Women in Jesus’ ministry

TOPICS: No conflict between masculine and feminine aspects of God – women did not cause the fall – women are not lower than men – Jesus goal was to restore equality between men and women –

Question: Hello I have a question for you. What was the role of women in your ministry? Were any women at the Last Supper? And if so… who?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As Mother Mary explains throughout her discourses, God has two aspects, namely the masculine and the feminine. In reality, there is no conflict between these two aspects of God, and it is meaningless to say that one is more important than the other. Likewise, it is meaningless to say that men are more important than women. Men and women are simply outpicturing different aspects of the nature of God, and there should be no conflict between them. In the spiritual realm, there is no conflict between masculine and feminine ascended masters.

The conflict between the sexes is truly a consequence of the fact that human beings have fallen into a lower state of consciousness. The reality of this fall was that every lifestream has both masculine and feminine aspects, because each lifestream is an outpicturing of the totality of God. Some lifestreams are slightly more masculine, but they still have a feminine side. It was the feminine side of every lifestream that caused that lifestream – masculine or feminine – to fall.

The feminine side of the lifestream is more closely in tune with the matter universe, and therefore it was the feminine side of the lifestream that became attached to what the lifestream had created – including its sense of identity – in the matter world. It was this attachment that gradually led the lifestream to lose contact with its I AM Presence. After the Fall, many of the predominantly masculine lifestreams refused to take responsibility for their own fall. In their eagerness to avoid accountability, they fell prey to a serpentine lie, and this led to the creation of the entire culture which blames the Fall on women and claims that women should be subservient to men.

It is not true that women should be subservient to men. However, it is true that the feminine aspect of every lifestream should be subservient to the masculine aspect, including the Christ self and I AM Presence, of that lifestream.

One of the goals for my ministry was to reestablish the correct understanding of what I have just explained. It was my intention to counteract the male-dominated culture found 2,000 years ago and to create a new spiritual movement that would give equal value and equal importance to both men and women. I have already explained this in some detail elsewhere. I also explained that my male disciples were not able to accept this aspect of my mission, and therefore Christianity has to this day perpetuated the male-dominated culture that never did come from God.

My mother, Mary Magdalene, Martha, and several other women not mentioned in the scriptures, were present at the last supper. They too drank of the cup and ate of the bread, because they truly were as worthy to absorb my body and blood as were my male disciples. Again, because of the male-dominated culture, this fact was conveniently omitted from the scriptures. Yet it is an eternal fact that women have the same potential to manifest Christhood as men.

It is also a – hopefully temporary – fact that in this day and age, women are generally more open to the path of personal Christhood than men. Women are generally far more willing to change themselves than men, and that is why you see so many women in spiritual movements. I hope we can soon attain true oneness between men and women in every way.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels