Is meditation the best way to experience God?

Question: Kim, thank you for your site.  I have studied spiritual teachings for years and meditated, but it was not until I discovered your site that the pieces all seemed to come together.  I have been doing many of the rosaries and affirmations along with prayer and meditation.  Here is my question for Jesus.  My concern is that even though I feel God’s presence, I have not yet had a direct contact experience and I tend to believe that this would most likely occur during meditation.  I’ve read Autobiography of a Yogi and feel inspired to study Kriya Yoga.  The SRF Fellowship indicates that Jesus was initiated in this yogic practice.  Their study course is 3-1/2 years long and involves initiation into Kriya Yoga.  However, on this site Jesus seems to discourage the meditation path for those in the Western culture, or am I interpreting that incorrectly?  Could Jesus provide some guidance on the value of this type of meditation to make the connection with our inner God self.  Or are there other spiritual techniques that are more effective?  I have prayed and meditated for an answer to this question, but to this date I continue to be without an answer.

Answer from Jesus – September 2, 2011

During my 17 so-called “lost years,” I did travel in the East and I did experiment with and learned a number of Eastern spiritual techniques, as I was indeed very open to learning anything that might help me in my mission—which at the time I did not fully understand or “see.”

I did learn something that is comparable to Kriya Yoga, but to say that what I learned is the same or was taught the same way as what the SRF Fellowship is offering today would be a misrepresentation. You also need to remember that I learned many other Eastern techniques, so it is not my intent here to endorse or recommend any one technique.

Everything is meant to evolve over time, as change is indeed the order of the day on this planet (due to the fact that the collective consciousness is lagging behind the growth rate of the rest of the universe). So even though Indian gurus have a tendency to claim they have rediscovered a lost technique, it simply isn’t possible to separate a spiritual technique from its context, meaning the society in which it is used and the level of the collective consciousness at the time. Which explains why we of the Ascended Host do not generally recommend Eastern meditation techniques for Western students.

Now, I know there are people who will immediately reason that this statement alone means I am not the real Jesus. For example, many SRF students will reason that since Yogananda was working with the real Jesus, then anything said on this site should be in complete agreement with what Yogananda said—and if it is not, this can only mean this site is not from the real Jesus. Of course, people from other movements or gurus do exactly the same.

Yet for those with a more discerning mind, let me make it clear that I did indeed work with Yogananda. Yet what I could bring forth through Yogananda was very much a product of how far he was able to transcend his own background, as this website is a product of how much this messenger can transcend his own background.

You see, an ascended being has transcended ALL backgrounds on earth and is always seeking to get people to do the same, starting with their current world view. Thus, we are indeed willing to work with most people who are willing to transcend, and we always seek to bring forth something that can help a certain group of people transcend their current thought system.

What causes many otherwise sincere students to miss our instructions is two things:

  • The belief that we of the Ascended Host have a universal, fixed or absolute truth up here that we are seeking to bring forth in its complete non-diluted form.
  • The belief that we have already brought forth parts of this truth, and thus anything said after a certain guru or movement MUST conform to what was said before.

It is precisely these beliefs that cause people to become stuck in misguided loyalty to an outer teaching, guru or movement. Which not only causes their personal growth to come to a halt, but also causes the universal work on raising humankind’s consciousness to slow down.

This is also what causes a clear pattern in spiritual movements, that any honest student can observe, namely what we might call the “expand and deflate” syndrome. You will see a number of spiritual movements that have gone through a quick growth phase, only to then stagnate and slowly deflate. The deflation often begins with the death or retirement of the leader, but it sometimes starts even before.

The reason for this deflation is that either the leader or a majority of the students of a movement cannot or will not multiply the talents—in the form of the teachings or techniques given. You see, there is a spiritual law, which guides ANY spiritual movement.

Contrary to what many ascended master students think, we are NOT working with just one or a few movements. We are working with students wherever they are, seeking to accelerate the growth of the students—having no fixed loyalty to an outer teaching or movement. Which means that if a movement is indeed helping people transcend their old thought patterns, we will give a certain multiplication to that movement.

Take note that this does not mean we endorse or agree with everything done or taught in the movement. There have been many movements which had a teaching that was largely out of touch with reality, yet the movement was still helping people transcend their old level of consciousness, and thus it received the multiplication factor—and it was our multiplication that caused it to grow.

Yet what often happens is that a movement cannot maintain the growth rate, and the reason is that too many students stop transcending themselves. Instead, they use the teachings and the tools to reinforce the world view of their egos, meaning they now feel superior to others and feel they will be “saved” without having to expose their egos.

When that happens, a true guru will leave the movement, and in many cases even leave embodiment. A not-so-true guru will stay, but the movement will now become subject to the force behind the second law of thermodynamics, wherefore chaos will increase, until the movement breaks down or slowly declines.

So my point for this long discourse is to show why certain Eastern gurus have been successful in establishing a movement in the West and also why they usually decline after a time. The reason is that in most cases, Eastern gurus cannot sufficiently transcend their backgrounds and adapt their teachings and techniques to the Western mindset.

You see, in most cases an Eastern guru comes to the West with a subtle sense that the spiritual tradition of the East is superior. The guru thinks he is here to bring something superior, and thus it is not he who has anything to learn. Which is why you see that Eastern gurus are usually not very willing to adapt to the Western mindset.

Yet when an Eastern guru comes to the West, that guru is being severely tested in his or her ability to be flexible. You see, you will not help the forward movement of humankind by seeking to turn Western spiritual students into clones of Eastern spiritual students. You will further growth ONLY if you can distill the truly universal elements of your spiritual tradition and then express it in a Western context. One of the few Eastern techniques having been successfully transferred to the West is yoga, and the reason is that it has not been under a centralized control but allowed to diversify.

What ads to the complexity of the situation is that there are many of today’s spiritual students who chose to embody in the West in order to help with the spiritual awakening of the West. Yet for several lifetimes before this one, they were embodied in the East, and thus they have not themselves transcended Eastern spiritual tradition. They are attracted to Eastern gurus, and once there, they think the Eastern tradition is not only familiar to them but also superior and thus should not be changed.

So, you see, like attracts like. The guru who has spiritual pride in the Eastern tradition attracts students with the same pride, and they together reinforce each other in creating a closed system that will eventually decline.

What you are essentially dealing with here is the eternal challenge of balancing the two basic forces of creation, namely the expansive and the contracting force. The expansive force says you need to transcend the old, and the contracting says you need to remain true to tradition.

If you become unbalanced in the expansive, you will indeed lose your bearings and everything will be blown apart in an uncontrolled expansion. Yet if you become unbalanced in the contracting force, everything will contract and implode from within.

So the key is the Christ perspective, which is always seeking to expand, but is NOT seeking to get everyone to accept one superior truth. The Christ meets people where they are and then seeks to help them grow from there. And if people are not willing to transcend the old, then the Christ withdraws (if they do not kill him first).

This explains why I left my students after three years and why Yogananda left his students when he saw that SRF had reached the limits of transcendence. The Living Christ has no loyalty to anything on earth, but always looks to the next level of transcendence.

