over again, you will need to simply stop giving visualizations or doing meditation. You will have to find another spiritual practice that does not make you sleepy, at least for some time. Now, of course, you can be sleepy when you are giving invocations, but you can to some degree overcome that by changing the pace of the invocation. If you feel you are sleepy, then give some verses more slowly with more power, then go back to your normal pace, or perhaps even give it faster. Or, if you cannot overcome the problem with invocations, then use decrees. It is more difficult to become sleepy while giving decrees because they are faster paced and more rhythmic, but again if it does happen, then give them more slowly, more powerfully, more in a staccato rhythm, that will help you stay awake.

You can, of course, also realize that this is most likely caused by either some separate selves you have or some collective entities that are projecting certain energies at you in order to make you sleepy and prevent you from doing the spiritual exercise. You can use, for example, the invocation and decrees to Astrea to make calls for the binding and consuming of these forces. You can also work on the selves and see if you can uncover the belief behind them.


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There is a need for an entirely new approach to the power elite

Question: Is Trump part of an alliance? Does an alliance exist that is helping overthrow the elite? Are we putting our hope in something that doesn’t exist?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

There is no alliance that is seeking to overthrow the elite. There are a number of people who have realized that there is an elite, and they have realized that the elite is a problem. Some of them are working actively, some of them are even coming together trying to support each other and discuss what can be done about it, but you have to realize that these people face the same problem that has been faced ever since the fallen beings came to this planet.

The fallen beings form these power elite groups. There is not just one, there are many of them, and they are of course not all working together because they are divided amongst themselves, but they form these groups that have an aggressive intent and use aggressive means to gain influence in society. They do this through the duality consciousness. Anything you do that reinforces the duality consciousness actually helps the elite stay in power, or it helps an aspiring power elite overthrow an established power elite.

The dilemma you are facing, and with you I mean people who want to do something about the power elite, is if you organize yourselves and form an opposition group to the power elite and you seek to use forceful means to overthrow the power elite, not necessarily a violent revolution but other force based means, you are reinforcing the dualistic mindset.

What needs to happen is that there are people who realize this and realize that a new approach is needed. There are people who have realized this or are close to realizing it. There are many more that could realize it. You can help this evolution by making the calls based on the invocations we have given about the situation, about the power elite, or about the dualistic consciousness. This can have a tremendous impact in terms of cutting people free, so they can make that critical switch where they see the power elite, but they see the need for an entirely new approach that really has not been done before in history.


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How can we get free from the elite 

Question: How do we go up against the elite who have all the money and power set up? What is the easy way to be free of the elite versus the hard way? What do we do if there is a mandatory vaccine in order to travel and live? I live in America and I homeschool my kids. I feel bogged down from my own spiritual traumas. I’m not sure how to help change besides giving decrees and working on my own consciousness. And what to do about the elite, and is there an easy way out of it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, there is no easy way to be free of the elite because being free of the elite is a matter of raising the collective consciousness. We have said so many times that we do not envision in any way that we want spiritual people to join or start a violent revolution or uprising against the elite. This could, of course, happen as a result of people’s anger, but this is not what we support or encourage in any way.

For a country to be free of the elite, there needs to be a shift upwards in the collective consciousness and this of course must begin with people raising their individual consciousness. Naturally, you can make the calls. We have given a number of invocations, especially in the two books about America: Spiritual Solutions to America’s Problems and A Spiritual Clearance for America, that you can use. We have also given other invocations that are on the website. The main thing you can do is work on your own spiritual traumas and unresolved psychology. If you feel that you have such traumas, you have such unresolved psychology, use the books Healing your Spiritual Traumas and the others in that series, to deal with these traumas. This will give you an entirely new perspective where you will not be so concerned about this.


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Winter (December 2020) webinar 

Question: Will we be able to have another webinar this year such as the equivalent of the Estonia conference? Could the New Year’s address be a webinar?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, I have talked with the people in Estonia about doing something. But what I actually would like to do, and maybe I’ll just put some posts on the internet, as well is get some feedback from people about what would be the best time to have another webinar during the winter. Right now, we have scheduled the DC conference in the spring as the first conference. We are tentatively planning to have a conference in Holland also. 

But we can’t be sure that we can have it because of the corona situation. But that means that from now until the spring, at the end of March, we don’t have anything planned right now. So we could do it at any time. So my question would be, for example, would it be better to have a webinar, for example, between Christmas and New Year when many people are off from work? Or would that be a problem because you have family obligations at that time, so you couldn’t participate anyway? I’m open to it either away. So I will, after the conference, I’ll put something on the website so you can respond to this. But you can start thinking about it. 

*  19.10.2020 – Kim  put the webinar post on his personal FB page, AM official FB page and news page on the AML website 🙂


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How to facilitate the transition of our close ones 

Question: A friend of mine made her transition a week ago. Is there anything we who are still in embodiment can do to facilitate the transition of those who have passed or a system in some way to reach higher states of consciousness? 

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

I believe the masters have talked about this before. You can do a search on the Ascended Masters Answers website. I think there is something on it.

But one of the things you could do is make the calls, especially to Astrea, that their souls would be cut free, especially cut free from ties to the physical octave to the astral plane. So they will be able to go to where they need to go between embodiments so that they can receive help from the masters to grow before the next embodiment.


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How to break the addiction to sex

Question: Considering men’s sexuality, I have noticed the importance of withdrawing from ejaculation of seminary liquids for longer periods of time, as my sexual life has been quite active. There is now a higher awareness growing in my society also of ejaculation as a choice practice. I personally felt that my mental well-being is that more is at a higher degree with this new way of discipline, to withdraw from ejaculation, and I’m in a more balanced way of being, and feel more going and full of energy. This has required for me to change my consciousness, especially considering pornography, and how I look upon women, and to find new ways to transmute the energetic pressure. Can the masters give advice for men and women about these topics?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, basically, what you see in society is what we talked about at the women’s webinar where Astrea gave this profound dictation that for 90% of men, sex is an addiction. Anybody who has used pornography, who has had promiscuous sexual practices, or who have had sex beyond a certain frequency, they are addicted to sex. The question really is, are people willing to break that addiction? And if so, how can they do it? And withdrawing from ejaculation is one way to bring an element of discipline into your sexual practices. It will of course also free you from energy because few things can drain your general energy level more than exaggerated sexual practice.

I would however, suggest that, naturally for ascended master students, it is important to look at this as an addiction, and use the tools we have given to break the hold that these collective entities have on you. Pornography has only really one purpose and it is to serve, to give, certain collective entities an inroad into people’s consciousness so they can steal their energy. Many other exaggerated unbalanced, sexual practices only have the same purpose. If you look at it naturally, neither men nor women have a need to have sex more than a few times in a week or a month.

Anything more than that is the kind of addiction that will drain your energy. It is a matter of realizing this and making a decision about it. And truly, what this will require is some mental discipline. You can come to a point where you become sensitive to how energy flows in your chakras. And you can,for example, notice that if you put your mind on sex or sexual fantasies, there can be energy flowing into your base chakra that can create a spiral or a tension, a disharmony and the more you allow this to build, well, the more the pressure is to release it through sexual activity or in other ways.

You can come to a point where you learn to stop this spiral before it even begins, you can stop yourself from allowing energy to go into your base chakra and build an intensity. You can do this partly by decrees, partly by awareness, partly by willpower, partly by when you feel this to direct your attention on something else, not allow your attention to dwell on the topic of sex or related issues.

It is simply necessary on the spiritual path, that you learn to take a certain command over your attention so that you are deciding where your attention goes, not allowing it to be pulled into, whether it is sex or many other topics, by forces that are external to yourself, where you are not really making a choice to make this happen.


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People who misuse their power in government

Question: How can the people in organizations, governments and institutions who have misused their positions in power come to some degree of honesty, so they can become a “…separate and chosen people”, as it says in Archangel Michael’s rosary? Is it constructive for their change that their actions from the past are exposed if they come to some degree of dignity in their lives? Can they change before a critical mass of people change their attitude for honesty?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, this is a difficult question, or a difficult problem to solve. Because why is it that people abuse their power? It is because they are very self -centered and selfish. What can make them see that what they are doing is not in their own best interest? Unfortunately, in many cases, they are in the same state of mind as criminals who are doing what they want to do and if it is discovered and they are punished for it, they just build resentment against the society that punishes them. Many people are that selfish.

It is a problem that does not have an easy solution. It really requires a raising of the collective consciousness so that the general population are aware of the need to look out for people that misuse their power, so that for example, society institutes a whistleblower mechanism so that people who see this abuse of power can speak out without being punished or silenced by those who have power.

It will take some time for many societies to get to the point where there is that mechanism, there is that openness, where these people can be exposed and they can be removed from their positions, and therefore have an opportunity to change their ways. It is not really worth it for ascended master students to focus on helping these people change their consciousness, but more on raising the collective consciousness so that these people can be exposed and not be allowed to misuse their power longer than absolutely necessary.


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Why do some women keep attracting abusive men?

Question: Since my childhood, I experienced a lot of emotional aggression from my father and in my adult life from men. During my life, I have attracted men who are not emotionally open, but who are particularly focused on sex and lust. I had two very abusive relationships. After this, I found the path and worked hard on myself and my psychology. Although I have solved a lot in my psychology, I experience a part of me that still wants something from these types of men. I consciously know that these types of men are not good for me but I experience that I carry a part in me who, despite the fact that there are many loving men who demand my attention, still wants attention and contact with the men with whom I only will have a destructive relationship. Can you explain to me how that mechanism works? Why does this self, this part in me want contact and attention from these men so much, while these men just take whatever they can take without any emotional connection? What is it in me that I would reject love for men who are also nice and who are in my life and give me attention? Why do I want the one out of all those men that are not right for me? I’m not in a relationship and do nothing with men, but I experience what is happening, I see the parts in me and I want more insight into why this is happening while I know better. I am right now clearing my four lower bodies by walking the path of the seven rays and by doing the invocation from the book of Mother Mary’s Course In Abundance. Please can you give me insights, so I can see it all clearer.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, first of all, you can benefit from realizing that you are by no means the first or the only woman who has this mechanism. Many, many women have it, many have had it and they are actually books that are written about the phenomenon which you can benefit from reading. They can supplement the teachings that we have given on psychology and help you gain various insights. Now, there can be a number of individual reasons that cause this phenomenon. But let me focus on at least three of them.

First of all, there are some women who have an inferiority complex, they don’t feel they are worthy. And it often is that they don’t feel they are worthy to get attention from other people. So, you attract to you these abusive men, because even though they are abusive, they are at least giving you attention. And the attention, even though it is abusive, is better than being ignored. This can be one reason. I am not saying it is the case for all women, but it is one reason.

Another reason is that you have, in a past life, been severely hurt by men or often one particular man that you may have incarnated with in several lifetimes. So, you have this deep sense that you cannot actually trust men. And the strange phenomenon that comes in here is that the sense that you cannot trust men often originated because you had a relationship with a man, and you trusted that man and you opened yourself up to that man. And then this man used your openness against you to hurt you. Therefore, you have a self that has decided that you will never again open yourself up to a man. And that is why you reject the men with whom you could have a deeper connection. And you have relationships with the men, that although they are abusive, but for you, that’s not really the deciding factor. The deciding factor is you could never have a deeper connection with them so there is no danger that you would open yourself up to them.

Now a third factor that can come into play is that for some of you, this goes back to your cosmic birth trauma. This goes back to your first embodiment on earth, where you were very severely abused by authority figures that were men. And the reason why you keep attracting these men to you can be partly the first two reasons I mentioned. This can play a role in your psychology. But the real reason is that you want to resolve this birth trauma. And therefore, you keep attracting men to you that are so abusive that it’s difficult to ignore it. In other words, if you had a normal, loving relationship with a man, you might be able to push this problem aside, and either not resolve the birth trauma for some time or not resolve it in this embodiment. And you have decided in your divine plan that you want to resolve it in this embodiment. Therefore, you are, so to speak, subconsciously forcing yourself to confront the issue.

Now, obviously, we have given teachings about the separate selves and it is clear that this mechanism is based on one or in many cases, several separate selves, that have certain beliefs about yourself, about your relationship to men. You may believe you can’t trust men, you may believe you’re not really worthy to be with a man and therefore you should tolerate abuse, you maybe believe you’re not worthy to get attention for people. And it may be other beliefs as well, because it can be very individual, what beliefs you have.

But if you use the teachings we have given “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” and the other books, you will be able to make progress on this. Now it can again help you to read books on this, it can help you perhaps to go into therapy about this, it can help you perhaps to find a group of women where you can talk about this. There is in fact a need that women would create support groups for women who have had abusive relationships from men in this lifetime. You might even consider looking for such a group or creating it if you cannot find one.


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