You are not a sexual being but a spiritual being

TOPICS: Without masculine/feminine polarity, energy will be misqualified – masturbation always self-centered desire – avoid the downward slide of self-gratification – the lie of stress-relief – masturbation leads to sex addiction – you can survive without sex – committed relationship is only responsible way to fulfill sexual desire – firm decision is protection against temptation – the natural flow of energy – the stress of energy building in a chakra – avoid sexual stimulation – call for spiritual protection of your base chakra – taking command over the energy flow in your chakras – you are not a sexual being but a spiritual being –

Question: Dear Jesus, since I know no topic is a “no no” and you are willing to answer any questions upon any topic… I thought I’d ask since some people say masturbation is a sin (because it’s a form of lusts, what you said is adultery) while others say… that it’s healthy and relieves stress…. I would be grateful if you could answer me that from your view point as a spiritual teacher, is masturbation helpful to a lifestream’s growth or even necessary? If masturbation isn’t beneficial to the lifestream, then how do you get rid of the stress? I would be glad if you could please comment on this very opinionated topic.

Question 2: Could you help us with the following: I have not settled an aspect of sexuality, i.e. masturbation. I have the following questions: Do you really misqualify light through it, and what if you have sex in a marriage and out of love you have sexual intercourse. I learned that in that case you don’t misqualify light. So, what is the difference? Can you tell us why a lifestream is so much attracted to this kind of self-gratification? Could you give me us any in-depth teaching that would clarify this whole matter and give us also insight how to settle this aspect of life.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Certainly, no question is taboo, although some people would prefer that I didn’t address certain topics. This unwillingness to consider a topic is usually due to the fact that the person is not willing to revise his or her opinion about the topic. In my discourse on the spiritual cause of homosexuality, I give the following teaching:

God has a dual nature, namely the masculine and feminine, the yang and the yin elements. Everything in the entire universe is created through a harmonious interaction, a harmonious union, of the masculine and feminine polarities of God. When the two come together in a harmonious union, new life is created.

Everything in this universe is an expression of these two aspects of God. This filters all the way down to the material universe, and that is why a human lifestream has a masculine and feminine aspect and why human bodies are masculine or feminine.

You will notice that when a masculine and feminine body come together in sexual union, new life can be created. However, if two bodies of the same sex attempt sexual union, they cannot create new life. What you see in the material universe is simply an outpicturing of a spiritual principle.

This ties in with the fact that all of your actions will qualify the energies of God. When a man and a woman come together in sexual union, it is possible that this union will qualify the energies of God in a pure, one might say Holy, manner. Therefore, the energies generated by the sexual union can ascend back to the spiritual realm. When this occurs, both sexual partners will have a deep experience of union, not only with each other but with something beyond their lifestreams. They can indeed experience a spiritual union with their higher selves.

However, I must caution that there is no guarantee that heterosexual sex will always produce a sense of union or qualify the energies in a pure manner. On the contrary, the vast majority of sexual intercourse falls below the critical mark and misqualifies the energies of God. This will inevitably occur if people engage in sex purely for the gratification of the body or the physical senses. If there is not a true and pure love and a pure desire for spiritual union, sexual intercourse is likely to misqualify energy.

When you have an interaction between two bodies of the same sex, you do not have a masculine and feminine polarity. Therefore, there is no possibility that the interaction can produce a true union between male and female aspects. [end quote]

I think it should be obvious that these statements also apply to the topic of masturbation. When there is no masculine/feminine polarity, there is no possibility that the energies released can be qualified with a higher vibration. In other words, masturbation will always misqualify energy.

Add to this the statement, “However, I must caution that there is no guarantee that heterosexual sex will always produce a sense of union or qualify the energies in a pure manner.” The deciding factor here is whether the partners seek to give or to get? Do they seek the gratification of the physical body and the dualistic mind, or do they seek the gratification of the lifestream? Do they seek gratification of the lower self or the larger self?