Now, that we have a better foundation, let me address the original questions:

“However, on this site Jesus seems to discourage the meditation path for those in the Western culture, or am I interpreting that incorrectly?”

I am discouraging people from plunging themselves into using meditation as it is often presented by Eastern gurus, namely as a “one solution to all problems” and as their only spiritual technique. The West is a very busy, intense and chaotic environment when it comes to the psychic energies to which you are exposed in daily life. It is NOT advisable that anyone uses a technique for stilling or emptying the mind without invoking spiritual protection, such as through our decrees and invocations.

Take note that what we always encourage is that people follow their own inner promptings. If you feel a strong attraction to for example Kriya Yoga, the reason is that you need to learn something from that experience. What you need to learn will in some cases be that this is not for you, but most people still cannot learn this by being told from without. So if you feel a strong attraction, follow it—but be alert that the true spiritual lesson may be beyond what you outer mind can conceive right now.

“Could Jesus provide some guidance on the value of this type of meditation to make the connection with our inner God self.  Or are there other spiritual techniques that are more effective?”

What we are talking about here are two very different things, namely a systematic technique and an experience of the formless God. Take note of what is said in the question:

My concern is that even though I feel God’s presence, I have not yet had a direct contact experience and I tend to believe that this would most likely occur during meditation.

The problem here is that many people seek an experience of God, yet they think they have to use a systematic approach in order to produce or even “force” the experience. This simply cannot be done. The formless will NEVER be forced into ANY form, so you need to question any image of what God is like and what a mystical experience should be like.

Many people think they have had an experience of God as the result of using some technique or even taking drugs. Yet what they have done is to force their brains and nervous systems to produce an experience so far beyond their normal experience, that they thought it was God.

Do you see the subtle distinction? ANY experience you force will be produced by the mind, and it will take place INSIDE the mind—and as such it CANNOT GO BEYOND THE MIND. Yet a true experience of God is completely and utterly beyond the mind.

Do you see the impossibility of using the mind as a tool for transcending the mind—it can NEVER be done. The more you focus on using the mind, the more you tie your true self to the mind. Because your very attention creates a bond of energy that causes YOU to be imprisoned by the mind, which is meant to be only a tool for interacting with the material world. How can you use this tool to go beyond the material world?

So the key to having an experience of God is to realize that there is nothing you can DO to bring it about.

This is not to say you should not use a technique. A proper technique can further your growth in terms of clearing your mind and balancing your chakras, which will make it easier to have an experience of God. The more you reduce the chaos in your mind, the easier it will be for YOU to free your awareness from identification with the mind.

One of the most efficient techniques available right now is the Elohim Decrees. Although we have not (deliberately so) announced them with great fanfare, they represent a major dispensation for clearing and balancing all of your chakras. Yet again, this is not to say that using them will guarantee you an experience of God.

A mystical experience cannot be predicted, because it is beyond form. Thus, you cannot meaningfully define what a mystical experience should be like—it will take different forms for different people.

So the key is to focus on using a technique that is attractive to you, but never allowing it to become routine. Never allow yourself to fall into the pattern seen in so many movements, where people think they have to continue to use a technique for the rest of their lives and that this will guarantee them some result. You must be very alert to when your higher self prompts you to move on to a new technique or a higher use of your present technique.

You also need to get yourself out of the mindset of seeking or even wanting a mystical experience. If you want something, it is because you have a mental image of what the experience should be like, and that is like seeking to force God to appear to you in a certain form. That is a graven image, which will almost certainly block your experience of the formless God.

Instead, focus on raising your consciousness, so you can give better service in the universal cause of raising all life. In other words, many well-meaning seekers have become so focused on themselves and having a peak experience, that they have become closed systems. You need to get out of the narcissistic mindset, and the only way is to focus on serving others or a greater cause—but doing so selflessly and not in order to elevate your ego.

So you need to strive for a state of complete non-attachment to what form of mystical experience you should have—and even whether you should have such an experience. If you can achieve this, you might just transcend the outer mind to SPONTANEOUSLY have an experience. But then again, you might not have a mystical experience, because many people can make progress without one or by having just one.

You are on earth to fulfill a mission here and qualify for your ascension. Earth is far from being an ideal environment for experiencing oneness with God. You have only a certain amount of time to qualify for your ascension, but once you ascend, you have unlimited time to experience oneness with God. Set your priorities accordingly.


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The concept of resurrection

Question: I am looking for an ascended master description on what resurrection means and entails. Some religions have scriptures referring to resurrection as the renewal of our physical bodies being recreated and brought back to life in a perfected human form. As in: “So would it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable”. I have also read that resurrection equates to crystallization of the light body and such things. Does resurrection equate with ascension, or is it different?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

The resurrection is not the same as the ascension. But the resurrection that I talked about 2 000 years ago, was not a bodily resurrection. There are unfortunately, some misunderstandings of this, even in the scriptures. And there are many Christians who have built this erroneous concept that at some point in the future, when the second coming of Christ occurs, then all those who are good Christians will be raised incorruptible in their physical bodies. And they will then live in the heaven realm, in physical bodies like they have today, but they have been perfected so they don’t get old and they don’t have diseases.

This is an unrealistic scenario. As we have said before, in the spiritual realm, why could you possibly need a physical body? You need a physical body, only in the material realm, because your physical body is made out of the energies that make up the material realm. That is why you need a physical body. In the spiritual realm, you have no need for physical body whatsoever. You do have a light body.

You can say that you are reborn into an ascended body. But that is not actually the same as the physical resurrection that so many Christians think about. In a sense, you could say that, there can be a certain form of resurrection. You have what we have told you that, after my ascension, I was allowed to take on a physical body and live in Kashmir for some years. And you can say that—you can express it different ways, because words are really not adequate—but you can say that I resurrected my body into a higher level. You could also say that I manifested a new body. It is really a matter of how you define these words.

Resurrection really is not that important of a concept, when you have the teachings about the ascension. You are focusing on ascending, which does not mean that your physical body ascends. It does not, as we have explained, mean that your four lower bodies or your three higher bodies ascend.

We realize that in previous dispensations, such as the Summit Lighthouse and the I AM Movement, there was a concept of a physical ascension, where the physical body was raised up. And there was the sense that your soul ascended, meaning your three higher bodies—your emotional, mental, and identity bodies—became perfected, so that they could ascend. But these were teachings that were given for that level of consciousness. And what we give today is a higher level of consciousness for the Aquarian Age, where we have given you the teachings that you do not take the physical body with you, you do not take the emotional, mental, or identity bodies with you. It is only the Conscious You, the man who descended from heaven, that will ascend back to heaven.


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How to deal with the pressure associated with spiritual work

Question: I usually sense when there is something bigger coming up in my psyche. I actually sense it long before it becomes very clear to my conscious mind and reveals itself. As soon as I sense something though, I find myself falling into the pattern that I start to over-analyze and constantly ask myself questions around the topic I sense. This self puts me under a kind of pressure that takes away my peace of mind, and I’m not able to trust and surrender completely in that moment, that it will come to me when I am ready. What beliefs are behind that self?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Again, there are individual conditions here. You can indeed have a self that drives you to always look at yourself and over-analyze. Many people have built this in past lives of analyzing themself, and it is, again, a control issue. There may very well be a self that causes you to create this pressure in your mind. And this is something you can then look at and use our tools to resolve it. But otherwise, there are many of you who can sense when something is coming up. You simply become aware of a certain issue, you might read something, you might hear something, or it might just come from within. And in that case, it is correct to use, to proceed asking yourself questions about it. But of course, what you need to do is avoid the pressure. And the pressure comes from an unresolved self.

You can come to that point where you feel something is coming up, you put your attention on it, you ask questions about it, but you are not over-analyzing, you are not putting pressure on yourself.

In fact, what this messenger usually does in these situations, and it happens to him, of course, on a regular basis, is that he puts his attention on it, he asks certain questions, he considers the issue. But he does not do it in an obsessive way. He is not putting pressure on himself. He thinks about it, and then he lets it go. He simply drops it, and he waits for some other impulse to come back to him. And he might look at it from a slightly different angle. And this may go on for some time before he has a more conscious awareness of what is going on, and looks at something in a more conscious way. Then he usually, after even doing this, lets it go again. And then after some time, and it could be days or even weeks, he may feel that release from within that shows that the issue has been resolved.


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Why some people choose to live in different countries 

Question: The dictation and discourse today helped me a lot to gain a deeper understanding about this restlessness, and a desire to have so many experiences. I have lived in five very different countries so far, and I wonder if we choose specific countries because we have some karma to resolve with other people from past lives, or are there other reasons?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

It is correct that some people have a sense that they have karma in different countries with different people. If you are in what you plan to be your last embodiment, you may indeed want to move several times and live different places in order to resolve that karma. But you can also have a desire to experience how life is looked at in very different countries.

This can help you break up what you were brought up with—the way you were brought up to see life. Or even going back to other lifetimes, break up the habit of looking at life that you have built, by seeing how different people look at it differently. It can help you broaden your perspective, free yourself from some of these old patterns.

You can, of course, also have people who need to learn something from these cultures that will then help you express your Christhood or your creativity in helping other people. There can be a variety of reasons for doing this. This is not to say that everybody needs to do it, because it is individual.


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Question about dynamic meditation

Question: Can you give us some insights about what happens in dynamic meditations?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

I’m not entirely sure here but I assume that this is the kind of meditations that were given by Osho Rajneesh where people have this movement, dances they went through and where they release all kinds of emotions, whatever comes to them, they scream, or do whatever, I assume that’s it, if I’m not correct, then you need to submit the question again. But I’ll just comment myself, if this is what you’re talking about, I have seen this—what they do.

Question: I’ve experienced several people have a huge release of stuck energy while moving their body and doing some sort of dynamic meditation. Is this also tying into the reverse energy flow you explained in one of the last conferences with the spoken word?

So my sense of this is that you can have these forms of meditation that actually force people to release emotions or emotional energy. But it does not vibrate healthy to me. I think, in many cases, it opens people’s emotional bodies up. It may release some energy, but it is such a violent release that it opens your emotional body to the astral plane or to other people and lower forces. I think people who go through something that violent will often end up feeling depleted of energy, or feeling overwhelmed and they can become open to lower beings. I would not personally do something like that.


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Kindness does not mean that you never challenge or oppose other people

Question: Lord Maitreya’s dictation was about kindness and what that means on a dense planet such as earth. I mean, how do we stay being kind and not become a doormat?

Answer from the Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, this is indeed a difficult question to answer in a linear way, it is a challenge that all people need to go through. We have said that there is a point where you have this desire for control, this need for control, and you are willing to project out at other people in order to get the sense that you are in control. This of course is not kindness, so when you overcome that desire to be in control and all kinds of aggression towards other people, that is when you start manifesting what people normally call kindness.

Many people will then go through a phase where they almost overcompensate for feeling that they were not kind before. And so, they go into this passive view of what kindness is where they think that kindness means that you never challenge or oppose other people. You basically let them do whatever they want to do and then you always turn the other cheek, and this is kindness. But when I originally volunteered to come to earth, I raised a question of whether people on earth could be awakened through kindness. And the answer I received from my spiritual counselors at the time, was that only if I mastered the 144 shades of kindness.

In other words, there is a shade of kindness for each of the 144 levels. And when you go towards the lower levels of consciousness, or when you are dealing with a person at the lower levels of consciousness, being a doormat and allowing them to do whatever they want, it is not kindness, it is not kindness towards them, because it will only reinforce their state of consciousness that they can get away with abusing others.

When you are dealing with people at a lower level of consciousness, people who are aggressive, letting them get away with it is not kindness, it is actually kindness to challenge them. Not in the sense that you go into a physical battle with them, or that you seek to destroy them, but that you seek to make their behavior more obvious to others and ultimately, perhaps to themselves.

In other words, you seek to call them out, you seek to ask them questions of why they are behaving like this, why they think this is justified, why they think this is necessary, why they are not concerned about the effects on other people and various other questions that you can ask. And then of course, in some cases, kindness is to just walk away from these people and leave them alone, if they will not listen.

So, you can see here that whatever level of consciousness you are at personally, there is a shade of kindness that corresponds to that level. And that is what you can be aware of and seek to attain individually through an intuitive experience. You can certainly ask for my help, give my decree to help you see what kindness means for you at your level, but also what it means when you are dealing with specific people that you have to deal with. So, ask and I shall give it to you, to the extent that you are able to receive it by again being in that neutral state of listening.


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Ascended Masters have a spherical, non-local state of consciousness

Question: How do ascended masters connect with us when we tune into them in our hearts? For example, if I meditate and call upon Jesus, will he be interrupted in the ascended realm with his everyday doings, so he needs to rush to me? Or does his office have many beings who help him? A lot of people are constantly seeking to have communion with Jesus. How will he handle this?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, the question is asked from the level of consciousness you have here on earth, where you are in a very linear state of consciousness. It is understandable that people have this question and wonder about this. But it is based on the fact that when you are in embodiment on a dense planet like earth, you cannot even imagine, or envision what it is like to be an ascended master, you cannot imagine what state of consciousness we are in. You are in a localized state of consciousness that is focused around your physical body. So, you think that if someone calls you to come and help them, you have to physically go to them and your entire consciousness goes there with your physical body.

I do not have a physical body. I do not have a localized sense of consciousness. I have a spherical or non-local state of consciousness so I can be in two places at the same time. In fact, I can be in 2 million places at the same time. I can be everywhere in a localized sphere of earth so I can help millions of people at the same time. I do not need helpers to send one helper to each person, I can be there at the same time. It does not distract from my normal doings. In fact, it is part of my normal doings. This is not to say that everybody who meditates on or prays to Jesus, reach the ascended master Jesus Christ—some reach lower beings, some reach imposters, it’s very individual. But there are certainly many, many people who have built a certain connection to me, some of them are Christians and therefore they can sense my presence. And I can of course, manifest my presence with them, and still have a part of my presence that is doing other tasks in the ascended realm.


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144 levels of consciousness and reincarnation 

Question: When the physical body of a lifestream passes on and the being reincarnates to a new body and a new life, does this being start at the same level on 144 levels of consciousness, as where it left its previous life? The reason I’m asking is, is that I have the idea that a lifestream has to go many times through 144 levels of consciousness instead of just one time.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

In most cases, when a being reincarnates, it comes back at the same level of consciousness that it had at the end of its last lifetime. There are a few beings that actually deteriorate while they are out of the body because they get caught in the astral plane and they descend to a lower level.

There are also a higher number of beings who are spiritual students, whether they are ascended master students or studying other spiritual teachings, who managed to make progress in between embodiments. They process their psychology, they get help from the ascended masters, and they rise to a higher level so they can come in one or even several levels higher than they were in their last embodiment.

The idea that you have to go through the levels several times is not correct in a linear way. There are, of course, people who will go up to a certain level, and then either standstill there for some time, or go down again. It is not such a linear process that once you have reached a certain level, you could not go below it.

There are people who will go back and forth several times and therefore in that way, they go through some of the levels many times, but there are very, very few people who reach the higher levels of Christhood and go backwards.


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How can we help our adult children to deal with difficult situations?

Question: I have a 21 year old son who is in his fourth year in medical school who has suddenly lost interest in the field of medicine with just two years more to complete the course. He complains of headaches and insomnia, and loss of interest in the field of medicine, and therefore wants a new experience to study mathematics. Is he following his divine plan or is it because of a trauma and separate selves from past lives and projections from forces of death and hell, causing him to abort the medical course? And how can he be helped?

 Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Now I’m reading this question because it’s actually a, it’s an example of a question that’s a little bit personal, where the masters would not want to say, for example: “Yes, this is part of his divine plan”, or “No, this is not part of his divine plan”. Because your divine plan is something that you need to sense from within, and you are really the only one who can do it.

But I’m reading it because I feel that the masters want me to make some comments. So, what I would say when I hear this, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Here’s a 21 year old person who was in his fourth year of medical school, that means he started when he was 17, or 18 years old, studying medicine, which is a very intense study. So no doubt he went to school up until that point in lower levels of school. So maybe he is just very young and maybe he needs to have some more time to mature. Maybe he needs to do something else for a while. It doesn’t mean he couldn’t come back to it.

And what I would also question is, why has he lost interest in the field? Is it possibly because he’s seen the limitations of traditional medicine? Or is it because he feels that this really isn’t what he expected it to be? I would also consider looking at what is the context in which he’s grown up? What is the attitude in his family towards studies in general? Has he felt a certain pressure to become a doctor, to go into medical school? And has it just caused him to do something that really wasn’t part of his divine plan? And now he’s reached a point where he realizes that it isn’t what he is meant to do. I’m not saying this is a final answer, I’m just saying these are questions that I would consider if I was in a situation.

Headache and insomnia, loss of interest. It could be a sign that he is overworked, that he’s stressed out, that he’s burned out, that it’s simply too overwhelming for him. It could also be a deeper issue where he feels that this really isn’t what he’s supposed to be doing and it’s become too much of a strain to suppress this.

So could it be trauma and separate selves from past lives? Yeah, of course it could be. But then the question is, is he open to ascended master teachings, is he open to giving decrees for protection or could you do it for him and maybe see an effect of that? The same with forces of death and hell, it could be projections, but again, you can give calls for that protection.

Then the final sentence in the question is: How can he be helped? Well, that’s why I would say well I understand that as a mother or father, you want to help your children. But sometimes you have to consider what does that mean to you? What exactly do you mean, when you say that my child should be helped? What are you basing that on? What’s your evaluation of the situation? How are you looking at it? And is there possibly something in the way you look at it, that could be a result of your programming, your upbringing or your separate selves and you could resolve this? You can also ask the question, does he need to be helped? And maybe he does, I’m not saying he doesn’t, but then it would be a matter of how well can you communicate with him? How free is your conversations? Can you talk to him about this? Are you at a point where you are able to help him? Are you open and neutral to talking to him, hearing about his issues and trying to find out and understand what’s really going on?

Because if you have decided with your outer mind that him being helped means he has to go back to his studies and complete his studies, that may not be the help he really needs. He may need someone who will listen to him who will try to understand what he’s feeling and maybe that will be enough for him to talk through it and work through it. Or maybe it won’t, maybe it will help him gain a greater resolve that he’s going to go in another direction? I don’t know. There isn’t a final answer. I’m just saying, this is what comes to me that I would consider in a situation like this.


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About rocking back and forth during decreeing 

Question: While decreeing I often find myself rocking backwards and forwards, not all the time, but I wonder if this affects the energy flow and if it is better to remain still. Sometimes I will go between being very still and then find myself rocking. Also, I have noticed a slight and at other times stronger pressure in the heart center. Can this also be addressed?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, there is nothing problematic about you rocking back and forth. It can be as a result of an energy flow that stirs up something in your four lower bodies and then causes this. When you have a flow of energy through your chakras, you will sometimes have a physical movement of the body. If this does not becomes so pronounced, that it disturbs you, and distracts you, then you do not need to even be concerned about it.

You will also find that if you try to forcefully stop it, then this will be disturbing to your centeredness in your heart. Unless it becomes so strong that it is disturbing, I would not be concerned about it, simply let it be. If it does become very strong, then you can experiment with whether you can suppress it by simply making the decision to stop it or not allow it to go on, or whether this becomes disturbing in itself. Otherwise, you may need to, for some time, just let it run its course and make the calls, for example, violet flame, to transmute any unresolved energy in your four lower bodies.


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How to have a deeper unity through sex

Question: Most of the time, I feel that I need sex no more. But sometimes I want to feel a deeper unity with my husband. I know that my husband wants and likes to have sex with me. I like it too, but I can’t understand how we can achieve deeper unity through sex, or is it easier without it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, what would be helpful for you is to look at your relationship or your view of your physical body as a woman. And you can look at your cultural context, how traditionally people have looked at women, at the female body, the physical body and at sexual activity in that culture. By being willing to work on this and see what kinds of selves you have taken on or created as a result of your upbringing, you might be able to resolve some of these so that you can actually come to a point where you can see and you can experience how to have a deeper union through sex.

It is not that it cannot be done, but it requires, of course, a certain openness, so that you are not blocked. Many, many people have been brought up with an attitude to sex that blocks that deeper union. It will also require some adjustment on the part of the man to come to a point where a man and women can have a deeper unity through sex.

You also need to be aware that once you clear away these blockages, you can have a deeper unity without sex. You can have it just by lying next to each other, or you can have it by touching and kissing without having actual intercourse. It is indeed possible to have a deeper unity through sex, but it is also possible to have it without sex.

You always run into the age-old challenge on this planet that men want or feel they need sex more often than women. This is an individual thing of how you can deal with this. But as we have said, if a man is addicted to sex or has these selves that makes him feel he has to have sex, then these will block a deeper unity. If the man will be able to overcome these, then there is more of an opportunity for you to have that deeper unity, where the sex is not a physical activity primarily, but it is driven by this desire to have that deeper unity.


