What would Jesus say about the Catholic Church?

TOPICS: The claim that our religion is the only true one springs from duality – any church must grow in order to meet the changing needs of its followers – change should come from within – Catholics must follow the path of Christhood – the masters will help renew the church if people will listen – Catholics must stop being passive – do not base your faith on anything on earth – abandon concept of infallibility – do all doctrines come from God? – How can people believe Jesus would condone violence by the church? – blindness of church leaders – infallibility gives absolute power to the mind of anti-christ – many corruptions and wrongdoings waiting to be exposed – church will lose members at accelerated rate unless it is reformed –

Question: I am not a Catholic, and I have no axes to grind with the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, based on what you are saying, it seems to me that you would like to see the Church change. I would like to give you the opportunity to comment on what kind of changes you would like to see.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me first say something about the relativity of the dualistic mind. One of the main goals of religion has been to make people understand that God has created certain laws that are above and beyond, and therefore completely unaffected by, human beliefs. The law is no respecter of persons. The dualistic mind is not able to accept or understand this concept. The dualistic mind is constantly seeking to come up with relative arguments for why this or that situation is an exception to the laws of God. The dualistic mind can justify or condemn anything, and that is why human beings are quick to find fault with others. People create a double standard and feel that they are right while all others are wrong. That is why I used the parable of the mote in your brother’s eye and the beam in your own eye.

People who belong to a particular religion are quick to see certain faults in the followers of other religions. Yet the relativity of the dualistic mind causes such people to believe that because they belong to the only true church, they are somehow above and beyond the faults they see in others. This applies to both members and leaders of the Catholic Church, and for that matter to members and leaders of every other organized religion.

There is an ongoing process of change on this planet and this process is directed by the ascended masters. We want to see change, or rather growth, on this planet, including in the field of religion. We want to see every church evolve and grow so that it can continue to meet the changing needs of its followers. From our perspective it is obvious that the Catholic Church is no exception to this. Unfortunately, many Catholics, leaders and members alike, are not willing to see or accept the need for change.

If, and that is a big if, the Catholic Church is to be reformed, I would like to see change come from within. What I would like to see happen is that a critical mass of Catholics follow the path of individual Christhood and establish conscious contact with their Christ selves. Once a person has established that contact, members of the ascended masters can use that person to bring forth ideas for renewing the Church. There are already a large number of Catholics, members and leaders (unfortunately, primarily low-ranking leaders) who have started this process. However, much more could be done if these people would become consciously aware of the process and make a determined effort to establish contact with their Christ selves.

The next thing that needs to happen is for Catholics to overcome the tendency to take a passive approach. Too many Catholics are in a passive state of mind and think all they can do is pray for God to save or reform the Church. Everything on earth is subject to the free will of human beings. I simply do not have the authority to step in and change the Catholic Church against the free will of its members and leaders. So it does little for Catholics to pray to me, “Jesus, please save the Church, please reform the Church.”

Instead, Catholics need to change their paradigm and take an active approach. They might pray, “Jesus, please show me how I can help save the Church. Please show me how I can play an active role in reforming the Church.” If people were to do this with sincere hearts and open minds, I can assure you that both I, and many other members of the ascended masters, most notably my beloved Mother Mary, would respond immediately. We would pour out such a blessing of guidance and direction that even an organization as complex and calcified as the Catholic Church could be reformed into a church that could continue to meet the needs of its followers for generations to come.

What I am trying to show you is that we of the ascended masters do not want the Catholic Church to collapse or disappear. This is not because we have some kind of loyalty to the Catholic Church. The Church is, as I said earlier, simply one tool among many that we use to raise the consciousness of humankind. The reason I would like the Catholic Church to be reformed into a modern church is that I have great love for the millions of sincere Catholics who would feel lost without the Church. Many lifestreams are currently disturbed by the challenges facing the Church, such as the sexual abuse by priests. I do not want to see these lifestreams lose their faith in the Catholic Church because that would throw them into a crisis, and they would feel like they are in a vacuum. I would like to avoid having so many Catholics thrown into such a crisis because I know they are ill-prepared to handle it.

My foremost desire is to see a large number of Catholics walk the path of personal Christhood so that they can preserve their faith in God and Christianity no matter what happens to the outer Church. Millions of Catholics are in a vulnerable position of feeling that their faith in God and Jesus Christ depends on the outer Church. Obviously, based on everything I have said on my website, that is a situation I would like to see changed as quickly as possible.

If you are concerned about spiritual growth, you cannot allow your faith in God to be affected by any of the relative conditions found in this world. You cannot allow your faith in God to be based on the shifting sands of the human consciousness. It must be based on the rock of Christ, the rock of the Christ consciousness that can only be attained by going inside yourself.

The most important general change that could happen in the Catholic Church would be that the Church as an organization would make an effort to abandon the concept that the Church has to be infallible. If you look at the history of the Catholic Church, you will see that the claim of infallibility has created numerous problems for the Church and its followers. As one obvious example, take the fact that the medieval Church created doctrines which stated that the earth was the center of the universe. The Church claimed that these doctrines were infallible. When the first scientists discovered evidence that contradicted church doctrine, the Catholic Church had no other option but to try to suppress those findings. Obviously, every modern Catholic realizes that the earth is not the center of the universe. The only logical conclusion is that the so-called infallible doctrines of the medieval Church were not infallible. Most Catholics realize this, but they fail to take the next step.

