Reparations for slavery

Question: I wonder, since I am an American, about reparations for slavery. There has been more and more talk about it lately. What do the masters have to say about reparations?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, what we want to say is that it is important to debate the topic, because it can help move the debate around racist issues forward. Slavery is, of course, a part of America’s past, and America has not had enough of a debate about it to really process this and do something about it.

In terms of the practical issue of whether the government should suddenly start paying reparations, start paying money to people whose ancestors were taken to America as slaves, this is not really a realistic scenario. It is not something we support from the ascended realm. Simply too much time has passed. It isn’t a matter of doing something physical, it is a matter of doing something psychologically, and on the scale of the collective consciousness, in order to bring out this issue, have a thorough and hopefully a constructive non-dualistic discussion about it so people can process the entire mindset.

There is much that needs to be discussed about this, especially in the so-called southern states that had slaves before the Civil War. There are still some collective beasts there that have a hold over many people’s minds. There are many, many people that are trapped in the past, both those who come from a slave background and those who came from the slaveholder background, who have not let go of the past.

What really needs to happen here is that both white and black people need to transcend the entire mindset of the slavery period, so that both can move on, and so that society can move on. There is, as we have said before about abuse, you are not really free of the abuse, until you completely forgive the abuser, and forgive yourself for the way you reacted to the abuse. This applies as much to an individual as it applies to all who have been affected by this issue of slavery, even the Civil War.

America will not be free of this issue, until all sides forgive and decide to just move on and embrace the future instead of wanting to keep the past alive. This will run into a certain opposition, especially from those who come from a slave background because many of those have made a decision that is similar to what the Jews made after the exposure of the concentration camps, and it is: “This must never be forgotten.” Well, my beloved, if you are saying that slavery in the United States must never be forgotten, then you are condemning all black Americans to live for the indefinite future trapped or affected by the consciousness of slavery. Do you really want to do that, to those you consider your own kind?

The best thing that could happen for black people in America is that they themselves would transcend the consciousness of slavery, overcome this consciousness, forgive the white people, forgive America, and move on. Even if the white people were not willing to do the same, it would still be to the benefit of black Americans or black Africans, that they did this.

This would require for example, to transcend this label “black Africans.” If you want to be black Africans, then go back to Africa. If you want to live in America, then be black Americans, or better yet, be Americans.

Come to the point where you have transcended this where your race, your skin color, is not an issue for you. If it is an issue for others, let them deal with that, but you are moving on embracing the future, doing the best you can of the opportunities you have. When many people do this, there can be a shift so that all black Americans will do better and benefit from this.


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Can everybody manifest the American dream?

Question: I’m slightly surprised to hear Mother Mary say what she said about the American dream. In the past, the masters used, for example, Oprah as an example, that one can manifest their destiny so to speak. I always liked this idea, but I suppose there is a nuance to it.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, simply you need to go back and see what we have said about this, read it in more detail, ponder it, and see what we actually said about this (link, link, link).

The essence of it is this. Yes, some people have been able to overcome their birth, their childhood, their social status, and manifest the American dream. But, the important issue is that not everybody could do this with the present level of the economy, because the money supply simply is not there. It does not matter how hard you work. A few people can do it, but not very many. And it should originally be so that the vast majority of people could do this if they were willing to apply themselves but this is what has been aborted by the power elite.


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How to be free from fear

Question: How does one protect oneself and one’s family financially and spiritually, but not be in fear?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, obviously, it begins with your mind and your mindset. It begins when using the spiritual tools to protect your four lower bodies, from being influenced by these collective entities that want people to go into fear. You can clear out some of this fear-based energy in your four lower bodies, and this can give you some clarity until you can come to the point where you can make a conscious decision: “I’m going to decide not to be in fear anymore.”

In order to do this, you may have to take a fasting period from all of these theories that in many cases are designed just to promote fear. Many conspiracy theories, many theories about the end of the world, many dire prophecies are produced specifically to get people to go into fear.

In terms of protecting yourself financially, well, part of it is to give the decrees, but also to take whatever practical measures you can take in your particular situation. This is too specific for me to give advice on because it varies so much from person to person.


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Conspiracy theories and the ability to read the vibration

Question: How can you tell the difference between the lies the power elite have set up and the lies that the conspiracy theorists have set up that are manipulated by fallen beings? How does one find the middle way?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, you might ask why you need to tell the difference between the lies created by the power elite and the lies of conspiracy theories. As we have said before, many conspiracy theories are actually created by the power elite, or at least by people who are paid by the power elite to do this. A lie is a lie, why do you need to categorize them and tell the difference?

What you need to sharpen is your ability to read the vibration so that you can sense that here’s something that is a lie and that isn’t real, and therefore, you can just avoid it or reject it or whatever you feel moved to do as part of your divine plan. Some people have it as part of their divine plan to expose these lies. This can be the case for some of you. But you do not really need to go in and over analyze this. You simply need to sharpen your ability to sense what is a lie. We have given tools for this before, partly to read the vibration field whether your heart has an upward movement or downward movement of energy when you are reading an idea.

You have to realize here that the fallen beings have done everything they possibly can to spread as many lies as possible through any means available to them. Conspiracy theories are not just a modern phenomenon. In the past they have done it through many other things: religions, philosophies, political philosophies, education, and even science and the interpretation of scientific results through materialism. These are all lies spread by the fallen beings, and you need to come to that point where it is not just a matter of analyzing them with the rational, intellectual linear mind, but it is a matter of sensing the vibration of something. I understand that this means that you sometimes do not know why it is a lie, but you can still sense it. You obviously cannot then help other people see it, because they are not going to take you saying: “Well, I sense this is a lie” as the final answer. They will have to develop their own discernment.


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Feeling sleepy and drowsy during the spiritual practises 

Question: The masters have given visualizations as spiritual tools like the one in ​Healing Your Spiritual Traumas. I would like to ask what one can do if visualizations cause one to become sleepy, drowsy, and one cannot follow the visualization again and again. This happens to me with meditation too. Even sometimes when I’m giving invocations. It happens at any time of the day, no matter if I have had a good night’s sleep.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if this happens over and over again, you will need to simply stop giving visualizations or doing meditation. You will have to find another spiritual practice that does not make you sleepy, at least for some time. Now, of course, you can be sleepy when you are giving invocations, but you can to some degree overcome that by changing the pace of the invocation. If you feel you are sleepy, then give some verses more slowly with more power, then go back to your normal pace, or perhaps even give it faster. Or, if you cannot overcome the problem with invocations, then use decrees. It is more difficult to become sleepy while giving decrees because they are faster paced and more rhythmic, but again if it does happen, then give them more slowly, more powerfully, more in a staccato rhythm, that will help you stay awake.

You can, of course, also realize that this is most likely caused by either some separate selves you have or some collective entities that are projecting certain energies at you in order to make you sleepy and prevent you from doing the spiritual exercise. You can use, for example, the invocation and decrees to Astrea to make calls for the binding and consuming of these forces. You can also work on the selves and see if you can uncover the belief behind them.


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There is a need for an entirely new approach to the power elite

Question: Is Trump part of an alliance? Does an alliance exist that is helping overthrow the elite? Are we putting our hope in something that doesn’t exist?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

There is no alliance that is seeking to overthrow the elite. There are a number of people who have realized that there is an elite, and they have realized that the elite is a problem. Some of them are working actively, some of them are even coming together trying to support each other and discuss what can be done about it, but you have to realize that these people face the same problem that has been faced ever since the fallen beings came to this planet.

The fallen beings form these power elite groups. There is not just one, there are many of them, and they are of course not all working together because they are divided amongst themselves, but they form these groups that have an aggressive intent and use aggressive means to gain influence in society. They do this through the duality consciousness. Anything you do that reinforces the duality consciousness actually helps the elite stay in power, or it helps an aspiring power elite overthrow an established power elite.

The dilemma you are facing, and with you I mean people who want to do something about the power elite, is if you organize yourselves and form an opposition group to the power elite and you seek to use forceful means to overthrow the power elite, not necessarily a violent revolution but other force based means, you are reinforcing the dualistic mindset.