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How to create a more open love relationship

Question: How do women have to speak with men? Or how do women have to change their mind about all men or husbands? Or how must a woman look at a man or her husband? Maybe the way we speak to each other is a habit. But I think that it also depends on some beliefs at higher levels.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, as we move into the golden age, men and women will be able to change the traditional relationship between men and women in drastic ways. It is not only women who can do it, but they will no doubt be the forerunners. It is clear that as we move into the golden age, there will be many changes in the relationship between men and women. You can already see some of these changes in certain countries such as the Scandinavian countries.

It will first of all mean that there will be a much more open, honest and direct communication between men and women. What you can do at this level is that you can attempt to change the communication. If your male partner is also a spiritual person, perhaps even a student of the ascended masters, then he should be willing to work on establishing a better communication in your relationship. And that requires men to be willing to talk about some of the things that women find it easier to talk about, such as feelings, but that men can also learn to talk about without being uncomfortable about it.

Now, if you are ascended master students and want to improve your relationship, you can of course use our teachings for healing your spiritual traumas, and overcoming all of these different selves. Because if you look at the world, you will see that probably 95% or more of all relationships are dominated by the separate selves of both partners. It is simply these separate selves that are causing people to go into certain reactionary patterns that block growth in their relationships. Naturally, as ascended master students, you want to make an effort to overcome this. And if you are willing to speak openly about this, you can indeed make great progress on this. By doing this in your relationship you can help pull up the collective consciousness and give examples of how other people can do the same.

Exactly how this needs to be done depends very much on where you live. What is the context in which you have grown up? What is the traditional relationship between men and women in your country? I am not here saying that all people around the world should instantly step up to what you see right now in the Scandinavian countries. You cannot expect that people who have grown up in an Islamic culture can make that leap in a short period of time. It will certainly take time.

But nevertheless, you can look at your culture and look at how men and women have traditionally been relating to each other. Then you can talk openly about how you can improve your relationship and have a more open and honest relationship. And by working on these separate selves many of which you can see in your culture, you can see it in your parents, you can see it in other people, then you will be able to make progress and you will be able to establish a more free relationship, where you can come to see each other as equal partners. Not that the man is dominant or that the woman is dominant.

But of course, I realized that there are many cultures where the man has traditionally been dominant. Therefore, it will require more work in these cultures. It will actually require more adjustment on the side of the male partner who needs to overcome this programming that he has been exposed to from childhood, of how a man should be in that culture. It can be certainly more difficult for men who have grown up in such an environment to establish a more equal relationship with their wives. But it certainly can be done and it certainly can be done by ascended master students.


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Is Joe Biden part of the old established elite?

Question: My question is, if Trump is an aspiring power elite, then who is Biden? Is he part of the old established elite? And if so, then how is that better for America than having Trump continue as president?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

When we are talking about an old established elite, we are first of all in America, talking about these very rich, very old families primarily on the east coast, who have amassed great wealth and great influence through that wealth. There is also a certain power elite on the west coast, but it is actually not as influential as the eastern power elite.

Now, you can look at Biden’s personal history and you can see that he was not part of this elite. He grew up in relatively modest circumstances. He is not a millionaire, he has not enriched himself by his politics and if you actually look at his history, you will see that he has experienced great personal tragedy: losing his first wife,  losing his son. As a result of that he has developed great empathy for people. He is actually what you would consider a decent human being.

However, he is not a visionary by any stretch of the imagination. He has been in politics for a very long time. You cannot really expect him to create some radical new changes. And that is not even how he sees his role as president, he sees his role as establishing some kind of dignity and continuity in the American political scene.

Now, the Vice President Elect is a different story, she has more of a potential to be open to new ideas, as has some of the many younger people who have been elected to Congress and the Senate from both parties. It is not that there is not a potential that there can be some progressive new ideas introduced over the next four years and beyond. But you need to recognize here that if you just look at the facts of Biden’s background, that he is not what we call a member of the power elite.

You may say that there is a certain political elite in Washington, but he is not really part of that, either. But he has been there for a long time and this has affected his outlook, so that there are certain ideas that he would not be able to grasp simply.


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How to deal with Covid vaccine 

Question: The COVID vaccine is going to be introduced to the world very soon. How should we deal with the situation? And how can we prevent the possible ill effects of the vaccine?

Answer from Kim Michaels given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

You need to choose for yourself whether you want to do it. I think it’s an individual choice is really the answer to it. You need to look at the situation in your country and how the vaccine was developed, and how confident you feel that it has been tested sufficiently.

I can comment on how I would look at this. Personally, I don’t like having anything spayed into my body. So, unless I felt it was absolutely necessary to get a vaccine, I wouldn’t do it.

I live in in Denmark, where there hasn’t been any talk about making it mandatory. I don’t think they’re considering this. While there may have been a debate about it, but I don’t think it’s ever been really serious that they would do this. I would say that, given that I’m not in a particular risk group, I wouldn’t do it as I see it right now. But if the situation changed, and there was more of a risk of getting the disease, then I might do it. You know, because I would feel that if it was approved by the Danish health authorities, I would feel confident enough that it had been tested and therefore it would be safe enough to do it. That’s how I would look at it right now. I’m not saying I would never take the vaccine—that would depend on what it was. But I will say that if I was a doctor or nurse who worked in the hospital, then I would do it just simply to avoid the risk of contracting the disease.


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The muslim countries and secular democracy 

Question: There is no caliphate anymore. But the institution lasted 1300 years and Islam had a golden age. Will a return to the caliphate help Muslims more?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, the short answer is no. The caliphate was a form of dictatorship. You can see also that some will claim that during the Roman Empire, that Rome had a golden age. You can see other situations or examples from history where a dictator brought a civilization into what has been called a golden age.

But we are in the modern times now. And the challenge for all nations is to move into a democratic form of government. This is the only thing that will ultimately help the Muslim countries. In order to fully do this, they will need to create secular democracies that are not dictated to by Islamic fundamentalists, or other religious authorities. You simply cannot create a fully functioning democracy if it is dominated by one particular religion.


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How to deal with physical violence

Question: I’m a bit confused about how to deal with physical violence when we encounter it. You once mentioned it is not enough to give decrees and invocations etc. There must also be a physical attempt to stop the violence. In the book from Lady Master Nada, she mentions that we make severe karma when we intervene and stop someone from being violent as we go against the free will of that lifestream. To me though, trying to protect a child, for example, from being physically abused, seems the right thing to do. Could you please elaborate on this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, you need to go and study Nada’s teaching more carefully, because you will see that it was given in a specific context and it cannot be applied in general ways as the linear mind wants to do.

Now it is clear that if you see a child being abused, you need to take appropriate actions to stop the abuse. But this does not mean of course, that you use violence to stop the abuse. This was the deeper meaning of turn the other cheek. But you can of course, involve the appropriate authorities when you see violence and abuse. By making them aware of this and then allowing them to take whatever action they deem necessary you have fulfilled your responsibility in the situation.


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Children and positive affirmations 

Question: I don’t know if I misunderstood the answer about the positive affirmations given earlier. But I make my daughter say positive affirmation such as: “She is a child of God, she is one with God, she is a spiritual being, God loves her” and others, unconditionally. Will that create some separate selves in her?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, I will answer this because if you look at the answer again, you will see that if you do it in a forceful way, it will create separate selves. It is very individual, how your daughter is, how it functions. If this is something that is being forced, then it can certainly develop a separate self. You also need to consider the age of children because I have seen in the Summit Lighthouse how some parents got almost obsessed about developing their children’s highest potential even in the womb, and also when they were babies, and I think that in some cases, they actually stressed the children, and it became too much for them. You have to sometimes, you know, let children be children and let them play because that’s part of childhood as well.