The Catholic Church makes the claim that a doctrine is infallible because the Church claims that the doctrine came directly from God. If it came from God, then it should be correct. Medieval Catholics did not know that the earth was not the center of the universe, but surely God did. So the only logical conclusion is that the church doctrine about the earth being the center could not have come from God. Most Catholics fail to accept the logical conclusion. If it is proven that at least one doctrine was not infallible, and therefore could not have come from God, then how many other church doctrines did not come from God?

There are many reasons why Catholics do not want to think about these things. One is the fear of losing their faith in the Church and being left in a vacuum. Nevertheless, if the Church is to be reformed, it is absolutely necessary that Catholics make a sincere effort to take a look at the history of the Church and determine when the Church went astray from the true teachings of Christ and instead became engulfed in human power plays that sprang from the relativity of the lower mind.

I think it should be obvious to anyone that some of the atrocities perpetrated by the Catholic Church, be it the Crusades, the Inquisition, the massacre of the Cathars or the violent split over the issue of Christ’s divinity, simply could not have come from God and could not be approved by God. I completely fail to understand how people can claim to be followers of Jesus Christ and at the same time believe that the teacher who gave the sermon on the mount could condone the use of violence by the Catholic Church. How is it possible that human beings can fail to see that I, Jesus Christ, never wanted to create a Christian church that oppressed people in the same way that the Jewish religion oppressed people.

Don’t people see that I was in constant opposition to the leaders of the Jewish religion? Don’t they understand that I denounced those leaders because they had set themselves up as the only link between the people and their God? Don’t they understand that the essence of my message was that you do not need any outer, or human, authority in order to reach God? You can reach God directly in your heart by doing what Paul said: “Let that mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”

How can anyone fail to see this? How can anyone fail to accept the only possible conclusion, namely that the Catholic Church has not always been in alignment with the true teachings and the true intent of Jesus Christ. When you see that the Catholic Church is out of alignment with the true intent of Christ, isn’t it obvious that people need to make a sincere effort to bring the Church back in alignment with the teachings of Christ?

Unfortunately, this is obvious only to a person who has reached some measure of personal Christhood. It is not obvious to a person who is still trapped in the relativity of the dualistic mind. As long as people remain trapped in the dualistic mind, they will refuse to see any evidence that speaks against their chosen beliefs.

I hope you can sense that I am very passionate about these things. I feel a strong passion for helping people see beyond the dualistic mind and see what needs to happen, not only to the Catholic Church but to every religion on earth.

Nevertheless, I am also at peace in my acceptance of the Law of Free Will. I accept that Catholics have the right to do whatever they want with their church. However, if they do decide to do whatever they please with the Church, I would much prefer that they would stop claiming that it is the only true Church of Jesus Christ. If the Church is influenced by the relativity of the dualistic mind instead of the rock of the Christ mind, then it simply cannot be the Church of Jesus Christ.

So I accept that Catholics have a right to do whatever they want with their church. However, I will not fail to warn them of what will happen if they continue down the path that the Church has been following for over 1,500 years.

The problem with the concept of infallibility is that it gives absolute power to the relativity of the dualistic mind. When you have a set of church leaders who are influenced by the relativity of the dualistic mind, and yet those leaders claim (and their followers believe) that they are bringing forth the infallible word of God, you have suddenly put the relativity of the dualistic mind in a position of absolute power. This leads to a suppression of the truth and a denial of error. This leads to a tension that will continue to build and has now been building in the Catholic Church for 1,500 years.

What you have seen in recent years in terms of an exposure of the sexual abuse by Catholic priest is only the tip of the iceberg of what is waiting to be exposed in terms of corruption and wrongdoings within the Catholic Church. I can assure you that there is a mountain of wrongdoings waiting to be exposed. So far, Church authorities have managed to keep the lid on these wrongdoings, but their time is quickly running out.

Spiritual cycles have changed, and it is no longer possible for the Catholic Church to hide behind its claim of infallibility. In the coming years and decades, there will continue to be the exposure of corruption and wrongdoings within the Catholic Church. If the Church resists this and refuses to openly admit its errors and reform itself, it will lose members at an accelerated rate until it literally becomes an insignificant church.

If the Church is willing to openly admit the errors of the past and make sincere efforts to correct those errors, the Church could indeed be transformed without losing or destroying the faith of its members. The key issue is that the Church must abandon the concept of infallibility.
In the book, The Christ Is Born in You, I have attempted to make the point that you will never find an infallible doctrine on planet earth. It is not possible to bring forth, in this relative world, an infallible or absolute description of God. All descriptions of God are incomplete, and they will naturally be expanded as people raise their consciousness. The claim to infallibility is unnecessary and counterproductive. It never served the cause of Christ, and it never served the true cause of the Catholic Church.

In the past, it has served to bring the Catholic Church into a position of power, but that is not in the interest of Christ and it is not in the true interest of the Church itself. We have now reached the point of no return, and the Catholic Church cannot keep hiding behind its power. If it will not openly and willingly change, it will simply collapse under its own weight, the weight of 1,500 years of the misuse of power.

I realize this is a very stern message. I realize that many Catholics do not want to hear this message. Let those who have ears, hear my words.


 Copyright © Kim Michaels, 2003