How dark forces use sex outside of marriage to steal your energy

TOPICS: Breaking your vow – making karma – having sex is an energy exchange – pleasure overrides intuitive faculties – the danger of sex with multiple partners – destroying the spiritual potential of your marriage – how sex opens your energy field to outside energy – manipulation by dark forces – dark forces artificially stimulate the desire for sex – desires that can be satisfied and those that can’t – desires like a black hole – dark forces steal your energy – make a firm decision to be faithful – call for spiritual protection of your marriage 

Question: Beloved Master and Brother, What are the consequences of sex practiced outside marriage?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explain elsewhere, marriage is a sacred vow that people make before God, and therefore it should be taken seriously. When you marry someone, you vow to be faithful to that person and to that person only—or at least that is what your vow should mean. If you have sex outside of marriage, you are obviously breaking that vow and therefore you are making karma in the process.

As explained in my other answer, most people do not have a clear understanding of the spiritual aspects of life. This includes an understanding of what actually happens on an energy level when you have sexual intercourse. As I explain throughout this website, everything you do is done with energy, so every aspect of life needs to be understood in terms of an exchange of energy. Everyone knows that when you have sex, there is a potential for transmitting certain diseases. However, there is an even greater potential for transmitting certain energies.

When people have sex, the energy fields of the two people become very tightly intermeshed. During an orgasm, light is released from the energy centers in your energy field, especially from the lower energy center, which is often called the base chakra. This feels pleasurable because the chakras are designed to transmit energy. The sense of pleasure often dulls the intuitive faculties, and this prevents people from realizing that the meshing of energy fields opens them to receiving energy from their partners or even from outside sources. The sense of pleasure can make you blind to the potential dangers or make you unwilling to acknowledge such dangers.

Everyone knows that if you have sex with only one partner, you are not as likely to get a sexually transmitted disease as when you have sex with multiple partners. This is parallel to what happens on an energy level. If you have sex with more than one partner, the risk of receiving impure energy increases. Obviously, if two people are faithful to each other, the risk of sexually transmitted disease is minimal, and the same is true for impure energies. In a faithful marriage, it is possible for the partners to build a wall of protective energy around themselves. This makes it possible for a married couple to have sex without being vulnerable to impure energies from outside sources.

However, if you break that vow, you are likely to bring impure energies into the marriage, and this will break down the protection of your marriage. It can also transfer such energies to your spouse. If your spouse believes you are faithful, he or she will not be on guard and will therefore subconsciously be open to receiving such energies. This will violate your spouse’s free will, and in doing so you make karma. Furthermore, your spouse will subconsciously sense that something is not right, and this can have many subtle ramifications in terms of breaking down the trust that is the basis for any successful relationship.

As I explain in my other answer, a marriage has the potential to produce a high spiritual union between husband and wife. Yet if you break the trust through an extramarital affair and the introduction of “foreign” energies, you destroy that potential. It simply isn’t possible to have the ultimate union with two partners, and therefore you are likely to have such union with none of them.

It is wise to recognize that you live in a world where there is much impure energy in the surroundings. You might envision that your energy field is like a sphere of light that protects you from impure energies. Yet if there is an opening in your field, the energies in your surroundings can flow into the field. Many activities can open your energy field, and one of them is having sex. It should be obvious that the meshing of energy fields during sex can potentially open you to receiving outside energies. The effect of this is in direct proportion to the attitude and feelings you have while having sex.

It is virtually impossible to have sex outside of marriage without having some – perhaps subconscious and unrecognized – impure feelings. You know you are breaking your marriage vow, and this will open your energy field to impure energies. This can be made worse if you have sex to satisfy a purely physical desire or because you have negative feelings toward your spouse and blame him or her for not meeting your needs. The simple fact is that sex outside of marriage will always make you vulnerable to impure energies. Virtually anyone realizes – at inner levels – that breaking your marriage vow is wrong. So to break the vow, you have to silence your Christ self, and this neutralizes the protection that your Christ self normally gives you.

Obviously, this makes you vulnerable to the manipulation of dark forces. Such forces seek to steal your positive energy, and they seek to insert negative energy into your energy field in order to manipulate you further. It is a simple fact that most people would not break their marriage vows unless they were being manipulated by dark forces.

As explained in my discourse on the levels of the universe, dark forces especially work on people’s emotional bodies. The emotions are very fluid, and therefore it is easy to manipulate the emotional body. Obviously, there is a deep connection between the emotional body and the desire for sex. I can assure you that the dark forces on this planet use many means to artificially stimulate the desire for sex. This is done openly and blatantly in many forms of advertising, but also from many other sources. The idea is to manipulate people into desiring sex and feeling that they never get enough sex. The dark forces first seek to manipulate people’s mental bodies with the belief that they are entitled to have sex and that having sex has no negative consequences. When people believe this, it is easy to direct sexual energies into their emotional bodies and create an insatiable desire for sex.

As I explain throughout this website, most people have descended into a lower state of consciousness in which everything seems relative. This has given rise to a set of dualistic desires that are different in nature from the true desires of the lifestream. In other words, a lifestream can have a legitimate desire to experience the activities of this world, including sex. However, the desires of the lifestream are finite and can therefore be satisfied fully. In other words, being married and having sex with one spouse can fully satisfy the lifestream’s desire for sex.

Obviously, this is not what the dark forces want to see happen. They don’t want you to be satisfied in your marriage because that would prevent them from manipulating you. So they want to induce into your emotional body the dualistic desires that can never be satisfied. These desires are literally like a bottomless pit that can never be filled. You might picture a dualistic desire as a maelstrom in your emotionally body that sucks everything into it. Yet no matter how much energy you put into the maelstrom, it will never be filled. In other words, once you allow such a dualistic desire for sex to build up in your energy field, you will never feel that your desire for sex is fully satisfied. No matter how much sex you have, you will always feel you need more. Many people have spent their lives and their life energy in a never-ending pursuit of the ultimate sexual experience.

This, of course, is exactly what the dark forces want because they can now continue to manipulate you and milk your energy. So what I am telling you is that you are constantly being bombarded with stimuli designed to create this maelstrom of sexual desires in your emotional body. You have heard the saying that sex sells, and sex is being skillfully and ruthlessly used by the advertising industry to sell various products. However, behind that outer manifestation is the more subtle reality of the dark forces using the insatiable desire for sex to manipulate people.

It is this insatiable desire for sex, an artificial desire that is created through manipulation, that makes many people feel like their sexual needs are not being met by their marriage partners. This then gives them a desire for sex outside of marriage. As I have tried to explain, if you give in to this desire, you will open yourself to the manipulation of dark forces, and they will simply keep milking you of your energies until you either have nothing left or decide that enough is enough.

What is the best protection against this form of exploitation? It is to make the firm decision that when you married your spouse, you made a sacred vow to remain faithful to him or her. If your decision is firm, it will be very difficult for dark forces to gain an inroad into your consciousness. This will establish a ring of spiritual protection around your marriage that will make it far more difficult for the dark forces to manipulate you and your spouse. Obviously, this will greatly increase the possibility of a happy marriage.

I am not saying that the decision to be faithful in itself would give you a total protection from dark forces, but it is a very important step in terms of establishing that protection. On top of that, you should use various techniques for spiritual protection, such as the ones given on the toolbox website. Mother Mary’s rosaries will also serve to protect your marriage. In the world of today, it is wise to assume that every aspect of your life is under attack by dark forces, including your marriage. Therefore, it is extremely prudent to call for the protection of yourself and your spouse and the sacred union of your marriage.

Obviously, having sex outside marriage will break any spiritual protection you invoke. Therefore, I strongly encourage people to remain faithful to their marriage vows. It would be unfortunate to destroy a marriage because of an artificial, dualistic desire for sex. Defend your right to have a sacred relationship with your spouse without being attacked by outside forces of temptation. Use spiritual means to avoid having your life ruled by sexual desires, as I explained elsewhere.


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