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What can I do to have better eating habits?

Question: I feel happy and satisfied only when I eat unhealthy foods. When I eat healthy, I feel like something is missing that I am not full. What can I do to have better eating habits?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, the answer is partly in the question: “What can I do to have better eating habits?” For many people eating is a habit. There is a certain habit that you have formed, perhaps since childhood, perhaps even over lifetimes. You can form the habit where even at the physical level—at the level of your body, your body only feels satisfied when it gets the kind of foods that it is used to. Because your body has adjusted to a certain type of food and digesting that food and taking nutrition from that food, so the body can feel that it has not gotten enough nutrients, when it doesn’t get the food it is used to.

Now obviously, you do need to look at general guidelines for what foods contain the nutrients that your body needs. I am not saying that you should eat foods that do not contain enough nutrition.

Eating is a very individual matter. Some people need, for example, more protein than others. And they cannot fulfill that by being vegetarians, for example. The question is, “What is your definition of healthy food? What is your definition of unhealthy food?” This is something you need to look at.

Then you need to consider that you have two things that are going on in the world concerning diet and nutrition.

You have these collective entities that have been built that cause people to introduce eating habits of eating certain types of food. You will find them locally around the world where certain countries, they eat certain foods, and people have a habit of eating this kind of food.

Then the other tendency you see in the world is that there is—as a result of a growing awareness of everything, including nutrition—there are all of these nutrition gurus that spring up. Many of them have an ambition of making money or becoming famous and they launch these sometimes elaborate theories about a better way to eat. In some cases, they may have some points. But the fact of the matter is that you cannot create one single theory about nutrition that fits all people. You need to somehow tune into your individual body.

The tendency that you see in the world, and you see it among many spiritual people, is that you come across some kind of system or idea about nutrition, you decide with your outer mind, or perhaps you even feel some intuitive prompting that this is what you should follow. But then you become very strict and rigid in following it. And this is where you do as we have said before, you attempt to use an idea to force it upon your physical body. This has caused many spiritual people to start eating a certain diet that simply does not fulfill the nutritional needs of their bodies.

For example, many, many spiritual people have forced themselves to become vegetarians, or even vegans, when their bodies simply cannot get enough nutrition from this kind of diet. Not only protein but often also minerals. You need to consider: is my body actually signaling to me, that the foods that I think I should be eating are not fulfilling its needs.

You also need to consider that if you have a habit of eating what is clearly according to normal standards, unhealthy foods, such as junk food, then your body can have built this habit of feeling that unless it gets a certain amount of carbohydrates, for example, or fatty foods or fried foods, it just is not full, it does not feel satisfied.

This can even have an emotional level component where you feel satisfied by eating these kinds of foods, emotionally. This is where you can then discipline yourself to not eat these foods, and eat more healthy foods. You may need to do this for some time, until your body or even your emotional body develops, or sheds the old habit and develops a new one.

You can of course, also look at your attitude to nutrition, your attitude to certain foods, your attitude toward your body, and use our tools for discovering what selves you have that relate to the body, to how you see the body in general and to nutrition in general. You can then make progress with resolving some of these, which means that sometimes you do not have to force yourself to establish the new eating habit, it just happens spontaneously, as a result of you resolving these selves.


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Why do spiritual organizations focus primarily on women?

Question: Master Jesus, I know that I’m a spiritual being, but still, I’m grateful for the opportunity for being in a male body. I have the most sincere desire to master my masculinity and become the best Christed man that I could possibly be. I am and always have been a spiritual person. Being a spiritual person as a man is difficult, because all spiritual organizations and teachings that I have encountered during my current embodiment, are very gynocentric. According to Google, gynocentric means centered on or concerned exclusively with women, taking a female, or specifically, a feminist point of view. I believe that this gynocentric approach that is demonstrated by all spiritual teachings and organizations that I have encountered, is very unbalanced and it degrades men. It also causes us men to flee from spirituality, not because we don’t have spiritual inclinations and aspirations, but because all spiritual teachings and organizations in our present days have a very strong tendency of being hostile towards men and masculinity. Master teachers, could you please share your thoughts on this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

You will look historically at the fact that for thousands of years religions have been male dominated, and been very focused on portraying this image that men are superior to women. As we move further into the raising the collective consciousness, we need to go through a period where there is more awareness on women’s situation, and raising up women to have leadership positions in society and even in spiritual movements.

This is part of the explanation. But the fact of the matter is that we have said many times in this dispensation, that you are not born as a man or a woman, you are born as a spiritual being. Any of the teachings we give and have given both in this and previous dispensations can be applied equally by men and women. It is not the focus of the teaching that causes men to flee from spirituality, if they indeed do that. Many, many obviously do not, but some men may do so. But that is because of their particular psychology, their own unwillingness to confront certain aspects of their psychology.

You are, of course, free to pursue building your masculinity, if you see that as a goal. But I must stress the fact that you will not ascend as a man. Neither will you ascend as a woman. You will ascend by transcending the gender roles defined on earth, including the view of what it means to be a masculine man. Which is also something relative, defined on earth, based on the history of various societies. You will see that in some nations the gender roles have softened up, and have even to some degree reversed, so that men can take care of the children, men can be at home, the woman can be at work. And this is part of this process of overcoming this male-dominated focus that has been there for so long, and it has put women down as a sort of second-rate citizen.

If you have a problem with this, I suggest that you have an unbalanced view of masculinity and what it means to be a man. And you would benefit from considering what separate selves you have, that you could simply let go of, and then you would feel much freer. And you could actually find a higher way to pursue masculinity.

We are not, of course, saying that in spiritual movements, men and women need to become alike, and men need to start behaving like women. But it is clear that as you move higher in consciousness, you are not acting in the traditional male or female roles. You will find new ways to act and interact.


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Question about the death transition of known and  famous people 

Question: Can someone comment on what happens to a livestream who is widely known on earth, a pop star or a leader of a country, if he or she leaves the physical plane? Is it hard to move on if so many people think and talk about you? Are they emotionally attached and so on? Are people who are holding on to that lifestream limiting the lifestream’s ability to move on?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, you can see many of the famous people who have passed from the screen of life, and they have, in many cases had difficulty moving on. This is again, because some of them have actually being fallen beings, but even those who are not fallen beings have this desire to be idolized. They have a desire to be looked up to and to be felt as important persons and to leave a legacy.

If a person has a strong desire to leave a legacy, then the person often cannot simply leave that embodiment behind. It wants to stay and monitor what happens, what people say about it, what they do, whether they mourn, whether they grieve, whether they continue to think about them and talk about them and so on. And it has in many cases delayed these lifestreams ability to move on.