A lifestream can have a legitimate desire for sexual union. However, this desire is not focused on the physical body and it is not fueled by the dualistic mind. It is truly a desire for union with something outside itself, and in order to experience that union, the lifestream must look beyond itself.

My point being that although the lifestream can have a desire for union with a person of the opposite sex, that desire will not be expressed as a desire for masturbation. Therefore, masturbation is always fueled by the physical body and the dualistic mind. It is always a self-centered desire that seeks self-gratification without the giving of self. One might say that the lifestream has no desire for masturbation, meaning that when a person feels such a desire, it is because the lifestream has retreated and the person’s conscious mind has given in to the desires of the physical and the emotional bodies.

There are many people in the world who live almost their entire lives on a quest to satisfy these lower desires. Yet for a person on the spiritual path, it is important to rise above these lower desires. You must silence the loud voices of worldly and dualistic desires so you can hear the quiet voice of the true desires of your lifestream.

Let me make it clear that masturbation is not necessary to the lifestream’s growth, and it is not healthy for the lifestream’s growth. The problem here being that when you give in to the dualistic desires, you place yourself on a slide, and the gravitational force of the mass consciousness will constantly pull on you to go further down that slide. Many people slide further and further down the slide during a lifetime, but as a spiritual seeker, you cannot afford to do that. The essence of spiritual growth is that you go the other way, that you overcome the gravitational force of the mass consciousness. That consciousness is very strong when it comes to sex, and people will do almost anything to justify the desire for sex.

The idea that masturbation is “healthy and relieves stress” is a perfect example of the “justification” that springs from the mass consciousness. The reasoning is that since God created us with sexual organs, it is only natural that we express our sexuality, and if we don’t have a partner, masturbation is a natural way to relieve the stress. The lie here is that there is no end to dualistic desires; they are like a black hole that can never be filled. So you can literally spend your entire life trying to satisfy dualistic desires without ever getting there. It is an impossible quest that ends up swallowing up your life.

In reality, masturbation might relieve stress on a temporary basis, but in the long run it only reinforces the dualistic desire that created the stress in the first place. In other words, when you give in to dualistic desires, you create a self-reinforcing spiral that takes you down as far as you allow it to take you. If relieving stress only leads to more stress, where is the relief? In reality, this leads to addiction rather than freedom.

I am aware that most young people come to a point where they start exploring their bodies, and they end up masturbating. This is not necessarily a serious concern of mine, but the problem is that once you start going down the slide, masturbation quickly develops into an addiction. Your body now starts telling you that it cannot survive without sex, and it makes your life miserable if it doesn’t get it.

The biological fact is that if you don’t eat, drink or sleep, your body will die. Yet you can live an entire lifetime without having sex. My point being that sex is not a survival need; you can indeed live without it. I am not hereby saying you have to live without it. I am only saying that as a spiritual seeker, you need to be clear that you cannot allow the sexual desires that spring from the dualistic mind to run your life. You need to master the body and the dualistic mind instead of letting them run your life.

This starts with a firm decision, and you have already made many decisions that can help you. For example, I am confident that for the people open to this website, rape is not an acceptable way to relieve the stress of sexual desire. So you have already made the firm decision that certain types of behavior are not acceptable ways to fulfill sexual desires. You simply need to add masturbation to the list. I have no problem with people living in a committed relationship, where the two partners fulfill each others sexual desires in a balanced and loving manner. Therefore, I encourage people to decide that this is the only acceptable way to fulfill your sexual desires.

The consequence of this is that if you are not currently in a committed relationship, then you simply cannot fulfill your sexual desires. Therefore, you need to find other ways to deal with those desires, which I will comment on shortly. My point here is that once you have made a firm decision, you are more than half way to the goal. The reason most people are continually bothered by sexual temptation is that they have not made a firm decision concerning how to fulfill sexual desires. Therefore, it is so easy for their own dualistic minds and for dark forces to tempt these people. And once you open yourself up to temptation, the pressure keeps building until you can no longer stand it. Something breaks, and it is usually your will. You need to avoid getting near that point of no return.