What needs to happen is that there are people who realize this and realize that a new approach is needed. There are people who have realized this or are close to realizing it. There are many more that could realize it. You can help this evolution by making the calls based on the invocations we have given about the situation, about the power elite, or about the dualistic consciousness. This can have a tremendous impact in terms of cutting people free, so they can make that critical switch where they see the power elite, but they see the need for an entirely new approach that really has not been done before in history.


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How can we get free from the elite 

Question: How do we go up against the elite who have all the money and power set up? What is the easy way to be free of the elite versus the hard way? What do we do if there is a mandatory vaccine in order to travel and live? I live in America and I homeschool my kids. I feel bogged down from my own spiritual traumas. I’m not sure how to help change besides giving decrees and working on my own consciousness. And what to do about the elite, and is there an easy way out of it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, there is no easy way to be free of the elite because being free of the elite is a matter of raising the collective consciousness. We have said so many times that we do not envision in any way that we want spiritual people to join or start a violent revolution or uprising against the elite. This could, of course, happen as a result of people’s anger, but this is not what we support or encourage in any way.

For a country to be free of the elite, there needs to be a shift upwards in the collective consciousness and this of course must begin with people raising their individual consciousness. Naturally, you can make the calls. We have given a number of invocations, especially in the two books about America: Spiritual Solutions to America’s Problems and A Spiritual Clearance for America, that you can use. We have also given other invocations that are on the website. The main thing you can do is work on your own spiritual traumas and unresolved psychology. If you feel that you have such traumas, you have such unresolved psychology, use the books Healing your Spiritual Traumas and the others in that series, to deal with these traumas. This will give you an entirely new perspective where you will not be so concerned about this.


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Winter (December 2020) webinar 

Question: Will we be able to have another webinar this year such as the equivalent of the Estonia conference? Could the New Year’s address be a webinar?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, I have talked with the people in Estonia about doing something. But what I actually would like to do, and maybe I’ll just put some posts on the internet, as well is get some feedback from people about what would be the best time to have another webinar during the winter. Right now, we have scheduled the DC conference in the spring as the first conference. We are tentatively planning to have a conference in Holland also. 

But we can’t be sure that we can have it because of the corona situation. But that means that from now until the spring, at the end of March, we don’t have anything planned right now. So we could do it at any time. So my question would be, for example, would it be better to have a webinar, for example, between Christmas and New Year when many people are off from work? Or would that be a problem because you have family obligations at that time, so you couldn’t participate anyway? I’m open to it either away. So I will, after the conference, I’ll put something on the website so you can respond to this. But you can start thinking about it. 

*  19.10.2020 – Kim  put the webinar post on his personal FB page, AM official FB page and news page on the AML website 🙂


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How to facilitate the transition of our close ones 

Question: A friend of mine made her transition a week ago. Is there anything we who are still in embodiment can do to facilitate the transition of those who have passed or a system in some way to reach higher states of consciousness? 

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

I believe the masters have talked about this before. You can do a search on the Ascended Masters Answers website. I think there is something on it.

But one of the things you could do is make the calls, especially to Astrea, that their souls would be cut free, especially cut free from ties to the physical octave to the astral plane. So they will be able to go to where they need to go between embodiments so that they can receive help from the masters to grow before the next embodiment.


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How to break the addiction to sex

Question: Considering men’s sexuality, I have noticed the importance of withdrawing from ejaculation of seminary liquids for longer periods of time, as my sexual life has been quite active. There is now a higher awareness growing in my society also of ejaculation as a choice practice. I personally felt that my mental well-being is that more is at a higher degree with this new way of discipline, to withdraw from ejaculation, and I’m in a more balanced way of being, and feel more going and full of energy. This has required for me to change my consciousness, especially considering pornography, and how I look upon women, and to find new ways to transmute the energetic pressure. Can the masters give advice for men and women about these topics?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, basically, what you see in society is what we talked about at the women’s webinar where Astrea gave this profound dictation that for 90% of men, sex is an addiction. Anybody who has used pornography, who has had promiscuous sexual practices, or who have had sex beyond a certain frequency, they are addicted to sex. The question really is, are people willing to break that addiction? And if so, how can they do it? And withdrawing from ejaculation is one way to bring an element of discipline into your sexual practices. It will of course also free you from energy because few things can drain your general energy level more than exaggerated sexual practice.

I would however, suggest that, naturally for ascended master students, it is important to look at this as an addiction, and use the tools we have given to break the hold that these collective entities have on you. Pornography has only really one purpose and it is to serve, to give, certain collective entities an inroad into people’s consciousness so they can steal their energy. Many other exaggerated unbalanced, sexual practices only have the same purpose. If you look at it naturally, neither men nor women have a need to have sex more than a few times in a week or a month.

Anything more than that is the kind of addiction that will drain your energy. It is a matter of realizing this and making a decision about it. And truly, what this will require is some mental discipline. You can come to a point where you become sensitive to how energy flows in your chakras. And you can,for example, notice that if you put your mind on sex or sexual fantasies, there can be energy flowing into your base chakra that can create a spiral or a tension, a disharmony and the more you allow this to build, well, the more the pressure is to release it through sexual activity or in other ways.

You can come to a point where you learn to stop this spiral before it even begins, you can stop yourself from allowing energy to go into your base chakra and build an intensity. You can do this partly by decrees, partly by awareness, partly by willpower, partly by when you feel this to direct your attention on something else, not allow your attention to dwell on the topic of sex or related issues.

It is simply necessary on the spiritual path, that you learn to take a certain command over your attention so that you are deciding where your attention goes, not allowing it to be pulled into, whether it is sex or many other topics, by forces that are external to yourself, where you are not really making a choice to make this happen.


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People who misuse their power in government

Question: How can the people in organizations, governments and institutions who have misused their positions in power come to some degree of honesty, so they can become a “…separate and chosen people”, as it says in Archangel Michael’s rosary? Is it constructive for their change that their actions from the past are exposed if they come to some degree of dignity in their lives? Can they change before a critical mass of people change their attitude for honesty?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, this is a difficult question, or a difficult problem to solve. Because why is it that people abuse their power? It is because they are very self -centered and selfish. What can make them see that what they are doing is not in their own best interest? Unfortunately, in many cases, they are in the same state of mind as criminals who are doing what they want to do and if it is discovered and they are punished for it, they just build resentment against the society that punishes them. Many people are that selfish.

It is a problem that does not have an easy solution. It really requires a raising of the collective consciousness so that the general population are aware of the need to look out for people that misuse their power, so that for example, society institutes a whistleblower mechanism so that people who see this abuse of power can speak out without being punished or silenced by those who have power.

It will take some time for many societies to get to the point where there is that mechanism, there is that openness, where these people can be exposed and they can be removed from their positions, and therefore have an opportunity to change their ways. It is not really worth it for ascended master students to focus on helping these people change their consciousness, but more on raising the collective consciousness so that these people can be exposed and not be allowed to misuse their power longer than absolutely necessary.


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Why do some women keep attracting abusive men?

Question: Since my childhood, I experienced a lot of emotional aggression from my father and in my adult life from men. During my life, I have attracted men who are not emotionally open, but who are particularly focused on sex and lust. I had two very abusive relationships. After this, I found the path and worked hard on myself and my psychology. Although I have solved a lot in my psychology, I experience a part of me that still wants something from these types of men. I consciously know that these types of men are not good for me but I experience that I carry a part in me who, despite the fact that there are many loving men who demand my attention, still wants attention and contact with the men with whom I only will have a destructive relationship. Can you explain to me how that mechanism works? Why does this self, this part in me want contact and attention from these men so much, while these men just take whatever they can take without any emotional connection? What is it in me that I would reject love for men who are also nice and who are in my life and give me attention? Why do I want the one out of all those men that are not right for me? I’m not in a relationship and do nothing with men, but I experience what is happening, I see the parts in me and I want more insight into why this is happening while I know better. I am right now clearing my four lower bodies by walking the path of the seven rays and by doing the invocation from the book of Mother Mary’s Course In Abundance. Please can you give me insights, so I can see it all clearer.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, first of all, you can benefit from realizing that you are by no means the first or the only woman who has this mechanism. Many, many women have it, many have had it and they are actually books that are written about the phenomenon which you can benefit from reading. They can supplement the teachings that we have given on psychology and help you gain various insights. Now, there can be a number of individual reasons that cause this phenomenon. But let me focus on at least three of them.

First of all, there are some women who have an inferiority complex, they don’t feel they are worthy. And it often is that they don’t feel they are worthy to get attention from other people. So, you attract to you these abusive men, because even though they are abusive, they are at least giving you attention. And the attention, even though it is abusive, is better than being ignored. This can be one reason. I am not saying it is the case for all women, but it is one reason.

Another reason is that you have, in a past life, been severely hurt by men or often one particular man that you may have incarnated with in several lifetimes. So, you have this deep sense that you cannot actually trust men. And the strange phenomenon that comes in here is that the sense that you cannot trust men often originated because you had a relationship with a man, and you trusted that man and you opened yourself up to that man. And then this man used your openness against you to hurt you. Therefore, you have a self that has decided that you will never again open yourself up to a man. And that is why you reject the men with whom you could have a deeper connection. And you have relationships with the men, that although they are abusive, but for you, that’s not really the deciding factor. The deciding factor is you could never have a deeper connection with them so there is no danger that you would open yourself up to them.

Now a third factor that can come into play is that for some of you, this goes back to your cosmic birth trauma. This goes back to your first embodiment on earth, where you were very severely abused by authority figures that were men. And the reason why you keep attracting these men to you can be partly the first two reasons I mentioned. This can play a role in your psychology. But the real reason is that you want to resolve this birth trauma. And therefore, you keep attracting men to you that are so abusive that it’s difficult to ignore it. In other words, if you had a normal, loving relationship with a man, you might be able to push this problem aside, and either not resolve the birth trauma for some time or not resolve it in this embodiment. And you have decided in your divine plan that you want to resolve it in this embodiment. Therefore, you are, so to speak, subconsciously forcing yourself to confront the issue.

Now, obviously, we have given teachings about the separate selves and it is clear that this mechanism is based on one or in many cases, several separate selves, that have certain beliefs about yourself, about your relationship to men. You may believe you can’t trust men, you may believe you’re not really worthy to be with a man and therefore you should tolerate abuse, you maybe believe you’re not worthy to get attention for people. And it may be other beliefs as well, because it can be very individual, what beliefs you have.

But if you use the teachings we have given “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” and the other books, you will be able to make progress on this. Now it can again help you to read books on this, it can help you perhaps to go into therapy about this, it can help you perhaps to find a group of women where you can talk about this. There is in fact a need that women would create support groups for women who have had abusive relationships from men in this lifetime. You might even consider looking for such a group or creating it if you cannot find one.


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Artefacts and fossils of ancient civilizations

Question: Why is it that if there were other more ancient civilizations that are not in recorded history, that we do not find any fossils of these?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

First of all, you have found fossils from some civilizations that have now disappeared and that are not in recorded history. There are various artifacts that have been found that cannot be explained by the technology of the civilizations in known history. There are not so many of these but they are there.

Then the other aspect is that there are actually certain fossils from these previous civilizations that have not been seen as fossils. There are certain minerals and what you call rock formations, that are actually man-made materials, but because of the paradigm where you will not look beyond known civilization, they have not been recognized as manmade materials.

But the other reason is, of course, that you have these geological processes that are very powerful and can erase all traces of a civilization. The ice age that took place 10,000 years ago erased several civilizations that were there before. You will know for example, that the island of Manhattan was covered by a very thick ice sheet during the Ice Age. Well if you take the huge buildings that are on Manhattan Island today and imagine what would happen to them if there was another Ice Age, then I can assure you that after the ice had moved over the island several times, there would be no traces left of the current buildings.

But another reason is, of course, that the collective consciousness has not reached a certain level. As the collective consciousness continues to be raised there will come points where more and more artifacts from previous civilizations will be discovered, and there will be more of a willingness to interpret these. There will be ancient records that will be found that will make it undeniable that there were advanced civilizations in the past.


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Your path will often be the cycles that you might consider ups and downs

Question: I sometimes think that we ascended master students go into a short phase that I will describe like this: It feels like we went backwards, we are experiencing a downward spiral, we’re going into the school of hard knocks, but then we get back into our expansion of self, knowing something more clearly. It feels like it was a short phase, that it was less painful than before. I’m starting to think that it is not really that we went backwards, but we that we have little immersion phases.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, the spiritual path does indeed have many different stages, and it is very, very important to consider this.

One aspect of this is that many spiritual people, when they find their first spiritual movement, they have a somewhat unrealistic view of the spiritual path. They often tend to think that now that they have found this spiritual movement, and it’s so different from what they grew up with, they have somehow turned a corner. And now we can only go upwards from there, everything will be better, and they cannot go backwards, so they cannot allow themselves to go backwards. And therefore, some people actually go into a very negative reaction when they go backwards.

But what you need to recognize here is that many of you have grown up in a non-spiritual, even an anti-spiritual society. And then at some point, you find a spiritual teaching, you realize there is a spiritual path. And in the beginning, you have an almost euphoric stage, where you are meant to explore what the spiritual paths means, what spiritual teachings are there, what they mean to you, and you have a sort of innocent phase.

The reality is that in many cases, we who are the ascended master, even if you do not know about us, we will hold back or carry for you some of your karma. And because of the euphoria you feel, you are also in a sense, going beyond your normal psychology. This is somewhat comparable to when you fall in love and you go through this euphoric phase where you think you are a different person, and your partner is a different person, and everything is wonderful, and it will always be so. You are allowed to have this euphoric phase.

But then there comes a point where again, now you need to start doing some more hard work. And you need to take back some of your karma, you need to start working on your psychology. And this is often what you can experience as going backwards. Suddenly, things get more serious, they get more heavy, it seems more difficult. It seems like you’re not making as much progress as you did before. This is simply a natural stage.

We can also explain this another way and say that when you first find the spiritual path, you’re working on several issues that are fairly easy to overcome. This gives you a sense of progress that is an encouragement on the path.

But it’s inevitable that after you have done this, you will start working on some of the deeper, heavier issues that take more time to resolve, that are not as easy to resolve. And therefore, you will go through a phase that seems more heavy.

And then when you resolve this, then you can again, have a period where you feel things are lighter, things are easier. Then you can again reach some of the heavier stuff that needs to be resolved. And your paths will often be the cycles that you might consider ups and downs. But there can come a point where you’re been on the path for long enough that you realize that this is just natural, you accept it, you don’t come down on yourself for going downhill for a while, or feeling you’re going downhill even though you’re not. And you just accept that this is the way it is. You work on it, you use the tools for looking at your psychology and you resolve it.

Now there can also be some people who, when they first find a path, they have the euphoric state. They feel they are making tremendous progress, but in reality, they are not really making that much progress. It is just that they have this great sense of contrast between before they found the spiritual teaching and after, so they think they are making progress, but they are not.

And the reason is that they haven’t actually understood what the spiritual path is about. They look at it as an outer path, even an ascended master teaching can by some people be perceived as an outer path. It is just a matter of studying the teachings, being a member of an organization, giving the decrees and then one day poof − you will be ascended. Many people have thought this, many people still do. Not so many in this dispensation, because of the teachings we have given on the topic and your willingness to embrace these teachings.

There are people who think they are making progress, but they are not really. And then there comes a point where they start realizing that they are not making progress anymore. It was not really that they are not making it anymore, they were never really making the progress, because they have not understood what the path is about. They are not working on resolving their psychology, they think they can continue at a superficial level of doing the outer things, and then they will have results. Many people have therefore become disappointed, discouraged, become angry, blame the guru, blame the path, blame the ascended masters, whatever − instead of taking responsibility and being willing to change themselves.

