Women as Catholic priests

TOPICS: Unfair to exclude women from religious offices – organizations need balance between masculine and feminine –

Question: Should the Catholic Church allow women to become priests or other types of church leaders?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I have explained elsewhere, part of my mission was to reinstate women to their rightful role. I also explained that women did not cause the fall of the human race, and therefore it is unfair and unnecessary to exclude them from certain religious activities.

As I explained in my comments on the spiritual cause of homosexuality, it is important that each lifestream attains balance between its masculine and feminine aspects. A lifestream cannot climb to the higher levels of the spiritual path without attaining this balance.

On an outer level, it is equally important that any organization attains the correct balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of human nature. This can most easily be done when the organization has the right balance between men and women in its membership and leadership.

In fact, it is extremely difficult for an organization to attain this state of balance if it is run exclusively by men or exclusively by women. So the short answer is that I strongly encourage a reform of church policy which would allow women to attain positions as not only priests but also high-ranking leaders.

If you take a look at the organization created by Mother Teresa, can you have any doubt whatsoever that women are fully capable of creating and running a spiritual organization? Yet I will say that even Mother Teresa’s organization would benefit from a better balance between men and women, as would the entire Catholic Church.


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