Why did lifestreams take embodiment?

TOPICS: You were created to co-create – this is not a form of temporary insanity – only separation is insanity – co-creation is the highest form of joy – you will know it when you reconnect to your I AM Presence –

Question: In your answer to another question, you explained that rescue is a reason for some I AM’s to send soul’s into this world. The original souls, though, didn’t have that reason. There seems to be an unexplainable reason why originally a soul would be attracted to and prefer the material world, the dualistic consciousness and a separate and limited identity. A Course in Miracles seems to leave it as an illusory/temporary insanity. ACIM, and I think you on this site, have also indicated that only souls that had that mad concept of separation come here to earth to heal that mistake. If so, is it the I AM that has that idea and so is a reason why it creates souls to experience the illusion of separation? In yesterday’s answer you mention the other common theme I encounter, that we are co-creating and experiencing from within matter, I guess just for the sake of it. Those, from my perspective, don’t seem to have been worth the risk (somewhat humorously meant).

Thank you again, and Ro, whose question yesterday inspired me that these questions can be formulated and asked.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is not difficult to explain why the original lifestreams chose to descend to planet earth. Before the Fall of Man, this planet was an incredibly beautiful and harmonious platform for growth. The lifestream was born out of the desire of the I AM Presence to become more than it was, and this desire is born out of love, which is the very love that caused the Creator itself to create this universe. There is nothing illusory about this, and it was not the result of a temporary insanity. It was the result of the very force that drives creation.

One might say that the gradual process that caused the lifestream to fall into a lower state of consciousness, and therefore build a sense of identity as being separated from the I AM Presence, was and is the result of an illusion and a form of temporary insanity. One might also say that lifestreams are here on earth – on the imperfect planet they have helped create – in order to overcome that insanity and heal the mistake.

So the I AM Presence did not create lifestream because it wanted to experience the sense of separation. The lifestream was never created to be separated from the I AM Presence; it was created to continually grow in awareness until it attained the full God consciousness and saw itself as one with, yet as an individualization of, the I AM Presence.

When God started the process of creation, there was nothing but God. So God created everything out of its own substance and Being. Without him was not anything made that was made. So in order to create anything that had form, the Creator had to take a part of its unlimited Being and “imprison” it in a limited form. When God created self-conscious beings, it embedded a part of its own Being and consciousness within them. That is why they have the potential to self-transcend and attain full God-awareness. Only in doing so, they do not simply merge back into the all and are erased—as some religions claim. Instead, they win full God awareness as individual, God-free beings who have the same creative powers as the God who created them. This is the ongoing chain of creation, and I described in when I said, “Ye are Gods.”

When the lifestream is in alignment with its I AM Presence, it is not simply co-creating for the sake of it. It is co-creating for the joy and the love of being a part of God’s magnificent plan and expressing its individuality and creative abilities. I can assure you that the true feeling of co-creation is the highest form of what so many people call bliss, yet it is beyond what any human being can experience as bliss.

I can understand that while people are burdened by their own past choices, they might feel like it wasn’t worth the risk. Yet as soon as you start climbing the spiritual path and reconnect to your I AM Presence, you know with absolute certainty that it was well worth the risk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. “The trek upward is always worth the inconvenience,” as one of my beloved colleagues is fond of saying.


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