There can also be some people who are experiencing progress, they are resolving certain things in their psychology, but then they come to a deeper issue that they are not willing to look at, they are not willing to acknowledge that they have this issue. And it can cause them to then stagnate for a while. Sometimes it can be for the rest of this lifetime, but other times after some time, they suddenly have a shift. And now they are willing to look at the issue, they’re willing to resolve it, and then again, they feel they’re making progress.

There is also the issue that many people have in their divine plans that you are meant to find a certain spiritual movement, you are meant to make progress at a certain pace. But then you can come to this point where there are certain things you’re not willing to look at, not willing to resolve, so you start falling behind where you could have been if you have followed the optimum path. And you can sense this as an increased heaviness, you can feel you’re not making the progress you should be making. But you cannot really understand why in many cases, at least not with the outer mind. This is where you can again then take a look at what it is you are not willing to look at, what it is you’re not willing to acknowledge.

Now, it can be very helpful to realize a condition on the spiritual path that all of us, all of you who are still in embodiment, all of us who have been in embodiment, there will be certain issues we are reluctant to look at. We have a certain image of ourselves as being good spiritual students. And we often have a tendency to think that there are certain psychological issues we shouldn’t have.

This messenger has seen this several times as his own psychology, but he was not willing to acknowledge that he had a certain psychological issue. He thought he should not have this, so he tended to ignore it. He was willing to work on other things, but for a time he was not willing to work on this. Now, he eventually, some time ago, came to a shift where he realized that it is actually meaningless to establish this kind of value judgment and say that some elements of human psychology are better or worse than others, because it’s all just human psychology and it all just has to go. So, there is no shame, there is no trauma associated with having a certain psychological issue.

When you consider what kind of a heavy planet you are on, when you consider how many lifetimes you have been on this planet, how many different circumstances you have experienced, it is highly likely that you have virtually every psychological issue known to man. And it is not a matter of setting up this value judgment that as a spiritual person, you should not have a certain issue. It is just a matter of looking at your psychology, seeing what issues are there, and then attacking all issues in the same way as something you just have to resolve and move beyond. This can cause you to make tremendous progress − when you are willing to look at anything and everything.

Basically, we can say that we if you feel you’re going backwards, or in a downward spiral, it’s always because there’s something you haven’t been willing to look at. And it’s in many cases, because you have this sense that you shouldn’t have this issue. So instead of resolving it, you are trying to tiptoe around it, deny it, explain it away, focus on other things, whereas the only way to really get back to making maximum progress is to just look at the issue, resolve it as any other issue and get it over with.

Now, you who have these teachings, Healing your Spiritual Traumas and the other books in a series, you have the tools where you don’t have to go into these negative spirals. You have the tools where you don’t have to experience these up and downs on the path, you can have a more steady progression. You will still have certain things that it will take time to resolve, but it does not have to feel as a downward spiral or as going backwards. You can still see that this is just part of the path, you have come to something that will take a little longer, but you are still making progress, you are still walking the path.


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The connection to the collective consciousness of the country of birth  

Question: If a lifestream is born in a country, then moves to a vastly different country, can there still be a pull on the consciousness from the original country that the lifestream was born in − even if the lifestream may no longer identify with the culture and practices of its country, nor feel the need to go back to the original country?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, of course there can be a pull, and in most cases there will be a pull, and it actually goes in both directions. If you have grown up in a certain country, and move from there, there will often be a pull on your three higher bodies, based on the collective consciousness in your country, especially if you still have family there.

But there will also be you − being able to pull on the collective consciousness of your country. This means that if you do move to a different country, if you embrace that new country and a new culture, you can have a positive influence on pulling on your old country, your birth country, pulling the collective consciousness up there.

This is one of the reasons behind many people immigrating from a certain less developed country to a more developed country. By embracing the culture of the more developed country they can have a positive pull on the collective consciousness in their birth country.

Naturally, it is important when you move to a different country that you accept the country and the culture you have moved into. You don’t necessarily need to emulate it completely, but you need to adapt to it and have a positive attitude towards it. This makes it much easier for you to fit into the new country. It is also important that you examine whether you have any attachments to your old country. But it is also important to go beyond this and see what is the mindset in your old country compared to the new one, and then see which aspects of the old mindset that you want to let go of, in order to better embrace life in the new country.

There is an old statement by the Buddha that moving to a new country is accomplishing half the Dharma, this of course is only true if you embrace moving and if you let go of the old. But it is very true that for many people the Dharma of their spiritual growth is limited by the culture and mindset − the collective consciousness − of their birth country. And therefore it can be helpful for them to move to a different country, which gives them an opportunity to let go of the old mindset and therefore make decisive progress.

This messenger gained tremendous growth from moving to America from Denmark, because it gave him a different perspective on the mindset of Denmark, and he learned many, many things from this. He also gained tremendously from moving to Estonia and seeing how a former country from the Soviet Union was doing and how the consciousness was there. And then he gained tremendous growth to moving back to Denmark, getting a chance to re-evaluate and resolve some of the things he had not resolved, while being outside the country.

It can be healthy. I’m not saying thereby that all spiritual people should move from country to country. But nevertheless, it can certainly be helpful to free yourself from the collective mindset of the country in which you grew up, and the limitations this has imposed on the way you look at life, and also the way you look at yourself and your spiritual potential.


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Question about twins 

Question: What is the spiritual purpose of twins?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, it can be different purposes. In some cases, two lifestreams can in past lives have developed a very strong karmic bond that they are reluctant to resolve, but by being born as twins, it becomes more difficult for them to ignore each other. It does not always work that way, but in many cases, twins have been able to resolve some karma and psychology from past lives.

There can also be a positive aspect, in the sense that two lifestreams can have developed a very strong, constructive bond in past lifetimes, and therefore they want to be born in very close proximity to each other in this lifetime. There can also be some cases where two lifestreams have been romantically involved over many lifetimes, that they have developed an attachment to each other that they cannot break as long as they are in a sexual relationship. So, by being born as twins, they can still have a very close relationship, but it is not a sexual relationship. And it can then enable them in many cases, to overcome that attachment to each other, and develop a more, shall we say, natural relationship.


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Post election riots in the US

Question: How likely or unlikely is America to have widespread unrest of violence as a result of the election?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, based on what we have said here about the level of anger that is rising, there is certainly a likelihood that this can happen. How it happens depends in large part on who wins the election. It is clear that if Donald Trump is reelected, there is not as likely to be unrest and certainly not widespread unrest. But if he is not reelected and if he continues to make the claims he has already made − that this is because the voting or the counting of the votes was rigged and because there is voter fraud, because of mail in votes and all of these claims that he has already made − then it is likely that there will be some unrest.

Unfortunately, many of those who are most, shall we say, idolizing Donald Trump, have a certain level of anger that makes it possible that they can believe in these claims that the presidency was taken away from Donald Trump in an unfair way. And therefore, they could become so angry that they would engage in various forms of unrest.

The reality, of course, is that whoever wins the election, it will not be a result of an unfair process. It will be result of the candidate’s state of consciousness and how well they do in this very heated election campaign that the American presidential election has become, turned into over the last several decades.

You will see, as we have talked about these culture wars that have polarized American society and have also polarized the presidential election in a very unfortunate way, because as I have said before, the American political system is deliberately set up to limit the powers of the president, and therefore the president does not have the powers that the Americans, many among the American people ascribe to him.

And therefore, it is not that epically important who is elected as president.  The reality of the matter is that if Donald Trump is not reelected, it will not be because of an unfair election, but because of his own state of consciousness, his own actions, his words, his tweets, in other words, it will be him that is responsible for him not being elected, not some kind of rigged process that is responsible for it. And quite frankly, one could question that if a person is not willing or able to take responsibility for himself, how can he take responsibility for a country as large and complex as the United States?