It is important to realize that once you pass out of one embodiment, you are done with that embodiment. And what you need to do is simply let go of everything from that embodiment, so you can either move on into your next embodiment and prepare for that embodiment, or ascend. And especially if you want to ascend you need to, of course, leave that embodiment behind. And it is only by leaving things behind that you can actually ascend.


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Should I ascend after this lifetime? 

Question: is it true that the earth is going through a shift as all the changes are showing (into the fourth dimension)? So it is important that we are able to ascend at this time.

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

I am going to comment on this. I do not know if it is a typo with the fourth dimension. There was talk before, especially for 2012, about the fifth dimension. And the masters have said that that is just not an ascended master teaching. It is something that comes from the mental realm. But in line with what was just said in the previous answer, if it is part of your divine plan to ascend after this lifetime, then it is important for you to do it, of course. But it may not be part of your divine plan and it is important you follow that. You cannot with the outer mind, force yourself to think that you should ascend after this lifetime. And you should be careful about not taking the masters teachings and allowing your outer mind to create some kind of absolute idea about what you should or should not do.

You always need to be very intuitive and open to sensing from within. And the masters have said before that your divine plan has stages. And you will practically never see your entire divine plan in one big vision where you see all the stages. You are at a certain level right now and it is important that you focus on that level. And then when you go to a higher level, then you will see what you have planned for that level. So that is why it is important not to make a decision with the outer mind right now and say: “This should be the case for the rest of my life.” You need to always be open that there can come a point where all of a sudden, you have passed certain initiations, you have risen to a certain level and now you see something you did not see before and it changes your perspective on many things.


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Can I ascend after this lifetime? 

Question: I have had the experience that I am a spiritual being, the feeling that all life is one so I do not doubt that we are all one with God. But in my normal day to day consciousness, I still feel and believe that I have a lot of karma with my late husband and my children. So I need to reincarnate again, and work all this out and also to help them. Is this an illusion? Is it really realistic that we normal people can ascend after this lifetime?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, it is entirely possible to be a spiritual person and an ascended master student, and it is not in your divine plan to ascend after this lifetime. This applies to a substantial part of you. I do not want to put a number on it. We have talked about it before that there are some of you that want to be in embodiment again because you will want to be part of manifesting Saint Germain’s Golden Age. There are also some of you who have defined certain goals for yourself that you want to fulfill that is not realistic for this lifetime. Some of you have determined that instead of ascending with only some of your karma balanced, you want to balance all of it. So you cannot apply a particular standard.

But there are, of course, some of you who have made it part of your divine plan to ascend after this lifetime. And if this is what you have done, then it is because it is realistic for you to do so, if you transcend yourself as you need to do. It is clear that if you look at normal people, in terms of normal people in society, the vast majority of them are not ready to ascend after this lifetime. And they could decide to enter an ascended master teaching and apply that teaching. But it would not mean that they could ascend after this lifetime.

But if you have a strong enough sense that there are certain things you want to resolve, and that you do not feel this can be done in this lifetime, then it is most likely because you are tuned in to your divine plan. Now be careful not to make a decision with the outer mind. But continue to walk the path and increase your discernment. And you may get a different sense later on. And then be open to receiving that.


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Definition of ego vs. having no ego 

Question: It seems that the 144 levels of consciousness possible on earth can be divided into three different levels: until the 48th, until the 96th, and until the 144th. So, if this is right, in every stage, we are faced with different levels of initiation in Christ consciousness. In this initiation of the challenge of Christ, is it possible to be faced with a glimpse of not just another self to get rid of, but with the entire structure of our ego? Or is this just another illusion to make us believe that having confronted our ego structure, we know it all – and don’t need to keep challenging our mental box about Christ consciousness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, the simple answer is: Yes. There are, of course, people on earth who have come to believe that they have no ego left. This is where it gets a little subtle because it all depends on how you define ego. You can have a narrow definition of ego and you can say that a person has come to see through that ego, has confronted that structure, and has overcome it. Therefore, according to that definition, the person has no ego left. But it doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t have any separate selves, and is, therefore, now in a higher state of consciousness and doesn’t have to look at its own psychology anymore.

This is the illusion that many people have fallen into over time. Especially those who have gained some kind of position as being spiritual teachers, as being in a spiritual movement, as having attained a position in a spiritual movement, or whatever. There are many of these people who claim, or their followers claim or they themselves believe that they have no ego left. Sometimes, it can be right according to their definition of ego, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any psychology left they need to look at because as we have said, for each of the 144 levels of consciousness, there is an illusion, there is a separate self that is based on that illusion. You need to keep looking at this for as long as you are in embodiment.

We have said before that you can overcome any limitation as long as you are willing to look at it. If you make yourself believe that you no longer have any ego or unresolved psychology, and therefore, you don’t need to look at your psychology, well, then you will not rise above that level. You may have reached a fairly high level of consciousness, but if you do not go beyond that level, you will not fulfill your highest potential. You will not make your ascension, possibly. The reality is that when you come to the higher levels of Christ discernment, you begin to see that for each level there is a certain separate self that needs to be resolved. You realize that you have some separate selves left. It doesn’t bother you; it doesn’t mean you are feeling like you cannot express yourself. You realize that there’s always something to look at—you always look at your reactions to situations. If you’re willing to do this, that is when you will make it.

Whenever you come to a point where you stop yourself, then you will not progress beyond that level. It is that simple.

I know there is a very old dream on earth that you can come to a point where you have reached an ultimate state of consciousness. But it is just an illusion, my beloved, projected by the fallen beings, reinforced by many well-meaning spiritual people. You will see that most spiritual movements or religions have this belief. Christians would say: “Well, I have no ego”. Buddhists would say:” Well, the Buddha had no ego. Muslims would say, “Well, the prophet had no ego”. With many other spiritual movements—in the Summit Lighthouse, it was believed that the messenger had no ego. In the I AM Movement it was believed that the messengers had no ego. In Theosophy, it was believed that Madame Blavatsky had no ego, and so forth and so on.

Consider yourself fortunate that you are involved in an activity where the messenger doesn’t feel the need to claim that he has no ego and doesn’t want other people to think so. That is why we have been able to give these teachings. Otherwise, you would have come to a certain point where you would not have been able to progress further.


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The contribution of Portugal to Europe 

Question: Could the ascended masters speak about the contribution that small peripheral European countries like Portugal could give to Europe as it moves towards the golden age consciousness?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

What I sense is that the answer really is that all countries have the potential to bring forth certain ideas that are part of manifesting Saint Germain’s Golden Age. And it is not that the big countries have a patent on this. So what the smaller countries can do is, they can be open to one or several ideas that will bring the whole forward.


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Question about Iceland 

Question: Iceland ranks first in the world in gender equality. Does Iceland have a high level of collective consciousness that is above other Scandinavian countries or nations?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, first of all, you have to be careful about not setting up a scale and saying this country is higher than the others, and therefore it is better or so forth and so on. It is, of course, clear that there are some countries that are higher than others. But in terms of Iceland, in certain respects, it has an advanced level of consciousness.

But as you can see, from the financial bubble that was created in Iceland, there is also some serious limitations in the collective consciousness. There is a dream of some unrealistic form of economy where you do not have to make an effort, you do not have to multiply the talents. And this is what has caused the nation to go into this downward economic spiral.

And you saw that the other Scandinavian countries avoided this, because they have actually transcended that level of consciousness. And so, I would not say that Iceland is higher than the other Scandinavian countries in general. But I do not wish to create a scale here and saying this country is higher than that country, and so on.

All of the Scandinavian countries are at a fairly high level, as are many of the other countries in Northern Europe, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, at least parts of Australia, and parts of the United States, but not the United States in general.

So their are, of course, what we have called the modern democracies, who are the most evolved countries on earth. And it is not really necessary to go into some kind of absolute linear scale that says, this is the highest country and this is number two, and so on.


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Find out what is an important topic for you and focus on it 

Question: What is the main invocation or rosary to give the world more light?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, they are all effective. They just work for different things. What the masters have said is, you feel what is an important topic for you to focus on. Something that appeals to you, that feels important to you. And then you find the invocations and rosaries to deal with that topic and then you give those.

And then at some point, you may feel that you have done this enough and now there is something else you need to focus on. There is not one that is the most important, they are all important. This does not mean you have to give all of them, you know. That is why I said you focus on whatever is important to you right now.


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Our divine plan vs. producing certain results here on earth

Question: Is completing and fulfilling one’s divine plan for any given lifetime, not something that we are meant to do or accomplish on earth? That is, is there a difference between wanting to produce certain specific conditions on earth versus wanting to fulfill one’s unique divine plan on earth?

 Answer from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, when you understand what a divine plan is, you realize that the divine plan may specify that you do certain things and produce certain results here on earth. And these are then possible for you to manifest. Otherwise, you would not have defined it as part of your divine plan, because you do not set a goal for yourself that is not realistic for that lifetime.

But aside from that, it is of course possible that after you come into embodiment, you can decide with the outer mind that you want to accomplish a certain outer result. And if this is not what is in your divine plan, then it could become a hindrance to the fulfillment of your divine plan, a hindrance to your growth in consciousness, and it can actually become a distraction that takes you into a blind alley. Your divine plan does not set goals that cannot be fulfilled in this lifetime.

Your divine plan is for that particular lifetime. It may also have some long-term goals, but it has defined certain goals for a particular lifetime. And it is possible and realistic to do this. If you transcend yourself, as you have specified in your plan that you want to transcend yourself in that lifetime.


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The monotheistic movement of the pharaoh Akhenaten

Question: Was the monotheistic movement of King Akhenaten inspired by the ascended masters?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Yes, it was to some degree. But you need to see that there is always a deeper understanding here. You are on a difficult dense matter planet. There is absolutely nothing that could be brought forth here that cannot be perverted by the fallen beings. You had a situation in Egypt where they had created so many different gods, just like you have seen in other cultures where there is the proliferation of gods. So many, that it becomes confusing and overwhelming. And this means that, after this proliferation of gods has gone to a certain extreme, it is beneficial that the people start pulling back towards a simpler view of God, such as the monotheistic religion.

And the pharaoh, Akhenaten was, to some degree open to receiving ideas from the ascended masters and therefore instituted this change, or attempted to institute it. But you also need to see that when you look at it historically, it is not so that monotheism is necessarily the only right or the superior form of religion. Because what has monotheism been used by in the Jewish religion, the Muslim religion and the Christian religion? It has been used to deny ascended masters, to deny that there are other beings in heaven than those defined by that particular religion, be it, Jesus and God, or Allah and Mohammed. You see that anything can be perverted by the fallen beings. And so there is not just one form of religion, that is the only right one.


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The sense of ownership associated with family

Question: I think there is a mass conviction that the death of a loved one, a dear loved one, is a great and irreparable grief. And we need to learn to disconnect ourselves from this belief in such a way as to replace the wrong belief with the right one. There are also big losses of the relatives and friends who are still in embodiment. I experienced this fear and pain in myself. While studying the teachings of the ascended masters, I was still unable to deal with this situation, due to some kind of belief that I still cannot see. I was not ready for this situation and when it happened, I was not in harmony and love. What beliefs behind this terrible suffering do people have on this dense planet Earth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, this is the belief that, again, originated with the fallen beings. And it can be seen out-pictured by many of the leaders of the past. You see a leader who has set himself or herself up as being this ultimate authority as a dictator, being almost revered by the people as a god. Yet this person knows that even though the people might think he is a god, while he is still in a mortal body, and there will come a point where that body can no longer sustain its life and he will die. But he is not satisfied with having reached this position just for one lifetime. So he wants to leave a legacy. And as part of that legacy, he wants the people to be so attached to him, that they will feel his death as an irreparable loss, that they will grieve over for a long time to come. This is just all building up the ego and a sense of being special. This is how it all started.

But it has also been reinforced by the belief that has again been spread by the fallen beings and you can find it in people’s common talk: “My parents were so and so”, “My children are doing this or that”. You all talk about my parents, my children, my brothers, my sisters. There is a certain sense of ownership associated with families. And it is inevitable as you grow up on a planet like this that you take this on to some degree. Of course, there are some cultures that have it to a higher degree than others, where they almost worship the family, where the family structure is considered to be the most important aspect of people’s lives.

Now, as you walk the spiritual path and reach the higher levels of Christhood then you realize, of course, that you are a spiritual being. You have lived many, many lifetimes on earth. You have not always had the same parents or the same siblings that you have in this lifetime or the same children that you have in this lifetime. These are not your parents, your children, you do not belong to them. And they do not belong to you. It is this sense of ownership that you can begin to question. And then you can realize that you are not defined by your family, and you have a right of course, to move beyond your family. And you will have to in order to manifest Christhood and express Christhood. You cannot stay within the confines of what your family considers normal.

Now, another factor in this is, of course especially in the Western world where reincarnation has been denied since the Catholic Church banded it as heresy in 553. So, you have this very deep trauma associated with death, you only have one lifetime, you only have one chance to secure your salvation. And after you die, you will be gone forever from this planet, you will either go to heaven or you will go to hell. This projects t that when your parents die, you will never see them again. And of course, in the materialistic culture that has sprung up, your parents will cease to exist when they die—you will cease to exist when you die. And how could there not be a sense of loss associated with a loss of awareness and a loss of identity? Which is the most precious gift that you have, your individual awareness. So again, if you feel you need to, you can read some of the many books about near-death experiences.

So many people have now witnessed that their body died, but they did not cease to exist, they continued a life in another realm. Many of these people have come back. And they have explained how there is no sorrow, for those who die. They are not grieving that they are not alive anymore. They often feel relieved. They are enveloped in love, they meet their past relatives or their spiritual guides, and they are in a higher realm that is much more enjoyable than what they had on earth. You do not need to grieve for their sake, because they are not losing anything by not being alive.

And when you realize this, you are realizing: “Well, what are you grieving for?” In many cases, you are grieving, not because you personally feel grief, not because your parents benefit from the grief, but because your culture has created this idea that you are supposed to show your grief because this shows how much you loved your parents. And if you do not then you will be condemned. And so why are you grieving? In order to uphold some image that is demanded of you in your culture. And when you begin to see this, you can begin to let it go. You can use our tools to expose these selves and just say: “Enough of this. I’m letting this die”.


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