Is Jesus a gentle and loving teacher or a direct teacher?

TOPICS: No historical basis for seeing Jesus as a gentle teacher – Jesus challenged everyone, even his own disciples – a group of false teachers have attempted to spread a false image of Jesus – a Jesus that never challenges the human ego is not the real Jesus – Jesus has a distinct personality – as a seeker, you must learn to look beyond appearances – seeing through the Christian image of a hellfire Jesus – the true Jesus is on the Middle Way – Jesus is beyond conditional love – Jesus loves all people unconditionally, which means he wants them to transcend their limitations – thus, Jesus will challenge our limitations –

Question: I have friends who say that the Jesus on your website is not the true Jesus. They say that Jesus Christ is the living symbol of unconditional love and immeasurable forgiveness. He is the One who always compassionately understands every human condition and accepts us all without conditions. Do you have any comment on that?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

In another answer, I talked about two different kinds of teachers, namely the direct type and the gentle type. I am fully aware that there is a widespread perception in the New Age and progressive Christian community that the ascended Jesus Christ, the real Jesus Christ, is a very gentle and loving teacher. Yet how did this perception come into being and how come so many sincere and open-minded spiritual seekers have come to believe in it?

If you take an unbiased look at the New Testament, even the Gospel of Thomas, you will see that there is no historical basis for seeing me as a gentle teacher. I was constantly challenging the scribes and Pharisees and often did so in a very direct – some will say harsh and judgmental – manner:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)

I also challenged my own disciples and exposed their illusions. I challenged the general Jewish attitude that they were God’s chosen people by reaching out to everyone the Jews considered outcasts. By telling people to turn the other cheek, I challenged the way just about every human being interacts with his or her fellow men. So based on the scriptures, one would have to say that the historical Jesus was a very direct teacher. The entire purpose of my mission was to challenge people’s illusions, and I did so with no restrictions whatsoever.

How come so many progressive spiritual seekers do not see this? Part of the reason is that they generally reject the official scriptures and say they were tainted by people’s mindset at the time. Thus, they use this as a justification for saying the scriptures paint an incorrect image of the real Jesus. Incidentally, it is correct, as I state throughout my website, LINK that the scriptures were affected by the mindset of the people who brought forth and received the scriptures—a fact I wish all Christians would acknowledge. However, it is not correct that the scriptures paint an entirely false image of me. I was truly a very direct teacher.

There are those who will say that even if I was a very direct teacher back then, I have now become entirely loving. They will base this partly on a number of false channelings, such as the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, a number of channelings by Sananda and by other beings who claim to be me. They will also base their image of a gentle Jesus on an unbalanced interpretation of certain otherwise valid teachings, such as A Course in Miracles.

The reality here is that – as a deliberate attempt to destroy the possibility that my true teachings can be resurrected in this age, as is the real purpose for my website – a group of false teachers (in and out of embodiment) have put forth a massive effort to create a false image of Jesus as a gentle teacher who is so loving that he tolerates every kind of human behavior. Many people have fallen for this because it allows their egos to justify that these people continue in their ways, thus justifying any kind of lifestyle or beliefs by the new, loving Jesus. This is true both in the New Age movement and in the potentially more progressive Christian movements.

In reality, this image of a loving and kind Jesus portrays me as having no personality or individuality. It essentially describes a non-person. Any spiritual teacher and even a messenger is allowed to express his or her true, spiritual identity – not to be confused with the human, ego-based identity – through his or her work. The reason is that as a spiritual seeker you must always be willing to look behind outer appearances – including the personality of the teacher – in order to reach for the Spirit of Truth. In fact, many genuine spiritual teachers deliberately portray a certain personality, even human flaws, as a way to quickly sort out the students who are not teachable because they are still focused on appearances.

However, how come even many mature and progressive spiritual seekers have accepted this false Jesus? The reason is that these people have risen above the black-and-white thinking. Thus, they clearly see that mainstream Christianity is still stuck in black-and-white thinking. These people see that Christianity has created a false Jesus, namely a black-and-white Jesus. The hellfire and brimstone preachers have portrayed me as one of their kind, as a judge who will send people to hell unless they blindly follow the dictates of the fundamentalist preachers.

What many spiritual seekers do not see is that the black-and-white image of Jesus represents one dualistic extreme. And the gentle and loving Jesus represents the opposite dualistic extreme. As I explain in the ego discourses, many of the more mature spiritual seekers have escaped the black-and-white extreme only to jump straight into the gray extreme. So where is the true Jesus to be found?

I am to be found only by following what the Buddha called the Middle Way, which is also the way I taught to my disciples. This is not a compromise between the two dualistic extremes, for it requires you to raise your consciousness and transcend both extremes. The ego thinks truth must be found in either one dualistic extreme, in the other extreme or somewhere in between. The Christ is above all dualistic viewpoints.

Every ascended being has risen above the human, dualistic state of consciousness, including human love. Human love is conditional and possessive. “In order to be worthy to receive my love, you have to live up to this and that condition.” Clearly, mainstream Christianity has portrayed me as a being with this kind of conditional love, with the conditions defined by the leaders of the Christian churches. This is a fallacy, but it is equally incorrect to jump to the opposite extreme, which says that unconditional love means that any human trait is acceptable.

In reality, I love every human being on earth, and I love every human being with a love that is completely without conditions. This means that there is absolutely nothing you could do to lose my love for you. No matter what mistakes you might have made or what beliefs, attitudes or actions you display, you are still worthy of my love. I love you regardless of who you see yourself as being right now.

However – and here comes the one thing that people in gray thinking fail to understand – the fact that I love YOU unconditionally does not mean that I love your imperfect beliefs, self-destructive attitudes and karma-making actions. In other words, I love the real you, your conscious self and true individuality. I do not love your ego and the human sense of identity that traps you below your highest potential. In other words, I love your container of self, but I do not necessarily love all the contents you have chosen to put into that container.

Precisely because my love for you is unconditional, I will not accept any conditions that keep you from being and expressing your highest potential and true individuality. Thus, I will constantly do everything in my power to help you rise above such limitations. And if you have developed an emotional attachment to some of your current beliefs, I will – if I think it constructive – be very direct in challenging those beliefs. In fact, because my love for you is unconditional, I am willing to run the risk that you will allow your ego to trick you into rejecting my attempts to free you, possibly even rejecting me and my directness, instead preferring the loving Jesus who does not challenge your ego. The fact is that accepting you without conditions is not the same as accepting you without discernment.

I could go on at great length, continuing to expound on this point, but I think that for those who are ready to come up higher, the point has been made and a word to the wise will be sufficient. Thus, the real question is: “Will you BE with me – the real Jesus Christ – or will you NOT be with me?”


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