This leads us to one of the above questions, “If masturbation isn’t beneficial to the lifestream, then how do you get rid of the stress?” The best way to deal with stress is to prevent it from building critical mass—meaning that you can no longer control it. As I explain throughout this website, you are alive because you receive a stream of spiritual energy from your I AM Presence. This energy, this life-force, enters your energy field through the Secret Chamber of the Heart chakra. It is then distributed to the other chakras, including energy center that is normally called the base chakra.

The natural flow of energy is that the life-force rises through all of the seven main chakras, but the energy can be diverted into any of the chakras. For example, when people have a self-centered, body-centered sexual desire, some of the life-force will be diverted into the base chakra. A self-centered desire always causes the chakra to spin the wrong way, which will cause the energy to be qualified with a lower vibration, leading to a buildup of energy in the chakra. This is what feels stimulating to the sexual organs, but as the energy builds, the stimulus turns into stress that can become very uncomfortable.

As the energy builds, the chakra is discolored, and that is why you see many spiritual and New Age teachings that show the base chakra as orange or dark red. When the base chakra is spinning the right way and is pure, it radiates white light.

As a spiritual seeker, you need to learn how to feel when energy is building up in your chakras, and this is very easy to learn about the base chakra because it has physical symptoms. The first step toward taking control over your energy field is to avoid anything that leads to sexual stimulus. In other words, if you are a spiritual seeker, you don’t indulge in pornographic images or movies, and you avoid sexually explicit conversations. I admit that in today’s western society, you are constantly bombarded with sexually explicit material through the media and advertising, yet you can learn to simply let it pass you by without affecting you. You simply refuse to give it direct attention because it is your attention that magnifies sexual desire. My point is that if you want to avoid being burned, you don’t deliberately pour gasoline on a fire.

You can also achieve a lot by invoking spiritual protection, and the decree to Archangel Michael is my first recommendation. Call for the protection of your desire body and base chakra. There are numerous dark forces who seek to inflate your sexual desires in order to trick you into misqualifying energy. These forces are directly behind the entire sex industry, including movies and advertising. So you need to be diligent in defending your forcefield from their attacks. I also recommend using the decree to Astrea to cut yourself free from any ties to dark forces and for clearing your base chakra. Obviously, you can also use Mother Mary’s invocations or the violet flame to transform any misqualified energy that has already built up in your base chakra and desire body. You might even review my teachings on how to combat an addiction, because for many people sexual desires have become a lifelong addiction.

The next step is that you learn not only to sense how energy flows through your chakras, but you learn how to control the flow of energy. This is an essential ability for any serious spiritual seeker, and again sexual energies are the perfect way to practice. You need to learn how to consciously prevent your life-force from flowing into the base chakra and the sexual organs. And you need to learn how to reverse the flow once it has already started flowing in the wrong direction.

For an intuitive person, this is not nearly as difficult as it might seem. Yet most people will be greatly assisted by using a technique, and I have given one elsewhere. However, you can also use various forms of Yoga and Tai Chi exercises for this purpose.

Let me end by stressing the importance of making a clear decision. Most people were brought up with a confused and contradictory view of their sexuality. If you can resolve some of this confusion – and I have given a number of teachings in this section that can help you – you can end up making a firm decision about how to express your sexuality. Once you have connected to your lifestream’s desire concerning sexuality, you have the best possible foundation for taking control over the sexual desires that spring from the physical body and the emotional body.

As always, I encourage you to adopt a positive attitude. For many spiritual people, sexuality has been the source of shame, confusion and other negative feelings, and this often hinders their spiritual growth. Instead, use sexuality to enhance your spiritual growth by learning how to take command over the energy flow through your chakras. When you have mastered these energies, you should be able to appreciate the beauty of the human body without feeling sexual desire. In other words, sexuality no longer runs your life; your spiritual quest does. You have decided that spiritual progress is far more important to you than sexual gratification. You have discovered that you are not a sexual being, but a spiritual being.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels