Having more than one wife

TOPICS: Obey the laws of your country – in certain social conditions, plural wives can be necessity, but not ideal – women should not be exposed to sexual exploitation – more than one wife cannot fulfill highest purpose for marriage –

Question: Is it a sin to share one’s life with two women, I mean marry two women. In the old testament Abraham had two wives and also I believe other patriarchs had more than one wife.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

That depends first of all on where you live. In most countries, polygamy is illegal. If plural marriage is illegal in your country, then it is a sin, because in general it is a sin to disobey the laws of your land. Even if the laws are unjust, it is better to use legal means to work to change the laws than to disobey them. Obviously, there can be exceptions in extremely totalitarian countries, but remember my statement to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.

It is correct that in the Old Testament period it was common for men to have multiple wives. This was partly due to the social conditions of the time that made it extremely difficult for a woman to make a living on her own. Therefore, a woman was dependent upon a husband for her survival. You also had a culture with much warring, meaning that many men were killed in battle. As a result, there was often a shortage of men, meaning that many women could not find a husband. As a result of this, it can be practical for a culture to allow plural marriage so that one man can provide for several wives.

However, these conditions are obviously not ideal, and it is not what God wants to see happen in the long term. Therefore, it is in accordance with God’s law that civilized and affluent nations make it illegal for a man to have more than one wife. Consequently, I support the fact that most western nations do not allow plural marriage.

Let me also say that the cultures of the Old Testament were obviously male-dominated cultures. Women were considered less worthy than men, and they were often considered to be a mere commodity for man’s sexual pleasure. This led to the development of plural marriage, so that a man could act out his sexual desires.

As I explained elsewhere, part of my mission was to reestablish the rightful role of women. This includes making it possible for a woman to make a living and make it possible for her to live without being the object of sexual exploitation from men. Once again, this points to the abandonment of plural marriage, as soon as a culture rises to a higher level of affluence and a higher level of civilization.

As I explained elsewhere, there is a good reason for a person to have sex with only one partner. It might be pleasurable for a man to have more than one wife, but it cannot lead to the ultimate union that is the highest spiritual potential for marriage. Therefore, I would say that even if a country makes it legal to have more than one wife, it is extremely easy for a man to commit a sin by having more than one wife. In other words, if you treat wives as the objects for sexual exploitation, you will be sinning, even if you have legally married more than one wife.

In a country where plural marriage is legal, it is possible for a man to have more than one wife and not sin. This can be done if you truly love both women and treat them with the utmost respect. Yet this would require a very high degree of spiritual development and discipline on the part of both husband and wives, so that harmony could be maintained. And quite frankly, most of the people who have that kind of spiritual attainment and discipline would not choose to engage in plural marriage.


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