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Ascended Masters work with people on a intuitive level

Question: I have a friend and an ascended master student who is diagnosed with schizophrenia. From time to time he is hearing voices in his head, he did not have this phenomenon for the bigger part of his life. Only when he began to be interested in esoteric matters, he was fascinated by the idea that the human mind is like a radio device which can tune into different radio stations, different vibratory levels or realms, he was fascinated with the idea that we can contact different non-material beings. And then he started hearing voices telling him what to do. His life went downhill from there. Until he found ascended master teachings and started practicing Archangel Michael’s Rosary, he also decided that he does not want to hear them anymore. The voices stopped, but then after some years they returned. My guess is because he again started wanting to communicate with the Masters, maybe also thinking that he is now advanced enough to hear the ascended masters. I personally do not think he is communicating with the real masters, but he knows better than me. That is probably lower psychic forces that he is communicating with. My friend is strongly convinced that you can hear the masters speaking to you as audible as those voices are. I do not think that is the case for in my experience, I only feel the masters love in my heart, for certain sometimes gentle nudging and never voices. My experience is of course limited. Is it possible to hear the Masters as voices in your head?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, you cannot categorically say that it is impossible to hear the masters as a what you might call: “An audible voice in your head.” There are instances where people have received a warning that they could hear as a voice inside their heads. But this of course, is not the general way that we communicate. It can happen in specific, often stressful situations, where people are given a clear warning to not do this or to do this. And it can be what they perceive as a voice inside their heads. It can happen that way, it can also be the person’s Christ Self, that is projecting this idea which then the mind processes as an audible voice.

It is clear that we, who are ascended masters do not speak with such a voice, that is why we speak through a messenger in order to make it audible. And we do not speak in people’s heads because it is − it is essentially a violation of free will even if people want this. We work with people on a more intuitive level. Because it allows people more freedom of choice.

We can basically say that: “If you are hearing a voice inside your head that is telling you to do something − or not to do something − that is not a direct crisis situation, then it is not coming from the ascended masters.” We are not seeking to establish a relationship with people where we are constantly telling them to do this or not do that. Certainly, and especially not, in everyday situations, how to live your everyday life. We do not tell you to go to the store and buy this or not buy that, because this is your responsibility to make these decisions.

Now, of course, there are people who have a desire and it can be a seemingly innocent desire to communicate with higher beings. There are many, many channelers in the world who have a seemingly benign desire to communicate with higher beings and to bring forth some teachings that can help other people. But if you go a little deeper into psychology, these people have a desire to be special, a desire to do something other people cannot do, a desire to be looked up to and admired by other people. And they may not be consciously aware of this, but it is nevertheless an impure desire.

We, the ascended masters, of course, will never respond to such a desire. But there are beings in the lower identity, mental and even the emotional realm that will respond to this. And then will give people the kind of communication they desire, because it allows these beings to extract people’s energy. And if a person − such as a channeler − gains a following, well, then they can also extract energy from the followers.

In this case that you are mentioning, your intuition is correct. And it will for that matter be correct for many other people who claim to have this kind of communication. It does not come from the ascended masters, regardless of what the people themselves believe.


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The seven rays and the material spectrum

Question: Are the seven rays in some way a distinctive part of the physical spectrum? And can they be detected by material instruments? There was mentioned aspects of our eyes and vision as working as the interference with the seven rays.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

I would not say that the seven rays are part of the material spectrum − in a sense that the seven rays are spiritual types of energy. And the energies of the seven rays are, of course, lowered in vibration to create first the identity realm, then the mental and then the emotional and then the physical. The energies are lowered, but they are not really then the same vibration as what you normally call the seven rays. It is not that your eyes as such cannot detect the seven rays. But your brain often cannot process them.

That is why you have some clairvoyant people who can see people’s auras, for example. All people can see auras, but their brains filter out that as unnecessary information. You cannot really with the physical eyes, see the spiritual rays in the spiritual spectrum because the eyes cannot go beyond it. But you can have a spiritual vision where you can perceive the rays, you can have an intuitive sense of the rays.

In terms of material instruments, well, there are certainly already material instruments that can detect vibrations that are far beyond the material, physical octave. This has already been developed, some scientists, a few have interpreted it to mean that they are detecting the vibrations of higher realms. But it is of course, it is not mainstream science.

You can, of course, detect certain instruments or develop certain instruments that can detect higher vibrations, not necessarily in a way that it makes them visible. But it makes it clear that they are there and must be there. This is somewhat equivalent to what you have with dark energy and dark matter which currently cannot be detected directly, but you can extrapolate from measurements that there must be certain things that we cannot see.


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Spiritual perspective on pedophilia 

Question: Could the masters give a spiritual perspective on pedophilia? Why does pedophilia exist? What invocations can we give from removing pedophilia from Earth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, we have before given teachings that pedophilia primarily exists because there are many beings, especially the fallen beings who have been cut off from receiving energy from the spiritual realm directly. Therefore, in order to sustain themselves, to even stay alive, but also to have a certain power to do anything, they must steal energy from the people who are still receiving it from the spiritual realm. And one of the ways that you can steal energy from people is of course through rape or other sexual perverted practices. But you can only steal a certain amount of energy from people, depending on how much energy they have. And some adults have squandered some of their energy.

But in general, children still have a certain amount of vital life energy with them before they start becoming sexually active or leading the kind of lifestyle that many teenagers and adults live that caused them to squander their energy. That is why there is a certain segment of beings who cannot receive light from the spiritual realm who seek to steal it by having sex with children. That is the real reason for it. You can of course make calls for this. You can use invocations to Astrea, you can use various other invocations, such as the old Rosary to Archangel Michael, the Infinite Light rosaries and others. But you can make the calls for the judgment of those who are pedophiles, but also the demons, the entities behind them. And you can make the calls for the awakening of societies to really recognize this problem and do more to limit it.


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Corona crisis may lead to some changes in the economy

Question: One of the candidates in the Democratic primaries had what I thought to be a most interesting proposal. It was for the government to give everyone $1,000 a month. It would seem to me that this coupled with a major overhaul of the welfare system could improve so many people’s lives in a very significant way. I am hoping that Saint Germain or another master would comment on this.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, this is certainly one among many interesting ideas that have been brought out as a result of the Corona crisis. And it is the hope that this crisis will lead to some changes in the economy not just in the United States, but in other countries as well.

Now we have talked about this RAND Corporation study of the income inequality and the rising income inequality, where they concentrate the wealth in the hands of the top 1% who therefore do not spend the money. This means that when you take money from the 90% of Americans, concentrate it in the hands of the top 1%, you are effectively removing that money from the economy, because the top 1% cannot spend it. They use it to invest and accumulate to feel more and more secure. Whereas if you allow that money to be in the hands of the 90% of Americans, they would spend it. It would increase economic activity, create a sustainable growth in the economy where GNP would be raised every year and everyone except the top would prosper. Well, even the top would prosper – but as we have said, they do not see it that way.

Naturally, the ultimate outcome of the Corona crisis would be that people recognize this income inequality and did something about it − repeal those laws that have given these unfair advantages to the power elite. But as an interim stage, it is clear that giving money to the people will also have a positive effect on the economy.

If you will go back to the financial crisis of 2008, you saw the American government take the step of creating lots of money out of nothing and giving it to the big banks with the hope that they would lend it to people and thereby restart the economy. As it turned out, which anyone with economic sense could have foreseen, most of the money was not lend out by the banks, it was to secure, it was used to consolidate their positions, so that the banks became stronger. In other words, the money that the government gave to the power elite was in for the most part kept by the power elite. Around 8% of it found its way to the real economy. It is clear that if in 2008, you had taken the same amount of money and just given it to the people, this would have had a far greater positive effect on the economy.

Likewise, if you gave everybody $1,000 a month, they would spend this money and it would have a positive effect on jumpstarting the economy. Other countries have come to the same ideas, have considered or are considering doing this. And it is clear that from a completely realistic viewpoint, giving money to the people will have a greater positive impact on the economy than giving it to the power elite. It will always be that way. One can only wonder why the leaders of America have not seen this before. And you can of course point to perception filters and cognitive dissonance, the collective entities that blind people and lawmakers to this, you can point to the fact that some of the politicians have grown up in power elite families and so on.

