The blood of Christ does not take away sin

TOPICS: Many people are growing out of the fear-based approach to religion – fear a spiritual poison – fear is addictive – you are not betraying Jesus by rising above fear – breaking the addiction of a fear-based approach to religion – the blood of Christ is a symbol for the Christ consciousness – love of Christ consumes fear – blood of Christ is not blood sacrifice – communion is the consciousness of Christ – the blood at the crucifixion – the idea of blood sacrifice is not from God – blood sacrifice is a satanic rite – spilling of blood releases spiritual light – war and murder incited by demons so they can steal light – karma and sin – killing cannot compensate for killing –

Question: I am confused!! I feel enlightened and like I am growing closer to my Christ consciousness until I go to church on Sunday with my husband. Then while in church I start having a lot of doubts and confusion about which is true and what is truth. I feel deep down in my spirit, i.e. consciousness that the things on this website and what I have been reading from the books by Kim and after listening to the CD that this is truth, but then when I go to church with my husband and they sing about the blood of Jesus, and there is power in the blood, and what can wash away my sins but the blood, I get so confused. I know that you say that your blood doesn’t wash our sins away, that we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling like your beloved Paul said, but I still feel like a traitor to somebody, either you or to my husband and/or the church. 

Please straighten me out with the absolute truth about the blood, and also the Bible says that by your stripes we were healed. Is that true? And what exactly does that mean, too.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I have no desire to straighten you out in the sense that I do not want to tell you what to believe or not believe. Neither do I want to tell you which church to attend or not to attend. Those are choices you must make, and I want you to know that I do not condemn you no matter what choice you make. I love you regardless of your outer beliefs or outer church attendance. I only ask that you strive to make sure that your choices are based on love and not on fear.

In that respect, let me say that what you are going through is a very typical process for those who have been brought up in any orthodox religion, be it Christian or non-Christian. In the book The Secret Coming of Christ, I inspired Kim to write a detailed explanation of the fact that orthodox Christianity has fallen into a fear-based approach to religion. The book also explains that this approach is in direct opposition to the love-based approach taken by me.

What has happened to those who were brought up in or have participated in a fear-based religion is that they have spent many years ingesting a doctrine and a belief system based on fear. If you read Mother Mary’s discourse in which she introduces the East-West Rosary, you will see that she talks about certain spiritual poisons. Although she does not specifically mention fear, one might say that fear is the basic emotion that gives rise to all of the spiritual poisons described by Mother Mary. These poisons are specific manifestations of fear.

My point here is that fear is a spiritual poison. It is the spiritual equivalent of a chemical substance, such as nicotine. Therefore, fear can be as addictive on the spiritual level as nicotine is on the physical level. What I am telling you is that those people who have participated in a fear-based religion for many years have ingested the spiritual poison of fear, and many of them have literally become emotionally addicted to this poison.

You know that when people try to break a chemical addiction, they will go through a period where they have intense cravings for one more cigarette. They have withdrawal symptoms. This is because the body has adjusted to the poison, and it literally feels as if it cannot survive without the poison. Many people become addicted to the poison of fear that they have been fed through an orthodox, fear-based religion, and their emotions make them feel like they cannot survive, they cannot be saved, without the poison. You feel like you are incomplete and unwhole without the poison, and this also makes you feel that you are betraying your church when you seek to escape the magnetic pull of the poison of fear.

I realize this is a somewhat ominous picture. Yet I must tell you truly that many Christian churches have become so enveloped in fear that the people attending those churches are literally being attacked and in many cases controlled by demons of fear. Breaking free of such a church can be as difficult as breaking a chemical addiction. Therefore, it would be helpful for you to approach the situation as if you were trying to break free from an addiction. Determine whether you really want to break free from this and then plan a systematic course for moving away from a fear-based approach to religion. See my answer to a question about breaking an addiction.

It is quite possible that you can break away from the fear-based approach to religion and still go to church with your husband on Sunday. Nevertheless, this might be more difficult than staying away from the environment for a time, until you feel that you are anchored in a love-based approach to religion. When you are anchored in the love-based approach, you can go to any church without absorbing the vibration of fear that is being generated by that Church. Nevertheless, one might ask why you would want to be in such an environment? Yet that is a choice that you must make personally.

The absolute truth about the blood of Christ is that when I talked about the blood at the last supper, I was speaking metaphorically. The blood of Christ is a symbol for the stream of consciousness of the universal Christ mind.

