The Aquarian Gospel

TOPICS: False teachings contain some truth – also some error that distorts the teaching in subtle ways – Jesus travelled to the East – suffering is not the key to spiritual growth – dark forces create suffering, allows power elite to exploit population – suffering not part of God’s plan – God wants people to have the abundant life – cannot separate truth from error with the logical mind – Jesus did not suffer as others 

Question: Jesus, what can you tell us about the book, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ by Levi?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The book by Levi does not give an accurate account of my life and true teachings. The book was not inspired by the ascended masters but by lower forces. That does not mean that it doesn’t contain truth, because every false teaching on this planet contains some amount of truth. The dark forces know that they cannot fool anyone with a teaching that is completely in error. So they take the truth and they mix in a little bit of error.

This is a pattern you will see in every religion on this planet, and Christianity is the best example of all. What church leaders have done is that they have taken my true teaching, and they have distorted it very gradually and in very subtle ways, so that it has become the way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. And that is why you find so many Christians, and so many members of other religions, who are completely convinced that what they are doing is right and that their gospel is the only truth and the absolute truth.

You cannot reason with these people because they will not see that there is a little bit of error mixed in with a lot of truth in their teachings. And that is why they will not admit that the path they are on does not lead them to heaven.

There are several books on my lost years, and they all give parts of the story. It would take too long for now to give the complete story, because it truly would take a very long book to describe everything that occurred to me in those missing years. But I did travel far and wide, especially to the East, in preparation for my mission, even though I did not know exactly where I was going and what was going to happen.

I truly followed the path, that the true initiates have followed since the beginning of time, of taking one step at a time without knowing where the journey would end. This is true faith—that you are willing to let God lead you even though you have no guarantee of what will happen tomorrow.

Kim: As an example, would you comment on the following excerpt from the book:
Jesus suffered as other men suffer, and was made perfect through suffering; for this is the only way to perfection. His life was an example of attainment by the way of crosses and cruel treatment. 

Jesus: I would like to know why you selected that particular quote?

Kim: It stood out in my mind as not having the vibration of truth. And from a logical viewpoint, I really don’t see suffering as being the key to your spiritual attainment.

Jesus: Well, it is an excellent selection for showing the mixture of truth and error that fools many people. The context of the quote is that instead of me being presented as some unreachable idol, as God in embodiment, I am being portrayed as a human being who, by following the spiritual path, attained the perfection of Christ. This is the truth, as I explain throughout my website. So by stating this truth, that many people sense intuitively, people’s minds are being opened to what follows, namely the idea that I was perfected through suffering.

You are right that suffering is not the key to the attainment of Christ consciousness. It is non-attachment to both earthly pain and earthly pleasure that is the key to Christ consciousness.

Even though this book goes far beyond Catholic doctrine, the forces behind this book are still promoting the Catholic idea of the Via Dolorosa, the way of suffering. This is an insidious lie promoted by the dark forces over the centuries. Most of the suffering on earth is created by these dark forces and the people who serve as their tools in embodiment. To say that a condition created by the forces of anti-christ is the key to Christhood is simply a misunderstanding. Unless, of course, you want to turn things around and say that the key to Christhood is to transcend any condition on earth, and thus any condition can serve as a springboard for this transcendence.

The focus on suffering has led many people astray from the true path to Christhood, which is the path of love and a joy that is beyond any earthly pleasure. The glorification of suffering has prevented the progress of human society by making it seem like suffering was not only inevitable but even beneficial from a spiritual standpoint. This has allowed a small elite to continue to exploit the general population instead of bringing a more just society with equal opportunities for all.

The idea that suffering leads to spiritual growth is an insidious lie. Millions of people have suffered greatly without making any spiritual progress whatsoever. On the contrary, they have sunk deeper and deeper into discouragement, a sense of being abandoned by God or anger against an unjust God—feelings that oppose spiritual progress.

God never wanted his sons and daughters to suffer any of the conditions you currently see on this planet. Suffering was not part of God’s original plan, and I can assure you that it is completely unnecessary for people to experience the human suffering you see on earth today. There is absolutely no need for people to go through human suffering in order to grow spiritually and attain Christ consciousness. Did I not say that I am come that all might have life and that they might have it more abundantly? I did not come to give people more suffering but to show them a way out of suffering.

God does not want people to suffer. God wants people to experience the abundant life, and the original design of planet earth did indeed produce the abundant life. It was only after the Fall of Man, engineered by dark forces as explained by Mother Mary, that suffering entered life on earth. Ever since then, the dark forces have promoted and sought to justify human suffering because it is one of the most efficient means for them to steal people’s spiritual energies. When people suffer, it is inevitable that they engage in negative feelings that cause them to misqualify the pure light of God that streams from their I AM Presence. It is this misqualified energy that the dark forces can steal, and they use it to survive and to increase their power over human beings.

Therefore, the dark forces have a vested interest, a life-and-death interest, in promoting an expanding human suffering. If they can make spiritual people think that suffering is necessary or beneficial, they can actually cause the most enlightened spiritual people on the planet to give them their light, while thinking that they are making spiritual progress because they are experiencing suffering.

This is truly a false teaching that is cleverly disguised by some true teachings that open people’s minds to the lie. That is why I would not recommend that anyone read this book unless they have reached a sophisticated level of Christ discernment that allows them to know the difference between truth and error by vibration only. You see, many of the statements made in the Aquarian Gospel are so clever that it is very difficult to separate truth from error by using the logical mind. The separation can be done only by using the intuitive faculties of the Christ mind, and that is why books like these can be dangerous for people who have not learned to distinguish truth by vibration.

Let me also say that I did not suffer as other men. Before I started my mission, I had attained a high level of Christ consciousness, and I was fully aware that everything I went through had a clear spiritual purpose. Furthermore, I knew I had chosen my mission. Therefore, I did not feel stuck in circumstances beyond my control as most people on earth do. It is this sense of being stuck that causes the most intense suffering, and because I never had that feeling, I did not suffer as other people would have suffered if they had experienced similar circumstances.

This does not mean that I did not experience physical pain, emotional pain and even the occasional frustration. Yet it never went as deep as it would have done for people who had not attained the Christ consciousness. So this is just another example of how one small, and seemingly innocent, remark can contain and disguise a rather significant error. To the outer mind, the remark that I suffered as other men seems quite reasonable, yet in reality it gives a false impression of what Christ consciousness is all about.


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