But nevertheless, it is high time that these ideas are brought out and debated and tested out. It is clear that a potential positive outcome of this Corona crisis can be major changes in the economy. Because anyone who is willing to take a realistic look, can see that the Corona crisis has made obvious the inequalities and the problems in the economy of not just the United States, but many other countries around the world. And one of the major problems is, of course, the unequal distribution of wealth, the concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people taking that wealth from the population.


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The sense of shame related to adoption

Question: In 2015, an American sociologist did a study comparing attitudes of women with unplanned pregnancies toward abortion and adoption (Results of the study were published in 2017 in the Journal Women’s Health Issues). She found that many women considered adoption to be a trauma, both for themselves and the child, who some women feared would grow up to resent them. She also found that neither the pro-choice nor pro-life factions, gave these women much counselling around adoption. There seems to be a lot of stigma around it. Why is this the case?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

There are several reasons for this. But the main reason that I will point out here is that there is this very old attitude, that goes very, very far back in many parts of the world, that as a parent, you either own your children or you are responsible for your children. You talk about my parents, my children, it’s almost a universal use of language around the world. But when you understand the reality, the spiritual reality, the reincarnation, you understand that every human being is an independent lifestream. You have lived many lifetimes. Your current parents have not been your parents in all those past lifetimes, they may have been in a few but certainly not all of them. You recognize here that it is meaningless to say that these are my parents, or my children. You do not own other human beings.

There may be some cases where you have severe karma with people from past lives and that gives you a bond that makes you feel a sense of ownership of these people. But in reality, you do not own other people. This also means that karma can outplay itself in many different ways. There are people who want to maintain a certain traditional view of the family. That a family is the basic unit of society that is somehow sacred that it should be maintained in a certain way, and that you should be very obedient and attached to your parents and that parents have responsibility for their children and so on. These are what you might call traditional values, but in the golden age, they will naturally shift as they have already started shifting in many parts of the world.

You need to come to this point where you realize that it is very possible to have a karmic responsibility to a certain livestream. And you can fulfill that responsibility by giving birth to the livestream and giving your child up for adoption. It doesn’t mean you necessarily have to raise the child yourself.

What I’m basically saying in here is that there are many, many people who have a negative view of adoption because of these projections from this − even a collective beast that wants to maintain a traditional family structure and family values. It is considered by these many cultures that it is wrong to give up a child for adoption, it is running away from your responsibility, it makes you a bad person, or a bad mother, or a bad woman, or whatever. And these are traumas that very much need to be overcome in a modern society.

It is very true that neither the pro-life nor the pro-choice factions in the United States are doing much to help women with this. And there is this great need that someone else could take up. You cannot expect the pro-life or the pro- choice to do it, because they are too polarized. But some neutral organization aimed at helping women could certainly take up this cause and give women more counseling, and help change the attitudes of women and the attitude of society to adoption.

It is of course true that many children who have been adopted come to a point in their adult lives where they are told that they were adopted. And sometimes they have certain feelings about this that are not entirely positive. They might feel: “Why did my real mother not want me?” for example. But this is again, a cultural thing that will gradually fade away in the golden age. It will be there for some time. But again, as a woman, you do not have to be bound by this. You can recognize that you have a right to make the choice to carry a pregnancy to term and give up the child for adoption, rather than having an abortion.

You will see that there is a peculiar phenomenon in the pro-life and pro-choice movements, in that both of them are in a way perpetuating this sense of shame related to adoption. The pro-choice movement wants the woman to have an abortion and does not want to give her the freedom to choose an adoption. And the pro-life movement wants the woman to have a child and raise it and does not want to give it up for adoption. These are not views that are in alignment with the spiritual reality and the ascended masters or the golden age ideas.


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When the question is no longer relevant, that’s when you are free

Question: Before becoming an ascended master student, I did some work to remember some of my past lives and release the emotions connected with them. Now that I have read the “My Lives” and “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” books, I am wondering if I need to remember my primal wound in order to heal it. I have a vague sense that I’m an avatar, but without specific memories, it feels abstract. Will I remember it spontaneously at some point or not at all? I’m not worried about it but more wanting guidance around how to continue working with it. How will I know when I’m free of it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

As I say in the book, it isn’t absolutely necessary for you to remember the specifics of your original birth trauma, the situation in which it occurred. For some people, it can be advantageous to remember and then it will happen spontaneously. You do not need to seek to force this, and you are very right to not be concerned about it. Also, there will be some people who can remember how it was to be on a natural planet, but it isn’t necessary for all. Again, there’s no reason to be worried about it or attached to it.

How will you know when you are free of a trauma? You can know partly because you will come to an awareness that the trauma caused you to adopt a certain belief, a certain mindset. This messenger has given the example of how he came to the realization that he had always been driven by this sense that he had to do something on earth. And when he came to the point where he had resolved the trauma, resolved this belief, he felt this spontaneous and very powerful release, where he realized: “I don’t have to do anything on earth”. Many of you have built different beliefs based on your birth trauma.

When you come to this recognition, that this is the basic belief that has colored, set the tone for your relationship to earth, the way you see yourself on earth, what you think you are here to do or not do. When you come to see that belief, and then when you feel that spontaneous inner release, where you let it go, then you will know you are free of it. You could also say as we have said before, when the question is no longer relevant, that’s when you are free.


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African nations will not change by maintaining the traditions

Question: Although African countries are officially independent, Africans still believe in the illusion that we are inferior to white people. We are ashamed of embracing our culture and speaking local languages. We shame each other when we make mistakes by speaking French or English, depending on the country’s official language imposed on us by the colonizer. We would rather spend millions in local currency to visit foreign countries than visit our own villages that have beautiful things to offer. We just idolize white people and most of the things that come from them. I sometimes see myself hating myself for partaking into that idolatry of white people, and then start hating white people for colonizing African countries. I have come to a point in my life where I am starting to understand that we are all one and I want to transcend all the negativity I have built up. Where do I start?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

My beloved, it is, indeed very unfortunate that many people in Africa have this idolatry of white people, white societies. But it is, unfortunately, unavoidable given the history. You will see if you look further back, that before the colonization, there was a state of unrest, and often warfare between many African tribes. You see a situation that in some ways has some similarities to the situation of Native Americans before the colonization of America. The colonization happened partly because the people in Africa had not been willing to move on for a very long time. In many cases this tribal warfare had gone on for century after century, with no real decisive movement higher. Now, this is not said to blame African people.

But if you take Master More’s dictation, he said that there are many people who have been exposed to a very closed economic system for many lifetimes, and they have given up trying to improve their lives and their situation. Unfortunately, many of the people who are embodied in Africa and embodied in America before the colonization belong to this group of people. They had stagnated, and it was not very much chance that they would actually break out of this on their own. This is why the colonization happened to partly set these countries or these areas on a new course. And to help the people see that there is another way to live. I am not here saying that what the African people saw from the white colonizers was an ideal that they should emulate. But it was showing them that there is another way to live than the way they had traditionally been doing.

There is absolutely no reason that people in Africa feel an inferiority complex towards white people and white societies. On the other hand, if you look at the historical evolution in the world, you can see that it is not sustainable, and certainly not in a golden age, that the African nations continue to be the kind of nations they are today. To have that level of economy, that level of poverty, that level of conflict and animosity among tribes and other groups, the level of superstition with witches and many other things.

It is foreseeable when you project into the future, that African nations will change dramatically. And how can that change happen? It cannot happen by maintaining the traditions. It cannot happen by speaking all of these local languages, trying to maintain the consciousness of various tribes, trying to maintain that culture and tradition that was there for so many hundreds of years without providing progress. The people in Africa need to make a decisive move out of that old state of consciousness.