On a personal, physical level, the blood is in subtle ways the carrier of consciousness. Therefore, by symbolically drinking the blood of Christ, you are absorbing my personal Christ consciousness and the consciousness of the universal Christ mind. This then becomes the spiritual leaven which can raise the whole loaf of your consciousness.

So yes, it is true that the blood of Christ, when it is understood as the consciousness of the universal Christ mind, is the key to salvation in the sense that it can wash away your sins. However, it also needs to be understood that the essence of sin is the lower state of consciousness that I talk about throughout my website. The blood of Christ can wash away your sins in the sense that it can transform your consciousness. This is seen by the fact that love and fear are incompatible emotions. When you allow yourself to fall into a state of fear, you cannot simultaneously feel love. When you accept the unconditional love of God, it will be the perfect love that casts out all your fears. Likewise, the blood, meaning the consciousness, of the universal Christ will wash away the sins of the dualistic mind.

What the blood of Christ will not do is wash away the effects of your actions, namely misqualified energy and personal karma. These must be resolved through your own efforts, and that is why you need to work out your salvation by being willing to make amends for your past actions and by transforming the negative energy produced by your fear-based thoughts and feelings.

One of the biggest problems or shortcomings in Christianity is that so many Christians have misunderstood the true meaning of the blood of Christ. Therefore, the concept of the blood of Christ has been mixed in with the old idea that blood sacrifice was necessary in order to appease God. You will see that in the Jewish religion sacrifices were seen as one of the main ways to wash away people’s sins. This idea goes all the way back to primitive religions who performed human sacrifices. It was moderated to become animal sacrifices, yet Christianity has created the idea that it was necessary with the ultimate human sacrifice, namely that of myself on the cross.

This is a fallacy. I understand that this started with certain remarks made by Paul, but they were given in order to get the Jews to give up the idea of animal sacrifice. Thus, the idea of sacrifice as payment for sins should have no place in a modern enlightened and love-based religion, which is what Christianity truly should be.

When I performed the ritual of the last supper, I had my disciples drink of a cup, which contained wine as a symbol of the blood of Christ. There was no way I would have had them drink my actual blood. We are talking symbolically, and my disciples understood that. If I had had the ability to anticipate how the human mind would misinterpret this idea and mix it in with the idea of blood sacrifice, I truly would have changed the ritual. Yet even I cannot predict how people will use or rather misuse their free will,

At the last supper, the blood of Christ, meaning my consciousness, was not poured out indiscriminately. It was contained in a cup and given only to those who were ready to receive it. This is an important principle. The blood of Christ, the consciousness of Christ, should not be given to the profane. It should not be given to the evil spirits of hell who will truly misuse that blood, that light, to commit evil deeds. So you now see that the consciousness of Christ can be misused if it is given to the profane. That is why I told my disciples not the cast their pearls before swine.

What has happened in Christianity is that the Jewish idea of blood sacrifice has been mixed in with the fact that my blood was spilled at the crucifixion. The problem of the misunderstanding of the blood of Christ begins with a mixture of the last supper and the spilling of my blood on the cross. What I did at the last supper was fundamentally different than what happened at the crucifixion.

At the last supper, my actual blood was not spilled. It was represented by the wine, yet even the wine was not poured on the ground. It was contained in a chalice, and as I have just explained in another discourse, that chalice is a whole mind and lifestream, which is able to hold the consciousness of the Christ mind.

At my crucifixion, my physical blood was spilled. Even though some of it was gathered by Joseph, much of it was spilled on the ground. Because blood is the carrier of consciousness, some of my personal Christ consciousness was actually spilled on the ground. That blood was like the pearls cast before swine, and the light in that blood was devoured by demons out of hell. These demons used that light to increase their control over human beings and to empower the people who crucified me. Therefore, the blood spilled at my crucifixion was actually used by dark forces to reinforce the persecution of Christians in an attempt to completely destroy my work on this planet and prevent the spread of Christianity as a new religion.

Let me make an absolutely clear statement here. The idea of blood sacrifice, whether it be of humans or of animals, never originated with God or with the ascended masters. Let me say that again. No being in heaven ever advocated blood sacrifice as a part of salvation or spiritual growth. Blood sacrifice has absolutely no positive effect on your spiritual growth.

