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TOPICS: Ascended masters seek to raise people’s consciousness in many ways – the message is given through the messenger’s consciousness – people can be inspired without knowing the masters – inspired more by Kuthumi than Jesus – limited by messenger’s unbelief in dark forces –

Question: Did you dictate the book, A Course in Miracles?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

While this might seem like a yes or no question, it is actually a rather complex question. A short answer, therefore, would be yes and no.

As I explain throughout this website, there is a spiritual realm above and beyond the material universe. In this spiritual realm are a large number of spiritual beings who serve as the spiritual teachers for humankind. We have been called by many different names, but on this website I use the name the ascended masters.

The role of the ascended masters is to raise the consciousness of our unascended brothers and sisters until they reach a higher state of consciousness, which I call the Christ consciousness. Beyond that, our goal is to anchor this consciousness in the material universe and thereby raise the vibration of the material realm until it becomes spiritualized.

Throughout history, various members of the ascended masters have inspired a large number of spiritual teachings. We have given these teachings through various means, but in the vast majority of cases they have been given through the consciousness of a particular individual who was able to raise his or her consciousness to make contact with us.

When we release a spiritual teaching through a person’s consciousness, it is inevitable that the teaching will be affected by the person’s consciousness. Depending on the person, this might cause the spiritual teaching to merely be individualized, or it might cause the teaching to be distorted to various degrees.

Let me answer your question in two separate parts. The first part of your question is “Did I, Jesus, release the teachings found in A Course in Miracles?” The reality of the situation is that when an ascended being approaches an unascended being, the ascended being has to work through the filter of the person’s consciousness. It has happened many times throughout history that a person has made contact with an ascended being without knowing it or without knowing who the ascended being was. It has also happened that a person has made contact with one ascended being but projected the image of another ascended being upon the contact.

There are a number of lifestreams who have reached the inner spiritual attainment that allows them to serve as instruments or messengers for the ascended masters to various degrees. These lifestreams have often developed a close relationship with a particular ascended being. However, when a lifestream takes embodiment, it will usually forget its attainment and its inner contact with the ascended masters. For example, if a lifestream grows up in a Christian culture, it is possible that the lifestream will project the image of Jesus upon any ascended being with whom the lifestream attains contact.

In the case of A Course in Miracles, Helen did grow up in a Christian culture. Although she did not consider herself a true believer, she was still affected by this Christian culture. That is why the Course contains some Christian terminology and concepts. These were concepts with which she was familiar, and that is why they are used in the Course. Another aspect of this is that the Course was directed towards people like her, people who grew up in a Christian culture but could not hold on to their Christian faith because of the onslaught of modern society, especially science.

So when Helen’s lifestream became aware that an ascended being wanted to bring forth teachings through her, her conscious mind projected the image of Jesus unto that ascended being. In reality, I was not the primary source for A Course in Miracles. I did have a small role in the Course, but the primary source for these teachings were two other ascended beings who for lifetimes had worked closely with Helen’s lifestream. One of them was the master Kuthumi, whom many people cannot easily distinguish from myself.

In this particular case, Helen’s conscious mind projected the image of Jesus unto the contact and firmly believed that the teachings came exclusively from me. Although we had no desire to deceive her, we could not have changed her impression without violating the Law of Free Will. Therefore, we allowed her to maintain this belief. And, in retrospect, it did did not have a detrimental effect on the purpose of the Course.

Now to the second part of your question. Did I, or rather we, “dictate” the course? The answer to this depends on how you define the word “dictate.” As explained elsewhere, we of the ascended masters have the utmost respect for people’s free will, and therefore we do not take over someone’s mind. You will see that when Helen took down the Course, she was not in a trance and she did not use automatic writing.

Therefore, the words of the Course are not the direct words of an ascended being as that being would have spoken them here in the spiritual realm (we actually don’t speak in words, but in thoughts). The words were brought forth through a process whereby an ascended being projects concepts and images into the person’s mind. Yet before those concepts and images can be articulated, they must pass through the person’s higher mind, the Christ self and the layers of the subconscious mind. In the process of doing so, the concepts will be affected by the person’s beliefs, the person’s knowledge and the person’s use of words. One might say that the person’s Christ self will individualize the concepts and the subconscious mind might distort them to some degree.

The Course was not brought forth as if Helen had a telephone connection to the spiritual realm, directly heard the words spoken by an ascended being and wrote down those words verbatim. So the words were filtered through the consciousness of the messenger and therefore affected by the mind of the messenger.

Please don’t interpret this to mean that the Course is not a valid spiritual teaching. It is indeed valid, but as I explained elsewhere, it is not unaffected by the consciousness of the messenger. In this particular case, Helen did not fully embrace or accept the process, and this imposed certain limitations on the material.

Another limitation on the material was that Helen, in large part due to her scientific upbringing, did not accept the existence of lower or dark forces. As explained in my teachings on channeling, such forces do exist and they will attempt to interfere with any attempt to bring forth true spiritual teachings. If a person serves as a messenger and is unaware of such forces, the person does not know how to protect himself from these forces. Therefore, there is a risk that these forces can influence the process and insert a few concepts that are inaccurate or incomplete. As a result, there are certain concepts in the Course that are not accurate and that did not originate from the ascended masters.

This does not mean that the entire Course is invalid. Is only means, as stated in my previous comments, that students of the Course must use their inner discernment and that it would be good to study other spiritual teachings in addition to the Course. However, this is true of any spiritual teaching. If you maintain the attitude that you are a seeker of truth instead of a follower of doctrine, then you will not turn the Course into a doctrine, and therefore you will not begin to believe that the Course is infallible.

Let me state clearly that no messenger is completely accurate. Transferring spiritual knowledge through the mind of an unascended person is a complex process. As with radio transmissions, there will be a certain amount of noise or interference. How much will depend on the level of consciousness reached by the messenger and by the protection invoked by the messenger.


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