Jesus comments on the movie “The Passion of Christ” by Mel Gibson

TOPICS: The crucifixion is not as important as the resurrection – the central message of Jesus’ life is the survival of death – Jesus was an example for all to follow – will watching this movie drain your energies? – dark forces use movies to steal people’s energies – not an accurate portrayal of the crucifixion – Jesus had inner peace and did not suffer much – don’t use Jesus’ suffering to prolong your own – movie is not truly about Jesus – the pope has a distorted image of Christ – avoid being manipulated by the subversive message – watch how the movie builds towards shock – the false image of Christ –

Question: Dear Master Jesus: Any insight to the upcoming release of Mel Gibson’s new film “The Passion of Christ.” Do you see this movie as a deterrent to your message because you will become an idol to millions? Or is this movie needed to reinforce your message? Is this an accurate portrayal of your Crucifixion?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If I was asked to be a consultant on a movie about my life, the first thing I would do was change the title from “Passion” to “Resurrection.” I am definitely not happy with the fact that orthodox Christianity has placed such disproportionate attention and importance on my crucifixion and has consequently ignored the far more important event of my resurrection.

Yes, I was crucified and executed. However, thousands of people were executed in the same way, and hardly anyone pays attention to that. The reason being, of course, that it is not important to world history that one person was crucified. So why is it so important that I was crucified? It is truly no more important than the crucifixion of any of the other people who were executed in this cruel manner. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me. So by ignoring the cruel executions of so many other people, you are ignoring their suffering, which is also my suffering.

What I am trying to help people see here is that my crucifixion was no more or less important than the crucifixion of thousands of other people. What was different about my experience was that I was resurrected after the crucifixion and appeared to my disciples in a resurrected body. This is important because, when understood correctly, it demonstrates that all people can follow a path that leads them to the Christ consciousness. And when they reach that Christ consciousness, they can conquer all of the forces of the material universe, including death itself.

The central message in my life was not the often-repeated claim that I died on the cross for humanity’s sins. The central message was that even though people killed my physical body, they could not kill me because I was greater than the body and could survive the death of the body. This is indeed the message that should be shouted from the housetops and the movie screens.

Every human being has the potential to follow in my footsteps and do the works that I did. And the key to following in my footsteps is to adopt the same approach to religion that I demonstrated throughout my lifetime, and thereby go through the transformation in consciousness that I experienced. This is indeed what should be the central message of Christianity, and as I have said before, I would prefer that all images of the crucified Christ were removed from Christian churches and replaced by images of the resurrected Christ.

So, yes I do see this movie as a potential deterrent to the message I want to get across in this age. If this movie ends up becoming popular with the multitudes, it can indeed reinforce the 2,000 year old momentum of putting undue emphasis on my crucifixion and on my suffering on the cross. I have commented elsewhere on the topic of the vicarious atonement, so let those comments be enough.

When you watch any movie, it is highly advisable that you pay attention to your energy level before and after the movie. If you notice a drop in your energy level, you can be certain that the movie has drained your positive energies. Most movie makers are not aware of what they are doing, yet nevertheless such movies are always influenced by dark forces, who are using the movie to steal people’s positive energy. This is especially true for movies that shock people, either through images of horror, sex or violence.

I think people watching “The Passion” and paying attention to their energy level will notice that they feel drained of energy after having watched the movie. The reason is simple. This movie puts undue attention on my suffering before and during the crucifixion. Quite frankly, I would prefer that no Christian would see the images of a crucified person covered in blood and portrayed to be Jesus Christ.

That simply is not an accurate depiction of the crucifixion. Obviously, there was some blood but not very much. Such images serve only to shock people into misqualifying God’s energy, and that energy is then sucked up by demons, discarnate lifestreams and entities who live off that misqualified energy. Quite frankly, movie theaters are often feeding grounds for such lower beings, especially when those theaters are playing horror movies, pornographic movies and violent movies. I would qualify this movie as a hybrid between a violent movie and a horror movie.

So no, this movie is not an accurate portrayal of the crucifixion. Obviously, my public trial and crucifixion was not a pleasant experience. That is why I was so distraught the evening before that I asked God to take his cup away from me. Nevertheless, when I surrendered myself to God, by stating the words, “Nevertheless, not my will but thine be done,” [Luke 22:42] I attained a state of inner peace, which followed me throughout the experience.

You will note from people who go through extreme circumstances that they often experience a sense of inner peace and that there is very little pain and discomfort. Scientists explain this as caused by chemicals in the brain, and such chemicals do play a role. However, far more important is the state of inner peace of the lifestream. It is indeed this inner peace that helps release the chemicals, and not the chemicals that produce the inner peace. So I was in such a state of peace during the entire experience, and therefore I did not suffer as much as many Christians imagine. I certainly did not suffer as much as portrayed in this movie.