Now, if the idea of blood sacrifice did not come from God, from where do you think it might have come? It came precisely from those who oppose God, namely the devil himself. You will see that even today certain satanic cults perform blood sacrifices, even human sacrifices. The reason is that when you spill the blood of the innocents, their consciousness, their spiritual light, is released through a violent action, and therefore it becomes available to dark forces who cannot absorb that light directly from Above.

Let me state clearly that any ritual that involves the spilling of blood is of satanic origin. The performance of blood sacrifice, even the blood sacrifice that was performed in the Jewish temple, was a satanic rite. That is one reason I overturned the tables of the money changers who were making money by selling the ingredients for satanic rites performed in the temple of God. The thieves were not just humans taking people’s money but also demons taking the light released in the rituals.

I must tell you that blood sacrifice does not necessarily take the form of a religious ritual. Any type of murder is a form of blood sacrifice, and it is often demons that trick people into murdering another person in order to steal that person’s life blood and spiritual light. This is also the reason dark forces are constantly seeking to entice people to go to war with one another and thereby spill the blood of the innocents on the battlefield.

Have I made my point here? The idea of blood sacrifice has no place whatsoever in the Christian religion. My crucifixion was not a blood sacrifice. My death on the cross was not necessary to wash away humankind’s sins, and my crucifixion truly did not have the effect of taking away human sins. This is a fallacy, and it was a fallacy from the very beginning. No truly Christian church should ever celebrate the spilling of my blood at the crucifixion, even if it happens through the seemingly innocent means of a song. Incidentally, that is why the movie The Passion causes people to lose their spiritual light by forcing them to focus on the spilling of my blood on the cross.

It is perfectly in order for Christian churches to celebrate the ritual of the last supper, the ritual of Holy Communion, but it should be understood that the blood of Christ is a symbol for the consciousness of the universal Christ mind. If you celebrate Holy Communion thinking that you are drinking my physical blood that was spilled at the crucifixion, you have misunderstood this ritual, and you are potentially misqualifying light and giving it to dark forces.

The concept that people were healed by my stripes is a figure of speech based on a misunderstanding of my true mission, a misunderstanding based on the idea that some kind of sacrifice is necessary for the remission of sins.

Yet there is a subtle truth here in the sense that when you make personal karma, you can balance some of that karma by experiencing what you did to another. In other words, if you kill another human being, you have violated God’s law. To make spiritual progress, you must learn the lesson that this was a violation of God’s law, and you must choose to abandon the consciousness that caused you to sin. It is quite possible that a lifestream can learn that lesson without having to be murdered. If it does so, it can balance the karma through spiritual means, such as the Violet Flame or service. In other words, God has no desire to punish you; God simply wants you to learn your lesson, balance the karma and rise to a higher state of consciousness.

Yet if a lifestream refuses to learn its lesson, then the karmic law will mandate that the person experiences what it has done to others. If you have killed another human being, you might need to be killed yourself in order to learn the lesson of how killing someone takes away their opportunity for spiritual growth in that lifetime. Going through this process can help balance some of the karma you incurred. This then is the idea which has been misunderstood by many, especially in the West, and which has been mixed in with the idea of blood sacrifice. This is what has led to the idea that blood sacrifice can compensate for your sins and wash away those sins.

The fallacy of this idea is that the blood sacrifice itself will not wash away your sins. Being killed as a result of having killed someone else will not automatically balance that karma. Only when you truly learn the spiritual lesson and abandon the consciousness that caused you to sin, will the karma be fully balanced. And if your lifestream hates the person who killed you, you might actually make more karma and start a negative karmic spiral.

Once again, this is a subtle illusion created and promoted by dark forces. They know that many people have a lifestream memory that when they have committed a wrong act, they need to compensate for that act. By creating the idea of blood sacrifice, the dark forces have managed to fool people into thinking that the sacrifice itself will compensate for the past sins. Thereby, many people have been fooled into giving light and life blood to the dark forces.

This especially occurs when a person believes in seeking revenge for crimes committed against him. This is what has caused feuds between families or nations, where people believe that if an enemy has killed a member of your family, you need to wash away that act by killing a member of the other family. This is a fallacy, and you have heard the saying that two wrongs do not make a right. Killing someone in revenge will not wash away the sin of the first murder. It will only double that sin. That is why I told people to forgive their enemies and to do so seventy times seven.


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