If you look back in Europe, for example, you will see that if you go back 1000 years, they were also divided into various tribal groups. But these nations have moved forward, because they transcended that entire level of consciousness. And they created more sophisticated societies that could create greater wealth, than a hunter-gatherer culture, or a primitive agricultural culture could do.

And the same needs to happen in Africa. There needs to be greater wealth created. And there are certain economic fundamentals that are the same everywhere on the planet. In a certain sense, the African people can learn from the history of Europeans, and see how they can transform their own societies. It doesn’t mean they have to do everything the way the Europeans have done it. But you have to realize that there are certain economic fundamentals here that are not white, they are not European— they are just how the natural economy works.

And this is what you need to do in order to take the economy of a country to a higher level. You have enough people in Africa, who are spiritually mature people who can drive this development. But it cannot happen if the majority of the people will not let go of the tribal mindset, the tribal culture, the tribal consciousness. They simply need to let it go.

They also need to let go these local languages. It doesn’t mean that they necessarily have to adopt a Western language. But there has to be a common language. And it would be advantageous for Africa as a whole, if there was a common language in Africa. And from a purely realistic consideration, English is the most practical candidate. The French will naturally object. But nevertheless, the realistic assessment is that English is the most practical language to be not only the common African language, but the common world language.

What can you do as an individual to further this development? You can raise your own consciousness, you can let go of these old mindsets that you grew up with, that you might see in your family and in your country. And you can study, you can find a field of study that appeals to you, go into it, either formally or just study it on your own, and educate yourself so that you can not only raise your own consciousness, but can also talk to other people and help them see what you are seeing, gain the insights that you are gaining.

It must start somewhere. It must start with some individuals, letting go of the old embracing new ideas, so that they can receive that vision from Saint Germain. Your highest potential is to raise your consciousness so that you can receive ideas directly from Saint Germain that can take your country and even the African continent as a whole, closer to the golden age.

Naturally, Saint Germain has a vision for how there can also be a golden age in Africa. It may take a little longer than in certain other parts of the world, but it is certainly something that he envisions, and he is willing to work with anyone who will open their minds to receive these ideas. Which naturally will not come from this messenger who did not grow up in Africa, does not know African culture, and therefore can only give you some general remarks.


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The current situation in Burkina Faso and other African countries 

Question: Since the former president Blaise Compaoré was chased from power (this is in Burkina Faso), the country has been in total unrest. Some people are even now regretting his departure, while others, like me still believe it was a good thing, because he had been in power for over 20 years. My question is: What is the reason for the surge of terrorism in Burkina Faso, since Blaise Compaoré left? Is there a karma we are paying for? What can I do as an ascended master student to transcend the consciousness behind terrorism in my country?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

My beloved, it’s never really constructive to look back and say that we wish we had kept a dictator. You will see historically, in many countries around the world, that there has been a situation where a dictator has been in power for many years. And through the force of suppressing people, there has been a certain amount of stability in a country, a certain level of stability. And then when the dictator either died or was removed, there was often a period of unrest before the country started a new, more constructive phase of growth.

This isn’t to say that it always is necessary to have this after a dictator leaves. But it is often so that in a country that has a dictator, there are many divisions among the people, there are many factions. And it is this division among the people that often allows a dictator to take power. Once the dictator is there, he suppresses the conflict between various groups of people. And this gives a certain stability, it’s a forced stability, but it is stability. When a dictator is removed, then of course, the old animosities, the old conflicts spring up.

In terms of Africa, you have a very complex situation there. First of all, you still have, in many countries, a certain tribal consciousness that hasn’t been transcended and replaced by a national consciousness. You still have these tribes that have been warring amongst each other for a very long time, and that are still doing so now.

But added to this mix, you must be realistic and say that there are also external influences. There are, of course, large international, multinational corporations, who have various mining or other interests, and who are not beyond arming certain groups in order to give them an advantage. You also have to recognize that China and Russia have a quite aggressive policy of wanting to go into African countries in order to get resources, especially China is very concerned about having enough resources for their industry.

And they are not beyond, again, fueling political tensions in African countries in order to move those countries in the direction that they see as advantageous for themselves. I cannot give you a logical, rational explanation for why they are doing this because their reasons are not logical or rational. They are highly colored by their perception filters.

But you do, of course, in many African nations have this karma that goes back to these tribal wars that have been going on sometimes for centuries. What can you do about this as an ascended master student? You can seek to raise your consciousness to transcend any kind of tribal consciousness, dualistic state of consciousness, and you can of course, make the calls.

Now, again, I must tell you that there are many African countries where a few ascended master students cannot have a major impact on the country, because these countries, unfortunately, are in the school of hard knocks. And these groups that are warring with each other need, unfortunately, to experience some very hard knocks before they come to the conclusion that they have had enough of this, before a majority of the people come to the conclusion that they have had enough of this and they want a better country, a better society to live in.

I cannot be particularly optimistic about many of these countries in Africa. You have, unfortunately, a situation where many of these countries are on the edge of conflict. South Africa, for example, is a country where the corona crisis can really push things over the edge, so that you see you see major unrest in the country. But the same is the case in several other countries.


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Parenting in immigration

Question: For immigrants in North America, or people whose parents were immigrants, we can grow up in a North American environment with not a lot of connection with our heritage. We are ourselves a mixture of both our parent’s cultural context and the North American environment we have grown up in. But we have less attachment to our cultural context, and being more mobile and being more willing to move to areas for employment and growth. What does this mean for us when we raise kids, when we ourselves have no attachment to a particular culture or country.

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well again, naturally, an individual question. There will be some children who need more stability than others. Generally, the more mature a lifestream is, the less outer physical stability and security it needs, because it has some from within. There will be some of these immigrants who will have children who need a greater degree of security and stability. And you can only really know this by tuning in intuitively to your children and then attempting to give them this. If you intend to spend the rest of your life in America and have your children grow up here, then obviously you want to give them a sense of belonging here, a sense of national identity that you can pass on to your children.

But if there will also be some people who can tune in and recognize that their children are much like themselves, or perhaps even further evolved, and that they do not need that outer stability. And in that case, I would suggest that if you are spiritual people, naturally, you first of all, bring up your children to be spiritual, have a spiritual outlook. This does not mean you force a particular teaching, even an ascended master teaching, upon them.

We have seen in previous dispensations, how many parents were well meaning but they were far too eager to get their children to be in the same ascended master teaching and in many cases, the children rebelled against this because they were forced. Their parents forgot that they had chosen themselves to be in an ascended master teaching, and they needed to give their children the same choice.

But you can still bring your children up with a set of universal spiritual values. What you can also do, is bring your children up to not be attached to a particular national identity and culture, but to see themselves as world citizens. You can do this by both, of course, exposing them to the North American culture, but also to your previous culture so they know there are other cultures.

It is important, as part of the golden age, that many children come to see themselves, many people come to see themselves, as world citizens and not so attached or defined by a particular nationality. This is something that can help, of course, bring greater understanding between people from different nationalities and cultures.This is one of the effects of the internet, where people can communicate with people from other countries. But it is also important, and there will gradually come this awakening, where some people will identify themselves as world citizens, even though they are living in a particular country.


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Public health care system in the US ? 

Question: Will the experience with COVID-19, the Coronavirus, create any lasting changes in US society? Will more people continue to work from home. And will we do more to fund public health initiatives in the future?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, this is indeed a question that is open. I cannot give you an answer because I cannot predict what the American people will do and how they will react. There are so many Americans who are polarized into a certain political faction that they will not look objectively or neutrally at the situation. There are people, and I have to say with all honesty, that most of them are in the conservative camp, who are so blinded by this epic need to promote these conservative traditional Christian values, that they have become insensitive to their fellow human beings.

They will not look at the fact that many, many people who did not have health insurance and who did not have access to public health insurance because of the repeal of Obamacare, died of COVID-19, when they did not have to die. They will not acknowledge this, they will not acknowledge that this is a major problem that has affected many families. They will not acknowledged that the US healthcare system is clearly top heavy, and has very little to offer to the poorest quarter or third of the population. They will not acknowledge that you do not find a similar situation in any other so-called advanced society.

If we look at the situation in the world, we can say that it is very, very clear that some countries have done better than others. And if you look at this neutrally, you see that the countries who have done the best are those who had a public health care system that had reached a certain level of organization and sophistication. You can look primarily at the Scandinavian countries, the countries of Northern Europe, Germany, and others, who have done much better than the United States in terms of the number of people affected and the number of people who died from COVID-19 related causes.

If you look at this neutrally, you can say that it is clear that if the United States wants to continue to be an advanced country, this country simply needs a public health care system. All of the other advanced democracies have it. It is clear that the evolution of the world is moving in that direction. More and more nations will have a public health care system. They will be more and more developed. And if America wants to keep pace and not fall behind, they have to do the same, it is simply a necessity.

This has become even worse by, what we have talked about, the growing income inequality, where so many people, even people who used to be middle class, cannot afford health care, because they can barely afford to maintain a standard of living. This is an unsustainable situation.

And the fact of the matter is that if you change the situation, so that you again gave the money to the people who are doing the work, and you tax the rich, as they should be taxed in a fair system of taxation, it would be no problem at all to fund a public health care system in the United States. It is only a matter of political will.  And that political will must come from a majority of the people demanding this. It is clear that right now, there is still the crisis going on. But it is clear that there are many people who are aware of these things. And that as the crisis begins to fade, there will be a growing debate and a growing demand and a growing awareness that the American healthcare system needs to go through some drastic changes and needs to move in a new direction. This is simply inevitable.

In terms of whether people will work at home, well yes, certainly that will happen both in the United States and many other countries but not necessarily to the point where they will replace traditional workplaces. It is clear that, with the internet age, it is already far behind. There are many, many companies that should long ago have allowed their workers to work from home. And it is clear that this crisis has highlighted the issue and made many companies see the value of doing this.


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The probability of election fraud in the US

Question: Can the masters comment on the probability of election fraud in the United States and if our votes actually get counted during elections?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Election fraud is, of course, a serious issue in any democratic nation. I have to say that it is particularly a serious issue in the United States. This does not mean that I want to present any general mistrust of the political system in the United States. It is not so that you need to consider that this is a widespread problem. But in any democratic country, there needs to be a continuing monitoring of the entire election process. This is not just a matter of whether votes that are cast are counted, but also whether all people are given reasonable opportunities to vote.

You cannot have a situation where there are people who are speculating, and doing whatever they can within the system, to prevent a certain group of people, such as black people, from voting because they know they vote a certain way. This is a form of election fraud.

In general, votes are counted. You can have in this election, where because of the corona situation, many people are expected to vote by mail. You could have some concerns about whether the mail service will be able to deliver the mail in time to have all votes counted.And this is certainly something that needs to be monitored. You cannot have a situation where certain political parties attempt to, certain political people attempt to limit the ability of the mail service to deliver all of the mail in votes. You need to monitor this carefully, you need to make sure that the votes are counted. You need to even postpone the announcement of the final results until all votes are counted, if they cannot be counted in time.

Now hopefully, this election will give a clear victory to one side. This would be the ideal scenario. That whoever wins the presidency does so with a large enough margin that you can say that, even if there were some votes that were not counted, then it would not have had any impact on the final outcome.

We of course, do not desire to see the repetition of the previous situation between Bush and Gore, where it was down to a few votes in certain states. And whether their votes were counted this way or that way. This entire circus, we would much prefer to avoid. But of course, again, you could say that, if such a scenario needs to be outplayed, then it is obviously because the collective consciousness is still so undecided, about which way Americans want the country to go, that they cannot gather a significant majority to elect the next president. And then, of course, the show must go on, as they say.


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An influx of people from a different culture brings opportunities

Question: Would it be possible for the masters to comment on the situation in Canada and the United States where there are a lot of immigrants who are ethnic minorities, especially the East Asian community?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, I have before said that in the European nations for example, refugees are there because these countries have not reached out and helped other nations. But anytime you see that a country has a great influx of people from a different culture, it can be seen as an opportunity, both for the people coming in and the people in that nation. The question is always, will the immigrants mix with the population of the country? Will they interact, will they learn from each other?

There is a tendency for many immigrant groups, not just Asian immigrants but others as well, that they congregate in certain areas. And they form almost like a ghetto or a city within the city, a state within a state, that is just for them. And they want to live as close to the lifestyle of their previous culture as they can.

This is of course, not the highest matrix. Because it does not serve the overall golden age ideal of fostering understanding between people from different backgrounds. This can only happen through interaction. And it can only happen if the immigrants are willing to adapt to the country they are coming into. This does not mean that they have to submit to everything. But they have to adapt so that the people who are living in that country do not see them as outsiders, or as enemies, or as a problem, they cannot as easily make them into scapegoats.

You see here that it is a challenge for both groups of people. But I would say that the greater responsibility is with the immigrants, because they are the ones who are coming to a different country. And you need to ask yourselves why you have chosen, because for most people it is a choice to come to this particular nation. Why would you choose to come to a nation if you really do not want to live in that nation or do not want to live in the culture that is there? Why would you then choose to come? Why would you not go somewhere else or stay where you grew up? If you do come to another country, accept that, adapt to it, change your identity, so you can adapt to it without resisting it.

This messenger was an immigrant in the United States for 22 years, and adapted to the American way of life to the point where most people did not consider him an immigrant. Even though he still had a slight accent that people could hear, they did not consider him any different. That was because he never expected that America would adapt to him, he realized that he would have to adapt to America. And this is of course, a realization that all immigrants in any country can benefit from. Even refugees can benefit from this, even if they expect to only stay there for a limited time.


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Privacy in the golden age

Question: What does privacy look like in the golden age? Since there will be a deeper union between individuals and spiritual communities does that mean everything will be open or will it still be constructive to keep certain things to yourself, not out of deception, but out of personal preference?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if we look a little further into the golden age, not in the interim stages, but look further into the golden age, there will be less physical privacy but more psychological privacy. In other words, you will move towards a state where people will not feel a need to hide anything from the government, from other people.

Naturally, most people will still live in individual homes. And they will have physical privacy in their homes. But otherwise, they will not really feel a need to hide so much because they will be straightforward. They will be honest, they will not attempt to cheat or get away with anything or deceive others or cheat on their taxes or whatever it may be. There will be less need to physically hide something.

But as we move into the golden age, the consciousness will be raised, the collective consciousness will be purified, the four lower bodies of earth will be purified. That means there will be less and less pressure on you from what we call dark forces, collective entities, fallen beings, that will be taken away from the planet. This means there will be less and less of a force that seeks to influence your mind.

There will also be less influence on the collective, there will be a shift where what I have talked about with these groups that are seeking to influence each other, the liberals, the conservatives and many other groups, people in the golden age will not seek to force the free will of other people. And of course, how do you force the free will of other people? Well, partly through physical means, but in most part through psychological means where you are trying to influence their minds by invading their minds. The real privacy you will have is, of course, what happens in your mind. And there will clearly be more of this in the golden age.

This does not mean that you will necessarily hide things from other people. But it means you will be free to share or not share as you see fit. Naturally, there will still be many situations where you are working on something in your psychology, and you are not necessarily sharing this with all people, because it is still in the process, and you do not want anyone to interfere with this. You are coming up with certain ideas, you are seeking to clarify and bring down into the physical, certain ideas and you are not necessarily sharing this with people, unless it is people you know and can trust.

But I will also say that, as we move into the golden age more, you will see an acceleration of the phenomenon, that you already see, where people use social media or blogs to share even many details about their private life and the process they are going through of improving their lives and raising their consciousness. There will be more of this free sharing, where people can learn from each other, and share ideas with others. In this sense, you could say that there will be less privacy, but it will be voluntarily that people give up this privacy.

There will also be a tendency, if you go into the golden age, that more and more people will live in a more communal setting where they do not have a private home that is separated from other private homes, but they live more in a group setting. But there will still of course always be a certain personal privacy.


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