During the so-called dark ages, it was natural that people identified with the suffering of Christ because their lives were very hard, and they experienced much suffering. As I explain throughout my website,  we of the ascended masters are always trying to reach people with a spiritual message that helps them come up higher. To reach people, we must approach them with a message that is adapted to their current state of consciousness. So if people are experiencing much suffering, it might indeed help them open their hearts to a spiritual message when they see that the person who founded a particular religion went through suffering himself.

This then was an acceptable way for people to open their hearts to Christ in the ages when people suffered greatly. Obviously, there are still people in this world who have experienced a life of suffering and who might be helped by identifying with my suffering on the cross. Nevertheless, the main message should still be that by striving for Christ consciousness you will overcome your suffering, change your outer circumstances and bring God’s kingdom to earth. It has never been the message of the ascended masters that people should continue to suffer for an entire lifetime and then experience God’s kingdom after they die. Our purpose is to stop the suffering on earth and to bring God’s kingdom to this world.

I can fully appreciate that there are many people in today’s world who have experienced much suffering, including Mel Gibson himself. This then causes such people to identify with me because I also suffered. Nevertheless, what happens to many people is that the suffering causes emotional wounds in the soul vehicle. So if such people focus on my suffering on the cross, without understanding the message that you can rise above that suffering, their involvement with Christianity does not help their spiritual growth.

Instead, their involvement with Christianity can actually abort their spiritual growth and cause them to feel that they should suffer because I suffered. This is such a twisted and perverted line of reasoning that it almost defies my ability to comprehend. Yet there are lifestreams who have become so wounded that they somehow will not let go of those wounds. They cling to the wounds because those wounds have become part of their sense of identity, and they could not imagine that they could ever be healed from those wounds. Therefore, they somehow turn my suffering on the cross and my death as a result of that suffering into a justification for them not healing their wounds and moving on to a higher level. They might even seek to use my example to manipulate other people into feeling sympathy for them and their suffering.

As I said, the central message of my life is that you do not have to suffer. By following in my footsteps, by letting that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, you can overcome human suffering and attain inner peace. You can even change the outer conditions that cause your wounds. Why do you think I healed the sick and raised the dead, if it was not to show that the Christ consciousness has power over all physical conditions? Why do you think I demonstrated that a person with Christ consciousness can conquer death itself, if it was not to show that all people have the potential to conquer death?

For people who read this, let me make a recommendation. Please do not feel obligated to see this movie just because it is supposedly a movie about Jesus Christ and because you feel that you should know how much I suffered for your sake. You have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to see a movie that spells out suffering that I did not experience and gives an inaccurate portrayal of my crucifixion. I am hereby setting you free from any sense of obligation that you might feel.

I do this because I know that many Christians will feel obligated to see this movie simply because it is about me. Yet, as I tried to explain, the movie is not truly about me. It is about an inaccurate image that has been reinforced by orthodox Christianity for 2,000 years. And the actual images broadcast through this movie did not spring from a true vision, but from the imagination of people who have an unbalanced view of suffering.

I realize that many Christian leaders, including the Vatican, will claim that this movie shows the crucifixion as it really happened. Some of them will do so because they truly believe it. Some of them will do it because they see a political opportunity to turn people’s attention to what they believe is the only right view of Christ, namely their own.

I am saddened by the fact that the Vatican has expressed guarded support for the movie, but I am not surprised. Obviously, as explained elsewhere, the Catholic Church has obscured my true message, and therefore I am not surprised that the Pope himself holds on to a false image of my crucifixion. Nevertheless, I see no reason Catholics should feel obligated to see this movie.

I am not hereby saying that you should not see the movie. I am saying that you should feel free from all obligation to see the movie. You should then listen to the impulses from your Christ self. If you do feel an inner prompting to see the movie, by all means do so.

However, I highly recommend that you use the exercises for spiritual protection before you see this movie. And I highly recommend that you envision a sphere of white light around you during the entire time and that you are very careful not to lapse into negative feelings as a result of this movie.

Watch closely how the movie very gradually builds shock effect upon shock effect until most people are no longer able to hold their peace of mind and are plunged into a state of shock and trauma that makes them wide open to the forces that want to steal their energies.

Use your awareness to avoid becoming a victim of the subtle manipulation in this movie. Avoid falling pray to the temptation to feel sympathy for me (because after all I supposedly did this all for you) so that you are tricked into feeling that you should open yourself to the violent images in the movie. This is a clear attempt to take advantage of the genuine love that some people have for me and the misguided sense of obligation that even more people have. It tricks you into opening your subconscious mind to the underlying message of the movie, and I urge you to pay attention to that message. You will be surprised at the revelations that your Christ self might give you, if you listen with an open mind.

I am not saying Mel Gibson did this consciously. He simply tapped into, and was ensnared by, the age-old momentum of presenting a false image of Christ to prevent people from following my example. As a result, the movie has a very subversive message. It is a false message, and I encourage you to watch out for it and to avoid being ensnared by it.

So if you do want to watch this movie, look at it as an educational experience and listen to your Christ self so that you can learn the particular personal lessons that your Christ self wants you to learn from watching this movie. This will be slightly different for every person.

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